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Jewish Fanatics Targeted Dome of the Rock

March 28, 2011

ShowImage.ashx.jpgBy Matthew Tsakanikas

Last year, the Jerusalem Post on-line edition reported a story that could be the cause of endless conflicts.

An article entitled, "J'lem posters call for 3rd Temple" by Abe Selig (29/03/2010), said that 200 buses in Jerusalem were driving through Arab neighborhoods advertising a third Jewish Temple rebuilt where the current Muslim Dome of the Rock shrine stands on the Temple Mount. 

In Hebrew, the phrase next to the image on the buses called for the Jewish Temple (that was destroyed in 70 A.D.) to be rebuilt speedily.

The sponsors spelled out the significance of this campaign at the end of the article: "If such a basic point is going to piss [Muslims] off, then we mine [sic] as well say what we truly believe and what we pray for three times a day.  That is to rebuild the holy temple on top of the Temple Mount, and tomorrow - not to wait any longer." 

 A few paragraphs earlier they had made their politics very clear: "We're representing the truth in front of everyone, and saying what every Jew believes, that the Third Temple needs to be built immediately on the Temple Mount and that the mosque should not be there."

Thankfully there are Israeli Jews who disagree with this kind of Zionism and maybe the peace of the world rests with them.  The activists did not speak for them.  For these Israelis, a homeland did not mean having to remove Muslim mosques or shrines or rebuild a third Temple on the Mount or seek to incite a billion Muslims to Jihad. 

Nevertheless, what is particularly disturbing about the incendiary advertisements on the buses (purposefully targeting Arab neighborhoods) is that they did not care about the ramifications upon Americans or NATO.  While America and NATO are fighting multiple wars in the Middle-East, our alleged "allies" in Israel are inciting Muslims to believe that we support such foolishness, the "loss" of Islamic shrines in favor of a Third Temple.  With friends like this, who needs enemies?

In the face of so much silence from Christians in America, one begins to wonder if Christians have apostatized and decided to throw Jesus under the same buses. 

Christians are supposed to believe Jesus is the true Temple which was raised before the last one was destroyed in 70 A.D..  Like Jesus said, "Destroy this Temple, and in three days I will rebuild it." 

Since Jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of the Law and Prophets, the Levitical priesthood and Temple became obsolete, replaced by the long foretold priesthood of Melchizedek. 

Now through bread and wine, transformed by the New Covenant in the true Son of David (Psalm 110), the Kingdom of God comes down to earth by the Holy Spirit and gives all men access to God.  Christian support for a third Jewish Temple on the Mount would be apostasy.

 In fact, it was Julian the Apostate who last tried to build one there on the Mount about 360 A.D.

Matthew is a visiting professor in theology at Benedictine College

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Comments for "Jewish Fanatics Targeted Dome of the Rock "

Sam said (March 29, 2011):

I think it's also of particular interest, when considering the rebuilding of the Temple, that it will be used for animal sacrifice. Isn't that the whole point of the temple? And accordingly, the sacrifices made will be for the atonement of sins. Am I wrong here? This also prompts the question of: What has the Jewish people done about their sins for the past two thousand years?

Obviously, from a Christian perspective, the re-building of the temple for the purpose of animal sacrifices will afford nothing in the way of atonement for sins but only move us towards swifter fulfillment of expected end times scenarios; advent of the Anti-Christ, the abomination of desolation, battle of Armageddon and the Return of Jesus Christ. Perhaps this is why the Church has been led to support Israel's first step in the fulfillment of End Times prophesies.

Rick said (March 28, 2011):

Just like the Danish Cartoon Fiasco and the media obfuscation of the words of Pope Benedict's Regensberg address, it seems these bus advertisements are meant to incite Muslims to riot in order that Europe and the US are provoked to hate Muslims more and to justify these most unjust wars we are currently engaged in. Not to mention the future wars they have planned.I can't believe what I am seeing in Libya and when I hear that Hillary Clinton has said we are seeing the death of the nation-state and the emergence of a UN that now declares war, we are certainly on the path of no return.

I really don't know what to think about preserving the Dome of the Rock. In the name of peace I say let it stay. But Israel should not exist, and true Catholics should know that the Holy Land is Catholic land. Maybe the Muslims can return to us the Hagia Sophia in Instanbul, the former Constantinople. Or maybe England ought to give us all of our Churches and Universities back along with all the Monastic Estates they stole from the Church when Henry couldn't get a divorce and decided to bring about the birth of Capitalism through the looting of Church property. That was the real story there. Along with the hanging until almost dead of priests, only to be drawn and quartered and have their heads end up on stakes.

See, we all have things we can complain about! Too bad modern man and so-called Christians have such short memories, or more likely know nothing of history. Christian Zionists are a huge problem. And guess what? If Israel, that Criminal Enterprise run by the Rothschild Dynasty ever gets everything they want, the Christian Zionist will be among the first to go the way of the Do-Do bird.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at