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Mexicans Illegals: Their Day is Coming

August 12, 2010

illegal_aliens.jpgby Fred Reed
(Originally titled: "Scoping Out Pepe
Why We Should Get It Right, But Won't"

March 26, 2008

(Editor's Note: This article contains views some people will find offensive. I don't know if they are true but I think they deserve to be heard. We have to consider the possibility that we have been given views of "tolerance" that were intended to be self-defeating, and might not apply to us in the future. Slightly abridged by Henry Makow)

Those who favor immigration tend to hold an idealized view of the newcomers. They are so-o-o-o hardworking! Yes, in the first generation. They just want a better life! So they do. They are just like Italian and Polish immigrants of the last century. No, they are not. They are Mexicans.

Mexico is a third-world country--yes, an upper third-world Latin American country, functioning reasonably well, and not Haiti or Bangladesh. It's a nice place to live, which is why a half million North Americans are here. Yet Mexico is very, very different from America. If America and England are a few inches apart, Americans and France a few more, Mexico is several feet off in the distance.

While gringos and Mexicans live next to each other here in amity, they do not mix. They can't. A retired executive from Boeing has nothing in common with a man with a fourth-grade education who will never read a book in his life. Pepe is smiling and amiable while working in the garden. He is also a grown man, not a teddy bear. If the retired engineer met Pepe in Pepe's favorite bar, the engineer might come to a very different understanding of Pepe.

It is one thing to have Mexicans in America while they still fearful of being deported. They are polite and brown and eager to work. This encourages the tendency to which Americans are prone, to patronize them as just the nicest babysitters and garbage men. Why, they are almost like real people.

It will be a different thing when they are legal and have a voting majority in the Southwest. They understand perfectly that their day is coming. A couple of years back I listened on the radio to a Mexican-American politician from Texas. He pointed out that when the Mexican children now in school reach the age of eighteen, they will control the government of the state.

He was not hostile, did not say as Barack Obama's minister did, "God damn America." Yet he saw what was coming, and was well pleased. From the Mexican point of view, they are getting back states which rightly belong to them.

They assuredly are. Shortly the US will have a southern tier of states under Mexican-American control.

The hopeful idea is that they will meld as did the Irish and Italians and Vietnamese. The flaw in this happy ointment is that they do very poorly in school--better than blacks, but well below whites and Asians. This is not a problem of the first generation only, in which case it might eventually cure itself, but of later generations also. It looks innate, or at least as if it will continue. Then what?

Then they will have no choice but to be waiters and garbage collectors. The first generation will tolerate it, happy to be making what seems to them good money. A few will succeed and move up. Most won't. The second generation, relegated forever to jobs of low pay and less esteem, will become resentful. Inevitably they will see the relegation as indicating discrimination, not incapacity. The young, unable to compete, will gravitate toward others who can't and we will have another permanent underclass. If you don't believe me, watch.

The United States advertises itself as a land of opportunity, and in fact is, but only for the bright. A poor kid who pops 1500 on his SATs can get into a good university and come out as anything he chooses. Universities look for such students. A kid who barely reads has no chance. For him, there are no opportunities.

Why is it unlikely that the immigrants will improve scholastically? For reasons a fair few understand but nobody talks about. Intelligence. Mexico consists of three layers, or maybe two layers with a spectrum between. The governing class is white, and at about the European level on IQ tests, not surprising because they are European. You have the mestizos, who do conspicuously less well, and the pure Indians, lower yet. The white upper class is not swimming the river.

IQ is a forbidden topic, but it tracks reality depressingly well. No country below Laredo has ever produced anything important in the sciences. And while in any group there are exceptions, it is the majority who determine social results. This bears thinking about. Reality does not respect politics. Holding one's breath and turning blue will change nothing. Insisting that something can't be so or shouldn't be so doesn't change whether it is so.

Inequality can be seen in the streets here. In Guadalajara, una ciudad muy guera, a very white city, you have highly sophisticated people who talk of the arts on the radio as intelligently as any in America. They go to the opera, buy in good bookstores, and serve competently as doctors and technicians. In the villages you find people with far more Indian blood and almost no academic achievement or interest. Out in the hills there is, dead serious, a lot of witchcraft.

It's a different world. And coming to a mall near you.

Fred Reed Lives in Mexico and is married to a Mexican woman.


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Comments for "Mexicans Illegals: Their Day is Coming"

Patty said (August 13, 2010):

This is about the Mexicans-the article written by a fellow who lives there. He mentions that they are not as advanced academically,etc. Here’s an interesting thought about that. 30 years ago I was studying astrology and read a book by the famous astrologer Joseph Goodavage(sp?) While detailing how astronomical discoveries paralleled astrological ones, he mentioned that NO CIVILIZATION DEVELOPING SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR HAD EVER DEVELOPED A WRITTEN LANGUAGE OR A SYSTEM OF ASTRONOMY AND MATHEMATICS! I also recalled reading ROOTS and how Alex Haley told that when he went to Africa to find his relatives, he had to listen to a tribe historian recite the entire history of his ancestors’ tribes orally! There WAS NO library or other reference available! A friend of mine from Johannesburg told me that Swaheli-a Bantu tongue-was about half Arabic!(Which made me wonder who taught what to whom!) So the Mexican article was factual, however the underlying cause is a bit blurry. Are they slow because of their proximity to the equator? And did THIS cause a genetic disturbance,etc.? Or does the heat squelch all desire to dig deeper intellectually? If that were the case, then moving to the US should have changed things! Years ago when I was living in St. Louis, I had a good friend-a neighbor-who was from Mexico. He worked as a pipefitter as that paid well, however, he took classes and read many books on Archeology and history of the Aztecs, Toltecs, Mayans,etc. And was very well informed. He was also a Jehovah’s Witness and knew the Bible far better than I who had studied it as ancient literature in college. His brothers were quite a bit like him and his entire family seemed quite intelligent. Did this go unnoticed because most white neighbors did not open up a dialogue with them? Or was it something else? If so, we need to find out what that something else is-and fast!

Christine said (August 13, 2010):

The late father of a friend was a CIA agent stationed in South America. He predicted the fall of the USA to Communism, and said that the start of the Revolution would be signalled by the mass migration of Mexicans into the USA.

That behavior is most unlike them. Bishop Kelly, author of "Blood Stained Altars," a history of Mexico, said that Mexicans are homebodies by nature. Things must be terrible in Mexico for them to want to come here.

White Texans drove out Mexicans by moving into Texas in large numbers decades ago. The situation is now being reversed in the USA, with Mexicans displacing many white Americans by taking their jobs and cramming themselves into slumlike living situations of 10 Mexicans to a room.

You have stated rightly that a nation that does not defend its borders will cease to exist. The deafening American media silence on the illegal immigrant in the White House underscores the truth of that statement.

In the meantime, the largest peaceful invasion in history continues as the Mexicans slowly take over. The US military is wasting lives, time, and money fighting illegal and immoral wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What they should be doing is defending our borders from illegal immigrants.

Dora said (August 13, 2010):

OK, first of all, I am one of those upper whites who don't cross the river, but did. Legally. I am an H1B child, came here as a dependent of a professional H1B visa holder. I am a white, blue eyed, blonde Mexican. (This alone would be enough to identify me almost)

I've been here since about four-five years ago, got almost straight As in my first year of high school in the USA. First year of high school, I burned my brain out in effort trying to read Romeo and Juliet in both old and modern English.

Oddly enough, the ones who were more supportive of me were white Americans. I switched from a regular English course to an advanced course about two weeks after I entered the former. This was because I couldn't stand the chicanos or Mexican-Americans. I was made fun of because of my accent. Oddly enough, I have a better accent than those kids now. More decent I shall say.

I agree with Fred on that it's only the first generation that is a hard-worker. I defend most of the illegal immigrants because some of them truly do want to achieve the American dream, they do want to work, and work hard. Thing is, it's just the first generation with this mentality. After one or two, it's welfare time! Food stamps, government checks, amongst others.

I see so many first or second generation kids of illegal immigrants here in southern Texas working at Burger Kings or McDonald's thinking it's so awesome. Having babies as single moms and receiving welfare checks is their life. No aspirations whatsoever.

I am considered an international student at the college, and I pay about three times the fee of an American student. I do not receive any financial aid for the same reason. Yet these kids could receive all the financial aid and affirmative action they could possible get, but do not aspire to get an education. It simply doesn't revolve around their world, not part of their culture, or something. It upsets me. Another path they take is selling drugs or joining gangs, and proud of it. They receive money from the government for having eight children, and, instead of buying clothes for their kids they buy a plasma TV. This is inconceivable but true with a lot of chicanos.

I love my country, I want to return to my country pretty soon and try to fix the problems where they started: Low quality education and corruption. I am studying to be a teacher, I believe it starts with the kids. I am thankful for everything that was given to me in the USA, I learned from it, and I am taking it deep in my heart. I choose to go back to Mexico, for the same reason the guy in this article left to India: I want to live a humble life and live according to God; something I discovered after living a few years here in the first world. But that's another story.

I do not mean to overgeneralize any group of people, nor do I discriminate. I am Mexican, and proud of it. I do not mean to generalize chicanos or Mexicans.

“No country below Laredo has ever produced anything important in the sciences” Mexico does have Mario Molina, Nobel Prize in Chemistry. and Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize in Literature, just to name a couple of Mexican good achievers. Yes, both are white, but to say that no country under Laredo has ever produced anything important in the sciences is a bit overboard. Guillermo González Camarena, a Mexican inventor, was the first to invent color TV. There is, without a doubt, Mexican talent out there.

I recommend you read Mexican author Salvador Borrego, one of the greatest minds in historical revisionism.

Mexico is a pluricultural nation, a melting pot, but a different type of melting pot. Mexican history is complex, we are a nation of different races, different cultures, different worlds. You have areas in metro cities that could pass for New Zealand, whilst less than hour away you have Ethiopia. Too difficult to go into in just one email, or just one thought.

On another topic, Henry, I would love it if you read Fred's article In Praise of Mexicanas, as I know you're married to a Mexican woman, I think you would love it. I especially loved this part: “The Mexicana has a strength that Americans of the era of the Depression had, but somehow lost.” I don't think he could've said it better.

John said (August 13, 2010):

Inre Fred Reed's article on Mexicans, Reee, one of my favorite authors, somewhat contradicts himself because in an earlier article, see his website, he states that IQ is not a very good measure of achievement. He uses Indian spelling bee winners as one example. He implies, it's the tests, not the test takers.

As for the immigration, I live in South Texas, an epicenter of the problem. I find most Mexicans to be good citizens and neighbors who want the same things I want. Many have achieved high positions in private industries and government and are experts at their professions. And they are a backbone of our skilled labor force: for example, welding, truck driving, construction. And most are Christians as well, which is a social solvent for the interblending of peoples which is now taking place on a grand scale here.

RC said (August 13, 2010):

Watching Univision or Telemundo and other Spanish media in the USA on the immigration issue you would think that the crux of the matter is about anti immigrants.

Because they never ever use the phrase illegal immigrants. They are being very irresponsible. They are making true legal immigrants believe that they might loose there status . This is an outright lie that not only causes anxiety to these individual but is creating a dangerous divide.

The Spanish Media makes foreign Hispanics think that its there right to move here despite the law. They are seeding the masses for future disruption and influencing American Politics, and when you consider that they are asking amnesty for over more than 13 million illegals you know what they want besides viewership. This would destroy the USA as we know it. They are further dividing the nation.

There has to be someway to curtail the disinfo put out by the irresponsible Spanish media {in fact they should not even exist at all)

A country that cannot control its borders is not a country


P.S. Puerto Rico should be granted Independence, Its better for them and for you.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at