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Lou Dobbs Quits Cabala News Network

November 18, 2009

dobbs.jpgby Henry Makow Ph.D.

I was surprised
that illuminati-owned CNN allowed Lou Dobbs to oppose illegal immigration. The Illuminati agenda is to make Americans a minority in their own country, better to fold it into a world government.

I just assumed they let Dobbs champion US interests in exchange for keeping quiet about 9-11. Well the mystery is over. Dobbs is gone. Doing too good a job. Annoyed illegal immigrants. Annoyed his Illuminati Jewish boss, Jon Klein.

Didn't help that Dobbs thinks the issue of Obama's birthplace is relevant.

Jon Klein paid Lou Dobbs $8 million to leave. That's what happens in the mainstream media when a journalist strays from the script.

Dobbs championed the American middle class. He fought outsourcing and corporate tax evasion. He tried to save US jobs for US workers. Dobbs  also aired stories regarding a shift away from national sovereignty toward a North American Union. He also regularly mentioned the new world order, martial law and the erosion of Posse Comitatus.

For Jon Klein, this was "expressing an opinion."  You aren't supposed to be "opinionated" when your views clash with the agenda. Klein is trying to "position" CNN as a "fact-based" news source.

"We've been talking since the beginning of the year, Lou and I, about the overall positioning of the network and the need for him to remove opinion from his show," Klein said. "He understood that strategy, respected it, and he embraced it."

Hardly. Here's an example of the "facts" presented by the Cabala News Network.

On Monday Cabala Jews Wolf Blitzer and Barbara Starr were in a frenzy about Iran hiding nuclear facilities deep in mountains. But not to worry, the US is developing a 30,000 pound bomb that can rip mountains to pieces. It will be ready in Dec. 2010--two years ahead of schedule.

STARR: At 30,000 pounds, the MOP, some experts say, will be able to penetrate 650 feet of concrete, a significant boost over current bunker-busting bombs like the 2,000-pound BLU-109, which can penetrate just six feet of concrete, and the 5,000-pound GBU-28 which can go through about 20 feet of concrete.

BLITZER (wiping the blood from his lips): It's a huge, huge bomb, Barbara. Thanks very much for that

There you have it, It's OK for Cabala Jews to beat the drum and prepare Americans for senseless war against Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. That's not "opinion." That's good for Israel. But let a goy like Lou Dobbs defend the interests of Americans --- well, that's "opinion."

tribal-tattoo-eye-of-horus.jpg(left, Eye of Horus)

Is this a setback for free speech? Not at all. Gary Shapiro, another Cabalist Jew, is a  Defender of Free Speech:

"I believe free speech includes the right to be heard, but not everyone has a right to his or her own television show. Lou Dobbs exploited his position as a news anchor with his own nightly show and used it as a platform to advance his xenophobic and anti-business agenda. Now that he has lost that platform, he can pitch an op-ed as readily as anyone else can - and indeed his opinions belong somewhere other than on a serious news network.

Now that CNN has finally acted to get anti-immigrant, racist and protectionist xenophobe Lou Dobbs out of our airports and off its airwaves, this once well-regarded news outlet has an opportunity to reclaim its mantle."

time-warner-logo.gif(Left, Time Warner logo, Eye of Horus)

Shapiro's real message: free speech is good as long as it isn't heard. 

Note how these "Liberals" have no real respect for the truth, or for honest debate. They automatically smear their opponents and deny their humanity. Dobbs was only against illegal immigration but Shapiro calls him "anti-immigrant," "racist" and "xenophobe." Dobbs' wife was born in Mexico.

The Illuminati will never allow a fair debate or the "facts" to be known. They are all about controlling our minds by controlling information.  Let's boycott the Cabalist News Network and its sponsors; and support Lou Dobbs' radio show. 

Anti-Semitism is caused because so many Jews act as agents for the Illuminati banking cartel and their plan for world government tyranny. Liberals, Neo Cons, Masons, Feminists, Socialists are also instruments.

If conditions continue to deteriorate, and Jews like Wolf Blitzer and Jon Klein continue to dominate, anti-Semitism inevitably will increase.

As someone who is regularly the butt of anti-Semitism on the Internet, naturally I am concerned. Illuminati Jews (Zionists, organized Jewry) put all Jews in jeopardy.  

John King to replace Dobbs

Comments for "Lou Dobbs Quits Cabala News Network"

Laura said (November 19, 2009):

On turning 60: I'm 64 and have lost all hope in America. I'm well informed and see that we are sliding down into socialism and loss of freedom. We must be thankful we are not in our 40's or younger..they have no future. Everyone watch the free video:The fall of the republic movie....just google it in and add the word movie after the title.


Kevin said (November 19, 2009):

I enjoyed your article. I am someone that in the past has employed illegal aliens. I got to know them, and their families. I cannot say i dislike them them on a personal level.

However, I have not came across even one that was NOT doing something either illegal, or immoral in my opinion, and sooner or later they will lead to the downfall of the USA. I have found that many people who would call me "racist" for my stance on illegal immigration have NEVER even interacted with one.

Here are some differences I find between the media portrayl, and the reality I saw.

1. "They are living in the shadows".. In reality they stand on every corner waiting to be picked up for work. They go to the emrgency room for everything from a headache, to a splinter, to child birth. I have not been to the doctor in over 15 years. I am more" in the shadows"..

2. "They are here for a better life" In reality they come here to live as cheap as possible, and send their money back home and capitalize on currency exchange. Several i have known are in their mid 20's yet own homes, businesses, farms, etc in their native land.

3. They are "family oriented".. Once again, many I have known have a wife and kids in Mexico, and another family here. They also have a girlfriend or 2 on the side, and often times kids with them.

4. "They are law abiding"..Several I have known sell drugs, do not pay taxes, drink and drive, etc. many have also bragged about how their brother or uncle have killed someone etc.

I could go on and on. My main point is how infuriating it is to be called "racist" when you are not at all in this case, and are simply trying to relate facts as you see them, and correlate them to what you feel will happen, especially when you are talking to someone whom has never even interacted with an illegal.

Ezy said (November 19, 2009):

Hi Henry, the 30,000lb bomb is another name for the miniHbombs used on the WTC, Bali, Okla City and others, leaving huge craters in the ground. It is reported that the WTC had 35-50ft deep and 300ft wide craters holding molten steel for weeks. The Cabalists want to continue the deception denying truth to the World

Hugh said (November 19, 2009):

It is interesting to note that Lou's home was shot at not long ago by some random sniper or whatever. Is it any wonder why the man is
now leaving the main stream media he has been apart of for almost 30 years shortly after that incident? If he got $8 million to leave early on his contract then he better take that as a sign of
"warning" (along with the gun shots to his house) that he should not continue to rock the illuminati boat. The 8 million dollars was
a pay off to shut up. When was the last time your heard about a main stream media icon getting out of their contract early with such a grand payoff?

Anyone with eyes and ears can tell that Lou Dobbs is just waiting to burst forth with info once he gets free of the shackles he's been bound by for all these years, and which he only realized
himself in the past 8 years (just after 911 if I'm not mistaken). I hope he gets the chance to enlighten a few of his (former) regular
listeners about what he REALLY THINKS before they come for him, or he dies of a sudden heart attack. If he actually does go into
politics you will know right away that he's scared and afraid...and being told what to do. You'll know he has become a puppet the
minute he runs for election somewhere.

Come on LOU... we still think you have some balls. Don't become a puppet and disappoint all of us.

Dan said (November 19, 2009):

Remember Faye Dunnaway's line in the movie Network (1976), where she argues with Network chief Frank Hacket (Robert Duvall) to keep Howard Beal ('madman of the airwaves') on because he's "articulating the public rage". ?

Son of Carter Administration Voice of America director Peter Straus, Eric Straus told me in 1977 that Network is how it really works.

Dobbs isn't wacko like Howard Beale, but the Network (in Illuminati parlance) always have a spot for guys like Dobbs, Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh to fill that role of "articulating the public rage".

It turns out that little to our knowledge the Beatles, Rolling Stones and others didn't write those songs. A German of the Frankfurt School born September 11th 1903 named Theodor Ludwig Adorno did. Americans never knew this and still don't.

Adorno said in a German interview (w/subtitles) years ago that the combining of political protest against the Viet Nam war with pop rock music trivialized the protest because that context makes war and atrocities just another consumer item. War, serial killers, economic crashes become processed in the minds of the media consumer with cartoons, sitcoms, beer and McDonalds. This is shown in a montage at the close of the '76 movie Network too.

I believe Dobbs leaving the Network at this time is essentially the same thing as when I look up Windows 2000 on Microsoft's support website and get a page that says, "Microsoft no longer supports Windows 2000". It means like it or not, the demographic of public who's rage Dobbs articulated (baby boomers) has reached their 'expiration date' as far as the Networks are concerned. It means they no longer consider us enough of a threat to bother to give us a representative in the simulacrum of television 'reality' .

It's all on that shill Beck's shoulders now, notice he's a bit younger than Dodd. I suppose he articulates the rage of those born 1960-1970.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at