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Jim Stone: Batman Movie Massacre Was Staged

September 15, 2012


James Holmes is a patsy, visibly confused as to why he ended up in his predicament. His demeanor is of one who has been extensively drugged, which would account for his amnesia. It would also explain why he was found slumped over a steering wheel and detained without incident.

(Editor's Note: I reserve judgment but present this information for discussion purposes. ) 

by James Farganne

Denver's Westword Magazine has recently reported on a bizarre twist in the Aurora theatre shooting case: to wit, one witness has made the incredible allegation that she was shot not by defendant James Egan Holmes, but by Aurora police chief Dan Oates.

According to this stunning allegation, made in an August 27 "Motion to Intervene", the claimant was visited at home by police chief Dan Oates (a recent import from the NYPD) and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers.

She alleges that Oates and Chambers blackmailed her into falsely testifying as a victim of the shootings - threatening, if she refused, to prosecute her on charges of prostitution and charity fraud. The police chief then shot her in "places that were not life threatening" so that she would appear to have been shot by Holmes himself.

The motion also claims that other so-called victims are actors working for the conspirators, calls for everyone involved to take polygraph tests, and demands a congressional investigation.

These are bombshell allegations. One would think that those accused, if they were innocent, would want exoneration. So how did the Arapahoe County Court respond?

Judge William Sylvester remarked that "the Court has information that the named victim ... did not file this pleading, and it appears that someone may be filing pleadings with false names." 

Based on these vague references to undisclosed "information" and the "appearance" of foul play, the judge declared the motion illegitimate, struck it down, and released it, redacting the filer's name. 

But he didn't stop there. He also ordered that the county's Adult Protection Services consider the redacted party for mental health evaluation - an action that brings to mind the recent warrantless detention of Brandon Raub.
Instead of fully disclosing the motion and investigating the claims, Judge Sylvester redacted the former and pronounced the latter to be insane.

Do you smell a rat? If so, the following information might be of interest to you.


Investigative reporter Jim Stone, whose Fukushima Report (May 2011) implicated Israel in that disaster, has presented compelling evidence for his conclusion that the Aurora shooting simply never happened at all.

If Stone is correct that Aurora was a staged "Wag the Dog" event, then it lends credence to the claimant's allegations. 

Here I will go over the most damning holes he has blown in the official story. Those wanting a more complete picture can review all the material at Stone's website, linked here.

First, in our CCTV- and smart-phone-ridden era, how is it possible that we have no visuals of the shooting? Not one single tape from inside the theater has surfaced - let alone a phone-cam video on YouTube. We have yet to see so much as a photo from inside, or any CCTV footage from the mall itself.

Second, look at the blood splatters reported to have come from the body of an injured child as she was carried out of the theater. Aside from the lack of bloody footprints, why do the splatters point toward the theater door, rather than away from it?

Third, "victim" Jessica Redfield (a.k.a Jessica Ghawi) was a TV intern who claimed to have witnessed a mass shooting at a shopping mall in Toronto in June 2012. Stone found  that on her Twitter feed, she claimed on June 2 to have been present at a mass shooting only weeks earlier. She replied "Buhahahahaha" to a joke about shooting.What can account for her jocular tone? 

In other tweets, Redfield/Ghawi announced that she was set to move into a lavish new living situation replete with swimming pools and ponds - digs well beyond the means of a mere intern.

After Aurora, her name hit the Social Security Death Index a bit too soon: immediately. Stone figures that her taking a big payout for her participation in a staged event would explain these anomalies.

Additionally - and Stone provides the math to back this up - the odds of one person witnessing two mass shootings in their lifetime, let alone one summer, are about 1 in 23 billion: vanishingly small.

Fourth, since pictures can be so much more expressive than figures and words, consider the following photograph from Aurora, with Stone's comments.


Fifth, consider the alleged perpetrator, Holmes. How is it possible that a timid graduate student, who had never handled a gun, suddenly found the wherewithal to avail himself of military-grade firearms and body armor, to trick out his apartment with sophisticated booby traps, and to shoot that many people in a dark environment where they would surely be diving for cover under the seats?

Simple. It isn't possible. James Holmes is a patsy, visibly confused as to why he ended up in his predicament. His demeanor is of one who has been extensively drugged, which would account for his amnesia. It would also explain why he was found slumped over a steering wheel and detained without incident.


Now for the hard evidence that the Aurora shooting was nothing but a mock-up. Fortunately, it comes to us right out of the rats' mouths: the police dispatch tapes.

You read that correctly. Audio links at Stone's site, sourced from, clearly reveal that the Aurora police were not rushing to a real crime scene that night. 

Rather, they were coordinating a drill.

At minute 11 of the first recording, the police units check in with each other and verify that all participants are ready. At minute 14, they discuss the positions they will be taking up at the mall. Five further audio links contain the dialogue of the drill itself.

In the seventh and final recording, the cops blandly discuss locations for photo ops with the "families" of the "victims". In a real emergency, of course, the families would never have allowed their loved ones to wait bleeding in the ambulances while they posed for the shutter.


These recordings alone are enough to prove that no shots were fired in the theater that night. The testimony of whoever filed the Motion to Intervene indicates that the real victims - the ones who ended up at the hospital that night - were undesirables rounded up and blackmailed into falsely testifying, or murdered outright. It might also explain the very sinister circumstances surrounding the sudden death of a nurse who was in the emergency room that night, and who could very well have been told, by dying patients, the real reasons they were there.

Photos from the "crime scene" show that the coordinators of this false flag event should have been more selective when screening actors to cry crocodile tears for the cameras of a complicit media establishment.

From the actions of Judge Sylvester in quashing the Motion and redacting the claimant's name, we can deduce that the court system in Arapahoe County is as corrupt as the Aurora police.

I expect that many will wonder: if no shooting took place, then who was in the theater? Wouldn't they be telling everyone that the shooting never happened? 

Well, in the official account, theater attendance was down that night, just as the planes on 911 were two-thirds empty. A low number of participants, all in on the game, makes the secret easier to conceal.
In many precedent false flag events, including 9/11, drills coincided with real events so as to muddle the waters. In this case, the drill was the stand-in for an event that never happened at all.

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First Comment by ER:

It seems nothing can be believed that we see or hear.
 See web Blog page or open photo

Second Comment by Elm:

The Stunned, The Drugged & The Surprised Patsy
In Response to, "Jim Stone: Batman Movie Massacre Was Staged"
The Batman Movie PSYOP is characteristic of at least two other historically pivotal events, that of the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963, & also more recently, the November 4th, 1995, assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Like Holmes, neither the accused & convicted assassin Yigal Amir nor Harvey Oswald were aware they had actually shot or murdered anyone. 

Individuals present at the peace rally in Tel Aviv during the preceding moments to Rabin's actual assassination heard & recorded Amir exclaiming several times he had only fired blanks. Canadian born Israeli author Barry Chamish presents evidence in his book "Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin," that Rabin was shot in his car on the way to the hospital, & not by Amir, as the official story to this day relates. All three -- Holmes, Amir AND Harvey Oswald were indeed, confused as to the situation in which they found themselves -- Oswald actually protesting his innocence live on camera & fully convinced of certain exoneration. 

According to Oswald's girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker, Oswald was aware JFK was being set up, but he could do nothing about it. See Me And Lee
These cloaked operations harken back to Nazi means & methods, in particular the torching of the Reichstag on 27th February, 1933, and the Gleiwitz Incident on August 31, 1939, in which Nazi soldiers posing as Poles staged a fake attack on the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia. 

In the case of the Reichstag fire, a Dutch Communist by the name of Van der Lubbe was left wandering outside the Reichstag, arrested & charged with the offense. In any case, whereas the Reichstag fire led to a suspension of civil liberties & a consolidation of Nazi power, the Gleiwitz Incident served as a pretext for a full scale invasion of Poland, & as evidence to the world Germany was the aggrieved party. 

In a repeat performance of the Reichstag Mechanism, events on 9/11 seem to follow a well trodden & dog-eared formula. On page 437 of his 1300+ page historical treatise, Bill Clinton's Georgetown mentor and author of "Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World In Our Time," writes it was a homosexual arson squad drawn from SA leadership that torched the Reichstag in 1933.

Many of these false flag & patsy events leave open wounds - wounds like JFK & even 9/11 that haven't healed to this day. Even the Reichstag Fire in 1933 still resonates in history, & upon human consciousness with a darkness. It would seem then, if history does repeat itself, America is today post Reichstag Fire with 1939 still to come. But then, America isn't Germany.

(Makow - Then there is 9-11 itself which was completely staged. No planes. Paid witnesses. 
Planes inserted in films later.) 

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Comments for "Jim Stone: Batman Movie Massacre Was Staged "

David said (September 17, 2012):

The pre-trial pictures of James Holmes and the at-trial James Holmes......well, it is not the same person! That is the first sign of this being a staged event!

Dan said (September 16, 2012):

The "how" of these psychodramas is irrelevant to us. I challenge Jim Stone to explain to us the psychological objective of the Aurora exercise.

Mike Phillips said (September 16, 2012):

This is the biggest load of crap you have ever published on your web-site, exceeding the ludicrous no-planes theory of 9-11 by a factor of ten.

This seems to be the new tactic of people like NSA disinformation operative James Stone and others. When the elite do something reprehensible like Aurora, 9-11 or Libya, divert criticism of them and holding them to account by pretending that nothing actually happened. If nothing was actually perpetrated, why look for perpetrators, right?

First,. take a look at a reasonably on target account of what actually happened at Aurora.

In addition to the twelve people who were killed, 58 others were wounded by gunfire and taken to four local hospitals. They were seen and treated by hundreds of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. Then they were released back into the community where they told their stories to everyone. I personally have relatives in the area who are familiar with many of the people and confirm the story. You have to be brain dead to think it would be possible to completely fake something like this.

After reading the above article, ask yourself a basic question. What kind of person would be capable of walking into a crowded theater and randomly shooting people? Not a doped out semi-conscious James Stone. He was just the patsy they selected to answer to motive one in the article, which really should be motive two.

No, the most obvious place to find candidates for this type of operation would be among a group of people who have been taught by their Talmud since infancy that they are a chosen people and that all the rest are not really people at all, but insects to be exterminated. "The best of the gentiles, kill" is what the Talmud says.

No doubt the real perpetrators of Aurora are safe and sound back in Israel and no one is even looking for them. The main stream media has convinced the average person that James Holmes did it and the so called alternative media is pumping out the false idea that no one was shot at all (or just a few troublesome people - 20 year old girls?).

So, James Stone is doing his job peddling disinformation. The question is, why are you party to it? I really don't think you are stupid. Are you being blackmailed like some on the internet have suggested, or is there some reasonable explanation I have overlooked?



I guess you can't read, or overlooked the Editor Note, or just think discussion should be closed once you've made up your mind. I resent having my integrity questioned. As far as I know, you're the plant. Don't write me again.


Jesper said (September 16, 2012):

Judging from the picture posted with the observation about the girl enjoying herself, the author of the piece (or his source) has been checking out the photo analyses on Shack´s cluesforum:

There are many other interesting and troubling pictures on that forum...

Tony Blizzard said (September 16, 2012):

This is astounding - not that it was a staged psy op but that it is getting out. And I will send it around.

But, [re. Elm,] my God, does absolutely everything have to be hearkened back to the, now going toward a century past, Nazis? Hell, they were penny ante compared to the commies to begin with and as much lying myths as truths while the "allies," who were much more sinister and not nearly as straight forward are STILL doing worse things than the long defunct Nazis ever did. Plus being co-oped by the downright satanically evil leaders of Israel who now run practically everything in the world.

Elm replies:

I suggest Tony Blizzard review both the evidence contained within Babylon's Banksters: The Alchemy Of Deep Physics, High Finance and Ancient Religion, by Joseph Farrell, as well as Farrell's YouTube presentation of "Nazi International," parts 1 & 2, and its linkage to the JFK assassination & US space program.
Farrell asserts, JFK was assassinated due to his policy of a peaceful non-military exploration, vs what became an adversarial militarization & conquest of space. A fair amount of what Farrell presents, is documented in and supported by Operation Paperclip

Nazi International - Part 2

No one is denying the Communists were just as if not more vicious in their ways & means as the Nazis, but they were essentially a flipside to the National Socialist or Collectivist coin. Whereas Stalin waged war against a designated "inferior class," the Nazis used a pretext of an "inferior race." The Reichstag Fire is a classic example of a covert mechanism - a mechanism which has frequently been used to manufacture pretexts for social, political & military action, exploiting fear & insecurity as engines of consent for a suspension of civil liberties & freedom, as well as a means to agglomerate an ever greater concentration of both political & economic power & influence into the hands of the few to the demise of the many.

Doug said (September 16, 2012):

We should assume these shootings have been staged until proven otherwise. Shootings like the Columbine incident and others always have an official narrative that is very different from the truth which always emerges later. This would be news if this shooting wasn't staged.

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