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I Quit an Illuminati Law Firm

December 1, 2010


By Ben Lacoste


Back in the mid '90s to early 2000s, I was employed by one of the largest law firms in the United States.  I was not a lawyer but a tech support person.  As we know, the Illuminati controls all aspects of the media, entertainment, and big business. This includes the legal profession.   As you will see, the major law firms of this world are part of the machine we call the NWO.

Every year this law firm gave a presentation on the history of the firm. It was all standard fare except for one thing; the founders of the firm were members of the Bohemian Grove and so were the partners.  

A little background on the firm: it was founded in San Francisco during the late 1800s. This firm currently has thousands of lawyers within and outside the United States.  They have been able to survive the poor economy by having a conservative approach to their business.  They primarily practise corporate law once in a while they will do litigation in a criminal law setting as long as it's "white collar crime" and lots of money is involved.

There were some partners at the law firm whose code to unlock their computer was the number of the beast. When a person had a laptop computer it was literally locked down with a cable with a lock that had three digits.   Being in the tech department and having to work on these computers when the partners were away they often time gave me their code.

I was so shocked when a few of these mild mannered partners had the code that was the number of the beast.   I chalked it up to just people in their '40s who were fans of Iron Maiden and other metal back when they were in their teens and 20s.  Now that I learned about their association with the "Grove" and the spiritual side of the "Machine" and how they encompass law, entertainment, business and all areas that affect us I knew they were satanists. 


The most effective trick of the devil is to make people think he does not exist.  Well another trick is to make us think that his followers don't exist and that they are nice.  These partners seemed like some of the nicest people you'd meet but what darkness lurks in their lives.  What sort of rituals do they take part of at the "Grove" and elsewhere?    It does not surprise me that this firm is close to the "Grove", as we know who the prince of the world is. 

As a Christian I am glad I got out of that place.  I know other Christians who had quit, some lawyers and some staff.  I don't think these Christians had a clue about the NWO or the Illuminati but they just felt a bad presence there. 

Part of it is even though the firm had a conservative appearance they were left wing liberal inside.This firm was associated with the ACLU and all that destroys Christian  and family values.  So these Christians who quit left on that basis not the "Machine" or anything I described about the "Grove" but about morality.  

Are all partners involved in the darkness since they all are part owners?  I doubt it, I think it's an insider's club within the firm who taken only those who have proven over the years to be trusted with such information and those who show they are truly wicked deep down inside.  It's too bad that people have sold their soul to the devil. 

The late Malachi Martin said there are those who are possessed and those who are perfectly possessed.  The perfectly possessed ones openly invite the spirit of Satan in them as opposed to those who mess around and become possessed.  But  if any of them repent and receive Jesus in their lives, they'll pay the price of losing their earthly success but they will receive peace and love and light from the Lord our God and Salvation.   If they accept Jesus and turn from their wicked ways they will be in for a big fight but the war was won and they will have a place in Heaven. 


Rom 6:23 " For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."


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