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Louis Freeh Report is a Cover-Up

July 23, 2012

Freeh's 267-page report is designed to divert attention from a pervasive Masonic culture of  pedophilia. Confident of its power, the Illuminati have no intention of mending their ways. They have replaced offenders with accomplices.  

by Tom McGann

Louis Freeh's  267-page Report is sheer fluff, full of repetition and redundancies.  Its intent is to ignore the obvious fact that Sandusky is not the only homosexual pedophile involved in the scandal.  It is a ruse--a red herring to keep us foxes, so to speak, off the scent of the insatiable sexual perverts who lurk here and there in the dark shadows of Happy Valley, Harrisburg, and beyond. 

What it does not say, however, says much.
Mainly, it fails to say that there is a conspiracy of silence that has been going on for a long, long time, likely beginning when Jerry first started sniffing jockstraps of prepubescent boys some forty years ago.  Freeh would like for us to infer that Sandusky was the only pedophile in the football program, perhaps the only pedophile in all of Happy Valley. 

Sandusky.jpegFreeh's whitewash fails to mention that there are many high-powered men besides Sandusky who have a yearning for young boys in Happy Valley.

That Sandusky, left, was treated graciously over decades by so many men and women at the Second Mile Foundation, at the University's helm, in the Governor's Office, and in the Attorney General's Office--all adds to this suspicion.
Freeh fails to suggest that The Second Mile Foundation, which has 100,000 children in its fold, should be shut down. 

It won't be, instead it will flourish.   Arrow Child & Family Ministries Inc. has petitioned the courts to take it over.  This outfit plans to retain all of TSMF's personnel, use its offices, and spread their ministry wherever young boys need a pat on the back, a massage, a hand for this or that job, or whatever.

Who is the shill who penned this disingenuous report?  From becoming Director of the FBI in 1993 until forced to resign eight years later, Louis Freeh disgraced his country with one failed cover-up attempt after another, thus, effectively leaving the Bureau in a state of irremediable disrepair.  

Freeh, who is a member of the ultra secretive Opus Dei Catholic organization, was chosen by the Board of Trustees at Penn State to uncloak truth.  Such a pick is the height of absurdity, and a slap in the face to everyone of good conscience.
Once again he has botched a cover-up.
If Freeh had handled his investigation on the up and up, many people would be going to jail for a long time.  Moreover, were he concerned about the welfare of young boys, his findings would not have been so dispassionate. 

If he weren't complicit, he would have talked forcibly and his words could have slowed down, even halted the rampant perversity which rages globally. 
The Honorable Freeh ( he was a judge before being Director) should not have acted as a clandestine defense attorney for the numerous unindicted conspirators.
corbett.jpgEscaping incrimination by Freeh, Gov. Tom Corbett--who sat on the case for three years as Attorney General, who is on the Board of Trustees, who has accepted over a half million dollars in campaign contributions from Second Mile Charity, and who has reciprocated by bequeathing the said charity a public grant over treble the amount--will in all probability continue in his gubernatorial capacity unfazed.

The sad thing for everyone except the criminals is this: being that Freeh has not incriminated Corbett (not even mentioning his name or office), it is up to the Gov, along with his hand-picked Attorney General, Linda Kelly, to carry the scales of justice. 

However, chances are slim to none that Corbett will prosecute himself or any of his cronies whose testimony could send him up the Susquehanna River to the Lewisburg penitentiary for a long spell. 

gricar.jpegIncidentally, it was at Lewiston where Ray Gricar, Dist. Attorney of Centre County (the country in which PSU is located), went missing on April 15, 2005.  He had been investigating the case and was known for his integrity. 

His abandoned car was found parked near the river; his laptop without its hard drive, was retrieved from the river shortly thereafter; months later the ruined hard drive was found devoid of all files.  Gricar's body was never found, though it is rumored to have been thrown into acid and pulverized in a mill.

Freeh failed to mention Gricar or his apparent homicide. Freeh also failed to mention the "suicide" of Jonathan Luna, an Assistant US Attorney whose body was found in an icy stream in Lancaster County sixteen months previously, on Dec. 4, 2003.

luna.jpeg The case is a very unusual one in that the handsome 38-yearold Filipino-American was stabbed and slashed 36 times.  The FBI, investigating itself, maintains that was a suicide.  This killing may or may not be germane to the crimes in nearby Happy Valley but it should have disqualified Director Freeh from presiding over the scandal.    

Freeh failed to mention so many other relevant facts too--too many to enumerate in a short blog.
Freeh's duplicity is so obvious that he has implicated himself in the cover-up.  Unfortunately for him, this time there is no Bill Clinton or Janet Reno to prop him upright . . . as though he had a backbone.  His only hope is that the outright owned and controlled media will continue to place
virtually all blame on the deceased Paterno, and the already indicted Curley and Schultz.1

spanier.jpegFreeh fails to mention another germane fact: thoroughly disgraced, former Pres. Graham Spanier, left, is the author of a study on "mate swapping"-- which, along with pedophilia is condoned in Talmudic Judaism.
Spanier still holds on to a top-secret national security clearance for his work and he and his wife are still in the employ of Penn State receiving their regular paychecks. 

Doubtless, former Governor and Homeland Security Czar Tom Ridge cannot be ignorant of this man's licentious character.

Freeh failed to mention another significant fact about the man: before arriving at PSU, Spanier was at Nebraska University in Lincoln, which is an hour from Omaha, home of Boys Town.  A scandal broke in the late eighties called Franklin Cover-up.  Boys were flown to DC and pimped
out to representatives, senators, and high ranking members of the White House. 

erikson.jpegThe most glaring omission to show Freeh's complicity is not mentioning that Spanier successor, Rodney Erickson,left, had been a distinguished member of the Second Mile Charity for years.

The question facing us now is this: Should the perverts, and those who endangered children, and those who covered up--all go to jail?
1. With yesterday's news--incriminating former Gov. Ed Rendell (2003-2011) and the elite pedophiles in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York--Pandora's Box  has been flipped opened so widely that it will take a false-flag operation to strike it from the public's consciousness, and don't be shocked should a catastrophic event occurs this week at the Olympics.  It has been bruited by reliable sources in the alternative media that the pedophile-psychopaths in England have been preparing for a tragedy in London that would dwarf 9/11. If there is enough awareness of their intent, they may opt to desist.

See, Ex PA Governor Rendell Involved in Pedophile Sex Cover Up  1977-92

Victim Claims Sandusky Scandal Part of Philly Pedophile Network


T.D. McGann, a former NYC school teacher, is the author of The Red Well-Read Reader, which has 361 rhyming stories. (The book may be read by any e-reader device and it may be purchased at Smashwords and  Amazon--at the later in several forms. ), an interactive website, features TRWRR and has many other free products that teach children from 5 to 105 how to read "between the lines" and how to think with their Heart and Mind Entwined

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Comments for "Louis Freeh Report is a Cover-Up"

C said (July 25, 2012):

thanks for posting on Jerry scum-bag Sandusky. I was appalled when I noticed how they were switching the roles of victim and perpetrator. No heros for America, just a pile of garbage. They want us all operating in the dregs like they do, feeding like parasites on our fellow man.

I´m surprised more people have not responded with utter rage at what has happened here: a proven pedophile is absolved by like-minded perverts who have blamed Sandusky´s trespasses on innocent Joe Paterno. I mean, where is the logic here?? Joe could have gone to the police but you can bet your sweet bippy they would have shut him up in a hurry. They are all in cahoots together, just like in a Hollywood film. It´s about time we the people did something about this thoroughly wretched state of disarrayed affairs.

Since the anti-hate-crime law provides protection for all manner of perverts including pedophiles we know what is forthcoming: no prosecution for pedophiles but rather imprisonment for those who condemn them. Unless we do something about it.

Take care - keep exposing the filthy elite trash.

ML said (July 24, 2012):

Thanks for putting so many pieces of the puzzle together for us. Gricar's death was featured on some of the top tv crime shows here in the U.S.--shows like 60 Minutes, Investigation Discovery, 48 Hours. Don't remember which but I remember seeing the news about the other young man's death, too, on the regular evening newscasts. And, of course, Bill Colby was found floating, too; he was a friend of John DeCamp.

It's like you've pulled a major thread and things are unraveling. Keep it up!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at