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Did Lady Gaga Have Rival Murdered?

September 12, 2010

Left, Gaga (or Lina Morgana?) thrown off balcony in Gaga video Paparazzi

Anyone versed in the satanic rituals of the music industry knows that super-stardom is reserved for those who murder or take part in the murder of a lover, parent, or sibling.

by Richard Evans


Lina Morgana collaborated with Stephani Germanotta [Lady Gaga] during 2007 until falling ten stories to her death in New York October 6, 2008 at age 19. 

This wasn't a secret, though the media is broadcasting it now since the girl's Russian immigrant mother has come out saying, "Lady Gaga is holding Lina's soul, and I want her soul to be free."
Anyone versed in the satanic rituals of the music industry knows that super-stardom is reserved for those who take part in the murder of a lover, parent, or sibling.
Lina 'Morgana' (a witch name) was on the verge of her own music career taking off.  Lots of images and her music is available on youtube, so her mother's claim that Gaga took her blond look, makeup, stage act, and several songs when she was still just Stephani Germanotta holds up.

Lina's professionally shot portfolio shows she was corrupt as hell anyway. It was just a case of which witch would be Satan's favorite.   Her association with Gaga was during Stephani's 'experimental' phase -- lots of orgies and drugs.  Stephani became Gaga and her career took off one month after Morgana's death.

(Morgana, left)

When I compared Morgana's recording "Wonderland" with Gaga's "Wunderland" the rip off is obvious.

Lina Morgana


This was a ritual sacrifice to make a superstar.  That's not new - it's been standard in Hollywood since the days of Fatty Arbuckle and Rudolf Valentino. The difference here is the flaunting of it.  They've been schooling the public for decades that they're Satanists, and their job is getting the stupid fans to imitate and emulate their beliefs and behavior.


Part Two:

Morgana took the plunge on Oct 4 (some articles say 6) which is between Autumnal Equinox and Samhain, in the month of Beltane.
Stefani embarked on her first tour as Lady Gaga October 9, 2008.

In the opening of the Paparazzi video, she is picked up by a man and thrown off a balcony, falls with a spiral spinning background 'derivative' of Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, and goes 'splat' on the concrete below.
This video also features many shots of dead models, and the finale is when she gives the man poison champagne, calls 911 and says, "I killed my boyfriend" , smiling.

This is a magnum opus of the music industry. I think they may be about to close down shop on the age of entertainment.  My hunch is that we're going to see the time Frank Zappa predicted:

"The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way, and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theatre."

Not yet.  Gaga is still planning her necrophiliac tour next year with the real corpses on stage...
after that, predictions are a 'gray area'.  And that would be the big 2012 year they've been jerking everybody off about.  I've heard it said somewhere that Obama is 'the last President'.  Gaga may be the last American Idol.

They're pulling the plug on everything, striking the circus tents, and wrapping up the world as we knew it.

Part Three:

Bottom line is the Whore of Babylon role in our society serves to shapeshift behavior and life goals of children from toddler through teens.  Having achieved their goal of scrambling social norms to the point where girls are turning to women at an early age, the Babylon is shapeshifting from the Temple prostitute of Ishtar archtype (Madonna) into Lilith (Gaga).

Death is all around Gaga and it's going to get much worse.  Just wait till 2011's tour with the Faces of Death.. uh......I mean Body Worlds live show of real corpses (the bodies are Chinese political prisoners and slave laborers obtained from the Chinese government).

The lyrics of the song Lina performs in the video is contested.  Gaga's lawyers and the Illuminati media say she wrote Lina's songs and let her sing them to make demo videos,.  Lina's mother claims Lina wrote them and Gaga stripped LIna's lyrics and stage persona like flock of vultures.
As for the authorship of the lyrics of that song, Lina's mother claims Gaga and her then-music trainer/handler.

Katy Perry, another pop star, provoked Gaga's fans by saying,"Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke."
All this is fun but here's the simple deal.  Babylon is raising the bar on moral decline and reverse ethics.  She will do high profile horrors that would get anybody else in prison, but she'll magically be rewarded by media and courts.  People like Perry will issue sound bytes of protest at her breaking taboos, and instead of coming to their senses her fans will rabidly defend and rationalize her behavior and actions.
A Polish psychology researcher who survived the Soviet occupation of Poland under the Nazis and Russians termed the process 'ponerization'.  Psychopaths are put on top which becomes the role model for the rest of the society from the top down. 

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Did Lady Gaga Have Rival Murdered? "

T said (September 13, 2010):

But I don't agree with the statement that girls are "turning to women at an early age" (unless he's talking about lesbianism). Girls are turning to sex at an earlier age, that much is true - at least they don't say "no" anymore - but they are remaining mental and emotional children longer and longer. In the U.S. anyway, where it's not just daddy who thinks of them as little princesses, it's also the government, especially government schools, which are the main cause of both the early sex and the late mental and emotional maturity. I work at a "middle" school, puberty age - 11 to 13 mainly - and it is accepted by the idiots who run the place that it's only normal for the girls to daily trash their bathrooms. The boys seldom do. Very many American girls today of any age over 8 or so think it is great fun to cause other people - any other people - whatever grief they can think up. They are totally self-centered, unbelievably selfish, crass, arrogant, spoiled in every possible way, demanding of anything which enters their minds or is the latest fad, discourteous to the point of being mindlessly rude, etc. Many of them also have no compunction whatsoever about falsely accusing anyone they "have it in for" of molesting them, not caring that it usually means ruining not only the lives of those they accuse but the lives of their families. Too many of them display almost no honest feminine traits. All this is now treated as "norm" in the schools. When it is mentioned to the school authorities or teachers they always blame the parents. As though the parents allow their kids to us the floors of their homes as trash cans or worse. Or to write dirty and/or spiteful words on the walls, etc. When you point out to the school authorities that the parents are practically all products of government schools, they leave your presence in one hell of a hurry without another word.

At any rate, these girls are in no way acting like grown women. Many of them don't even after they ARE grown women.

Ron said (September 13, 2010):

Permeating the video is the kind of obscene decadence that we've come to expect as standard fare for today's youth -- no surprise there. However, there is one thing that particularly struck me in the opening shot of the video: the opening scene shows not only chemtrails streaking diagonally from the top left of the image, but also what researchers instantly recognize as a "chembow", leaving no doubt that the atmospheric phenomena pictured are not clouds, but are chemtrails. The third shot of the video also shows chemtrails streaking over the villa. A trained eye can instantly discern that they are not clouds, just as an educated observer could easily refute the pretext that the chembow in the opening shot is a sundog.

Every frame of the creepy video was planned. The subject of each and every scene was carefully planned. The chemtrail photography is no accident. It's in the video for a reason.

Why? I don't know.

I've often thought that the purveyors of today's mind-numbing imagery place chemtrails into their scenes so that viewers become accustomed to seeing them, and unless viewers were healthily curious (which most are not), they would not look at or think twice about the real deal staining the skies over their heads.

But in this video, the message or intent seems focused and direct. The chemtrails and the chemdog appear in the opening scene emblematically, like a signature or trademark. It is in-your-face, like someone flipping the birdie. Ironically, most people wouldn't even recognize what is being shown to them. To most, the deliberate "insult" is invisible, non-existent. I don't know what to make of it. Perhaps some of your readers could weigh in.

James said (September 13, 2010):

Read your article on Lady Gaga and the mysterious death of Lina Morgana and have dug around google to find more about her. I've also learned that Wikipedia has since removed everything about her. Very strange.

Please continue to pursue this story.

Read alot of your work. Excellent.

Charles said (September 13, 2010):

Not a bad article, interesting to know about the necrophilia tour. We recently
had at the San Jose museum of Tech some corposes on display--an anatomy show. I
wonder if this is the same set of dead Gaga is hiring?
Not having to pay union rate must be great for the star. Funny you invoke
Zappa-I have read two different writers discuss the music scene out of LA at
that time and Zappa came off as a control freak and monster. Not to mention,
but I will mention, not only the military industrial complex children who
comprised the rock scene but the actually existing Satanism of Laural Canyon.
Alex Constantine and Dave McGowan have both covered this story.

Lately though I have been thinking that psychopathology works from the bottom of
the pyramid up too. The Beggar's Opera comes to mind. Of course actually
existing Communism cultivated psychopathology from the bottom up. And I am
tending to think the very nature of the State system does as well. The State is
a reaction formation that promotes psychopathology. It is a short step from the
Heavenly City to Dis. The Holy Inquisition is the mediator.

Nena said (September 13, 2010):

I just can't believe grown adults get their weave all messed up about hidden messages and other perceived embedded innuendo. This is entertainment and if anyone thinks that Gaga's songs are reason for fear they should wrap their heads in tin foil. But I do worry about the sanity of anyone who thinks the wealthy are part of a satanic group and that on balmy summer evenings they get naked, hold hands , chant and make human sacrifices. The poor will always attach a stigma to those that have more and the rich will always look down at the poor as being a lazy, self serving bunch of idiots who want a free lunch. Here are the basic facts:

We all live on one planet (for now)
Not all humans are created equal
Organized religion is full of shit
Political discussions never lead to anything
Humans are overly sexual and violent by nature
Population growth is cause for longterm concern
Even if we were all of one race and genetic background intolerance would still exist
We all look to our poorly elected leaders to make things work and they never do and never will
The entire way of life on this stupid planet needs an overhaul but those who would benefit from that possibility are way too concerned with earning their daily bread to roll up their sleeves to do anything about it.

And because of this BS we like to read and visit sites that tell us that someone is withholding a secret from us and that 2012 will arrive and we will all implode. The belief in external non proven data makes are sad miserable lives more durable.

However if there was one thing that has been withheld from humanity that should concern it most is that we have been wrongly taught that death is the end of the human journey. It is not satanic rituals that are keeping us in bondage but the invisible shackles that we wear during our life. If you want to set your peers free you should dig your heels into that and leave Gaga alone.

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Ralph said (September 12, 2010):

It reminds me of what Roger Morneau said about Loretta Lynn:

Loretta Lynn owes her career, and was made successful by her "dear friend" who died at 18 years of age. And then, the spirit of her "dead friend" supposedly sings through Loretta and helps her. Now we have Lady Gaga, but as Stephani Germanotta she was unsuccessful until the moment her friend Lina dies/was murdered at age 19. The mother of Lina says that Gaga stole the looks and image of her daughter. Is the spirit of the "dead friend" helping Gaga as well, hence the image and look of Lady Gaga?

By the way, a couple of months ago i saw this Q&A magazine screenshot (magazine for young girls, age 12-15), and this girl asked "Sometimes when i see a Lady Gaga video, some minutes after i get these panic attacks, and i don't know why... Can you help me?" That about says it all right?

Ashley said (September 12, 2010):

Reply from Ashley:

I have been fascinated by Lady Gaga for a while now, and I've been fascinated by the fact that I know adults in their thirties who are happily allowing their children to listen to the filth she spews. I know a woman who brags that her two-year-old daughter is so cool and has such great taste because she's already getting into Gaga at such a young age. To me this is disgusting and a symptom of society's fatal disease.

I can't help but notice how every Gaga video I've seen seems pretty sinister. There have been many controversial and destructive pop stars (like Madonna), but there is something more to this Lady Gaga. Her music is extremely catchy but of a higher quality than most other run-of-the-mill pop music. She is the ultimate mind control device. Her videos are filled with occult images and messages that most people don't understand. They think it's different and makes her unique. All I know is that if I had children, they wouldn't get their eyes or ears anywhere near a Gaga album or video.

The two songs mentioned by the author of the article on Lina Morgana are actually the exact same recording. Evidently the song was written by Gaga and she provided backup vocals, but the song was performed by Lina Morgana. This is another example of a very dark Gaga song. Even some of the kids commenting on the videos made that observation. "It's so creepy!"

I think if you want to read into any of Gaga's work, regarding this Lina Morgana case, then you need to see the full video for "Paparazzi," one of her biggest hits. The video begins with a clip of Lady Gaga being thrown from a building by a man. She later comes back to hunt down the man who wronged her. We are then see images of a darker haired woman, who eerily resembles Morgana, lying in a pool of blood with a mangled body; and we're even shown one shot of her hanging from a banister. As we know, Lina Morgana died from either falling or jumping from a building in New York City. The imagery is too much to ignore. At the end of the video, a snide Gaga gets away with murder, giggling and smirking all the way to the bank. You could almost believe that this was a message to the world that she killed her way to the top and never had to look back. She laughs in the face of the media and the law. Of course, the video is also filled with shots of Gaga's orgy with several effeminate men on a couch.

I think Gaga has come to fame at the right time in this world. We've been conditioned to accept everything that she pushes, and they're ready to begin the final attack on us. This is no "innocent pop music" like the oversexed teen dreck that Britney Spears gave us. Gaga represents the wave of the future and the true goals of the entertainment industry: to destroy the innocence of every child, to make every teenager embrace sex with anything that moves regardless of sex, to make "homophobia" seem evil and passé, and to encourage human beings to abandon their minds and their spirituality as to think only with their sexual organs.

As Lady Gaga herself sang: "I'll follow you until you love me." I believe we will continue to be inundated with her and her ilk until we become drones who embrace all that these "artists" represent; or, we'll reject them, fight them, and destroy them.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at