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Are We Being Groomed to Accept Pedophilia?

July 28, 2012

While public schools
 groom our children
to accept homosexuality,  we are
being groomed to accept pedophilia 

by Tony Finn

Nothing happens by accident. So I ask why, after 17-years, was the Jerry Sandusky pedophile ring exposed only now? 

I submit we are being groomed to accept pedophilia. Since children will also have "sexual rights,"  things will be very convenient for pedophiles.

Moral outrage is one of the devils favorite tools.  Arising after the exposure of some evil, it usually dissipates in inaction and the illusion that something has been done.

But what the Jerry Sandusky case, instead of banishing pedophiles, actually protected them?

As a sports nut, I fall asleep to one of the three all-night sports shows in my town. In the case of Sandusky, I heard how this story unfolded many times:

The official version limited it to one pedophile and one absent-minded coach (Joe Paterno) who made an "error of judgment."

Everyone was shocked, evidence to the strength of the humanity remaining  in all of us.

Some time is allowed to go by as the media limits the story and directs the energy towards sanctions, the great history of Penn State etc etc. After these early groomers, slowly the chosen groomers arrive. 

paterno1.jpegAlumni are interviewed about Paterno and all praise his character and inspiration he was in their lives.  So now a man who knowingly let children be destroyed, is praised.

The talk show hosts, several ex-Penn alumni, while being outraged seem to end their thoughts with personal anecdotes of good old Joe and the character he built in so many young men.  Ex-Alumni confess to inner conflict (cognitive dissonance in its highest mind control format), and wonder,  how can someone I built my life upon be so evil?

Callers and hosts say thing like.

I believe that the NCAA overstepped its' powers.  The subject has now been shifted to the level of penalty.  The crime, victims and perpetrators being quietly pushed out of sight and out of mind.  Accepting that statement that the ruling authority NCAA, over stepped is power,  implies that this is a Penn state issue and should be handled in house  This cast a moral "ok-ness" on the whole event

(l. Sandusky bio)

The head of the NCAA stated we "embrace" Penn State.  Such an unfortunate choice of words, the contextual message being let's forget about this pedophile ring and move on. 

"Move on" are the same words Sandusky used when he left messages to his victims.  We need to move on.  Of course in life everyone needs to move forward, but the implication here is lets forget about it.

Finally another host Mike Greenberg of Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN stated  this is unprecedented in sports history. There's plenty of precedent.  Harold Ballard and the Toronto Maple Leafs had a pedophile ring running and one poor victim jumped off the Don Valley Bridge.  Saying things that are un factual but express a higher degree of outrage i.e.  this is unprecedented,  helps dissipate moral outrage.


The official story of one loose cannon is false.  These children were being sold to alumni, other pedophile rings and to boosters.  SOLD.   Their humanity and ours was destroyed. 

As usual, this took place under the veil of philanthropy; i.e. the "help the inner city programs" that Penn State supported and ran.  And of course it was done under the name of Penn State considered by many in the "not know" to be sacred.

Graham Spanier, the Penn State President who was sacked, claimed he was beaten and abused as a child.  That may be a confession that his family were Satanists, i.e. what's good in the day is bad at night.  However it does beg the question: how high up did this go? 

Stories abound about all-day parties in a sports building in the centre of facilities where boosters and alumni were invited to abuse the children. 

Evidence, while thin, still suggests Sandusky had some involvement with the boy's town pedophile ring run by Larry King, former big wig of the Republican party. One has to question Joe Paterno's involvement as more than turning a blind eye.  Put yourself in that position.  Wouldn't you do something fast?

You can now read between the lines and see that "building character" is code for grooming.

they all knew.jpgMORE SECRETS 

One can assume what is hidden here far outweighs what is seen.

Finding a sacrificial lamb is always the way to end moral outrage.  That is Sandusky. 

The early financial settlements have nothing for the victims. Again this points to an overall lack of remorse.  Rather fines, lost TV revenue, bronze statues (idols?) of Paterno, cover-ups, codes of silence (another pedophile technique), poor people at Penn who will lose their football chance, and on and on, dominate the news

The cesspool will not be drained because the pedophile rings run too deeply into the Illuminati establishment.  Why do you think Graham James, the pedophile hockey coach was able to abuse for so long?

Letting the Sandusky devil out slowly and in a timed subconsciously, subliminal way,  will be used by Satanists to advance pedophiles rights under the EU and Canada of course via NAFTA and TPP.

I conclude with the moral outrage timeline as I see it. 

Capture and discovery    =    High Moral outrage

Look to Leaders   =     Inaction, moral outrage dissipates

Weeks later, delay    =    Economic crisis makes you forget

Months later    =        Sandusky painted as benign, misguided loving old man

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Are We Being Groomed to Accept Pedophilia?"

Jessica said (July 30, 2012):

As Pastor David Wilkerson, of Times Square Church in NYC, once stated

" There is an obsession with sports in America today that is COMPLETELY DEMONIC!"

I have ALWAYS felt this way....and I have witnessed their sickness...

Al Thompson said (July 29, 2012):

Most schools like Penn State should be shut down an turned into a dung heap. This is what happens when the "state" or "State" runs anything. It gets corrupted and becomes a worthless enterprise. Children need to learn how to make money and run businesses, and not sit in classes rotting in front of idiot teachers. I'm sorry, but it doesn't take 16 years of a young persons life to learn the basics of reading and writing. I think anymore than a few years is just a big waste of time unless the child is learning something specific. If you don't believe me, go get the book:

Professors in colleges and universities are for the most part, useless perverts who destroy the minds of our young people. If I had it all to do over again, I would have never gone to college. Throughout my life, if I was short as skill for something, I would go to a school to learn something relevant to my interests. If allowed to stay the way the system is, the whole school system will become one big faggot ranch and child abuse centers. Save the "taxpayers" money and shut them down.

D said (July 29, 2012):

The medium of television seeded minds with perverse scenarios of illicit forms of sex, ultimately pedophilic incest for decades under the guise of moral indignation -- then promoted perps as the 'victims' of the 'hatred' of religious patriarchy.

The psyops boys had a name for it - 'operation mindfuck'. That's the technique of saturating media with mixed messages 24/7.

Here's an example. That bastion of morality - Facebook - has banned a mother's video of one of her 5 yr old daughter 'playing' at breast feeding her 2 yr old sister. The video has been viraled over the web under the guise of 'moral indignation' -- then they give you the link.

Don't fall for this racket folks. When I come across such pages that pretend to be morally indignant but offer links to such material I kill the page immediately.

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