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Jewish Comic Insults Millions of Christians

October 28, 2009

curb1.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the most recent episode of "Curb You Enthusiasm", Larry David has a "toilet accident" which expresses contempt for Jesus, Christianity and millions of Christians. The show is seen on HBO (Hebrew Box Office.)

The set-up is improbable. David is at the home of his Christian assistant "Maureen." He is on some kind of medication which causes him to lose control while urinating. He "accidentally" sprays a portrait of Christ on the bathroom wall. When Maureen and her mother notice a drop on Jesus' face, they mistake it for a tear. They think it's a miracle and bow down and pray. They plan to buy an RV and go across the country to show it off. Later they actually encounter David pissing in the bushes and realize their mistake when they are sprayed. "He sprayed Jesus," they exclaim. 

1. No Christian would keep a portrait of Jesus in the bathroom. Only an arrogant, disrespectful, ignorant person like Larry David could imagine that.  

2. No writer with respect for human dignity and decorum talks about toilet accidents. What is this childish fetish comedy writers have with bodily and sexual functions? Is this the last taboo? 

3. This scene would be classified as a hate crime if it were aimed at anyone but Christians. Imagine the reaction if he peed on a Menorah, an Israeli flag or a Koran?   I don't believe this scene is an accident. It's a deliberate attack on the Christian majority, designed to humiliate, shame and disinherit.


Christians were not impressed. Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, responded, "Would he think it's comedic if someone urinated on a picture of his mother?"

I don't think he cares about his mother. But what if we went to his office and peed on his Emmy?

Deal Hudson, author and publisher of said an apology from the show's producers and writing team should be issued. "Why is it that people are allowed to publicly show that level of disrespect for Christian symbols? If the same thing was done to a symbol o
f any other religions -- Jewish or Muslim -- there'd be a huge outcry. It's simply not a level playing field."

pisschrist.jpgThis is not the first time Christ has been blasphemed in this fashion. In 1987 a photographer won a publicly- funded prize for a picture of a crucifix with Jesus submerged in a vat of urine. It was called "Piss Christ."  


"Anti-Semitism" disguises what is in fact a long-term hatred of Christ and Christian civilization on the part of certain Jews. The Talmud imagines Christ as an illegitimate son of a whore and a Roman soldier. He is condemned to boil in a vat of excrement.  Some Orthodox Jews are taught to spit whenever they see a cross or pass a church. During the Intifada,  Israeli soldiers shot up statues of Christ and Mary in Bethlehem.

Jews who don't share these sentiments must realize that Larry David discredits and jeopardizes all Jews.  Whatever we think of Church dogma, Christ taught that God is Love. Why do some Jews find this so threatening?

Because it is universal. Jewish ideology is elitist. They are the Chosen people.  They want to be worshiped. They died in the holocaust for your sins. The Old Testament includes visions of all other nations giving up their property and serving them.


Throughout history, mankind has striven to raise itself above the level of an animal. True religions have always maintained that man is made in God's image. We have to obey our highest instincts and tame our lowest.  

Unfortunately, too often, it has been Jews who have undermined this process. They have labeled self-discipline as "repression," and taught destructive self-indulgence in the name of spurious "freedom."

Too often, certain Jews have equated rebellion against God (the natural and spiritual order) with being fully "human." Their God is really Lucifer, and like Lucifer, they are metaphysical outcasts. They are helping to subvert God's Plan, one of the major causes of anti-Semitism.

Larry David is a comic genius.  But, his shtick is making fun of the selfishness of some Jews. As we have seen in Gaza and Lebanon, it isn't always funny.

We become what we believe in. We can believe that God is Love and we were made in His image, and become lovable creatures. Or we can believe in money, sex and power, and have the mean and petty lives we do. 

If you want to tell  HBO what you think, here is their contact information.

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Michael Hoffman:

"But how could the Churches perform such an exposure, when they are the allies and partners of Orthodox Judaism? How can your pastor or priest expose the deep-rooted inspiration for Larry David when your priest or pastor is himself a crypto-rabbi?"

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Comments for "Jewish Comic Insults Millions of Christians"

Attila said (October 31, 2009):

I would like to say that in the holly Quran. Jesus Son Of Mary (pbuh)is mentioned 75 times, more than the prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The holly Quran says that if you believe/respect in the teachings of prophet Muhammad you should believe/respect in all the prophets before him equally . ie Jesus Son of Mary, Father Abraham, Mosses, Noah etc ....

The insult is not just for the Christians but also for Muslims (1.8b) aswell. The message is clear. They (NWO) make it clear. My message for all Christians out there "United we stand together. Divided we fail together". Although to be united we have to understand each other. The last part is not in communist/socialist metaphor.

Cindy said (October 29, 2009):

It's no shock to me because many Jews have lost their faith if they ever had it like this so-called comic and many are admitted atheists. What is criminal is that it's okay to be anti-catholic/christian but anti-semitism is against the law and you can go to prison or get fined for saying words or even discussing something like the Holocaust where many who were murdered weren't Jews such as catholics, homosexuals, Jehovah Witnesses, etc. Do we have museums for these victims?

Vano said (October 29, 2009):

If you watch TV you deserve to see whatever your masters show you.Nobody is holding a gun to your head to watch it.The problem is not that some sheenie is pissing on Mary or Jesus on TV,the real problem is that he has an audience.I have no entertainment needs,I don`t watch TV and couldn`t care less about what is shown on it.Don`t watch TV,don`t vote,don`t eat commercial food etc,don`t participate in your own destruction instead of whining to your satanic cannibal owners.

Kent said (October 29, 2009):

Why do Jews and most Christians ignore DEU 30:1-3?

Disobedience is the reason God dispersed Isaac's descendants from Israel and obedience is required by God for their return. The nation of Israel today is man made not God made.

God's curse for disobedience also put gentiles as leaders over the Jewish community (Deu 28: 43-44). These gentile leaders claim
to be Jews but Rev 2:9 and 3:9 defines them as the synagogue of Satan.

Morley said (October 29, 2009):

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I don't watch HBO so I missed this. In fact, I don't watch the telescreen much anymore. Back in the "Golden Age of Television" which was called "the Cultural Wasteland" at the time, programs actually made people laugh. They actually reached out and searched for common bonds. Today, everything is dark. We have programs on prime time that feature murder, mass murder, autopsies, funerals and vampires. Cruelty is sweetened with soft pornography. A trip to a strip joint is just what the average person does on a regular basis. Of course that's the fictional entertainment. Real depravity can be seen on the News or on MTV.

Secularism has destroyed Christianity and Judaism. Muslims actually believe Islam especially in those places where they are persecuted by Jews and Christians. In Palestine, the "Jewish" State persecutes Muslims, Christians and religious Jews. But the end is in sight. When, like me, most people just don't care to tune in anymore, this will just fade away.

CB said (October 29, 2009):

1- Jesus does not need us to defend Him, or for anything else.

2- “Randy”’s comment regarding “the Christian belief of partaking of the flesh and drinking of the blood to be saved…” is totally erroneous. Believing in Jesus, accepting Him as Redeemer,
Lord and Savior on a personal level is what is required. Randy’s assertion is false, and deliberately misleading.

The “Jews” were created as a People by God for one, and only one, reason: to introduce Jesus, their Messiah, into the world, incarnate. That was accomplished. They rejected Him.

The clerics cobbled together a ‘new religion’ to perpetuate their jobs and relevance, thereafter. These “Joos” are self-instituted, and, by the way, despise God, essentially. “Israel” is a fabricated, atheistic counterfeit that, ironically, claims to exist by Divine Right. God CLEARLY forbid the institution of such an entity, until He, Himself, did so- not the likes of Herzl.

There are no Jews. There haven’t been any for 2000 years. And today’s ‘Joos’ are, in the main, not even their descendants.

Only God can re-institute the Entities called Jews, and Israel. He has not done so, as yet. And Jesus is STILL their Messiah. People like Larry David are good for exposing the like-minded.

They are no threat to God. He laughs at them. To “derision”.


Judy said (October 29, 2009):

Henry: As usual, in Christians are Wimps, you address a difficult situation. Due, in part, to the disintegration of our educational system, few nominal Christians are able to distinguish between the "mythic"archetypal figure of Christ and the "historical" aspects. Much as I respect the Catholic Church, I think it has failed to handle the Enlightenment changes in thinking. In areas of marriage, sex, the historicity of Christ, etc., it has simply become obdurate. As a consequence most Catholics practice the religion simply as a social form. As for Protestants, other than the evangelicals, they believe very little. I believe, unfortunately, that the decline of Christianity goes hand in hand with the decline of Western Civilization, the white male and 2000 years of history. No society exists forever. Perhaps after a few hundred years of chaos and turmoil, a better society will arise. Perhaps genetically Homo Sap is finished.

Sameer said (October 29, 2009):

This is not a matter of attacking Christians only. This is a matter of attacking everything to do with sacredness and godliness. As a Muslim, I am just as outraged as you or any Christian out there. This heinous act should and would anger any Muslim as well.

The sad fact is that Muslims in Muslim-majority countries have become mute to such behavior, especially when it is coming form Jews and Christians themselves in the name of free speech on their own soil.

As you know Muslims/Islam is the final and greatest obstacle in the Zionist New World Disorder. Muslims are driven by love and passion for their faith which is lacking in Christians today as you mentioned in that archived article. Islam does not receive some special treatment or a free pass.

The Prophet Mohammed’s [pbuh] Danish cartoon, the Noble Qura’an in toilets at Guantanamo, the daily insults and flat out lies on the news and not to mention the near century of Hollywood’s perverted portrayal of Arabs, Islam and Muslims should all count for something, don’t you think?….and did I mention the invasion and slaughter of Muslims in their own lands, including the raping of women, destruction of mosques, looting of history and assassination of scholars and activists. All those thing are sacrilegious in my book.

Despite all the efforts and onslaught Muslims will always rise to protect their faith, all prophets, all original holy scriptures and everything sacred and holy because we are the light bearers and defenders of both humanity and godliness, as history will witness yet again in the not too descent future [less then 15 years from now], as Islam topples the not so new Satanic order, spearheaded by the ‘Guided One’ [Al Mahdi] and more importantly Jesus Son of Mary, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and all his prophets.

JD said (October 29, 2009):

Larry David has a thread about Christianity woven through the series. There was an episode when he inadvertently stopped an outdoor baptism because he thought the person, a Jew converting to Christianity was drowning or being drowned and by stopping the event, he honked off the Christians and became a hero to the Jews at the event.

As a result of the pause in the ceremony caused by Larry David, the convert reconsidered, and that collapsed his plans to marry a Christian girl. That episode was farcical, but more or less had balance, showing both the Christians and the Jews being approximately equally dumb.

In another episode, he (erroneously) thinks that he is adopted, and discovers his supposed birth parents living in a rural area as devout Christians. Larry David immediately jumps on the bandwagon and is seen singing Christian hymns in churches with enthusiasm until he discovers that he really isn't adopted at all, and then reverts to his brand of Jewish flavored secular humanism. It really wasn't very much anti-Christian, but it shows him flirting with some kind of attraction to Christianity, or maybe gullibility.

Larry David is not Superjew. He is a secular humanist without much religious fervor (he was seen in one episode buying scalped tickets to get into the temple for High Holy Day services, only to be ejected by security for talking disrespectfully in the service and for having phony tickets.) And I think that the episode you are writing about was mainly about irrational religious gullibility.

What I think is his true ignorance about Christianity led to the Christ picture in the bathroom, the mother and daughter immediately falling to their knees at the first sign of moisture in the eyes of Christ, making the sign of the cross, and planning a tour to show the picture. It's a very rough and stupid and crass view of the supposed gullibility of Catholics in particular.

You're right that it reflects arrogance and superiority, but the goofy thing is that it only betrays his own ignorance. The Star Trek world of Gene Roddenberry could admit to any spiritual strangeness aboard the star ship Enterprise, so long as the pneumatic doors didn't swoosh open to reveal a chapel and priest saying mass.

That was the only real taboo in the Star Trek world, and that, too, doesn't come so much from religious Judaism as much as it comes from the prejudices of secular, non-religious Jews who have reduced all of Christianity to a caricature.

It's a product of arrogance and ignorance as you observe. But this comes out of his general cynicism about religion in general. Kinda like the Woody Allen movie (I forgot which) in which he became a Christian-for-a-day and went out to buy Miracle Bread, a food that is anathema to traditional Jews.

Randy said (October 29, 2009):

You see this in the movies and TV all the time nowadays.

One TV show in particular that comes to mind that pushes the anti Christian agenda is the “Sons of Anarchy”. The arch villain on this show is a cultured Christian white supremacist played by Adam Arkin who is Jewish himself. The murderous biker gang members are the good guys! Whenever there is a despicable act occurring such as a white supremacist rape of a kidnapped biker gang’s wife, the cross is focused in on in a manner during the very assault as if to say that these scum are just Christians practicing the virtue of their religion! It is infuriating to see this kind of deception and vile characterization of our totally moral Christian reality life system.

Even the Simpsons Halloween show in a very improper way mocked the Christian belief of partaking of the flesh and drinking of the blood to be saved. I won’t even recount the story line because it was in a word blasphemous and totally offensive to any Christian! An animated show geared toward children and shown at the early hour of the evening! They ended the show promoting blissful homosexuality! Too much!

The movie Mystic River starts off with a young boy being raped and murdered by a man who is prominently shown wearing a large cross around his neck.

You say that it is just a show, now is that all it is really? It used to be so subtle but now it hits you over the head like and anvil!

In the past the white male that was the last to be afforded any respect or protection from the government or the media mind molding propaganda machines! Now it is all Christianity!

But then what can you expect from an industry run by people that hate Christ, who have no one left with the strength to stand up to them down when they commit these very Satanic acts!

Their messiah must be very proud of them!

Jeff said (October 29, 2009):

He satirizes Jews too.. what about the episode when the guy is scalping tickets outside the synagogue for the holidays.. and Larry doesn't have tickets and has to buy from him.. then he's inside the synagogue and acting rude, etc... and there was so much more in that episode "bad" about Jews, and disrespectful to their holiday.. i laughed.. watch that episode if u get a chance.. i don't know the name of it.. the gentiles can mock that episode, write to HBO, but they don't.. they just laugh..

pissing on the pic of Jesus was a bit racy.. i agree..

i don't believe in Jesus.. i just know that other people do, and i see how they believe and act.. it's weird to me.. paranoia.. same for all religions.. including Jews

[Here's an example of David satirizing Jews.]

nothing short of a mockery of the most religious day of the year to jews
i laughed


Thanks Jeff

Don't judge Christ by his followers' failings.

I didn't say he didn't satirize Jews. Just that this is going too far.


Rick said (October 29, 2009):

I am disgusted by this latest Hollywood insult to Christ, and all ( including myself) who believe in the divinity of Jesus and that his death on the cross was for the redemption of the Fallen state of humanity. Sounds sort of timeless...and pertinent to these times especially.

I was raised a Jew who has come to accept Christ.
It was because of Jews like Larry David that wore out patience, or the smug Rabbi I once went for counsel, as how to deal with my Christian co-workers who were praying for my soul , and to accept Christ.

His suggestion was to ask them : How can you believe in a Messiah that craps his pants?

I never sought the advice of another Rabbi, and I believe the Jewish people need to look themselves hard in the mirror,

Grow up and join the human race instead of actively trying to subvert , pervert ,and invert , all that is sacred and decent for a few hollow laughs.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at