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Japanese Convince Me Fukushima Is Genocide

November 28, 2011

japanesepupils.jpg(left, Japanese students clean their own classrooms)

Teaching in a Japanese school, Howard Francis is amazed at how cohesive they are as a people. He speculates that Fukushima was designed by the NWO to break them down.

by Howard Francis

I am currently teaching ESL at a Japanese school located in China.

The experience has taught me that the Japanese have a very strong and independent culture. This is presumably due to their isolationist history.

When I first arrived, I was shocked by how civilized the Japanese are in comparison to the Chinese. As I walk through the school, every child and member of staff smiles at me, bows their head and says "Hello, Mr. David."

The classes are easy to teach. The children have a positive attitude and want to excel. Children who cause trouble are ostracized by the other kids!

In one of the rare moments when a class gets out of control, rather than shouting, my Japanese co-teacher says in a measured tone, 'your behavior is not polite and you are insulting this school and your family.' All the children hang their head in shame.

The students have various chores they need to fulfill. They have to clean the school during break and lunch times, including the toilets. There is no vacuum cleaner; the children clean the carpets with an adhesive tape!

This might sound strict but the children carry out their chores with gusto. They enjoy being in an environment they respect. (In contrast, the rich Chinese children I have taught are uncivilized. Called "little emperors"  by the indulgent grandparents that raise them, they are rude, unpredictable and constantly demand attention.)

There is a big push on for being healthy and energetic. Various posters tell the students how to eat well. After one of my classes, I was amazed to see all the children and staff go downstairs, get on their trainers and hit the track! They are training for a marathon.

The gender relations between the teenagers are healthy. In my teenage classes, the boys and girls are very modest and shy. When I assign a 'free talk' task, they segregate fast.


A big negative of working with the Japanese is that they ostracize you for being an outsider. Despite teaching 11 classes a week, I am frequently told that I am a 'guest'. I have to work in a different office than the Japanese staff and I am not allowed to use any school equipment including computers.

I have had various fallings-out because I broke one of their 10 million invisible rules. In one incident, I was chastised for borrowing a mug from the school nurse. It turns out that her mugs can only be used by students receiving medical treatment. Although she gave me the mug, I was judged to have somehow intimidated her. I was asked by management to bring my own mug to school.

In Japanese schools you cannot wear your normal shoes inside the building. When I first arrived they put me in a pair of rock hard sandals and after half an hour of teaching I couldn't feel my feet. I leant on the desk to get some relief, but was told this is a grievous insult in Japan. It means you feel superior and are looking down on the students in disdain.

When I explained that I could barely walk, my monitor kept repeating, while nodding and smiling in an unhinged way, 'we must respect the Japanese custom.'They really struggle to understand a non-Japanese perspective.

Japanese culture is about conformity to a thick web of manners, and this makes it inherently exclusive and conservative.

They are very unified, functional and self-sufficient. This is illustrated by Japan's very low immigration rates.


The Japanese people will not willingly join the heterogeneous and atomized world citizenry planned by the New World Order.

This has led me to wonder if the Fukushima nuclear crisis was an Illuminati attack designed to wipe these people out? Or at least fatally demoralize them?

In his book 'The Fugu Plan', Rabbi Marvin Tokayer reveals declassified documents that show the WW2 Japanese elite were not privy to the Illuminati agenda. They probably still are.

The Japanese Emperor has been known to have meetings with David Rockefeller but, symbolically, he is currently in hospital and rumored to be suffering from radiation poisoning after visiting Fukushima.

I view Fukushima as a slow kill attack on the Japanese people, working on two main fronts. Firstly, the radiation will cripple Japan. It is reported that the radiation leaking out in Fukushima is 33x worse than Chernobyl!

This will make the country increasingly inhospitable, grievously damage the economy
and drain the willpower of the people. Mongolia has just banned the import new Japanese cars due to radiation fears.

Secondly, the cost of repairing the country will bankrupt the Japanese government. A professor at the University of Tokyo has estimated that it will cost $10 trillion to clean up the mess, a price that would bankrupt Japan many times over.

The disaster will weaken Japan over the coming decades,  forcing it to become subordinate to a EU-style Asia-Pacific bloc.

Watching television footage of the smoking Fukushima power plant, are we witnessing ethnic cleansing on an unprecedented scale?


Alan Spickard Adds:

I agree. The nuclear "accident" in Japan seems to be genocidal in design posing to weaken the DNA structure of its people to premature pathogens and degenerative diseases resulting in shorter life spans in creating a radical population reduction there. This genocidal action may have been in the works for sometime, even as far back as the Second World War, as the "fire-bombing" in Japan on civilian targets was unconscionable.

To wit, General Bonner Fellers, an adviser to  Gen. MacArthur, wrote that the U.S. bombing of Japan was among "the most ruthless and barbaric killings of non-combatants in all history" (The Real War by Benjamin Schwarz, p. 102).

Japan's Emperor was not quite the narcissist thought to be despite the unnecessary request for "unconditional surrender" by the U.S. Government, as he surrendered sooner than what the U.S. may have anticipated...

Were it not for the Emperor's amazing courage, millions more Japanese would have been killed (World War II, by Richard Marbury, p.272) as.... another 48 atomic bombs were scheduled for production--- seven per month--- by the head of the Manhattan Project, General Leslie R. Groves... and Groves had been ordered by the U.S. Government to drop them all on Japan! (Day One by Peter Wyden, p.15-17).

What is interesting is that this Fukushima event in Japan was predicted by the Illuminati Card Game by Steven Jackson. This game was introduced in the early 1980's to underline its prescience. Many informed folks believe that HAARP,
or "high altitude auroral research project" capabilities, can easily create customized earthquakes nearly anywhere in the world, which precipitated this disaster.

I would not be surprised that Japan may the first nation to meet the protocols of the Georgia Guidestones in which 90% of its population will be eliminated in the future thanks to HAARP related technology (As an aside, the United States is also scheduled for a 90% reduction... which may precede the Japanese prototype... as its means of doing so in the U.S. is a different model).

Indeed, in 1966, Professor Gordon MacDonald published a book, Unless Peace Comes, in which he wrote about "military environmental control techniques," or HAARP. Unbelievably, MacDonald went on to describe "earthquake engineering and ocean wave control."

This was 45 years ago. So this parallel technology has been around for some time
completely unknown to the public for the most part... as much of the very advanced parallel technology is!

You can read more about MacDonald and HAARP from my website:   and here:

It is a good idea to have a strong faith in God as a refuge in these days as
the Apostle Paul described this Era as "dangerous." They are proving to be just that.


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Comments for "Japanese Convince Me Fukushima Is Genocide "

Andrew said (November 30, 2011):

I live in Japan and I have experienced what Howard has in regards to "'we must respect the Japanese custom.'

The Japanese dont mind being yelled at. Aggressively. Do it!

Enjoy it. It isnt racist - they want it to happen. Give them a burst, and then another, then cool off before telling them it was unfortunate that they had to receive your disapproval.

Too many foreigners are no better than the Japanese for modesty. They have a perfectly necessary fuss, the Japanese tut-tut and the foreigner thinks he is in the wrong. Not so - the Japanese were wrong in the first place. The Japanese are a man-child race who are more concerned with being nice than being good. Dont be nice to the Japanese - be good for yourself and those around you. They need it.

EJ said (November 30, 2011):

Seems the firebombing of Dresden and Eisenhower's murder of German POW's, and our recent murder of millions of innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya tell and even bigger story about who are the real terrorists of the world.

Jim said (November 29, 2011):

>>This article by Jim Stone will blow your socks off--I am an engineer and believe it in its entirety.
Supports your latest article: Fukushima is Genocide>>

Incredibly good link Jim. It is indeed the "Building 7" of the Fukushima event. I remember the buzz on the web shortly after the March 11th event was all about the evidence of an intentional Tsunami that was nuke activated. A recent column I think was here? about the art of telling lies by the Japanese, as a way of life from daily life to the judicial system is also significant.

The reality of our world and the actions by secret, and not so secret societies with nefarious agendas is not only breathtaking in it's evil, it is very saddening to an honest heart.

Jim said (November 29, 2011):

This article by Jim Stone will blow your socks off--I am an engineer and believe it in its entirety.
Supports your latest article: Fukushima is Genocide

Luther said (November 29, 2011):

The government has a great hold on the Japanese press and many times want to hide the truth from the Western press to keep from 'losing face'. It is a love/hate relationship and that is why they have not been privy to most Western movements (agendas etc.). I long believed this was the reason NHK always reported that everything was under control when many of us felt the opposite was true.

Last spring a report on a site solidified the possibility that the real truth was being blocked from the press. This man a scientist reported that the reactors damaged by the tsunami were at least ten and not three! All of these were built on a fault line and before construction, assured the communities the reactors would be absolutely safe from natural disasters etc. Next was a report by Dr. Helen Caldicott from the Harvard Medical School. In her report, Dr. Caldicott described and explained what had happened at Fukushima, and how the destruction at Fukushima was that of several hundred Chernobyls!

Dr. Caldicott went on to explain that many incidents of radiation being detected in Northern Europe and parts of the Ukraine after Chernobyl had been hidden from the media. She went on to describe how the mismanagement of the radioactive water and materials at Fukushima was worst than at Chernobyl, yet the Japanese media insisted the situation was in control from the start. Employees had been needlessly exposed to hazardous materials without the right protective gear, sacrificed to make a point the same as at Chernobyl twenty+ years before. Dr. Caldicott went on to explain the way the reactors work and what has to be functioning properly to maintain a safe protective environment. This was callously disregarded at Fukushima and residents were abandoned to suffer the long term effects.

More reports are coming in about radiation now being discovered in the Eastern Seaboard states...

My feeling is the New World Order was expecting more cooperation from Japan after the country was rebuilt and occupied at the end of the war. Ownership and control seem very important aspects of their power. If the NWO stooges do not have complete access to a country, they seem willing to destroy it, so it can be remade the way they want it. In the meantime, lives are lost on a monumental scale but that is only a part of the game.

With the Fukushima disaster, the effects will not only exterminate the Japanese people but will be felt around the globe. Radiation cannot be stopped once it enters the atmosphere, instead it is borne on the wind and freely travels anywhere.

Al said (November 29, 2011):

I have done some date checking on the recent events in Japan and found the following curiosity.

Your readers might find this occult numerology interesting:

Date of Hiroshima bombing : Monday August 6, 1945
Date of Fukushima event: Friday March 11, 2011
Number of days from the day after Hiroshima to Fukushima: 23958
Now lets divide that day by the number of 11: 23958 / 11 = 2178 - a whole number.

Lets divide that day by the number 11: 2178 / 11 = 198 - amazing, another whole number!

One more time: 198 / 11 = 18

So the number of days from Hiroshima to Fukushima is 11*11*11*18 days
The number 11 according to occultist W. Wynn Wescott: "... so 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect."

Becky said (November 29, 2011):
Israeli Security Firm in Charge at Japanese Nuke Facilities Prior to Disaster

Marcos said (November 29, 2011):

I think it is amazing what they did to Toyota. Japanese cars are just much better than American cars, they last forever and never break. Even Americans told me not to buy Chevies or Fords.
The American auto industry was broke. Suddenly, Toyota cars started being recalled for very minor problems all the time. Then their factories are hit by earthquake. Voilà ! GM and Ford steal back market share from Toyota. Looks a lot like a plan to me.

On a lighter note, few people know São Paulo is the largest Japanese city outside Japan. My Japanese-Brazilian friends (they want to be called just Brazilian) are the best mix in the world: polite and kind like the Japanese, with added Brazilian informality, flexibility and openness. I love them.

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