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"Mommy, Why Do People Want to Kill Jews?"

June 11, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

This is the title of a blog on Huffington Post by Danielle Crittenden, (Mrs. David Frum,) on the shooting yesterday at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

She is at a loss to answer her 15-year-old son's question but she opines: "Who would have imagined that the sentiments we'd once thought were so safely encased as historical exhibits would blast forth and shatter through the museum itself?"

Crittenden is the author of an excellent book critical of feminism. Although not Jewish herself, she is married to a man "born Jewish" who was the speechwriter for G.W. Bush credited with the "axis of evil" formula. In spite of this, she cannot account for a rising tide of anti-Semitism and the increasing insecurity her family is feeling.

I'd like to answer that question but first, I am pleased that the media is generally treating this event responsibly, as they did the recent murder of two army recruiters in Arkansas by a Muslim. I am pleased that another blogger at the Liberal Huffington Post noted that most of the posters at the neo-Nazi Stormfront deplored van Brunn's idiocy.

These acts of violence are both evil and stupid. They kill innocent people and give Illuminati pawns an excuse to squash political freedom & free speech. The Illuminati agent Glenn Beck used this event to declare that 9-11 Truthers and the Patriot movement were working with Al Queda to "destroy this country."  Homeland Security Director  Janet Napolitano has warned against "right-wing extremism" and "anti-Semitism." These violent acts further the Illuminati's totalitarian agenda which includes eventually micro chipping everyone.


People don't want to kill Jews. Even in Germany, anti-Semitism (and the Nazi Party) had to be organized and financed by the Wehrmacht. Most people know the difference between ordinary Jews and the elite Jews and non-Jews ( i.e. globalists) responsible for the world's woes.

I'd explain to young Frum that a syndicate mostly of Cabalist Jewish banking families have usurped control of the credit of the worlds' governments. They create money out of thin air and charge interest for it. They used this position to buy everyone and everything they need to dominate mankind in a totalitarian "world government."

They are busy "changing the world" so there will be no nations, no religions, no races, no genders, no families, no freedom and possibly no private wealth (except their own.) They use war and debt to increase their power and advance their "New World Order." 

This banking cartel is relatively small so they need to infiltrate and manipulate all political parties, organizations and religions. Secret societies (Freemasonry) and intelligence agencies (CIA, Mossad, MI-6), corporate cartels, education and the mass media are their most important instruments. So is organized Jewry, the B'nai Brith, American Jewish Committee etc. 

shootingsuspect.jpgThey have brainwashed Jews to think anti-Semitism is irrational hatred. As a result, idealistic Jews who "want to change the world,"  become their patsies or "useful idiots." Your father David Frum and a highly paid army of talking heads herd the sheeple into the abattoir of war.  They openly boast that Jewish intellectuals are responsible for the Iraq war which cost a million Iraqi lives, $750 billion and thousands of US dead. The Mossad is widely suspected of playing a critical role in 9-11  which created the climate for this war.

Holocaust Museums are designed to give Jews immunity from criticism and guilt non-Jews into accepting Jewish leadership. My grandparents died in the Holocaust but I am sickened by this exploitation of their tragedy. There is no reason to focus on Jewish suffering to the exclusion of everyone else's. This selfishness and failure to consider others is a cause of anti-Semitism.

Jews cannot play a major role in the coming New World Order and escape blame for it from the suffering majority. That's why Jews who oppose this evil agenda must stand with their neighbors against it. Young Frum, if this means you will disown your father, we'll be very proud of you.

Most Jews don't want to know the truth but can't play dumb forever.

Along with most other groups, Jews are manipulated to advance the bankers' demonic agenda. Innocent Jews are put in jeopardy by their "leaders" who are beholden to these financiers.  This is the real reason police cars are parked outside of synagogues and Jewish schools in America. 


See Michael Hoffmann's Essay Below on this subject.

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Comments for ""Mommy, Why Do People Want to Kill Jews?""

Chris said (June 13, 2009):

This man is sick, and at his age might have dementia. He needed help a long time ago and did not get it.

I'm truly saddened by recent murders by nutbags like this guy, like the murderer that killed the abortion doctor in Church. In front of the Cross of Christ.

They'll be more, I'm sure. Untreated mental illness seems to be very common.

Tom said (June 12, 2009):

Henry, if you're right that the "idealistic Jews who want to change the world" are being manipulated by the New World Order, would it follow that a major strategy in the fight against the New World Order should be for all of us to try to break through diplomatically to our Jewish friends or family? Aren't our friends the support network for these "patsies or useful idiots."?

Dear Tom,

Indeed. Slowly, more and more Jews are listening.


Z said (June 12, 2009):

Henry, this may sound cheesy but, THANK-YOU for being a Jew and being one who is truthful about the Jewish criminal cabal (and the others associated with it).
There are so many Jews involved in 911 (and the upper echelons of power, influence and control) that a real researcher, who begins to find "Jews" behind MANY of today's troubles...begins to nearly fear that most Jews are "in on it". I know many are simply "in on it" out of ignorance (guilty by doing nothing and saying nothing about it and by defending their actions, attitudes and influences)...but it is with gratitude that I write to you today. Freedman, Bernstein, Israel Shahak, and a few others are the few Jews a guy can look to to realize that he is NOT "developing" the dreaded disease of "anti-Semitism" (or rather Anti-Talmud_Judaism or whatever)...and you my friend join that faithful remnant. You should be proud of who you are and what you do.

About James von Brunn and his attack on the holocaust museum:
From what I understand about this man, he is supposedly a genius (Mensa member), he is an artist (I've seen some of his work and certainly found it to be very talented and creative), he has had a lot of experience (apparently was a navy captain for 14 years), well educated, attempted a criminal act a long time ago and served time for it. He has been associated with white supremacist groups and patriot groups for an awful long time....I imagine you know his history better than I. But, I guess my question is, does it make ANY SENSE that he would waltz into the holocaust museum with a bloody .22 and shoot a black security guard? Seriously, wouldn't he have ooh, I don't know...had a PLAN?

The guy was whip-smart, made a mistake in the past...and likely thought LONG AND HARD about how to IMPROVE (if he was still of the same mind-set to do it again), he had connections, he had access to weapons, he was CREATIVE, he wasn't some punk-crack-head. On top of all that, the man was what...88 years old? Don't folks mellow out as they age?

I don't know, call me paranoid, but I think there is more to this story than meets the eye. It seems a highly unlikely combination.

Anyhow, thanks again for being REAL! God love you man!

F said (June 12, 2009):

Henry what amazes me, is there is a typical example of what is coming next , across the Atlantic in S. Africa, also what was a British outpost with the same agenda."

Apartheid" was the word used to bring the country to it's knees by the U.N. and its biggest player the U.S. If you look at history from the time that the small British Commonwealth countries wanted independence from the parasites running the show, in the N.E. of Africa, they signed their death warrants.

You could see the progression of the rot start in the Belgian Congo,Ethiopia, Kenya, N. Rhodesia(Zambia) Rhodesia( Zimbabwe) and eventually the last bastion of British control S.Africa , one of Cecil John Rhodes conquests, eventually taken over by the Oppenheimers!! Of course the exploitation of the country and it's inherent wealth, was par for the course, as it was and still is today, but when governments from the countries they had been exploiting realized what was going on, and wanted no further part of the game, the British bankers namely ,The W. Bank I.M.F. and their agents pull the carpet from under their indebted feet , the whole deck of cards came crashing down.

You cannot turn a country over to a group who hasn't a clue on how the world banking and indebtedness system works, and who after being discriminated against , and dumbed down for centuries, and only wanted what they saw others having , which is only human nature and understandable, but not knowing how they achieved it.

That is why the politicians in these countries are so corrupt, and are being kept corrupt by the powers that be, they can buy anything they want. Unfortunately the Afrikaner who had taken control of S. Africa from the British in 1961-62 after being defeated by the colonialists in the Boer war, or at least it was made to appear that way, so as to introduce the word "Apartheid" and the demise of the country.

Unfortunately it is always the working poor and enslaved who pay the ultimate price, and living conditions in S. Africa and the rest of the countries in Africa has taken a turn for the worst. Most of the well educated has immigrated else where, leaving a huge brain drain. It has never been so bad for the average Black in these countries, the entire infrastructure has collapsed or is in the process of collapsing.

Crime is rampant, murder, rape, car jacking ,home invasion, drug dealing, just look at Sierra Leone as an example, as Bishop Tutu once said "desperate people do desperate things", and coming back to a well renowned quote "Give me control of a countries wealth ,and I care not who makes the Laws".

Enough said, wake up people take a look at history, not what is taught at the brain washing institutions, called schools and colleges,that is part of "THEIR" agenda, smell the roses and don't fall for the garbage fed to you.

Peter said (June 12, 2009):

Most people know the difference between ordinary Jews and the elite Jews and non-Jews ( i.e. globalists) responsible for the world's woes.


I seriously doubt that. If you make an honest to goodness survey, without leading questions, of the general population, you will find out how few people know anything of consequence. With all the disinformation floating around even fewer will know the difference between ordinary and elite (Zionist/Illuminist) Jews.

And even then, the Talmud problem remains... that even for ordinary Jews, whether religious or not, goys are cattle and all that. That has become their culture, not universal but pretty widespread.

The ordinary Jews who openly distance themselves from the elitists are very few, and Jews who distance themselves from the elitist, racist garbage in the Talmud are even fewer.
Pumped up nuts like Brunn let their hatred lead them over the cliff precisely because they don't know the difference. If one in the know wanted to do damage, he would at least choose some of the real SOB's that are responsible for our world's condition.

Christine said (June 12, 2009):

You asked [below] the question "Why was he, VB, not linked to a Patriot missed the British press trying to link him to the BNP........also in US was "linked" to Ron Paul, who sponored a bill in the House to have the Fed audited, which now has over 222 signatures. Interesting times in which we live but thanks to your writings, and many others, the truth is starting to come into the light. Let the light shine bright.........

Linda said (June 12, 2009):

I agree. If James von Brunn did not exist as a lone ranger and vigilante nutter for the purposes of this psy-op, then JudeoMasonry would have had to invent him, wind him up and point him in the direction of the nearest Holocaust memorial.

This is so basic that we don't even need the pundits and talking heads to explain: "now this, boys and girls, is an anti-semitic hate crime". This is exactly why we need hate crime legislation."

The back stage machinery is actually creaking, this play is getting so bad. When will the tomatoes start raining down? When will the shouts of Boo! and Author! Author! start to sound?

All too obviously, the idea is to show the rubes that our government has 'the problem' in hand with the current Hate Bill. In this Message from Our Sponsors, they want to instill fear in the Jewish community as the basis for tribal solidarity - this will increase the power of the rabbis. This is SOP 'lesser brethern management strategy'. Also they want to provoke the 'gardenplot' Arayans into 'homegrown' criminal acts that can then be labelled terrorist hate crimes.

This has a lot to do with the call that has issued from Jerusalem for the Jews to return to Israel. Sept 15 05 : 11 Elul 5765. "Israel's leading known Kabbalistic Elder, Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri called upon worldwide Jewry Tuesday night to return to Israel due to natural disasters which threaten to strike the world"..."In the future, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will bring about great disasters in the countries of the world to sweeten the judgements of the Land of Israel. I am ordering the publication of this declaration as a warning so that Jews in the countries of the world will be aware of the impending danger and will come to the Land of Israel for the building of the Temple and the revelaton of our righteous Mashiach."

"Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel Ahead of Upcoming Disasters". by Baruch Gordon. Arutz Sheva. Sept 15 05 : 11 Elul 5765.

In the last month, many websites that have been out there with the hate bait and some which have had the most to say about 'the Jews' as the universal menace have been outed as psy-ops of the Zionists - among the most prominent: Michael Delaney of

These psy-ops of the infowars are being perpetrated against both Jewish and Gentile Americans, Canadians with a view to fomenting a backlash and a pogrom that will 1. herd Jewish American families into settlement of 'Greater Israel' - the echelon nation of the New World Order and 2. goad Gentile Americans into the wars for the same.

Remember H.G. Wells (an insider) said the third U.N. would be founded in Basra.

Americans and Canadians, please - HANG TOGETHER and HANG TOUGH. The elites who hate America and Canada and Australia are a single apparatus that is both Jew and Gentile. And they want to provoke and foment hate crimes. Or let's just say: crimes. Period.

These are exactly the same elites whose predecessors said of the European Jews in WWII: 'a cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Europe'. They want a pogrom. I say, 'to hell with them.' If they have to instigate such an anti-American operation themselves, then, those who are clued up (like Henry's Readers) have to be ready to pounce and expose them all over the internet as the liars and warmongers they truly are.

To hell with them. And as a Gentile, I say especially - 'you smart goy Masons who know too much' - you should get out of this now and help your country.

Dan said (June 12, 2009):

This stuff speaks for itself. This is the serious prep. It means the 'next big thing' we've dreaded is imminent. Mark my words, by September this year the real deal trouble's finally coming. It has nothing to do with the memes of this stunt at all. This is to intimidate the public into silence before it breaks.
My guess is either to do with the phony pandemic, or it may be new war - or both.
Whatever it is we're all being warned to shut up when we see what comes down next, lest we be labeled criminal.

Glenn Beck ties 9/11 Truthers to Holocaust Shooting

Bert said (June 12, 2009):

Are we to believe that it is just a convenient co-incidence, that just as AIPAC is pushing a despised Hate-Speech Bill through Congress, this 9-11 Truther, hate-speech "supremacist," shows up inside the Holocaust museum with a rifle. Sirhan-Sirhan was brainwashed the same way. The picture of von Brunn is file footage from 20+ years ago. European press shows what he looks like today. Old, feeble, and easily manipulated.

Dawn said (June 12, 2009):

I am a great fan of your writing and, generally, agree with almost everything you write. Thank you for your courage and tenacity.

However, I think you are missing an angle on the Von Brunn shooting. Why would he do this? He was an intelligent man and would have realized that this futile and puerile act would DESTROY his cause and promote the cause of his "enemies"----Cui bono?
(this was a man who went to prison for attempting to "arrest" the Fed Res. board--and I recently read his account of that action--he did it with guns but no ammo, as he did not want anyone to get hurt. why would he use live ammo in this case? why would he kill the security guard? it makes NO SENSE even in this senseless world)

Also, why are using the photo of Von Brunn as a younger man? He was almost 90!! The US media is using the photo you used--which is completely misleading!!!!

This blogger has summed it up nicely:
Glenn Beck, Shit Golem for Zombie Nation.



This guy goes back too far to be a patsy. He even went to jail for menacing the Fed. If they invented him, why didn't they attach links to Patriot groups? Some times a cigar is just a cigar. -Henry

Alan said (June 11, 2009):

Good article Henry. I don't know if you know Edgar Steele; below is a link to his recent take on the Von Brunn event and an excerpt from Von Brun himself in an exchange with Steele.

Von Brunn's response to the world at large: "Edgar Steele's advice to investors fails to comprehend the extent of a money melt-down disaster. Recollect, Russian Revolution (ILLUMINATI/BOLSHEVIK) torture rape and butchery ; the deliberate starvation of Kulaks; the incineration of 20th C. Europe; Mao; Pol Pot. The World flowed with blood, stunk with unburied corpses. The ILLUMINATI is ubiquitous and not compassionate. Today, we are witnessing the penultimate stage in (ILLUMINATI /ZIONIST) GLOBALIZATION of Planet Earth - - protesters will be eliminated. There is NO ESCAPE. No place to hide. To protect what you have and take what you need, the MOST important investment ARYANS can make today is NOT as Steele advises. NOW, for a limited time, the most important investment is in AMMO. AT LAST, you wimps must stand and FIGHT!"



So he shoots a black security guard and makes his son an orphan? What an asshole. I can't condone any violence but this demonstrates why "Aryans" are on the defensive.


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