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Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order

September 6, 2018


Teen novelist Norma Klein (1938-1989)
taught 1970's teenagers to engage in sex
for is own sake. A Jewish reader reflects on
her influence and the "pervasive Jewishness" of Klein's work.

A Key Article from August 31, 2009
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Born in 1949, my lifespan corresponds to a massive social engineering campaign by the Satanic elite to destroy the institution of marriage and family.

baby.jpegThis has been done by separating sex from love and marriage ("sexual liberation,") and by teaching young women to seek power instead of love: i.e. sex and careers instead of marriage and family.

Why? To make us servile. 

To change human nature, the Elite first needs to destroy the four legs of human identity: family (gender), race, God (religion,) and nation.

How? They use the media to make people think self-destructive behavior is "chic" and "cool."

Who is they? [For Newbies. Illuminati bankers like the Rothschilds are the mainspring of the "Elite" and control the mass media. They belong to the Sabbatean movement, a Satanic Jewish heresy of the 17th Century which many Jews opposed. The Sabbateans went underground and infiltrated Gentile society through fake conversion and intermarriage. They took over Freemasonry and used it to control all important social institutions and political movements, including Communism, Socialism, Nazism, Liberalism and Zionism. Their headquarters is the Bank of England and the City of London.]


klein.jpgNew York liberal Jews like Norma Klein, left, probably had no idea she was advancing the Satanic Sabbatean agenda in the 1970's and 1980's when she taught teenagers to have sex. The author of 30 books, she thought she was liberating young people from the chains of religious superstition. I'll bet she didn't know that the Sabbateans are a sex cult, and premarital sex, wife swapping, pedophilia, incest and orgies are part of their dogma. Liberal Jews are unconscious of the Luciferian role they play by thumbing their nose at what is natural, healthy and decorous. 

In a memoir, "Teen Shpilkes," [anxiety] Eryn Loeb was struck, not by the soft core porn, or the vulgarity, but by the "pervasive Jewishness" of Klein's work. It focuses entirely on "secular Jews...often professors or writers, friendly progressive types who...all own The Joy of Sex  and are happy to discuss its contents with their precocious, introspective offspring... There are affairs, divorces, abortions, ardent feminists, gay characters and lots of sex --all portrayed with Klein's distinctive casualness and honesty at a time when nearly all of these things were destined to stir up controversy."

arrangements.jpgFor example,  "Domestic Arrangements" (1981) finds 14-year-old Tatiana Engelberg nonchalantly detailing her sexual awakening: "Daddy takes everything very hard which is probably why he got so hysterical when he found Joshua and me fucking in the bathroom at four in the morning."

In "Beginner's Love" (1983) 17-year-old Leda Boroff gets pregnant and considers abortion versus adoption. "There aren't very many Jewish babies...I could probably sell it for a year's tuition at Yale."

Norma Klein grew up in New York among "extremely liberal left-wing Jews." Her father was a psychoanalyst and in her home "Freud had replaced God in whom [her] father had decided early on he didn't believe."

There it is in a nutshell.  Liberal-Left Jews are going to build a heaven of their own design without God (and without considering anyone else.)

God would interfere with their ability to do whatever they like, especially regarding sex.

Liberal Jews are humanists, which means they make men like Freud their Gods and sex their holy sacrament. They are Luciferians and don't even know it.


Compare the above "Jewish" or secular position with Vic Biorseth's Catholic point of view. Biorseth writes:

VicInterviewOnPopePrancis.png"In the received wisdom of Western civilization, throughout it's two thousand year history, the primary physical purpose for sex is procreation, and the primary social and spiritual purpose for sex is the foundation of the family. It is therefore reserved for the married state, in which sex has another purpose, that being, bonding of man and wife, the formation of the social "glue" that binds parents more strongly to each other to form the solid foundation of the family unit."

I don't agree with his opposition to contraception. However, it's clear to me that a woman who consecrates herself for marriage and family is more likely to have a successful marriage than one who has had 20 lovers by the time she is 19. Free sex is the  ersatz religion of our time, one designed to undermine our social institutions and humanity.

Sex without love is body without soul. It is a rejection of our true identity i.e. soul, which is our connection to God. We are "made in God's image." Our connection to God, and our obedience to God, (i.e. what is healthy and good) is what makes us human, and protects us from evil.

When there is love, there is commitment.

It's amazing how we are obsessed with healthy food, exercise and air purity but don't care about pervasive pornography, promiscuity, mayhem and satanism in the mass media. "Man does not live by bread alone." 

Sex without love is a denial of God and our humanity. That's why Klein's book is called "It's OK If You Don't Love Me." We can still have sex.

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Comments for "Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order"

Jeffrey J said (September 6, 2018):

I just have to echo Jeremy's comment about Judy Blume and her books. Being a Gen Xer, I was the perfect age to be warped by her novels for children. They were extremely popular and mandatory reading, starting with "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing," the first in the "Fudge" franchise. They were hypnotic, sometimes funny, and unsettling. When I got a Blume set of books in grade school, it included "Are You there God? it's me, Margaret," which did a number on me and every other boy I knew who read it. We bonded over it sometimes, all the stuff about menstruation, growing breasts and other "girl stuff," but what really traumatized me was when one of the girls fathers chops his hand off in a lawn-mowing accident.

Looking back, I see what the point was to all of this; to separate us from God, to put us in an urbane, empty hive mind state, ready for the next stage of perversion. High School, here we come!

Jeremy said (September 6, 2018):

Hey,Henry-Another Jew author that was popular during my grammar school years was Judy Blume. Even as a kid I somehow knew that her books were "strange", weird even, like why am I reading about menstruation in 5th grade? Kids subconsciously want to keep their innocence.These Blume books were required reading and promoted when I was in school.

Thirty years later, I finally knew why.Thankfully, I was more into Batman and the Marvel super-heroes.While far from perfect, their simple tales of good vs evil did not try to change children's moral values, especially when it came to sex.Looking back now, Blume and her ilk was nothing more than brainwashing and Jewish Agitprop-

Z said (September 6, 2018):

Regarding your latest article "Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order"
have you considered that by sabotaging "traditional" sex roles and marriage
the liberal Jews might be doing the God's work.

Marriage is just a useful method by which men are tamed, exploited and manipulated, so it’s no surprise that the institution has been around for
thousands of years. it is the core of the gynocentric society where women and feminized men (Kings, Priests, Presidents, CEOs, etc) have become the
aristocratic class and men just the disposable sex.

Marriage nowadays is even more dangerous for men as the law system is totally biased and infidelity rampant.

Avoid marriage and modern women completely. Develop yourself spiritually and generate a decent "Fuck you" fund to be able to avoid the corporate

And finally, let them fix their own fucking toilets!
Men are on strike!

Thomas A said (September 6, 2018):

The elite has done such a good job of destroy race that at least 98 to 99 percent of the population do agree on one thing — be they liberal or conservative, progressive or libertarian, left-wing or right-wing, communist or laissez-faire capitalist, Republican or Democrat, pro-Trump or anti-Trump, pro-Clinton/Obama or anti-Clinton/Obama, globalist or nationalist, Christian or atheist, Jew or Muslim, religious or nonreligious, White or Black, or Yellow or Brown. They all agree that one form of genocide is perfectly acceptable — breed them out of existence.

RS said (September 6, 2018):

enjoyed your piece on Norma Klein. In it, you mention that you don't agree with Vic Biorseth's view of contraception (which I assume is the traditional Catholic view). I don't myself, but at the same time it's hard to get away from the fact that contraception involves some serious moral and social issues.

One problem is contraception "on demand," available to every young woman, even if unmarried and more often than not even if underage. (This is often provided by the public school system or other government agencies with the parents' knowledge and consent.) The US Supreme Court's decision on contraception in the late 60s deliberately paved the way for Roe v. Wade, and abortion is commonly used for contraceptive failure.

So contraception and abortion are closely and indissolubly linked. Also the most famous form of contraception ("the pill") can cause abortions directly, without the woman even knowing it, by making it impossible for a fertilized ovem to successfully implant. There's no way of knowing how often this takes place, but the number is surely very high.

Anon said (September 1, 2009):

am in my early forties and have resigned myself to being wifeless and childless because unless I conform I will not be allowed to progress in this corrupt society that we life in.

I have first hand experience of what masons/fraternities do and remember the maxim of another blogger..... "they cripple the bird's wing and then they condemn it for not flying as fast as them". As a result I am in a dead end job, working like a bastard in order to justify my existence. It is an office job which I despise (ex forces) where fraternities dominate and play with non members (they will analyse you and mess you up with your needs and desires for the opposite sex and advancement) using all the methods available to them.

You can't talk to the young because all they know are the current trends and their knowledge of historical fact is appalling.

I have met the high and the low from popes(coptic) to murderers and child molesters and realise that we all suffer the same condition in that all around us is a lie.

All I can do is look the bastards in the eye and make them realise that I know what is going on, being a thorn in their side for as long as my energy holds out. However they know this and just wait until your health and will is drained from you.

The truth is ambiguous to me regarding all this. Especially with regards to Christianity and why it is a real threat. I think that many Christians focus too much on "mysteries" (a Masonic/Babylonian term). They forget that the man (Jesus) basically said we don't need priests to pray for us (hence the lords prayer), we don't need sacrifices to appease, and anyone who is a money changer (usury) is a slaver.

All the other aspects you comment on are focussed around this control. They degrade us and tell us it's our fault. The miseducate us and call it truth. They destroy us and call it instant karma (remember john Lennon's song?) for simply opposing their morals.

Sex is just the obvious driving force in our enslavement and the way they preach to us that we are nothing but animals. Until enough people say no, without the need to form groups or societies (which are easily infiltrated) it will continue. The issue is not organisation but mass consciousness where people suddenly decide to say "no".

I hope it happens soon.

Joe said (September 1, 2009):

I am glad you exposed the true religion of the "Sabbaeans," or "Frankists," as being a Satanic
sex discipline based on pagan fertility cults, which in turn is ancient Luciferianism going all the way back to the age of the Antedeluvians.

The Frankists are alive and well...

In Dr. William Kennedy's book, "Lucifer's Lodge," we read that many of them are in the Catholic Church, where they are carrying out their perversions and being protected too !

More can be read about this at :

The founder of the Illuminati, Jacob Weishaupt was a Sabbatean Jew. He was also a Jewish "converso" to the Catholic religion, in
which he infiltrated the Catholic Church and became a Jesuit priest and university theologian. The Rockefeller family followed the same formula. They were "Marrano" or converso Jews, who when they came to the U.S., became very religious "Southern Baptists."
In 19th century and early 20th century Christian literature, the Rockefeller family was lauded for their Christian ethics and "principles."
Now, everyone knows that the Rockefeller family
were Jewish all along...witness their gifts and presence with buildings and edifices in their name in the nation of Israel, except that they were not faithful Jews, but apostate Jews known as Sabbateans.

It is interesting that both Bill Clinton and his vice president, Al Gore were also Southern Baptists. This Christian denomination is apparently a hotbed for not only Free Masons, but the Illuminati.
Interestingly, Gore's daughter married one of the grandsons of Rothschild agent and Federal Reserve principal, Jacob Schiff.
It will probably come out like John Kerry admitted, that Gore is
actually Jewish, along with Bill Clinton, who married Hilary who
is now is admitted during the last election campaign, that she may be Jewish too.

So many secret Sabbatean Jews, so little discernment on the part of the public.

In regard to the focus of your article, I would like to quote what
C.S. Lewis said about sex outside of marriage:

"The monstrosity of sexual intercourse outside marriage is that those who indulge in it are trying to isolate one kind of union (sexual) from all the other kinds of union that were intended to
go along with it to make up the total union, called marriage."

Laura said (August 31, 2009):

Comment on last article, got to agree with the comments..however, one other thing that drives young people to immorality , is when they see and read about politicians having affairs (Edwards, Gov of S.C., JFK, Ted K and many others over the years,) plus pastors, priests and other public officials committing immoral acts; rampant divorce, desertions among family, friends. The four legs mentioned have been gone for decades.. Maybe if we had real churches, political leaders, with those in leadership standing up for family values (few do now days) instead of gay marriage and other anti family agendas constantly being promoted, the younger people would have real examples...but that is not reality and never will be.

Richard said (August 31, 2009):

I believe your acceptance of contraception is a grave mistake .Until 1930 all Christion denominations forbade it as a morally reprehensible sin .The Anglicans were the first to "permit" it in some esoteric cases . From there it snowballed to infect every aspect of our sexual degeneracy .God places much more import on the male seed than we do . There in lies the problem .Every conceivable sexual problem that we deal with everyday starts with contraception .Until the people of God repent of this egregious moral compromise , we will never recover from the abasements of abortion , homosexual militancy , divorce , std's , fornication , adultery , etc.

Dan said (August 31, 2009):

The engineered decline of human nature ...was well on the go during my grandparent's lives. The first half of the 20th century in America the engineers focused upon 'domestic liberation' as wedge between wives and husbands, the second half focused focused on 'sexual liberation'. And by the 90's the focus has born down on full dehumanization.

My grandmother's generation were told they could have their own money to buy things strictly for themselves. My grandfather privately told me his side of the story and my grandmother told me hers. Movies had a big impact on her life goals during her teens. She saw glamorous women in movies and wanted to be like them. The emphasis in those days was materialism. But there wasn't any sexual temptations in that. They promoted 'self-improvement'. She grew up a rural farm girl and the new aspirations were to pursue some higher education, shedding colloquial accents and grammar to become 'cosmopolitan', and millions of girls left the agrarian culture for the cities during the 1920's. It seems innocent now. Nobody remembers the scale of the unprecedented social phenomenon of millions of naive young women putting aside marriage plans to pursue movie inspired dreams in the big cities, trying to be 'on my own'. Most of them weren't actually wanting to be career women, they thought they'd land 'better' husbands through 'self-improvement' to become more sophisticated.

Besides these notions being promoted in mandatory public schools and movies, there were other factors to push them to the cities. World War One cut that generation's ratio of marriage age men to women a bit too. Spanish Flu had some impact, killing off elder family members who were so crucial to guiding youth in a stable society. The stories have gone down the memory hole of millions of naive girls struggling in the cities, prey to both pimps and exploitive employers. Prohibition had the opposite effect of it's supposed intention. Rather than eliminate drunkedness, the black market speakeasies were glamorized - again in movies. Forgotten now is that the speakeasies, being in the business of selling an illegal substance and run by criminals also exposed the 'rubes' to cocaine, pot, and heroin.

Meanwhile the World War One generation of young farm boys had experienced 'might makes right' violence in an all-male culture as well as prostitutes. Only a generation earlier all these kids would have married in their hometowns and started families without these toxic influences.

That generation didn't know the names behind much of the influences that re-directed their lives to another course. Now that they're all gone and the effects swept under the rug the books have been opened on what was being done behind the scenes of 'manufacturing consent'.

We now know one of the greatest influences was Sigmund Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, born a Belgian national immigrated to New York City with his wealthy family in his early teens. Bernays waited till his hundredth birthday to come out from 'behind the curtain' to enjoy fame and accolades as the 'father of Public Relations'. Highlights of Bernays' resume include getting Woodrow Wilson re-elected with the slogan, "He kept us out of War!" in 1916, whereupon Wilson declared war on Germany on schedule. ...

The social engineering impacts up through the 1950's hadn't split up families yet, they just made them miserable for millions of marriages in which constant arguments became a 'normal' feature of married and family life.

In order for the phase of sexual depravity and dehumanization necessary to promote full scale infantcide and elderly euthanasia as routine, they had to masculinize women and emasculate men with Marx's dialectical materialist definition of 'equality', turning women into competitors with men rather than necessary 'other half'.

Guill from Brazil said (August 31, 2009):

In this article, you show clearly the concept and purpose of marriage like most "catholics" or "christians" absurdly cannot understand any more !!!

This is due to collective apostasy, relativism, and half-truths propagated by this evil agenda. Latin America is probably the most clear example of what a conspiracy against Christianity and TV brainwashing agenda can do. Latin America, as the name says, was supposed to be latin, catholic, Iberic, spanish, portuguese america, but is becoming a pagan, indigenous, masonic, or comunist america where indigenous "minorities" are allowed to practice evil religions and cultural practices involving even child murder (eugenics) in a clear movement of anti-christian missionary practices !

After 200 years of revolutionary "liberation" movements, almost all traces of Catholicism, monarquies, dignity were erased. Brazil, for instance, was mainly a catholic country until de 1960's, it was the largest catholic country in the world. In just two-three generations the drug traffic, the proliferation of "christian churches" (actually money laundry mafia business), pedophilia, abortion, rape, young pregnancy, child prostitution, increase in divorce rates, violence, corruption, impunity, and promiscuity disseminated by TV with very bad taste programs, have destroyed their christian culture.

It´s amazing but media and political power in Brazil is mostly dominated by anti-Christian agents, being zionists or atheists, and this is at least very strange in a catholic country ! The "Gay parade" is one of the largest and most powerful in the world, the creation and aproval of abortion liberation, divorce, women violence and "homofobia" laws are in full pace.

For sure Latin America is where destruction and change is happening at the most alarming rates, where also people's mentality is becoming very socialist and politically correct and any mention to tradition, religion and morals are viewed as radical nazism.

It is written in the Holy Bible that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. What we are seeing and harvesting are the fruits of the "revolution" imposed by these lunatics.

Doug said (August 31, 2009):

Totally enjoy your articles and a big fan of yours. I am a born again Christian and went into masonry for the innocent reason of being part of a group when I was a young man out of the Army back in North Carolina. Over the years going from blue lodge to 32nd degree Scottish rite, 9th degree york rite and shriner I realized that this was wrong and I was bowing to satan. I ask the Lord to forgive me and I renounced masonry in 2006.

As a divorced dad of 13 years I have been blessed to read your articles and others like you. Here is my comment to the guy who wrote in your article. Thank you again for your articles!

[This letter has been removed at request of author -hm]

[quote]Do you mean Christianity, the religion that has been used by European kings to launch bloodbaths in the Middle East that took the lives of thousands of crusaders and innocents who thought they were doing God's work?[/quote]

This comment is sad and shows that people think of God as a religion instead of having a personal relationship with Him! Just like can be married and do bad things but when one looks at marriage as a relationship/a partnership than each partner works on getting to know the other more because of love and caring for each other.

Mattias said (August 31, 2009):

Great easy-to-read article! Thanks.

I don't claim to know the overall lifestyle of secular Jews (which is a contradictory term in itself) but I have found through research that modern Jews own and run a disproportionate segment of the pornography industry. In addition, whenever I see a disturbing and perverted Hollywood movie (a rare event for me as I don't own a TV), I always look in the end credits to see if there are typical Jewish names. And, lo and behold, it's not an exception - it's a rule.

Looking at the way men and women behave sexually behind closed doors (and sometimes openly these days) it's evident to me that the whole of society is dysfunctional at the core. And it starts with domestic quarrels (mainly due to girlfriends and wives who won't submit, other than in the sexual area when their perverted lusts surface and they like to be dominated to the point of humiliation), with music videos, celebrities and internet porn. I have met a host of girls who have seen porn for the first time at ages ranging from 8 to 13. And it has definitely impacted how they view sex, how they consider it a pastime without consequences. Their bodies belong to the public, to any random horny guy.

One young single mother that I met on a "hook-up" site, when I was in a pit of despair last year, has opened my eyes to the ills of society that's going on behind the up-beat surface. This woman told me that she had never been on a date in her life, never been courted or taken out to dinner. But she gets used (i.e. provide service to men) so she's not unhappy about that fact. She is 27. Her home is a mess of garbage bags, broken faucets and a stinky kitchen. She used vulgar language in front of her daughter. I am a Swede and as perplexed as I am by the Swedish girls, it doesn't come close to how shocked I am by some American girls I have talked to; how natural promiscuity is to them. When you point out their error they say "you can't judge me" and blow a fuse. Many young women see nothing wrong with being whores, and many men dont see anything wrong with being whoremongers. They're just animals, right? Why should they control their instincts?

Times are tough for young men like myself, who seek a monogamous and faithful togetherness and want to keep our future children away from popular media. It's not like I want a frigid woman, but a loyal and naturally submissive streak to her character would help.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at