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Profumo Affair Exposed Masonic Conspiracy

February 14, 2022

keeler-large.jpg(Christine Keeler at 19. She died Tuesday at age 75.) 

The public perception of the Profumo Affair does not correspond with reality. Stephen Ward was a KGB agent.
The scandal was designed to replace the Macmillan government with one more receptive to the globalist agenda. 
The "Profumo Affair" was staged by the KGB, along with the MI-6, CIA and Mossad, the operating arms of the Illuminati.

"It was always a posh crowd who would arrive in chauffeur-driven Bentleys or Rolls Royces. It seemed to me that having money dictated  that you had group sex as often as you possibly could." 

Updated from June 25, 2008
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Christine Keeler's memoir
"The Truth At Last" (2001) puts the scandal which helped topple Harold Macmillan's government in 1963 in the context of the Illuminati conspiracy.

Keeler's mentor Stephen Ward (1912-1963) was a Russian agent, part of a spy ring that included royal art curator Sir Anthony Blunt and Sir  Roger Hollis, head of MI-5 (1956-1965.) 
In her presence, they conspired to give British Defense secrets to the USSR. She told the police and Lord Denning but it was suppressed because English Masonry's control of both England and the USSR was not public knowledge. 

Based on what we know about Victor Rothschild and from Heinrich Muller, Communism was a creation of British Freemasonry which in turn is an instrument of the Rothschild banking empire. (The Illuminati is the top rung of Freemasonry.)

The British establishment is rotten with traitors if that word has any meaning when treason is the norm. Our view of the world as warring nation-states does not reflect reality.

History and current events are theater. A tightly-knit satanic sex cult subtly controls all states and pits them against each other in a profitable and diverting Punch-and-Judy show.  The nearly accomplished goal: world government tyranny.

ward.jpg(Ward and Keeler)

Left-Right distinctions are also meaningless. Keeler witnessed the "Communist" Stephen Ward meeting with "Fascist" leader Oswald Mosley. (99)

In Oct. 1962, she overheard Stephen Ward tell Eugene Ivanov, his Soviet contact: "a man like John Kennedy will not be allowed to stay in such an important position of power in the world, I can assure you of that." (146) Indeed Ward operated another honey pot in NYC and entrapped JFK. 

Stephen Ward was prosecuted for being a pimp and Keeler for prostitution but this did not reflect reality. Ward (an Osteopath who supposedly committed suicide while on trial) was a KGB spy master who used the innocent Keeler to get information from important men.

profumo.jpgThe Minister of War, John Profumo, 48, married and a father, was touted to become Prime Minister.  Yet, he betrayed this great private and public responsibility by having a schoolboy affair with a nineteen-year-old girl. Keeler describes him as simply unable to control his lust. 

Ward made his subordinate Soviet Naval Attache Ivanov seduce Keeler in order to compromise Profumo. Stephen Ward was a Soviet agent whose job was to undermine the Conservative government to make way for Harold Wilson's Labor Party. The "Profumo Affair" was staged by the KGB, along with the MI-6, CIA and Mossad, the operating arms of the Illuminati.


Christine Keeler was a beautiful teenager who mostly gave it away in return for admission to the fast lane. She slept with everyone from Ringo Starr to George Peppard, to the Captain and officers of the ocean liner New Amsterdam

"I had sex with captain and officers because I could, because I had the power to make them want me." (137)

She became a symbol for sexual "liberation" in the early 1960's, a siren like Marilyn Monroe.   But what was presented as a relaxation of sexual repression was just getting the camel's nose under the tent. 

keeler12.jpg("Scandal" is a great movie but story is fictitious. 
"I'm sorry, but that film was just a snapshot of what really went on," Keeler wrote. "The surface has barely been rippled.") 

The Masonic elite were/are into every form of sexual depravity and have inducted society-as-a-whole into what is, in fact, a pagan sex cult.  It's one thing not to be a prude; another to have sex shoved in your face constantly.

At Cliveden, the seat of the Astor family and a center of British power, Keeler reports finding in the wood "a witch circle, the real thing, about ten feet in diameter." (30) Keeler describes orgies:

"Stephen knew all the Masonic handshakes and he said that at some of the parties the girls would just wear Masonic aprons. They would be flicked up and down like a sporran," he would laugh. Some of the women..were heavily into sadistic sex and there were 'black magic' parties which were really just an excuse for group sex sessions. There would be phallic totem poles around which all these women would bow and scrape ." (39-40)

The "cream" of British politics, business, culture, and law participated in this scene. The Duke of Edinburgh (husband of Queen Elizabeth) was known to have affairs and at least one illegitimate child. (41)

"Some of these people seemed insatiable," Keeler said. "They could go at it for ages and come and come and come. And after all of that, it was casual chat about government policy on this and that. That's civilization for you--I suppose the Romans started it." (43)

"It was always a posh crowd who would arrive in chauffeur-driven Bentleys or Rolls Royces. It seemed to me that having money dictated  that you had group sex as often as you possibly could." (45)

Perhaps sex addiction and a lack of what Mathew Arnold called "high seriousness" are prerequisites for our political leaders. After all, they must represent the interests of the Masonic central banking cartel, and in case they forget, must be easily blackmailable. This may explain the choice of US Presidential candidates.

Mankind will remain a perennial underachiever so long as we are governed by ruthless greedy Satanists and their minions.
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Comments for " Profumo Affair Exposed Masonic Conspiracy"

Robert K said (December 6, 2017):

Few people will be aware of Stephen Ward's connections to Ruth Ellis, the last woman hanged in Great Britain. A series of persuasive articles argues that she was innocent, but framed: Of course, because it relates to the British privileged class, the documents relating to the case are sealed to this day. The execution was carried out in 1955.

Anonymous said (May 27, 2008):

Hi Henry – nice article. I saw a mention of Ward and Clivedon in ‘Lady Die’ (

Apparently, the cottage he occupied on the Clivedon estate needed an exorcism after he died. The old exorcist that did it (one Cath. Father Petitpierre), apparently said words to the effect that he had never experienced such a heavy atmosphere of evil in all his exorcisms.

They obviously know how to open some ‘gate’ or other and let all this shit out of hell…

Bernice said (May 25, 2008):

There was a time when I would have regarded such conspiracie theories as absurd fables. Now, however, being a Bible reader and believer, I see that such conspiracies are actual occurrences in a corrupt world set on destroying all that God has intended for man.

Charles said (May 25, 2008):

This decadence you describe is as old at least as the Medici and Keeler is right to think it probably does go to Rome or even perhaps to Babylon behind Rome.

Evidently we will have to wait and see if this thing collapses of it's own weight or if it will take a few catastrophes to take it down. It will collapse.

It is in a state of advanced decay already being over 500 years old.

KEN said (May 25, 2008):

"Was Victor Rothschild a Soviet Agent" You bet your life he was!!

Anyone who has done just a small amount of research on the evil and corrupt Bankers and their system surely cannot but come to any other logical conclusion! Bankers, CEO, Bilderbergs; Council of Foreign Relations, Prime Ministers; Presidents and other world leaders are never elected by the people, they are chosen solely on the ability to toe the line and carry out what is already pre-planned for the masses.

Be it the lying and corrupt European Union, the North Americas Union etc etc. Many millions today still beleive America is the land of the free! Never has been; it is still owned and run by the bankers from Britain and the golden square mile.

Why do the people think that Britain's corrupted lying politicians say one thing and blatenly do the opposite? They are bought and paid for by the bloody Zionist Jews in Britain! (who by the way are illegally in Britain they were expelled by Royal decree, and although Cromwell allowed them entry back into Britain he could never rescind the Royal Decree because he was only a commoner) it was Zionist Jews who owned and ran munitions factories during the second world war and made billions from the deaths of western proud youths, while selling faulty shells and bullets to our soldiers! (covered up of course) Wall st bankers and our own Bank of England ... still met and enjoyed the company of Gemanies Bankers!!
God bless you Henry. keep doing what you do my friend.
Kenny, an English patriot till the end no matter what.

David said (May 25, 2008):

Henry, like you the film Scandal made a huge impact on me. The actors' performances (particularly John Hurt's brilliant take on Ward) resonated with me on many levels (immeasurably enhanced by the haunting soundtrack). I began devouring every book and article I could find about the Profumo affair. I always sympathized with Ward as a tragic figure almost on a scale of Coriolanus, who was cynically and systemically destroyed by the elite satanic cult that makes up the British ruling class. At worst, I saw Ward as a good-time Charlie and hedonist undone by a childlike innocence of what powerful people are capable of when threatened with exposure. I look forward to reading Keeler's new book, assuming time and a selective memory haven't caused her to rewrite that chapter in history. Still, Scandal proves how the elite, through artfully rendered entertainment, can shape our views of reality. Regards, David

Tina said (May 25, 2008):

In year 2005, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that clubs that allow group sex and partner swapping do not harm Canadian society and should not be considered criminal. The Supreme Court of Canada said that Canadian standards can tolerate the activities, even when they are done amid spectators. Such ruling came from two Quebec cases, one of which was my late uncle’s lawyer who brought a constitutional question to the highest court of the land, to answer to a question which was not for the court to answer but did so since group sex, which was once considered a game only for the elites has trickled down to the general population. It seems to me from such ruling that lawyers, judges and politicians are helping in making this world more pathetic.

There is no doubt that the men and the women, sitting on the bench, making decisions that affects all of us, are not the type to go home and drink wheat grass and enjoy a quiet diner with their husband or wife. Sex drugs and alcohol addiction is part of the norm in those circle since no one in their right mind could possibly make so many self serving decisions on behalf of a country and feel good about it at the end of the day.

People often say, when referring to different pathetic human behaviour, that history is repeating itself and that nothing has changed however what we are witnessing today is the total decayed of values from the working class to the poor. The sick conduct of the elites has finally reached the regular folk and it may have indeed tainted us for good.

Dan said (May 25, 2008):

Hi Henry,

Keeler's description of Masonic 'naughty' parties sound like the ol' Shriner's conventions here in the States during the 60's. I muse that she's talking about the lower masons, really, in spite of their social rank among the rest of us. The high ones don't like girls, really.
Either that, or a breeding orgy of the 'elect' with generational females to produce more bastards with concealed bloodlines.

But I bear sad news. I don't know if you've read this spate of articles recently come out heralding the revival of Blue Lodge Freemasonry.

This one's from the Los Angeles Times:

"STYLE PROFILE" (section)
Freemasons in midst of popularity, membership boom
"The secretive society gains a higher, hipper profile as younger men seek out a place for fraternal bonding."
By Adam Tschorn, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 18, 2008,0,562412.story?track=rss

Oh yes. Seems that all the 'conspiracy theory' speaking on unmerited favors and influence of Freemasonry has prompted lots of little men to come running to join up. Anyone would have had to have been living in a cave in the Antarctic to have not heard what Freemasonry's really all about these days. The rise in recruits reflects the sorry state of ethics in our culture now.
There has also been of late a series of blatant Masonic recruiting movies, such as "National Treasure", and it's sequel.

Men are weak now. So are women. The culture is weak, if we can all it a 'culture' at all.

Where is Honor? It's been replaced by credit rating and net assets.
Where is Loyalty? Replaced by blind obedience to percieved 'winner' on the next rung of the ladder up the pyramid, rather than to one's fellow man.

As with the military, tribeless and clanless - and familyless men also want to belong to something. They don't call them 'widow's sons' for nothing. Part of the lure has always been that of priesthoods and gangs for the orphaned sons. And now rather than fathers we've got de facto orphans - by design.

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