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Lamebook -- Rebellion of the Stupid

February 25, 2010

lamebook.jpgby Ben Martin


If you want a glimpse into the decadence and immorality of the next generation of Americans, look no further than

This particular site, which gets 12 million hits a day, allows users to post their most "humorous" conversations from the social networking giant  Needless to say, humor is in the eye of the beholder.  While perusing this website, I didn't find much to laugh about. But I can almost see the smug smile on a social engineer's face.  
The silent weapons used for dumbing down America are now humming along at full tilt.  Education, feminism, and the mass media were designed to integrate America into the fast emerging global state.  Facebook and Lamebook are an interactive extension of that most ruthless of weapons, television. 

T.V. "programming" has pushed nothing but an endless cycle of materialism, perversion and brand association.  Now, we can use social networking sites to show off our latest trinket, decadent vacation, or to simply revel in utter mindlessness!

As Irene Angelopoulos said recently on this site, social networking is all about self-branding and let's face it, these days vulgarity and stupidity are the most righteous brands of all.

With the people of, the order of the day is self abasement, insecurity, cruelty, and unabashed ignorance. The most intimate of personal details are aired out in a way that makes all those involved look terribly crass and inconsiderate.

The scourge of pornography has had a profound effect on my generation. Dysfunction abounds and courtship is a thing of the past. Sexual encounters are advertised and propositioned from the security of your home, without considering the damage to your reputation.

Many people are aware that American education has long been subverted, with the aim of creating dumbed down populations. will give you a good idea of just how far this plan has advanced. 

Spelling, grammar and coherence are things of the past. In the internet world, everyday words are misspelled and shortened as a rule. You has become u, know is simply no, and correct usage of there/their/they're and your/you're seems like a lost cause. 

Is there a relationship between degeneracy and language?While this new speak is common to the texting and instant messaging generation, I did notice something new.  Not only are phrases frequently misused and misspelled, words are now being intentionally bastardized. Letters are being replaced with numbers and punctuation to form a new "language."  The strange thing is, it seems this style would actually be more burdensome than just communicating in English.

After becoming acquainted with the gang over at, I could easily imagine a future where the average American gets by with a vocabulary of some 500 words! 
Privacy is no longer valued as it should be.  Birthdates, telephone numbers and addresses are posted without a thought of who might be accessing this information.  Not only are people willing to offer up all pertinent information, they are more than happy to keep you posted on menstrual cycles, sexual (mis)adventures and a terrible array of family disputes.  The disrespect of these teenagers, coupled with the uncaring reactions of their parents make for a sickening combination
It's not only kids participating in this mockery. Facebook is often used to directly challenge and degrade participating family members. Lamebook promotes a false, idiotic "rebellion."
I have always wondered why people are so eager to divulge their lives to relative strangers. No one is mysterious anymore.  The desire and excitement to learn about someone new is diminished when, in five minutes, you can know how many sexual partners she has had. Social networking sites drain the excitement and intimacy out of relationships.

Friendship and dating have become nothing but a collection of photos and wall posts documenting random trysts rather than memories and the foundations on which you build your life.

The technology that is supposed to bring people together is actually doing the opposite.  We are quickly losing the ability to empathize with others and form alliances to get things done. But something tells me that was the plan. 

So, whether you're looking to see a grown man simulate sex on a hanging deer carcass or just want to see a baby in an animal crate, is the place for you.


Ben Martin, 26, of Chicago, works with surgical lasers in operating rooms across the Midwest.

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Comments for "Lamebook -- Rebellion of the Stupid"

Larry1 said (February 26, 2010):

What would happen if the kids were as troubled, and infuriated, over the removal of gold and silver from our coinage, as they were about trivial matters? Can you imagine a generation that took it upon themselves to purchase precious metals from dealers, and put them back into circulation by simply purchasing things from each other, after being bought at stores, and choosing to pay again for them, with metals that were kept in the network? And suppose they decided to open up new markets for the metals, including total free enterprise within the network? They would gradually pull money out of the banks, convert them to the metals, and pump them into the network? Fractional reserve banking would die out. The monopoly of paper money would weaken and wither. And might we see an end to war? Who knows.

I spoke to a few people about this yesterday, and was told, “Yeah! Great idea! Good luck!” Well, it starts with just talking about it.

Matt said (February 26, 2010):

Just a clarification: the use of letter-number substitution and intentional misspelling of words f0r in5tanc3 1ike 7hi5 actually predates facebook and 'txting' by a couple of decades. It's known as leet-speak (more specifically, l33t 5p3ak), derived from 'elite' and was used back in the 80s and 90s by hackers in order to deliberately make their communications difficult to read (and, quite possibly, to throw off automated search functions by law enforcement.) In this it is very similar to the 'thieves' cant' spoken by London's cockney population in the 17th and 18th century, in which words were replaced with rhyming phrases (the classic example is stairs => apples and pears) in order to deliberately obscure their speech and, thus, keep the bobbies from understanding them.

Nick (Unrelated to article) said (February 26, 2010):

My name is Nick and I have recently begun to read your book ILLUMINATI. I am a full-time student at the Univ of XX and a recent convert to Islam. When I read your book, the hairs on all my body stood up. Suddenly it all made sense: Sept. 11th, WWII and WWI, and all of my knowledge of the recent world's history came together like a puzzle. I always wondered why it was so impossible to enter the world's elite, upper-class rich. In fact, only 1% of the American population actually transcend the socio-economic class they were born in to. I have read your book voraciously in one day and even told some of the ideas and notions to my wife, brother, and father. Your book ties together all the mysterious happenings of my day- Sept. 11th, the economic recession, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I always knew that Muslims were generally good people, as that is what our doctrine teaches, and the same applies to the other monotheistic religions. But why was it that we were constantly being slandered on TV, the radio, by politicians and made out to be this angry, crazy, and fundamentalist group of people? It made me furious, and even made me even hate the ones who were persecuting Muslims. But now I understand, Muslims are just the modern scapegoats for the Illuminati, as before it was "communists".

I really appreciate how you are not scared to speak the truth, and I sincerely thank you for your years of countless research, as I am sure it was daunting. I was not so sure why at the Univ of XX they do not have classes on the Illuminati, but now I see.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at