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Asian Porn Symptom of Age-Old Gender Dysfunction

March 25, 2012

japorn1.jpegJapanese pornography expresses "a core of anger
 and self-hatred in Japanese society, with respect to
 gender relations  and sexuality in general

by Aspen

Taiwan - The proliferation of Asian porn is a symptom of gender dysfunction more than its cause.

Asian pornography feeds on centuries-old habits of characterizing women as subhuman. The truth is that Asian men have been and continue to be utterly rotten towards women.


Asian males have been driving the porn market to unbelievable extremes.

Asian porn businesses are the most successful globally. The annual $70-billion-plus porn revenues of China, Japan, and South Korea account for around 75% of the industry's sales worldwide. South Korean men top the list, spending nearly three times more on pornography than the closest competitor, Japan.


The pervasiveness of pornography in Japan would shock most Westerners. The defining ethic of Japanese porn is the humiliation and debasement of all that is female.

Let the namesake website,, speak for itself:

"Legend has it that in ancient Japan, women who were found to be unfaithful were publicly humiliated in the town center by being tied up while every man in town ejaculated all over her to show his distaste.... although many feel that the practice of bukkake is shameful and degrading to women, it must be remembered that bukkake may have originated as a form of punishment (writer's note: which makes it okay, right?).... By the late 90's, it had evolved into its own [film] genre. Gay men began to experiment with the practice in ritual initiation ceremonies. American and European filmmakers were quick to follow the Japanese lead, adding their trademark stylish flow along with a line of willing porn starlets who were ready to be covered in [sic] cum."

Here we find initial indicators of a core of anger and self-hatred in Japanese society, with respect to gender relations and sexuality in general. This applies to homosexuality as well.


Descriptions of the rape of women by tentacled beings, possessing multiple limbs operating as raping devices, dates back as far as the early 1800's, in Japan.

An article available on Wikipedia states,

"Tentacle erotica can be of a consensual nature, but frequently has elements of non-consensual sex...with tentacled creatures (usually fictional monsters) having sexual intercourse with female characters. Tentacle popular enough in Japan that it is occasionally even the subject of parody."

We find here the Asian male tendency to view women as objects, not only to be used, but to be enveloped within a machinery of male hostility towards their very being. Women are meant to be consumed, controlled, and digested.


The Japanese are devoted to their animated, comic book, and computer game pornography.

No holds are barred in this broad genre. Whereas genitals are digitally blotted out in live video releases, here nothing is sacred. Children are portrayed violently raped...but secretly enjoying it.

Women are portrayed as suffering...but willing subjects of the most abject humiliations. The most pervasive emotions to be found in hentai porn are anger, impatience, and the illusion of power over a helpless sexual object.


Up until stricter child pornography laws were instituted in 1998-99, Japan served as the most prolific source of child porn production and distribution.


-- injured / hospitalized girls or women who cannot physically fight being raped
-- anonymous groping
-- "up-skirt" photos
-- hidden bathroom cameras
-- collecting, smelling, and tasting girls' underwear, socks, clothing, and urine
-- young male submission to sexual advances by mothers and sisters


In 2011, a Canada-based Asian male named Le Trung announced that he had created a female robot companion named Aiko.

"Le said: 'Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty.... Her software could be redesigned to simulate her having an orgasm.... Aiko doesn't need holidays, food or rest, and will work almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman."

He may be right. Robot females won't scream while being raped. But they could be programmed to, if that what a depraved male wants.


Pornography has wreaked something near to havoc in Japan and South Korea where access to digital porn and pornography in general has had more time to develop.

In Japan, the statistics are dire. Young-to-middle-aged adults have for some time reported a dwindling interest even in the formation of basic dating relationships, much less marriage and reproduction.

Many married Japanese men do not hesitate to have mistresses, or to visit prostitutes.

In South Korea, a population of less than 50 million spends almost exactly the same amount on porn, in total, as the Chinese population of 1.3 billion.

Marriage statistics remain more or less normal -- yet, this is not because men and women are forming healthy relationships.

On the contrary, Korean "marriage" tends to be a formal affair involving arranged pairings according to social and economic status. Frequent use of prostitutes and alcohol is ubiquitous, and is not only accepted but expected especially in the business world.

In both Japan and Taiwan, the phenomenon of the "Love Motel", where men meet prostitutes and mistresses, has become so prevalent that it's a schoolyard joke amongst youths.


The immense success of porn and sex abuse in Asia reflects fundamental imbalance in gender relations that go much deeper than the need for sexual stimulation.

Asian cultural traditions have long maintained a violent hierarchical divide between the sexes. Traditional Asian heterosexual relationships do NOT believe that men and women are called to form relationships of love and cooperation.

The dominant male role requires that women be divided into two camps: the closely-controlled Virginal Wife and Mother; or the Whore. The Wife / Mother provides the public spectacle of stability, respectability, and success.

The Whore -- whether she be flesh-and-blood, or electronic -- addresses the sexual instinct in a manner which is quite obviously intended to be exactly what it is: licentious, free-wheeling...and immune to censure, because it's shared amongst buddies.

Meanwhile, as Asian females have gained professional and economic independence, they naturally have chosen more and more to avoid becoming entangled in marriage arrangements.

They remember their fathers who were not only dominant and controlling of their mothers, but blindly and violently so.

In both Japan and Taiwan, a longtime tradition-based history of ultra-chauvinistic fathers has affected not only women, but men as well.

The most recent generation of young men in Japan, for example, has produced a specialized class of young men labeled "herbivores":  herbivores avoid meat, sex, intense exercise, and women.

They grow up thin, weak, timid, homosexual or bisexual, and they hope to be anything but what their fathers may have been.

Japan has a birth rate of just 1.37 children per woman, when 2.2 is necessary to sustain the population. This is roughly half the rate in 1971. Japan has the highest percentage of people age 65 and over in the world (23%.)  In 2010, 1/3 of Japanese women in their 30's were unmarried.  

Japan boasts a suicide rate that is among the top ten. It is the leading cause of death of males between the ages of 20 and 44.

Aspen replies to Ken Adachi (in comments below)

Mr. Adachi,

You wrote, "I would like to know which web site this person claims to show children engaged in porn as child porn is as much a crime in Japan as it is here."

This statement must be answered in two parts.

First, "child porn" is not anywhere near "as much a crime" in Japan as it is in America. Anyone who has followed, or been involved with, the legal history of Japanese child porn legislation would know that Japan's current child porn laws (such as they are) were enacted for the sole reason of intense external (meaning, international and diplomatic) pressure.

For your consideration:

"February 6, 2008

"TOKYO: Japan's ruling party plans to ban possession of child pornography after pressure from Washington to fall in with industrialised countries that have stepped up the fight against sexual exploitation of children. The production and distribution of obscene images of people under 18 has been illegal since 1999, but there is no law banning individuals from possessing such material." []

"Monday 11 May 2009

"Calls for government to ban RapeLay, a computer game where players can earn points for raping schoolgirls

"Japan has come under renewed pressure to clamp down on its huge market in child pornography following the launch of a campaign to ban a video game in which players earn points by raping schoolgirls and forcing them to have abortions."  []

As it remains, in Japan, mere possession of child pornography is a big grey area. Denial of this fact is impossible to support.

"Tokyo has yet to review any of the laws currently in place making simple possession of child pornography legal in Japan, or more specifically the lack of laws punishing simple possession without the additional criteria of distribution." []

Second, as to the availability of websites featuring young girls being raped explicitly and viciously in anime (cartoon) form, I do not expect that Dr. Makow would readily publish the URLs, even if I were able to provide them to you. Fortunately (or not), I don't need to provide any secret or special web addresses, because the aforementioned material is easily discovered on the Japanese branch of  Also another Japanese site, similar to Amazon, and very popular, called Rakuten.

Yep. It's all there on Amazon. Little girls being raped. Otherwise, versions of "soft" photographic Japanese child porn appear to operate from websites based in Tuvalu, Russia, etc.

I do not know what to make of statements such as, "If anything, Japanese men are controlled by their women", except to conclude that you are being deliberately sarcastic, and you do not live in Japan.

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Comments for "Asian Porn Symptom of Age-Old Gender Dysfunction"

James said (March 27, 2012):

LM was wondering whether porn was a response to feminism,i think porn is a powerful ally of the same way that anti-semitism aids the zionists,paedophiles and rapists serve the

Porn confirms womens misplaced ideas that all men just want to
rape them in violent ways,and pushes them toward the same way,paedophilia makes women think men want to destroy innocence and should be kept away from children.

Rapists and paedophiles are a massive enticement for women to
become feminists and is deliberately encouraged through pornography.

We have a porn actress who is a militant feminist in one of our
main political parties in Britain, so there is no conflict between
the two.

Ken Adachi said (March 27, 2012):

Anyone who actually lives in Japan knows that Japanese life is much more family orientated, polite, mannered, and genteel towards woman than here in America.

Too many of the statements presented here are either grossly exaggerated or untrue. For example, I would like to know which web site this person claims to show children engaged in porn as child porn is as much a crime in Japan as it is here. Japanese women generally look MUCH younger than their actual age, compared to American or European women and an 18 year
old Japanese girl could easily pass for 14 or 15 years old here in

Hentai is animation that appeals to the same sort of people who buy and read comic books in our culture, which boils down to a certain population of teenagers and a smaller group of retarded adults. It's hardly representative of the mainstream of Japanese society or Japanese men.

Statements such as Japanese women are viewed as "whores," to be "consumed" and "digested" by Japanese men is absurd and contemptible nonsense. If anything, Japanese men are controlled by their women, and not the other way around. Most married men turn over their entire salary to their wives on pay day and are given a small allowance of $20 or $60 or $100 to spend
for the week on beer or entertainment, etc. How many men in America would do that? Yes, some well off and celebrity type Japanese men have a mistress and cheat, but doesn't that exist here as well among the same sort of men?

Most Japanese men are faithful to their wives and devoted to their family--far more than you see here in North America.

If you want commentary on Japan and Japanese life, why don't you elicit comments from Japanese people or westerners who live in Japan and you will get an entirely different picture than what is portrayed in this warped slam piece.

B said (March 26, 2012):

Aspen wrote, “Descriptions of the rape of women by tentacled beings, possessing multiple limbs operating as raping devices, dates back as far as the early 1800's, in Japan.”

I believe this is dehumanizing to men, in that women are depicted in states of purity, while the man is portrayed a mutant, raping machine. He is unfit, as a moral authority, in that the woman cannot consent unconditionally. She only becomes subordinate by hook or crook.

Peter said (March 26, 2012):

I must say this broad stroke generalization of Asian societies by a White Boy does not do Asians justice.

Not all Asian men treat women with disdain, and not all Asian societies have the same take on women.

In fact, there are Asian societies where women were supreme rulers long before Elizabeth became queen
of England and Scotland. They ruled benevolently in certain kingdoms resulting in commerce and prosperity
for the inhabitants. Then came Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. Well, we know which of these three is the
most toxic. I speaking as a Thai and also as a Filipino.

LM said (March 26, 2012):

Was wondering if you've considered that the porn thing is really a response to [feminism] Both started up around the same time to basically cause the sexes to value the other less and disrupt how men and women relate to one another. With "family law" so biased against men, basically treating them like Huber-law parolees, and don't even think about full custody even when the mother is awful, why on earth would any rational man sign up for something that half the marriages end up in?

My folks were married 17 years before getting divorced. My mom wanted the divorce, dad did not. I was 12 when it was finalized. The courts and family services made things worse than necessary. Dad could not simply pay child support directly to my mom. The check had to go to them, then they would send a check to my mom. Dad paid on time as he had a steady job. Family services put delays on giving mom money, but she would just get mad at dad for the money being late. This went on for 6 years because of family services.

When the divorce was going on for the year it took, later as an adult dad told me that he didn't sleep for a year and a half during that time.

I made up my mind learning what my dad went through, what his wife, and the state, put him through, that I would never have kids. I would not allow an ex-spouse that level of control over me, that I would not have another man around my kid that way, and that I would not have the courts treat me like a presumed criminal deadbeat, as well as make things worse between the ex-wife and myself. My dad almost didn't get through it. I don't think I could.

Clifford Shack said (March 26, 2012):

Since the Rothschild's sent Commodore Perry to Japan and China, Asian culture was destroyed and their societies had been ruined by Illuminati experiments of exploitation and abuse. It is no wonder to hear how Asian morality has run amok and that suicide appears to be the only escape from an enemy that has yet to be properly identified.

Stephen said (March 26, 2012):

It seems to me that the real problem is that there has been a disruption of the social and moral order.

If the elites and or government allow or practice evil their followers will do like wise.

If women become independent and rebellious ,men will seek satisfaction by other means which could mean anything but sex with feminists....

Al said (March 26, 2012):

I'm reminded of when I was reading The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and along with divorce, the theater was not allowed for because the material was usually too foul to be displayed in front of families. Divorce wasn't allowed for about 500 years because it was too destructive to the families and it corrupted society in general. Now with porn so accessible, we find that the whole of society is fundamentally collapsing before our eyes. And if the story of Sodom and Gomorrah are true, and fire did rain down from God, then I suppose we're in for Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0

Hector said (March 26, 2012):

The Japan situation is particular but one can infer they have reached the wall, they have been living in darkness for centuries, not due to maltreating women (that`s just a symptom) but because they rejected the Christian message when it came to them.

Nowadays Japan is almost as fatherless and hopeless as the west, hence the rise of disengaged groups like the herbivores just to mention a few.

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