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Jewish Banker Funded American Revolution

December 30, 2012

(Money -- The Life-Blood of Politics,
left, Chaim Solomon) 

Two abridged accounts of Chaim Salomon's life are posted below.

Reading between the lines, clearly he was the conduit for the Illuminati Jewish funds that financed the American Revolution.

All major revolutions (English, American, French and Russian) were engineered by these bankers using as instrument Freemasonry, a satanic cult based on the Jewish Cabala.

Revolution was designed to sweep away the old order based on God, and bring in a satanic world government where evil is good, sick is healthy and falsehood is truth. Replacing God with Satan is the true meaning of "revolution," and the NWO.

These bankers created the US to advance this goal. This explains why the majority of founders, Presidents and Congressmen were (and are) Freemasons; and why Masonic symbolism is everywhere.

It also explains why, having served its purpose, the US is now being undermined. During the current fiscal cliff crisis, the words of  Dr. James Wardner resonate clearly:

"I am here to tell you that the declining American standard of living has been PLANNED from the the highest levels of American government -- a plan to fail, a plan to create insecurity and uncertainty, a plan to make the American people serfs in the New World Order!" THE PLANNED DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA (1993)

We are also reminded of General Cornwallis' words, on his surrender to George Washington:

"Your churches will be used to teach the Jew's religion and in less than two hundred years the whole nation will be working for divine world government. That government that they believe to be divine will be the British Empire. All religions will be permeated with Judaism without even being noticed by the masses, and they will all be under the invisible all-seeing eye of the Grand Architect of Freemasonry."

Humanity is in the grip of a satanic cult. Most of our "leaders" belong. What possibly could go wrong?

by Michael Feldberg 

IN the pantheon of American Jewish heroes, Haym Salomon (1740-1785) has attained legendary status. His life was brief and tumultuous, but his impact on the American imagination was great. 

The U.S. Postal Service issued a stamp hailing Salomon as a "Financial Hero of the American Revolution." A monument to Salomon, George Washington and Robert Morris graces East Wacker Drive in Chicago and Beverly Hills, California, is home to an organization called the American Jewish Patriots and Friends of Haym Salomon.

However, Salomon's life was not all triumph. A successful financier in the early 1780s, he died in 1785 leaving a wife and four young children with debts larger than his estate. When his son petitioned Congress to recover money he claimed his father was owed by the government, various committees refused to recognize the family's claims. In 1936, Congress did vote to erect a monument to Salomon in the District of Columbia, but funds for the actual construction were never appropriated.

Born in Lissa, Poland, in 1740, Salomon spent several years moving around western Europe and England, developing fluency in several languages that served him well for the remainder of his life.

 Reaching New York City in 1772, he swiftly established himself as a successful merchant and dealer in foreign securities. Striking up an acquaintance with Alexander MacDougall, leader of the New York Sons of Liberty, Salomon became active in the patriot cause. [The Sons of Liberty were Freemasons, the folks that did the Boston tea Party, the operational arm of the Illuminati Jewish bankers.] 

When war broke out in 1776, Salomon got a contract to supply American troops in central New York. In 1777, he married Rachel Franks, whose brother Isaac was a lieutenant colonel on George Washington's staff. Their ketubah resides at the American Jewish Historical Society.

In the wake of a fire that destroyed much of New York City, British occupation forces arrested and imprisoned Salomon. He gained release because the British hoped to use his language skills to communicate with their German mercenaries. 

Instead, Salomon covertly encouraged the Hessians to desert. Arrested again in early 1778, Salomon had his property confiscated. A drum-head court martial sentenced him to hang. Salomon escaped probably with the help of other Sons of Liberty and fled penniless to Philadelphia. His wife and child joined him soon afterward.

In Philadelphia, Salomon resumed his brokerage business. The French Minister appointed him paymaster general of the French forces fighting for the American cause. The Dutch, and Spanish governments also engaged him to sell the securities that supported their loans to the Continental Congress.

In 1781, Congress established the Office of Finance to save the United States from fiscal ruin. Salomon allied himself with Superintendent of Finance William Morris and became one of the most effective brokers of bills of exchange to meet federal government expenses. Salomon also personally advanced funds to members of the Continental Congress and other federal officers, charging interest and commissions well below the market rates. James Madison confessed that "I have for some time ... been a pensioner on the favor of Haym Salomon, a Jew broker."

While supporting the national cause, Salomon also played a prominent role in the Philadelphia and national Jewish community affairs. He served as a member of he governing council of Philadelphia's Congregation Mikveh Israel. He was treasurer of Philadelphia's society for indigent travelers, and participated in the nation's first known rabbinic court of arbitration. Salomon helped lead the successful fight to repeal the test oath which barred Jews and other non-Christians from holding public office in Pennsylvania.

He operated within the context of a society, and an age, that considered all Jews as Shylocks and money grubbers. 

In 1784, writing as "A Jew Broker,' Salomon protested charges that Jewish merchants were profiteering. Salomon thought it unjust that such charges were "cast so indiscriminately on the Jews of this city at large . . . for the faults of a few." His impassioned defense of his fellow Jews brought him national approbation.

Within five years of his arrival in Philadelphia, Salomon advanced from penniless fugitive to respected businessman, philanthropist and defender of his people.

 He risked his fortune, pledged his good name and credit on behalf of the Revolution, and stood up for religious liberty. Despite financial setbacks at the end of his life, Salomon's name is forever linked to the idealism and success of the American Revolution, and to the contributions Jews have made to the cause of American freedom.  


Michael Feldberg is the director of the American Jewish Historical Society. 


Haym Salomon

Haym Salomon (or Hayim Solomon) was born in 1740 in Leszno/Lissia, Poland. His father was a Rabbi in Poland, who originally came from Portugal.

Traveling Europe in the 1760s and early 1770s, Haym learned finance, business, and several languages.

He came to New York City about late 1772. In NYC, Haym was a merchant and also had a brokerage firm and commission merchant's company.

He also became a member of the 'Liberty Boys' and 'Sons of Liberty'. He arranged for arms to be shipped into the colonies from the Dutch island of St. Eustatius, and caused a lot of trouble for the British.

Haym had been imprisoned by the British while in NYC (at the "Old Sugar House", a warehouse) as a spy in 1776 where he later suffered from tuberculosis. Haym was pardoned and used to translate German with the German soldiers for the British. He also helped American prisoners escape from the British and encouraged hundreds of German soldiers to leave the British service.

Haym married Rachel Franks in January 1777. His first child, Ezekiel, was born July 1778.

Out of prison, Haym continued supporting the rebellion against England. Arrested again for his pro-rebel activities, then tortured and sentenced to death by hanging by the British in Aug. 11, 1778. His property was also taken by British. Haym used his knowledge of German (he spoke eight languages) to convince his Hessian jailer with a bribe of money to escape with him (or help him escape) to Philadelphia, where he arrived penniless.

He escaped with his family back in NYC while he followed Geo. Washington's Army and fled to Philadelphia, PA. Haym joined with other Jews who had fled British control.

Haym established himself as a broker, selling currency and bank notes at a discount. He made a good deal of money as a broker, merchant and auctioneer from 1781 to 1784 - he was an official broker in PA - converted bills of exchange and foreign government notes (France & Holland), changing into spendable cash. Often working out of the "London Coffee House" in Philadelphia, he acted as a broker for the Office of Finance. Haym owned a black slave named "Joe" who ran away in 1780.

He always managed to raise necessary funds, especially to fund supplies, food and equipment for the patriot soldiers. Haym was known to give support money (interest-free loans) to patriots in Phil., PA, like James Madison. Gen. George Washington knew he could always count on Haym Salomon to secure money to keep the Continental Army running.

Haym put 350,000 sterling pounds into the Yorktown campaign led by George Washington. He had first used his own fortune (600,000 sterling pounds) and when that ran out secured money from other Jewish communities. He was considered to be the financial hero of our American Revolution.

At the end of the war, 1783, a small portion of the money was repaid but most of it was never repaid.

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First Comment from Bert:

When Geo. Washington was a youth, he traveled through the Caribbean, with the blessings of Henry Morgan, the pirate.  At the time, the Caribbean was controlled by so-called Jewish ("Illuminati") pirates.  The pirate Henry Morgan started his New York banking empire from his pirated booty. 

 Saloman was probably a Morgan flunkie.  Morgan was heisting gold shipments between Europe and the Americas.  They heists by pirate ship were probably orchestrated. The ongoing heist by our Federal Reserve is probably modeled after the same.

 Morgan was running slaves and drugs in the Caribbean from the beginning, in the 1500s.  It was on that trip that Washington met the teenager Hamilton, who I suspect was probably a catamyte, a boy sex slave who is promised a future in exchange for training in the art of "man-love" (quoting Sandusky).  Nothing is ever written about Washington's early, and apparently "top secret," journeys in the Caribbean with the boy Hamilton in tow.

When Washington died, the executor to his estate was required to make a detailed inventory for his heirs.  One of the items listed was "Books and Records of the East India Company" (or equivalent).  A historical society (probably Mt Vernon) did a reprint in the 1950s(?),. There was a copy in my local library and that's when I first saw it. 

 If Washington was keeper of the official Books and Records of the East India Company, then he was Secretary.  That makes him a primary officer. In a corporation, a Secretary holds a power of veto over a President and Board of Directors.  The Secretaries are keepers of the corporate seal. 

 For example, when Nixon resigned, he sent his letter of resignation to his Secretary of State, then Kissinger.  A President, or Board of Directors are powerless with one.  They cannot make their acts "official" until the Secretary agrees to put the corporate seal, and his final signature.  The Books and Records were probably for the Dutch East India Company.  Martha Washington was very proud of her fine china and tea service, that had the seal of the Dutch East India Company on them.  There were several sets.  The first set of china depicted the 13 states under the control of the East India Company.  There is another set with 15 states.

The US flag is also a remake of the original Washington family crest and flag.  His family crest is still proudly on display at his ancestral home or estate in England.  In the local county (can't remember) it's a major tourist destination, and source of local revenue. The historians there are very helpful. But it doesn't end there. In fact gets worse.  It's common knowledge that the flag of the British East India Company is the same.  

At the same time the East India companies were taking control of the Americas by piracy and looting, the BEIC took ownership of India.  The flag of India was a replication of the Washington family crest as well.  The US revolution, which was orchestrated to force the several "independent" States into a global federation, occurred simultaneously (for all intents and purposes of overview historical analysis) with a similar revolution in India.  That revolution also organized the several Indian states into a single BEIC (Illuminati-controlled) government.

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Comments for "Jewish Banker Funded American Revolution"

Dan said (December 31, 2012):

Is the article implying Chaim Salomon was a bag man for Masonic conspiracy to establish the United States? If so, Salomon why was he stiffed by Congress along with other funders that lacked the clout to recover their loans? While many lost their shirts, George Washington came out of it as the richest man in America. I've also read that Salomon was Washington's financial adviser, yet Washington didn't help him out.

Sounds like his Masonic brothers hung Chaim out to dry after the war, "because they could". Salomon's investment was an astronomical $300,000. Congress stiffed him as if he was just another common soldier they stiffed.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at