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Jim Stone - Fear Obscures Fukushima False Flag

April 23, 2012

You are hearing an enormous amount of lies  because the high resolution photos totally blew it for the perpetrators.

"I will directly state to Rense and David Icke, you are information scammers. BOTH of you either linked or plagiarized my site, YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, and for whatever reasons you have been made to sit there and lie about what is going on out there at Fukushima. Your failure to report the truth will only serve to allow the "elite" to bring a similar 911-type disaster to some other victim nation, and justice would have it be yours."

--Jim Stone

Hi Henry,

I saw this article that says Fukushima is falling apart and America has been irradiated. Another article  in Japan Focus says it will destroy civilization!

Do you think this is just scare-mongering to get us all in a panic? Your thoughts would be much appreciated. This whole business is very stressful.

Thank you,

Jim Stone replies:  Fear Mongering About Reactor #4 but Long Term Things are Grim for Japan only.

Referring to second article from Japan Focus-
That article does not have an ounce of reality in it. It's pure disinfo, the diagrams are not even right.  This is an assault on the Fukushima report, because it conflicts with the real diagrams and will cause discord. They HAVE TO kill the Fukushima report to prevent World War 3.


You are hearing an enormous amount of lies coming out of Japan right now because those who perpetrated the crime know they have been exposed and that the high resolution photos totally blew it for them.  They were NOT supposed to be released.

The explosion at #4 was caused by explosives, just like the WTC.  Reactor 4 is building 7.

In the classified photos, you can look straight down the throat of the empty reactor, you can see the dome sitting in the service area, and you can clearly see that the service attachment the crane hooks onto, which will NOT be on the dome when the reactor is in operation, is ON THE DOME.  Furthermore, in other not classified photos that are captures from live drone video feed, you can clearly see reactor 4's dome is in perfect shape, with the bolts removed and hanging, as they would be during normal service.

It is highly unlikely that reactor 4's containment is in a condition that would cause it to collapse, and if the reactor itself is going to fall over it's meaningless, it's just a shell with no core in it.  If the structure itself fell over, it would not contribute to the disaster significantly, because the fuel rods will fall in solid pieces, and at #3 the explosion totally blew a real functioning core out of the reactor, and also blew the fuel pools away, while atomizing them to dust - the worst possible scenario. 

All this hoopla about #4 is to cover what happened at #3.  The worst possible disaster has already happened, which I reported a year ago and the classified photos PROVE IT.

Don't let new lies cover up an old truth, Fukushima was sabotaged and destroyed with nuclear weapons, it's especially obvious at #4, where evidence remains and was not totally blown away like it was at #3.  These were low output nukes in the single digit kiloton range,

Here are the photos that prove everything I have said here; please ask detractors to present similar evidence DIRECTLY FROM THE SCENE rather than pretty hand drawn graphics and animations;

This photo clearly shows reactor 3 and its fuel pools are GONE.

This photo clearly shows reactor 4 was dis-assembled and DID NOT explode by itself, explosives HAD TO have been brought in.

And if that is not enough, This photo ought to make it obvious #4 really was dis-assembled.

And for those readers who may think I am just some idiot, with no credibility, I present this screen capture, which I would like Rense and Icke to try to get these guys to post for them as well if they are so damn smart:

And, I will directly state to Rense and David Icke, you are information scammers, BOTH of you either linked or plagiarized my site, YOU KNOW THE TRUTH, and for whatever reasons you have been made to sit there and lie about what is going on out there at Fukushima. Your failure to report the truth will only serve to allow the "elite" to bring a similar 911 type disaster to some other victim nation, and justice would have it be yours.

That is, of course, if my site and those who linked prove to not be enough to stop them.

Jim Stone Freelancer - Whole Reply Here

I asked Jim for clarification:

"I am going to have to say Japan is destroyed and needs to be abandoned. Hate to say it, but more and more it seems to be the case. On that account they are right, but the damn fear mongering about reactor 4, which has and will do nothing just pisses me off because it buries the truth about how all this happened.

People who stay in Japan are going to have serious problems, and the radiation problems are bad enough to eventually ruin the DNA over generations.  It's just not a place for a long term civilization anymore.  Even though my own numbers refute this, and say it is not that bad, reality seems to be playing out differently and I wonder if everything coming out of the place with regard to how bad the radiation is, is a lie.

I doubt Tokyo is ruined, but certainly the entire Fukushima preficture, Sendai, and other cities within 100 miles of Fukushima, which means an enormous portion of japan is irreparably ruined.  Because this area was prime agricultural land, it's real bad for Japan.  My guess is that the problem will worsen from here."


The Argument Fukushima Was Sabotaged

Fukushima - What Really Happened

Comments for "Jim Stone - Fear Obscures Fukushima False Flag"

Doug said (April 26, 2012):

He may be onto something. The elite want to cut technology out of our lives and reserve it for themselves only. One way of doing this is to turn people against nuclear energy. If all the plants could be shut down, people would have to go back to burning fuel oil (which doesn't wreck the planet). I think they want to shut down nuke plants.

They could possibly cause cancer to go up by some means then blame it on Fukashima. There is lots of noise in mainstream about people getting cancer to prep us for it being normal. People really need to read The Report From Iron Mountain, The Protocols of [] Zion, and about Agenda 21 - particularly the Report From Iron Mountain in this case.

Adam said (April 24, 2012):

Re: Marcos: While I don't want to get into an exhaustive physics lesson a simple answer is as follows: In order to make any useful measurements (assuming you had managed to obtain an accurate, calibrated Geiger counter (harder than you may think to make sure it is reading accurately) then you would first need a complete assay of the area before 3/11 and then re-assay later to find any meaningful differences. The natural environment contains many substances that emit radiation and just finding a hot-spot does not preclude a Fukushima connection.

While I do not pass-off this event as insignificant (even Chernobyl gave us an isotope dusting in N America) the worst came in the first 3 months. While that is of concern it is also useful to know that some are fear-mongering this to extremes for their personal gains. You mention Japan and I am sure that area, like the area surrounding Chernobyl, is not a safe place to be and the Japanese have been devastated by this event -- which was intended, as the article states. If you are truly interested, there are many YouTube videos from Japanese in Japan demonstrating the radioactive readings -- this makes me question why you posted this. If you expect the Japanese government to come-out with official announcements of such then the reasons for them not to are innumerable and/or speculative.

Marcos said (April 24, 2012):

I just can't understand how this is an issue at all.. Geiger counters can be bought for US$ 100 on eBay. I am sure someone could buy something very accurate by a few thousand and just measure the whole place and put it on the web.

Therefore, the great question is: why nobody is doing this, or why nobody is divulging the data if it already exists ? Seems to me this confusion is just based on speculation and a battle of egos, or maybe there is an interest in harming the image of Japan abroad. Can a Japanese reader please step forward and help us with legitimate data ?

Fud said (April 24, 2012):

I have a question for Jim Stone. How could a country be sabotaged
with nukes, loose a large portion of its land mass to radiation,
billions in damage, and have thousands of its citizens killed and not
do/say anything about who perpetuated this calamity? When the US cut
off Japans oil supply it resulted in Pearl Harbor. Fukushima is a
much worse situation, especially when you factor in long term
determent to public health.

Jim Stone replies:

Because there are more virus infected nuclear facilities, and more nukes in the water off the coast of Japan, and if they say a word or do a thing to resist, POOF! Read the article Nuclear Blackmail.

One thing people must realize is that when Iran got hit with Stuxnet they did not have a functioning reactor, so it was possible to shut it all down and spend the months it took to root that virus out of the system.

Japan has nuclear facilities that have been hot for 40 years. You can't just shut those down unnoticed, and it's a safe bet that any remote administrated virus in a Japanese facility would give a clear warning to those administering it that an attempt was being made to shut a facility down to de-weaponize it and that the virus needed to go active before that could be accomplished.

Ultimately, the entire topic is classified and no one will ever really know what level the threat is at or how it will be implemented, but the bottom line is that this virus is documented to have been used in Iran, was obviously used at Fukushima, and it would be foolish to think that other Japanese facilities are not infected with it when Symantec themselves said that over 4,000 PC's had the virus in the area surrounding Fukushima MONTHS before the disaster. This, and additional nuclear weapons in the ocean would provide a significant continued threat and serve well to keep Japan's mouth shut.

Doug said (April 24, 2012):

I like how Jim Stone took his boxing gloves off in regard to Rense and Icke, whom are now exposed to have the integrity of pornographic smut publishers.

My knowledge in regards to nuclear devices is limited, but I know this much: a reactor and a gun-type nuclear weapon are NOTHING alike. Reactors DON'T explode -- they melt down. The perpetrators counted on the stupidity and lack of knowledge that average sheeple have regarding nuclear technology.

Paul said (April 24, 2012):

Jim Stone knows what he is talking about. I have studied his work on Fukushima (in a non-professional way) and it makes sense. The biggest provable point that he makes other that the photographic evidence is the dozens of videos both professional and amateur (many on Youtube)which show 100% conclusively that there was no 9.0 plus earthquake because there are NO buildings falling down.

All that you need to do is Google the earthquake that happened in Kobe in 1995 rated at 6.8 which killed over 6400 people. The devastation is unbelievable and stunning. Photographic evidence is readily available on the Net. The Richter Magnitude scale is logarithmic meaning that for every whole number increase 1 - 2, 4 - 5 (for example) the magnitude is an increase of 10 times. This is what the USGS website says…

"On the Richter Scale, magnitude is expressed in whole numbers and decimal fractions. For example, a magnitude 5.3 might be computed for a moderate earthquake, and a strong earthquake might be rated as magnitude 6.3. Because of the logarithmic basis of the scale, each whole number increase in magnitude represents a tenfold increase in measured amplitude; as an estimate of energy, each whole number step in the magnitude scale corresponds to the release of about 31 times more energy than the amount associated with the preceding whole number value."

Therefore, according to my amateur calculations Fukushima is over 100 times greater and according to Wikipedia would cover an area greater than 1000 kilometers in destruction. Clearly and beyond any doubt, Fukushima was not a 9.0 plus earthquake. Why would a government lie about something like this. Go to Jim Stone's website and check it out. If this quake is fake, then how many others are fake? And what is more scary is that if earthquakes can be "man-made" where else can one occur?

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