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The Awakening of the Average American

June 7, 2012

Ralph, a member of the Harvard Business School Class of 1962 looks back over 50 years in an email to a fellow classmate, on the eve of their class reunion.

"Frankly, I believe the government has become the enemy of the people and it is developing total control that Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin would have envied."

Dear Dan,

It certainly has been a long time since our graduate school brainwashing.

Boy, were we naive!! I still remember Jim mesmerizing the class when we received the study explaining the Federal Reserve.

As a nephew of Willis Robertson, head of the Senate Banking Committee, he knew what he was talking about when he predicted the FED would destroy the USA and turn it into a fascist country.

Who would believe what the criminal government of the corporation known as the United States has done. False flag terrorism; start wars using incidents that were totally fabricated; control and activate death squads and assassinations around the world; promote the drug trade as they have done in Afghanistan after the Taliban almost eradicated it; pass laws that are totally against the Bill of Rights; blow up the Oklahoma City Federal Building and the World Trade Center to further their agenda; and completely infiltrate censor and control the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, the giant corporations and the large banks write the laws and run the alphabet soup agencies CIA, FBI FDA, FCC, NSA, NASA, FTC, EPA, etc to further corporate control. Frankly, I believe the government has become the enemy of the people and it is developing total control that Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin would have envied.

While we had Sinatra in the 60's and independent record labels, now the giant corporations control the music as psywar against the minds of the young people all over the world.

At least leaders like Vladimir Putin are promoting the morality of the Christian Orthodox Church, confiscating the assets that were stolen by Harvard's Jeffrey Sachs and his Mafia, stopping the homo and lesbian agenda under the guise of "gay rights" that will ultimately legitimize pedophilia; opposing the potential wars that are being promoted by the Western Central Banks, and paying women to have children to stop the population control aims of the Western "democracies".

Russia now has a respected currency that no longer requires three 747's a week filled with hundred dollar bills, as New York Magazine reported in 1996, to maintain the country and buy up all their valuable natural resources with rolls of toilet paper.

I was just as brainwashed as the rest of the class during the early sixties. It took 20 years to start my real education by having the time to put things together.

I am concerned for the future of my children in a country that promotes lies, disinformation, and mind control techniques.

When Eisenhower warned of the military - industrial complex, people forget he warned of a greater danger in the same speech; "we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite."

Whole industries are now based on complete scientific lies. Drug and Health laws are based on man presumed to be the equivalent of an animal using the phrase "man and other animals" as the basis of these laws.

A survey of 35,000 Amish people who do not vaccinate produced 3 cases of autism with 2 of the victims having been vaccinated, while a similar vaccinated group had 200 autism victims. Case closed!!! 

In the early nineties, I spent almost an hour arguing with Max Essex, head of the Harvard AIDS Institute, how HIV was a fraud. When he could not answer the bulk of my questions, he started calling me a "Conspiracy Theorist" rather than address the issue.

When he himself started to waver on HIV later, the "scientific - technological elite" came down on him with both barrels and like a good boy, he reverted back to his earlier stance. 

History is distorted, covered up or eliminated: technologies are kept hidden and used for misdirection or acts of terror: legal governments are subverted using NGO's as weapons to create dissent and take control of that country's assets as in Iraq and Libya recently and currently in Syria.

John Perkin's excellent book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" details many of  these practices. And the banks and Wall Street Investment Houses that we respected have turned out to be worse than Mafia Families.

I'll finish my rant and hope you and your family are well.

I currently distribute an incredible pain and healing machine using Russian technology called scenar energy that assumes the body is an electrical creation where the cells communicate at certain frequencies and can be healed with certain type of electro-magnetic energy.

It appears to get rid of diabetes, arthritis and many other conditions but the criminal FDA will not allow any claims and Medicare and the insurance companies will not reimburse for any of its uses. Giant Pharma and its tentacles control the information, while they poison the general population with their products and practices.

Well, I hope you have a good trip in September. I am really interested how it turns out for you.


First Comment from Irish Dan:

I read Ralph's article with much interest; in as much as someone from Ralph's background can be considered the 'Officer Class' of Right Wing politics, then my experience and credentials for the Left Wing Revolutionary politics are equally valid.  We on the Left have also have experienced the same bullshit and sell out.

I was born in 1949 : my formative activist experiences were in the late sixties, so I am in the same general age group as Ralph and my time in the Left is a mirror image of his on the Right. Most 'Left' would regard Ralph as having little valid to say that is worth listening to, yet the reality is that the decent people we are concerned about in our respective socioeconomic groups are both the victim of, and exploited by, the very same controlling forces who are the 'hidden hand' . These forces are also the prime and ultimate movers and shapers of society.

The Old Political paradigms  of the 20th Century are no longer valid for the 21th,  the unionized, organized  'Left' have proven totally inadequate to protect basic society rights and when in actual political power as with  'The Blair Era' in British politics, the ' Progressive Left'  Blair acted in complete concert with the  Bush 'Reactionary Right'  to further destabilize International Politics and  facilitate the rape of Third World resources..  The organized  'Left' have proved incapable of protecting basic Workers rights and conditions while the 'Right' is so much in thrall to the vested interests they serve that they are paralyzed in the face of monumental, obvious Corporate or State incompetence and corruption.

I am currently ill and  awaiting a serious cancer operation but never the less I pounded the pavements and knocked on over 1,000 doors in the recent Irish Referendum to plead with voters to oppose IMF imposed austerity. There are certain universal norms without which we cannot really live and without which society itself cannot function. We are now at the point where the corrosion and deliberate erosion of these norms are producing a rootless, centerless, valueless populace which is the object of the NWO. Until this is appreciated and opposed all other 'political action' ranging from the Revolutionary Left, The Christian / Moderate etc Centre and the Tea Party Right is but rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic and is in fact a distraction from what should be the main focus.

This of course is the real intent behind all such NWO political motivations and manipulations!


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Comments for "The Awakening of the Average American"

Steve said (June 14, 2012):

A very good summary.

Interesting that he mentions the Scenar device.
The war against electromedicine being conducted by the FDA
against safe and effective devices that are freely available in other
countries is driven by the Pharmafia.
I previously made a living designing these technologies.

I'm leaving.

RICH said (June 9, 2012):

Everything is right on with this article. Most people in colleges and schools today have NO idea how they're being so brainwashed by the either incorrect, deleted or flat out wrong information that your taxes or tuition is being used to deceive your kids with.

Books such as "Pawns in the Game", "The Synagogue of Satan", "The Creature from Jekyll Island",
"None Dare Call it a Conspiracy" which is said to be one of the books that woke up Alex Jones and which you can download for free here ( all detail various aspects of this.

Rick said (June 8, 2012):

This letter has so much impact ( ) - if there was one document I would show, it would be this letter. someone who believes that " things aren't really that bad" and takes the MSM news for gospel.

It's encouraging to know that others like this man are out there watching. Also the line about the autism/ inoculations is brilliant!

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