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Jews are a "Racial Vehicle" for Illuminati

April 26, 2011

The debate rages: Are Jews a nation, race, religion or a secret society?  Linda, a grandmother from Australia, believes the racial view cannot be dismissed.

She wrote
in response to Henry Makow's "Jews Defined by Occult Ideology, Not Nation/Race" in which he compared Judaism to Freemasonry, a multiracial cult defined by a secret (even to its members) satanic ideology.

By Linda
(from Dec. 8, 2009)

Race is not the inner core [of the Illuminati Jewish conspiracy], but I do think it is one of the layers around the inner core.  Anthropology can get really interesting if it takes into account the reality of mitochondrial DNA from the mother, 90% of which is coded by nuclear genes. The Illuminati know all about this.
The Moriah has conquered / subverted and instrumentalized nations by means of Judaism. These are the nations (collectively styled 'the goyim') who are "to be re-educated to our pattern". Protocols of Zion: 9.1  Within those populations, I think those who are following the eurekas!  should consider that some of the goyim have been patri-lineally incorporated into the nation that the Elders of the Protocols of Zion call: "the Chosen People" 14.1, our "gifted Tribe" 17.6; our collective force 16.1, "our people" whom they have sacrificed 2.5.
The whole Mishpuka [family]- so to speak - both extended and near kindred to the Moriah which is a deeper and more inward layer than the social masonry, the proxies, agents and puppets. In terms of the process of incorporation, it might take many centuries of  "re-education" in a conquered nation for the descendants of the patrilineally incorporated to become matrilineally incorporated.
At this time, I do think that the mitochondrial DNA goes back to Ur of the Chaldees. In this sense,  I think we are looking at a nation that has been welded of many ethnicities.
It is specifically the International nation state of Jewry (a nation state within all multicultural nation states) which is the racial vehicle for the Illuminati - the latter being a dynastic succession with no racial, ethnic or religious loyalties.

The Illuminati adhere to our "faith from its true point of view" (Protocols 14.4), a perspective described by Albert Pike as "pure Luciferian Doctrine".  It is this doctrine which they cloak in the religion of Moses which they preach (Protocols 14.1).  Thus, like the Pharisees, "they make the commandment of God to none effect by their tradition" [of the Elders]. (Matt 15.6) This tradition is now codified as the Talmud.
When the Sages or the Elders speak about 'our gifted tribe' they are not talking about AGENTUR [agents]. They are certainly not talking about Gentile Masonry "merely a screen for our objects". 4.2

International Jewry is an echelon nation and it exists as a nation within all nations. Indeed, the representatives of its hierarchy governs all nations. But the inner reactive core of it is rabbinical; its deepest, inner layer is dynastic - of the lineage of David (Protocols 23, 24 deal with this exclusively)
It certainly does not follow that every Jewish person is initiated into and collaborative with the agenda of the hierarchy.
In my experience, (and through my business I deal with many Jewish people on a daily basis), I can truthfully say (like Oprah) I don't know any Jews who sacrifice babies, traffic organs or  advocate genocide of the goyim. But, they are certainly not as clueless as the goyim. They know the agenda and they are in damage control. And some of them are doing some very stupid things.

That said, the nation within the nation has now become visible because  The Moriah / the Elders of Zion are building the Trilaterals of their "bogey" 5.11 transnational superstate. They have the nations in hand so to speak. It was at this time that they said they would "entrust the responsible posts to our brother Jews"  8.3 - not proxies, puppets or AGENTUR.
The puppet governments of all Western nations are clearly puppets. They are scared shitless (those who are at least smart enough to be scared). The scripts they have to read are just awful.  I foresee a time when their directors will require them to dress up in chicken suits and do the chicken dance at their press conferences just to illustrate how pathetic is the state of the (goyim) nation to all those out there in TV land who are glued to the MSM.
It is clear to me that the Elders want to use the bogey to ignite their long prepared Communist Revolution (by definition global) along the lines of  a racial conflagration. Their transnational superstate (NWO) is now "reaching out in all directions like nippers and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions that it can not fail to subdue all the nations of the world." 5.11
They cannot hide the fact that "their brother Jews" are in direct command of this project behind the government puppets. They have to reconnoiter on the race card. So their MSM is trying to put a Zionist label on their hierarchy: the individuals and orgs (virtually wall to wall Jewry) who own banks, dominate the corporate structure, who are seen to control all government puppets, all media, all educational institutions in terms of curricula and policy as well as policy making orgs in the West.
Right now, the covert, inner, executive core to this is navigating a transitional period of Regime Change (the current Masonic Watchword). What you call the Illuminati, what John Todd called the Moriah, what the Protocols call 'the Learned Elders', what the Jews call 'our Sages' are very concerned about how the revelation of the nation of the Jews ("our collective force") within all Western nations and the brother Jews in all positions of power is going to play at the box office.

So far it is playing just fine. The majority of the goyim are not enraged. They are just yucking it up.
But for the aware, the Jewish MSM is taking the tack of equating Zionism (clearly the guys with the bad guy script) as the racial supremacists.  And they have put it all in. They have published the Talmud. Key evidences establishing the genocide agenda by a host of vectors has become public domain by the hidden hand. Dead Baxter ferrets do not lie.
Anyone who thinks it was an initiative of the  goyim  to publish the Talmud would probably ask for an order of  9/11 nano thermite with their Happy Meal.
The Moriah wants  all "societies demoralized by us" 23.3 to implode in the fire of anarchy breaking out against the NWO. They want social implosions along the lines of ethnicity and race. They want bloody turmoil and revolution.
The NWO is a BOGEY - it has been contrived to bring the nations to such a pitch that global revolution will break out in a fight for survival along race lines. The Jews who did not heed the Torah to return to Israel have been assigned to carry the can.  This is a boring and unacceptable re-run of the European Jews who did not heed the Torah to return to Israel in the decades between the last world wars; they were sacrificed by the Judaic hierarchy through their agents, the Nazis. 
None of  this will solve anything, it will create great misery for everyone and play directly into the hands of the true masters. And it will be boring and fascist.


So far, my model is this: the closer we get to the inner dynastic core of the Moriah, the more exclusive it is going to become.  As John Todd said, ' you have to born into the Illuminati - they are generational Satanists.' You can not convert to witchcraft anymore than you can convert to certain sects within Judaism - the racially supremacist sects that are really solid for Talmud.
To have right of return to Israel you have to have a Jewish mother, but before your kids could go to a Chabad yeshiva , for example, the pedigree has to be vetted by a Beit Din or at least a rabbi.
I do think the Jews are the echelon nation that is a cloak for the Moriah.  That said there is a huge diversity within that nation which includes many ethnicities with only the most cursory association to Talmudic law. Today - this includes (at least in the outer court) virtually the entire novus ordo Catholic Church which are Noachaides!

But the closer you get to the Moriah, the more racially homogeneous things are going to become. At the apex, I would say there is probably only inline breeding. At the top Pharoahnic marriage or brother / sister marriage.
I think the Masons, which are vertically integrated to B'nai B'rith could serve as maybe a proving ground. That is, a member of B'rith B'nai could belong to any Masonic lodge but only certain proven ones could eventually join B'nai B'rith as converts to Judaism.  Let us say someone with some Jewish paternity - possibly  their descendants might be able to marry into Judaism, marry a Jewish woman of an observant family, someone over whom a Beit Din exercised real authority.
And so a race could be built from conquered, subverted, or in the case of most of the Khazarian population converted populations according to this model.
The closer you get to the inner dynastic core of the Moriah, the more inbred it becomes, because only certain bloodlines can are going to give up their youth for trauma based mind control etc.
In terms of mapping this out (and I certainly have not done this) it would occur to me that once you are into the Talmudic and observant sects of Judaism, the racial supremacy becomes central. Where it begins to interface with the outer layers of the Illuminati I have no idea.

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Comments for "Jews are a "Racial Vehicle" for Illuminati"

Shimon said (April 27, 2011):

The individual named "Jim" who postulated in his 12-09-09 response [to Linda] that "There are no records of anything like the Exodus from Egypt in any of the many existing records of Egyptian dynasties..." is patently untrue. He offers no academic references as verifiable, historical research to support his contention of extrabiblical justification. I however, do have a reference which may be of interest for those who wish to review the archeological research that supports the "Exodus" et. al. Dr. John Davis is an emminent biblical scholar, theologian and archeologist. His Book "Moses and the Gods of Egypt" is written with archeological proof that this period in Hebrew/Ancient history was not myth, but fact. If I may, I would like to offer Dr. Davis' website [below] where this seminal work and others by Dr. Davis [which are written from an archeological and impirical, fact based perspective] can be obtained. I appreciated you posting Jim's baseless assertions. It caused me to respond with information which may help those seeking to understand the blessed destiny of Gods Chosen People [The Jews] even whilst at the present, their minds are blinded by the Talmudic Philosophy, and their hearts are corporately closed to the Word of God which promised Yahweh would one day restore the nation of Israel to prominence under the eternal reign of Jeshua Meschiah.

Rod said (April 27, 2011):

"The NWO is a BOGEY - it has been contrived to bring the nations to such a pitch that global revolution will break out in a fight for survival along race lines. The Jews who did not heed the Torah to return to Israel have been assigned to carry the can."

I consider this a very powerful insight. Even if the NWO did not start out as a Bogey, it is certainly looks as if it is being used as one now!

Those readers who wish to appraise themselves of the truth of the Talmud, should search out the work of Michael A. Hoffman.

Here is an extract from one review ( of his opus: Judaism Discovered

"Curses, demons, performing circumcisions via fellatio, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, self worship, megalomania, what it boils down to is that man-made laws and rules by evil people have been given divine writ through the Talmud, which as Hoffman shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, has been elevated to the status of God-given law. The laws and rules are ridiculous and have only hurt rank and file Judaics, as well as the whole world.

It strikes me from reading Hoffman, as if the Talmud is nothing but a distillation of every occult "Voodoo'" religion that has ever existed in the world, down into one set of books called the Talmud."

Readers should take Michael Hoffman's work very seriously because these Orthodox Jewish Sects (who dominate New York and New Jersey) have long enjoyed easy access to the President's office in the White House (ever since Reagan, in fact). Groups of them (wearing their trademark silly hats) have been photographed in the Oval Office on countless occasions.

Matt said (April 26, 2011):

" Genetic studies on Jews show that most Jews worldwide do indeed bear a common genetic heritage which originates in the Middle East, and that they bear their strongest resemblance to the peoples of the Fertile Crescent, with only minor contribution from their host populations[17] .

Now that there is good genetic tracing, we know Jewish people are not Khazar converts. I realize in North America they have intermarried, but broadly speaking, they are a middle eastern people. Having blonde haired blue eyed Jews does not mean they are not from the Middle East, as we now know the ancient Egyptians were probably Caucasians. Not that it matters, there is nothing wrong with people being Khazars, or Mongols (such as Koreans).


I just don't buy this information. My parents were Polish Jews and the Khazar explanation feels right to me. My sense is that the Palestinians are the descendants of the Biblical Hebrews.


Jim said (December 9, 2009):

A couple points concerning Linda's posting concerning Jews. She states that the lineage of the leading Jewish people goes back to David. I disagree. As Douglas Reed pointed out in The Controversy of Zion, even some Rabbis admit that Moses, David, Solomon and many others likely did not exist. There are no records of anything like the exodus from Egypt in any of the many existing records of Egyptian dynasties. Books such as The Invention of Ancient Israel (p. 164) point out that despite the investment of vast archaeological efforts very little has been found that even remotely supports the bible version of the story of ancient Israel. It appears much more likely that much, if not all, of this tale was made up by the priesthood in Babylon in a later period to justify a "return" by people going there for the first time.

What's more, if one reads the bible carefully you find that the tribe of Judah split away from Israel and they were never reconciled. David supposedly ruled Israel, but Judah, under Levite leadership, became a break-away tribe. And Judah, is the basis of Judaism and Jews.

Still more is that the Ashkanazi Jews, who predominate in Israel today, are decended from the Kazar people of south western Russia. They were converted to Judaism around 800 AD and have virtually no roots in the middle-east whatsoever. Only the Sephardi Jews, now a despised minority in Israel, can even remotely claim any link to the middle east. Most of them seem to have come from Carthage/Berber roots in North Africa routed through Spain and the Moors.

And, of course, the huge irony is that the only people who have any real possibility of being direct descendants of any ancient kingdom of Israel are the settled people of the middle east, namely the Palestinians, the people of Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and such. How Ironic that these are the people most despised by the leadership of the Jews!

It appears to me that the old testament was crafted to create a mythology which could be used as part of a control mechanism over people who in modern times are called Jews. (The term "Jew" only came into being about 400 years ago.) I believe decent Jews are duped by some evil leaders just as decent Americans are duped by some evil leaders, just as decent masons and decent Catholics are also duped by some evil leaders. And each of these groups has a mythology.

Who is behind it all? How deep do you want to dig? David Icke traces it back to alien (from other planets) races who are battling for control of earth. So much of his other writing makes so much sense, such as his book on 9-11, that I have to keep an open mind about his more far-out ideas. When one looks at history the Jewish people often seem to be considered disposable by their leaders. For example, the cooperation that the Zionists gave the Nazis to move Jews out of Europe (or else!) gives the impression of an outside power using these people more than a united tribe all looking out for each other. Likewise the leadership in Israel is comfortable with turning the middle east into a living hell in order to pursue their political agenda. Not much concern for the Jewish people shows there. The destructiveness the insiders cause seems somehow more understandable when viewed as being directed by a consciousness which doesn't care about humans because it is not human.

Henry, I salute your continuing efforts to bring the really important issues out into the open. Best wishes always,

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at