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Meat Packer Pardon Reveals Trump's True Character

April 19, 2024

commute.jpg(left, In 2017, Donald Trump pardoned a fellow Chabad gangster, kosher meat packer Rabbi Shalom Rabushkin.
 Rabushkin had served only nine years of his 27-year sentence. He refused to pardon Julian Assange.)

Liberal Jew Discovered Evil Underside of Judaism shows that assimilated Jews are ignorant of the true Satanic nature of Judaism. 

In 1987, Journalism professor Stephen Bloom, a typical liberal, wanted to explore his Jewish roots by joining the Chabad colony running a kosher meat packer in Postville IA.  He discovered that hatred of non-Jews and assimilated Jews animates them.

Bloom2.jpg(left, Stephen Bloom)

"They wanted nothing to do with their Christian neighbors. They were there to make money and the non-Jews, (goyim) whether Postville merchants or migrant workers, were barely distinct from the cattle on their assembly line." 


from Dec. 22, 2017

Jews Must Face "Dark Side" of Judaism

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Stephen Bloom has a love of fairness and justice typical of many liberal American Jews. A journalism professor, he saw the opening of a Kosher meat packer by Hasidic Jews in Postville Iowa in 1987 as an opportunity to study the Jewish-gentile dynamic in microcosm. 

He discovered more about Judaism and the causes of anti-Semitism than he wanted to know. His conclusion from "Postville: A Clash of Cultures in Heartland America" published in 2000:

"Initially I had gone to Postville to learn from the Hasidim [Orthodox Jews], to share with them a sense of identity and belonging. Instead, what the Postville Hasidim ultimately offered me was a glimpse of the dark side of my own faith, a look at Jewish extremists whose behavior not only made the Postville locals wince, but made me wince, too."

"I didn't want to partake in Hasidim's vision that called on Jews to unite against the goyim and assimilation. The world, even in Iowa, was too bountiful to base my likes and dislikes solely on religion. The word Hasid ...literally means 'the pious one,' but the Postville Hasidim..were anything but pious. You couldn't become casual friends with them...They required total submission to their schema of right and wrong, Jew vs. Christian -- or you were the enemy." (291)

In other words, if you're a Jew but don't buy their insane hatred, then you're no better than the goyim. Unfortunately, their attitude typifies organized Jewry as a whole. 


Stephen Bloom was put under the tutelage of one "Lazar", a "model Lubavitcher, a mensch as well as a tzaddik" (wise man.)

"I am a racist," Lazar told Bloom right off the bat. The Jews have persisted throughout history because "we are better and smarter." (192)

"Wherever we go, we don't adapt to the place or the people, Lazar preached..."It's always been like that and always will be like that. It's the place and the people who have to adapt to us." 

kiss-war.png(Except they haven't told the non-Jews. And Cabalist Jews hate assimilated Jews as well.)

Bloom reflected: "Lazar's comment underscored the Hasidim's contempt for non-Jews, which wasn't limited to Postville gentiles but to all Christians...Hasidim like Lazar have a total disinterest in anything or anyone who isn't Jewish...The Hasidim were waging a cultural holy war...Their world was Jew vs. non-Jew...If you didn't agree, you were at fault, part of the problem. You were paving the way for the ultimate destruction of the Jews, the world's Chosen People. There was no room for room for anything but total and complete submission." (196-198) 

This may explain why Chabad Jews are suspected of complicity in the Holocaust.

This enmity extends to business, which is a form of aggression against gentiles.  "I don't feel like a Jew unless I bargain," Lazar told him. "A Jew has to feel he got something for the absolute lowest price or he feels rotten."  After reaching a deal with a Gentile, the Hasid boasted of not keeping the terms or taking his time to pay.

 Bloom compared it to hunting: "The Hasidim not only [bargained] with alacrity, but enjoyed boasting about the terrain, equipment, first sighting and ultimate kill." (211)

Bloom relates a particularly shameful incident told by store owner. A Hasid pretended he had paid in advance for some merchandise, grabbed it and ran out of the store.

Despite being shunned by the Rabbis, a Rev Miller organized an ecumenical service with two other clergymen from Postville's other two churches. No Jews showed up. "Reverend Miller got stiffed," Bloom writes. (146)

Evidently, tolerance, ecumenicalism, anti-racism, diversity etc. is to weaken and dilute the goyim not the Talmudists.


It doesn't take a genius to recognize that Talmudic  behavior is the real cause of Anti-Semitism. 

But the implications are far more serious. Meyer Amschel Rothschild was a Talmudist. This satanic hatred of humanity, and Christianity in particular, is driving the covid vaccines. There is a direct line between the Crucifixion of Christ, who represented the God of Love, 9-11 and the New World Order in terms of the degradation of humanity through fake pandemic, war and depression. If this logic is correct, humanity's fate is to be crucified like Christ or otherwise slaughtered or enslaved.   

Like Stephen Bloom and myself,  90% of American Jews are secular and ignorant of the Talmud. We find its views abhorrent. But these attitudes are the no longer hidden agenda of Communism, Zionism and Organized Jewry.  A Gentile elite consisting of Freemasons (the Illuminati Order)  has been installed by the Jewish bankers to advance this agenda. Joe Biden and most Western "leaders" belong to it. 

Jew Bolshevik America.jpgThe New World Order imperils humanity and assimilated Jews. As conditions deteriorate, anti-Semitism may become rampant.  Jews must recognize that Judaism is not a religion but a conspiracy against humanity. It is also a conspiracy against Jews, whose security is endangered by its secret agenda. Zionism, Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Neo Conservatism, Feminism are all deceitful means to establish the Masonic/Talmudic/Cabalistic  central bankers in a thinly veiled "world government" tyranny.

Society has been brainwashed to reject the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which explains the methodology in detail. This document is not anti-Semitic; it is Satanic. I first recognized it was authentic when the author celebrated that a "cold and forlorn" mood had taken hold of  Europe's cities. This is something no "forger" would think of.    

Assimilated Jews need to dis-associate from organized Jewry and reinvent themselves as a people, recognizing how, like other peoples, they have been deceived and exploited by their so-called leaders. Like Stephen Bloom, many assimilated Jews have a strong sense of truth, justice and God's bountifulness, and must join their Christian neighbors in putting America back on track.

Note:  The Canadian billionaire Hershey Friedman, of Montreal, purchased the kosher meatpacking plant in 2009 and rebranded it as Agri Star Meat and Poultry. Agri Star now employs the vast majority of Postville's remaining Jews, with most of them serving as Jewish ritual slaughterers, or shochtim. 

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Recently, we posted an article, Ex-Chabad Member Exposes Trump Family Cult which demonstrated that Trump's family (Kushners) belongs to Chabad, a racist, criminal Jewish supremacist doomsday cult. The very next day Trump commuted the 27-year prison sentence of Chabad kosher butcher, Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin, 57, a GOP donor. He had served only eight years.  " Rubashkin, as manager of the family-owned Agriprocessors meat plant ($300 million annual revenue) in Postville, Iowa, was convicted in 2009 of financial fraud for submitting fake invoices to the plant's bank that made the company's finances appear healthier than they were so that it could borrow more. The bankruptcy revealed a $26 million scheme of fraud.

In addition, in one of the nation's largest illegal worker busts, federal authorities raided the plant and detained 389 illegal immigrants in 2008. ICE determined that at the time of their raid, two-thirds of the plant's workers were undocumented. It turned out the company itself was cranking out false social security cards. There were also 9,311 counts of child labor violations in the indictments, as well as horrific safety violations. Authorities also found a Meth lab.

Plant supervisors in this hell-on-earth were involved in the rape and sexual abuse of workers. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also documented and filmed what they called the worst animal abuses and extreme cruelty they had ever seen.

The Rubashkin criminal exploits and methods were documented in the CNBC series "American Greed - The Slaughterhouse". The video has now been scrubbed from CNBC's site. It has been mirrored elsewhere, but this may not be online long." Source

(Jewbilation in Brooklyn at Trumps' announcement)

The White House statement cited letters of support for review of Rubashkin's case from more than 30 members of Congress of both parties, including House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and veteran Republican Senator Orrin Hatch.

Trump also pointed to bipartisan expressions of support for review of the case from over (((100 former high-ranking U.S. Justice Department officials, prosecutors, judges, and legal scholars.)))  Source

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Meat Packer Pardon Reveals Trump's True Character"

EB said (November 21, 2021):

Interesting observation, the Protocols are real, they were around in the Vatican at least 600+ ago. They breath far above average insight in human emotion and behaviour, no empathy, all negative emotions and a cold, mathematical mind. IQ's of at least 200. When you look at the size(and shape) of Jacob Rothchild's skull for instance and also other members of the Ancient World Order, they are way above average too, I once wondered if we are dealing with humans, they also prefer to interbreed to protect their gene pool. This aspect is also mentioned in the Protocols, they are a different species.

CW said (November 21, 2021):

Be very careful when recommending "join our christian brothers and sisters" the christian church is almost wholly turned to Satan without knowing it

Robert P said (December 22, 2017):

Again and another home run, I have wondered these last 8 years when he would be released (Chabad)

This is the second part, please post for me in comments Henry. Thanks.

Peter K said (February 7, 2016):

I have been reading a lot of your articles for many years and from time to time I respond to them. I respect your honest but I think you are ONLY opening one peel of a larger skin from the onion. Maybe you are afraid to delve to deeply.

I used to work for a Jewish man years ago at Beefy 19 on Western avenue in Chicago.
It was during my high school days (after school and during the weekends) from 1975 to 1977.

The owner was Jewish and his wife had cancer. What you fail to understand it is not only the Hasidic Jews who cheat goyim but all of the Jews do. He used to try to cheat me on my wages 30 minutes here, an hour there. He did it to my colleague too. He worshipped money, which is the real God of the Jews. Lucifer will use their global money power to establish his coming world kingdom in Jerusalem.

My colleague and I (both of us are Greek-American) made fun of him. I was a mire 15 to 17 years old chap and then had no idea what the Jews were. We used to throw pennies on the floor and seeing the mammon worshipper of 65 years old and chase the pennies.
We laughed at him and were sadden by what we saw.

You want to see what the Jews are go to their large prison camp called Israel. See how the Palestinian people are treated. This is secular AND religious Jews working in tandem. Yes, the is schism between the Ashkenazi and Sephardic and the secular and the religious Jews. But virtually all of them hold hostility towards no Jews. The more Zionist or Orthodox they are, the great contempt they have towards non Jews.

I agree most Jews do not read the Talmud but the Talmud permeates their whole society. The Talmud has been taught to the Jews from the Babylonian times. It is taught (Orally) in their Synagogues, their homes and society. They will not OPENLY say this to the non-Jews, because they do not want to incur the wrath of the American and Western governments, who provide them billions every years as a cash cow. That will change when American will not longer be needed in the future.


Thanks Peter

You cannot extrapolate from your employer to all Jews. None I know would do this.


George said (February 7, 2016):

No sensible person could call you anti-Semitic. This is the kind of article that Jews need to read in order to preserve themselves.

Dan said (December 7, 2008):

I heartfully thank you for your integrity & ability to see into the good & bad of your Jewish culture. As a cross-cultural consultant, I find your ability to be objective very rare & of precious insight for understanding deep structure of mindsets & cultures.

Eric said (December 4, 2008):

Thank you for warning Jews and Gentiles of the evil in our midst. Jesus Christ Himself said that salvation was from the Jews. When I see what you and others "affiliated" with the Jewish tradition do to enlighten people regarding what's afoot I reckon I am seeing glimpses of what He meant (being mindful also that all of the blame does not fall on "the Jews". Many who call themselves Christians could very well be said to be so in name only and do their fair share in contributing to the mess we're in [some may as well call their religion "animality" for their ignorant behavior!]).

Prodi said (December 3, 2008):

I am just asking myself after reading this article why are you always saying that Jews or Christians are the first targets of the NWO, when we can clearly see for years that Muslims and Islam are the current targets ?

Do you remember what happened at least the last 20 years ?

1991 - Attacks of Irak, all nwo countries involved
1995 - Genocide of Bosnia's muslims by nwo's sponsored serbians under the commandment of UN (horrible genocide : men were killed, women were raped and tortured in 'rape-camp' until they were pregnant, it's so awful)
2001 - False flag opération called "911" attributed to 19 Arabs but all of us know now it was self-made .
2001 - Afghanistan is destroyed
2003 - Irak is destroyed
2006 - Liban is attacked by Israel
2008 - 2 Years of propaganda to attack Iran

And i don't talk about Israel, the Rothschild satanic child, created to make the war against Muslims since the beginning.

So how can't you see, with all the media's propaganda to make "you" hate muslims, remembering me the propaganda of 1938-39 against jews, that muslims are the main target ?

Of course real Jews and Christians are their target too, but sorry to tell you this but they lost, atheism, materialism almost erased christian faith, and Zionism almost erased the original Torah faith. There is so few real Christians and real jews. As far as i see the illuminati have won the battle in america, russia and europe.
There is still the "Muslim problem"(muslim means "submitted to God" if you did'nt know it) for the evil's church, so they try to destroy us.

Hope my poor English did not modify the sense of what i wanted to talk you about, and that you will make an article soon about this because we face the same dark enemy.



All true religions are the targets of the NWO. I have stated that Islam was a target more than once in earlier work.


Rabbi Joel said (December 3, 2008):

You forgot to mention the strong Ultra-Orthodox opposition to Zionism in all forms, based on the Talmud and Bible.

You can find out more about it here:

with blessings

Christian said (December 3, 2008):

While reading your article dated 12/1/08 I soon realized that so little has changed from the days Christ entered the Jewish realm. Although there are obvious political, economic and technological differences from those days in history, it is evident that through all the centuries the improper application of the Talmud has blinded the chosen faith, and is the root of the pain and angst that revisits every other generation or so.

I completely lost track of the Iowa “experiment”. I cannot understand the audacious behavior of these people, but now I see the frustrations and heartache Christ certainly felt, for was it not his mission to expose these conditions of the heart?

The orthodox mentality is eerily parallel with a recent movie’s tag line “resistance is futile”

If it were not for the voices such as yours, there would be no hope. I know it is a struggle for you, but please continue your divine work. It does not fall on deaf ears, and is certainly not casting the pearls to the swine!

Thank you, and my prayers are always with you!

Aftab said (December 3, 2008):

Peter [below] sees non acceptance of jesus as a deity to b the most crucial sin by Jews by way of comment on the "dark side" article. I don't think that is a sin at all. The evil is that they don't think anything of the mighty prophet but as an imposter.

As far as some great prophet in the OT predicting his status is concerned, that is mere conjecture because Jesus never makes the claim himself, nor does anybody else in any explicit terms.

I believe even the Christians haven't a clue as to what Christianity is all about and are as misled as the bad jews themselves.

Peter said (December 2, 2008):

The 'Darkest Side' of Judaism is the denial of the Deity of Jesus the Christ (the "Holy One of Israel") as the Son of God - even though one of their great prophets foretold of His coming in unmistakable detail (Isaiah 53). There are other 'Dark Sides' to Judaism but those are common to most of humanity.

Nevertheless, it will be Messianic Jews who will lead the last great Revival which will save many goyim. THAT is the spiritual destiny of real Jews (like His disciples Paul, Peter, John and others). Judaism became a dead religion when it failed to embrace Jesus the Christ as the Messiah.

Greg said (December 1, 2008):

It's Jews like you that remind us that blanket anti-Semitism is not an option. You are a blessing to the world and a defender of good Jews everywhere. I hope that more Jews eventually understand that the Postville Hasidim are their worst enemies, and that you are their mighty defender.

Jean D'eau said (December 1, 2008):

Thanks for this courageous article of yours, "Jews Must Face Dark Side of Judaism". Everybody should read it, especially amongst the jewish community since only the jews themselves can clean the jewish Augean` stables`. For some reason, this article reminded me of Ariel Toaff`s book "Blood Passover", published in 2007 and withdrawn in the same year after the author received death threats from "extremist jews": Ariel Toaff is the son of an Italian grand rabbi and a professor of Medieval and Renaissance History at Bar Ilan University; his courageous book book argues that some Christian children, or “perhaps even many” were blood sacrificed by fundamentalist Jews in the past centuries.

It might seem very rough to say this but I would not be exagerately surprised if a research in the Postville criminal archives would result in the finding of some unexplained cases of childrens` disappearing during the particular 1987-2007 period. Don`t ask me why...

Steve said (December 1, 2008):

Just read your "dark side" article on What a fine, decent person you are. Confrontation with negative facts is just something that
has to be done so that the world can take care of things and move on.

The deeply racist, criminal memes of Talmudic Judaism need to go down for our world to be a positive, forward-looking, happy place again for
all peoples.

Thanks for your contribution to civilization, for what you are addressing is the epitome of uncivilizedness masquerading as specialness, superiority and righteousness.

Kurt said (December 1, 2008):

With all of the Jewish sponsored hate crime laws that are enacted, why is the faith-based hatred of the Babylonian Talmud still condoned? Jews are certainly justified and adamant in opposing racist ideology of other religions or belief systems. What are they doing about their own back yard? Dr. Makow and a few others are notable exceptions. Dr. Makow writes at the end of his article, "Jews Must Face "Dark Side" of Judaism":

"Assimilated Jews need to dis-associate from the Jewish enterprise and re-invent themselves as a people, recognizing how, like other peoples, they have been deceived and exploited by their so-called leaders."

Is it excusable that some Jews say few are aware, yet they do little, if anything, to change the status quo? How "assimilated" is this attitude? Is the history of man's inhumanity relegated to continual repetition? Only by openly addressing the racism, supremacism, and hatred expressed in the Babylonian Talmud will Jews attack the root of their supremacist problem, and have a chance of improving the future for both Jews and non-Jews. Only then will they be truly able to assimilate.

Tony said (December 1, 2008):

Well, Henry, now you've really done it. If you weren't already on Abe Foxman's list you certainly are now. Another "self-hating Jew." Just ask Abe.

You are probably well aware by now - but most non Jews are not - that the whole of antisemitism" (instilled mental translation to "anti Jew" although most Jews are not Semites and most Semites are hated by "world leader" Jews) is not aimed at the goyim, it's aimed at Jews like you.

You are supposed to stay forever scared out of your wits of the goy and, therefore, forever giving much money to Abe and his buddies at the ADL. (Elsewhere that's known as a protection racket, of course.)

How dare you think things through and come to obvious conclusions on your own! Blasphemy!

Ted said (November 30, 2008):

Great article about the Iowa meat plant run by Hasidic Jews. I believe you are totally correct as to your speculation about the root cause of anti-semitism.

Tyron said (November 30, 2008):

I congratulate you on your article dealing with what will prove to be the most needed and yet ignored message to Jews worldwide.In responce to your articles about Jews and Talmudism,I would go alot further. I would suggest that Jews not only address the darkside,but break from totally and expose it completely. There is coming a time when the whole world,not to mention a furious European Christian America population,will be blind with a seemingly justified hatered toward the "jews". I might suggest it is justified,at least towards those who knew and did nothing. If history teaches anything,this is when the regular jew will again pay the full price for their evil self appointed leaders. To stop this cycle,jews must do as I pointed out above,and that is not the only thing either, In order for us to overcome this world and it's evil,"Jew's" and Europeans(and all others who are called) must unite in Jesus Christ,exposing the main anti christ WHO IS THE FULLFILLMENT of not only the end game of the protocols of the elders of zion,but REVELATIONS prophesies as written in scriptures as well. This means in a nutshell,that the only way for anyone to survive,either in this life or the next persay,is to BOW TO THE KING OF ISRAEL,JESUS CHRIST and do his will.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at