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Letter from a Homeless Woman

September 16, 2010

(left, not the letter writer)

From "Marie"

Hello Henry,
I have been struggling to survive.
In fact, even as an amateur writer, I have been chronicling my story into a book entitled "Shattered Illusions of my Survival".  Writing gives me an outlet to pour out my pain and suffering. 
It would be great if I could somehow earn a living at writing or even public speaking and motivation to warn others what NOT to do; since I have noticed over the decades, that when I speak, people are drawn to me and want to hear what I have to say.  I often analyze problems and devise solutions.  I am drawn to topics involving  justice, relationships and communication whether in society or in personal situations.  I once had several radio programs, did I ever tell you? In one of them, I taught a book I had written, in 13 segments or classes. I enjoy teaching people, because I have had so many tragic experiences, that I truly wish others to avoid the same pitfalls. 
I need to find a way to earn a simple income in order to pay a simple rent on a small studio apartment.  Because money is the solution to this dilemma of homelessness, I am desperately trying to find a way to earn money.  We don't live in a society where some benefactor will open their heart and home to me and let me live with them, perhaps as trade/barter to be their housekeeper, cook, bake and clean, or even a home secretary for them.   We live in a selfish world based on money.  No money, no housing.
We also live in a world that demands certain "experience" for jobs and even if I tell people I can learn the job, they don't want to hear that.  I am about your age, in my early sixties, and cannot do "standing on your feet all day" jobs;  poverty and homelessness do tend to exhaust you much faster than you realize; both physically and emotionally.
If I were a wife that would be my joyful "job" but I don't have that luxury.  I have to find a way to generate money in order to end my homelessness.  Some people are blessed with good family and friends for their "time in need".  Unfortunately,  my family is very dysfunctional going back 4 generations and they simply do not respond to my situation as normal loving family members would ordinarily respond.   Tragically, my own 5 children refuse to open their homes to let me live with them.
I have unusually harsh karma and my hardships are beyond most people's comprehension. I have to walk several miles to just get milk.  No one truly understands what I go through to survive.
One would think that the basic foundation of my family's religion - orthodox Judaism, is to help the needy, with food, clothing and shelter. Yet not one of my relatives will help me. My family hold grudges of hatred against me for putting my children into public schools after my husband abandoned me while I was pregnant with my fifth child.  He lied to me, cheated on me and stole from me, but this is okay and people overlook his misconduct. I don't see human qualities of mercy, kindness, compassion, sympathy from my family.  No, there is no support system there.  This is a  painful saga, and I know people tend to "blame the victim".  But others had a hand in destroying my life and putting up obstacles.
I do believe my father was either an Illuminati or something similar.  He tortured me by not letting me sleep in a bed; I had to share a sofa with my sister and he would sneak in at night and shut off the heat, so we would freeze in the living room, which had 9 windows.  He did secretive mind control and hypnosis on my baby brother while he was asleep.  He had a collection of books on mind control techniques and after he died I read them and realized he practiced those techniques on me and my siblings. I spent the first 7 years of my life in a crib. That is torture.
True human kindness and compassion on the part of someone would help me. I made the tragic mistake of believing the lies of a fraudulent business whose members posed as professional teachers and healers, who in reality are severely mentally ill, demonic, deranged, sociopath dangerous predators who exploited me so thoroughly that they broke me down, inflicted a heart attack on me and made me homeless.

I have not recovered since then, 12 years ago.  I am now almost 62 and I don't know how much longer I will survive this homelessness.
"Unarius academy of science - the new world teaching center." Those charlatans, con artists have never been held accountable by any state or federal agency or judicial arena.  They continue on with their false advertising and marketing schemes to lure more victims whether to rape them as they did to me, and/or to financially fleece them as they did to me.

They basically promise the public to heal and teach them, and then sell them useless books and classes; they have no professional licenses or degrees to teach or do therapy.  It is merely a scam to defraud the public; the gullible naive unsuspecting vulnerable public. I sued them twice and the corrupt courts ignored my information and evidence. 
Kindly excuse this long missive, but I don't sleep much. I sleep about 2 hours per night so I sit in the dark and write.  I am inside a store with permission of the owner.  But I am still homelessness, this is not a home; there is no kitchen or bathtub or shower. I do have a hot pot for boiling soup or tea.
Stay out of California and especially San Diego; it has a peculiar evil energy grid to it.  It has a "reversal energy" which most people deny, but I see it and sense it.  The energy tends to magnetize certain people who are not normal in a greater proportion than I have seen anywhere else.  This evokes greater pain and suffering, without any resolution.  I just want my situation to end, so if you say prayers, please say one for me.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Letter from a Homeless Woman"

Dan said (September 16, 2010):


Reading that poor woman's letter is painful.

Unaria is a theosophy cult. San Diego is the headquarters the Illuminati over California. I know what she means about a place charged with an energy quality that draws people that resonate with it. I'm not sure exactly what she means by 'reverse energy'. I wonder. I'll never forget how the energy of Austin Texas is peculiar for seeming so positive and innocent on the surface but there's very dark stuff underneath. Maybe San Diego is like that.

I would suggest to her that the unusually harsh 'karma' is a consequence of having gone out of synch with that local dark energy. Her energy has changed, she isn't compatible with the dark stuff now and it's attacking her like antibodies attack But that way of thinking comes from years of habitual living in the theosophy worldview. If she was habituated to using psychic faculties I hope she knows that's prone to keep her open to that dark energy vortex.

I don't know if she's learned yet that any and all psychic habits and thoughts just keep a person wide open to the demonic influence. That's why all the cults teach people how to meditate, channel, draw energy through the body and hands. It's all about getting a person to open up. I was taught those things by my grandmother who was beyond question a victim. I thought it was harmless all my life but it's the better part of the problem. Walking around wide open like that can keep a person locked in a place their own energy is rejecting. She's rejecting it but she's trapped there. While she currently sees no way to get to where ever she should be I suggest she can learn to shut the psychic channels

It's gotten difficult in America to find any place with pockets of safe ground. Please visit Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego
349 Cedar Street
San Diego, CA 92101

Bob said (September 16, 2010):

Although it will not solve her immediate problem, it is worth pointing out that artificially keeping large numbers of people in a state of economic deprivation is a policy of the financial system. Production is abundant, though many producers are going bankrupt because their output is not being bought. Repossessed homes in the US will number 1.2 million this year, with a further 3.2 million at some stage of foreclosure. The houses are there, but financial considerations prevent people from owning them.

This disjuncture between what can be produced and what can be purchased for consumption is the key to economic insecurity and poverty. If the money system was modified in such a way as to bring them into harmony, then stories such as the one this lady tells would become very rare.

Remember, this system was not designed with the idea of making life good for people. It has been set up in order to control them and to rob them of their souls. This is why psychopaths abound in the upper levels of its hierarchy.

Steve said (September 16, 2010):

Re Letter From a Homeless Woman

Dear Marie, I have said a prayer for you through our intercessor Jesus Christ to God The Father. I have asked Him to find you a good and beautiful home to live in the rest of your life and that He finds you a decent man who will provide for you. Every woman deserves a fine man to look after her, provide for and love her.

I have a lovely wife and a humble but nice home, with beautiful kids. You don't need lots of money to be happy, but you do need it. I ask that God blesses you with good health and prosperity. God says, "I want above all things that you prosper and be in good health". I pray that God gives you this and the breakthrough's that you need in your life.

It is stories like your that makes me realise how blessed we are as married couples if we have loving loyal partners and not competitors & traitors. Men love your wives like Christ loves His church. Women be submissive to your husbands who love you. I find it horrifying that your husband walked out on you at the birth of your 5th child - he is a most unworthy husband. We as men and women need to spend a lot more time evaluating our future marriage partners for character, decency and loyalty, before we commit to marriage. The media today most of the time just shows unbridled lust and jumping into bed at the drop of a hat and don't worry about the consequences. How deceptive and foolish. We need God's bible and His words of guidance and wisdom more than ever before in this Satanic led world. Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy says His word - Marie cry out to God the Father through Christ, accept Christ as your Saviour and He will help you - He makes that promise!

Expect God's blessings, I find He answers them particularly when they are prayed on behalf of others

Zack said (September 16, 2010):

The homeless lady sounds like a victim of Scientology.

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