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June 14, 2011

norwaypm.jpgleft, Norway's satanist PM, Jens Stoltenberg

Genocide by Vaccine - Norway Partners With Bill Gates

Dear Dr. Makow,
I would like to convey a scenario that happened over the weekend. I am originally from Norway, but now live in California and keep a keen eye on what happens in my native country (as well as the rest of the word). Norway is small, but a big player on the NWO stage.
The Norwegian crown prince was for the first time a participant at the recent Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland. The Norwegian media had a gag order until yesterday after the meeting ended. They then printed a small article in the biggest paper, Aftenposten, and also left the story open for discussion among readers. Something they seldom do, especially in regards to NATO and USA articles.
Well, to my surprise the responses came fast and furious from readers who appeared to be fully awake and from some half awake. Of course the usual agent provocateurs had to chime in as well. I decided to throw in my two cents worth a few times which stirred the agents more than a little.
One informed reader wrote about the plan to rid of most of us through medicines and food. I responded with a link to the Georgia Guidestones and also wrote that they need to run for their lives from vaccinations. Don't think anyone in Norway is aware of the Guidestones though. I did mention in my comment that Bill Gates and the Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg have teamed up to front the vaccine scam. Mr. Gates recently visited the Norwegian prime minister on the latter's home turf. Upon reading that I knew there would be more to come.
And it did. The crown prince barely had time to wipe his wet boots on the royal doormat before "Aftenposten" had this story on the front page today.
Translated excerpt:

"Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg announced today that Norway will double the funds allocated to vaccines for poor countries to a total of 180 million US dollars per year. Norway will work closely with UK and the Gates Foundation on this vaccine program that will save 9 million children in poor countries."
Did the Norwegian crown prince seal this deal in St. Moritz? Perhaps. The prime minister has been a previous Bilderberg guest and so has his prominent father. It runs in families there too. I might add that the prime minister and his sister are heavily invested in the vaccine industry. As an aside I once came over a photo of this career politician, before he advanced to prime minister, of him surrounded by children in Africa while promoting vaccines - a life long vocation of his it seems. What stood out in this photo, besides the poor children, was a black t-shirt worn by this man. On the front of this black t-shirt were three large white numbers - 666. I'll never forget it.
And last but not least, after "Aftenposten" posted my last comment this morning in regards to the vaccine scam, Gates, the prime minister and a link to the Georgia Guidestones, they shut the comment section down; way too early since it's normally left up for a week. No wonder considering today's story about Norwegian taxpayers having to fork out this kind of money to Bill Gates' and Jens Stoltenberg's pet project. Coincidence? I think not. Norway is a tightly controlled country although they believe they are free due to massive social safety net programs.
And the NWO marches on.
Anne M. Berg

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