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Child Support -- Vendetta Against Males

November 6, 2010

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"Over the years I have met many, many men whose lives have been ruined by the legal system".  Gary Hunt describes the punishment Family Courts mete out to men who aren't Freemasons or pedophiles.

by Gary Hunt

I am 59 years old, with two wonderful daughters. I am a licensed mental health professional in California. I have an M.A, and a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology. I was divorced after 19 years of marriage. I am happily single.
Several years ago, both of my daughters came to live with me fearing for their safety after their mother threatened them.
I continued to pay child support even though both children lived with me full time. They did not return home because they were afraid of their mother. But,  Los Angeles County wouldn't reduce my child support, despite the "change of circumstance" as they call it.
They told me I could appeal their decision if I didn't like it. So I did, filing an appeal with the court.
It took several months to get before a judge, and I continued to pay. Finally when I got before a judge,  they had an attorney representing the county, I represented my self. This court was an administrative law court above the normal child support enforcement court.
The judge ruled in my favor and ordered Child Support Enforcement to stop taking child support out of my check, to pay me back child support, and to submit a plan to the judge within 30 days.
However, L.A. County decided to ignore the courts orders. They told me they didn't have to obey because that court had no jurisdiction over them.  So I continued to pay.
When you go to court against child support enforcement, usually you will not have an attorney representing you. They will take your case if you press them, but they know it's a waste of time.
In court, your ex will have an attorney, appointed by the county - free of charge; the County will have an attorney - the prosecutor, and child support enforcement will have an attorney. The group of attorneys spend time talking about your case for a few minutes; then they make a recommendation to the judge, and the judge will turn to you for a moment to ask your opinion before he orders you to pay, or go to jail.
I spent 21 years sitting in Child Support Court arguing.
Though I no longer pay child support because my children are grown, the county refuses to stop taking it out of my check. The state sends me a refund, about a week after they take child support out of my check...

Over the years I have met many, many men whose lives have been ruined by the legal system.  One in particular worked at Midas installing mufflers. He had $150,000 in back child support on one child. He could no longer work, because he was old, and couldn't understand the new computer system. The court ordered him to pay or go to jail.
Another African American postal worker who already paid 50% of his salary was ordered to pay much more for child care on top of that, so his ex wife could leave his daughter with her mother while she worked. The court gave him a lecture about his obligation to pay. He was not allowed to respond to the judge. Maybe it was because of the way he looked at the judge.
There were other African American men I sat next to in the process of immigrating to Germany to escape. Some talked about how Child Support Enforcement took their homes on arrears, for children that weren't even theirs.

But one of the worst cases I know of was a friend, owing $30,000 in back child support. Suffering from liver failure, they took most of his paycheck even though his children were adults. He couldn't feed himself, and his lack of nutrition, and his illness were killing him. He told them, "look you're killing me." Their response was, we don't care: go ahead and die. 
Go ahead and die. That's how it is.  
I have literally seen thousands upon thousands of men financially ruined, children alienated, lining up in the mornings by the hundreds on their way to Child Support Enforcement Court.
In my own case, I learned to call Child Support Enforcement routinely to find out if I had arrears, because often they never gave notice. Many times they have taken my drivers license and professional license without notice for small amounts.

Because they decided that even though my employer pays them promptly, I only get paid twice a month. They however calculate child support on a yearly basis, so several times a year I was behind a few dollars.
Though I no longer pay child support, my children are grown; the county refuses to stop taking it out of my check. The state sends me a refund, about a week after they take child support out of my check...
Hopefully, it's over for me. But not for thousands of men in this country. I've heard that the Department of Justice doesn't keep statics on  just how many men are behind bars for child support. But there are thousands. Probably even hundreds of thousands.


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Comments for "Child Support -- Vendetta Against Males "

R said (November 9, 2010):

As I sat reading the article about these poor men who are having to help provide for their children through child support, and how this is such a horrible thing, I am thinking about the other side of the coin. One of my friends has 7 children under the age of 7, no vehicle , no heat, no cooling, children dressed in rags, living on food stamps, because the father works and lives out of town and rarely sends them enough to get by. It frustrates and angers and saddens me to see the children live like this. No, she hasn't even gone the way of child support. I think she should. He is doing a pathetic job of taking care of them. I havn't even scratched the surface on the suffering I see because he will not financially support them. A vendetta against males???It seems like there are men who have a vendetta against their own children. Let's hold men accountable. Yes, the system is flawed. Fix it, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Dan said (November 8, 2010):

The man is right. When I moved to Atlanta from Missouri, there was one warrant for my arrest- for violating the bogus restraining order issued against me. I did nothing to violate the restraining order. Oddly enough, this warrant was issued against me after I published writing online about my situation, and how abusive family law systems worldwide are to men.

Now there are at least three warrants for my arrest in Missouri- all related to what my now ex wife implemented when she accessed the U.S. family law system, with a platoon of women she recruited to facilitate her efforts. Since the initial warrant was a misdemeanor, Missouri cannot extradite me from Atlanta.

So the state apparently is issuing more warrants against me in hopes of extraditing me. Missouri makes money off of prosecuting me from tapping into federal grants. The U.S. spends about 4 billion dollars a year due to this system, and the violence against women act, implemented in 1994. And Missouri, by the way, is one of the top states in the U.S. to violate civil rights.

When my ex wife put me in jail last fall, I met a few men in my unit on their way to prison for failure to pay child support. It's debtor's prison, in the U.S. The inability to pay child support is a felony.

I'm following Stuart's advice, and moving to Mexico as soon as I can. He shares the accurate assessments of the author of the above link. He comments on child support as well, in case you did not read this:

Keith said (November 8, 2010):

Why should men have to pay child support when their children are in the mothers custody? If the father only gets to see the kids during the weekends or every other weekend or however the situation is then the only money they should be paying towards the kids is whatever money the kids need while they are with the father, for example whatever food they need to eat during that particular day. If the mother has custody of the kids then she should be the one paying for them, child support makes no sense.

Joe said (November 7, 2010):

Your article Child Support a Vendetta Against Males is true. I have a close friend who owes child support and he has already been arrested and forced to spend nearly 2 months in jail. He was working one day and while on the job site a cop came and handcuffed him in front of all his employee's and carted him away for non payment. Now here's a guy that's capable of making (I kid you not) about 1 million dollars per year, he is very talented and educated. Instead he can't keep 50 bucks in the bank because the state garnishes it, his license is voided so he can't drive to work, and he is constantly worrying about some sheriff who might suddenly arrive at his door step to arrest him.

Yes the feminist are fat and happy on this scam they've pulled on American men. And that's one reason why I'm still single, I just look and see what has happened to all my male friends.

And you should write another article about how the judge forces the man to sell everything he has during a divorce proceedings and give her half your stuff. Like the house, HIS life insurance policy then split it with her, the car ...anything of value. Like my old neighbor jokingly said "She supposedly got half my stuff, but all I ended up with was a twin bed, my tool box, and all the bills." Ha Funny but true. Joe

D said (November 7, 2010):

I've posted the following comment elsewhere, and hope this will be posted here, as well -

"I am willing to be a witness on behalf of The Law for a man to keep or get his children back.
Father needs His Voice to be heard in these false-courts of law, if that is where the battle is."
God's Law is powerful, and effective when used as He commands. One needs to just do this.

I'd also like to say that Mr. Makow is brave addressing the male issue of male superiority.
Elsewhere I've also written on this, and admit not having a clue what it's like being a man.
It seems difficult, and men having being made superior (by God) should rely more on Him.
Both men and women need to rise above the victim-mentality using their God-given rights.

Hope this is the right place to bring this to the attention, and admit men's help is sought.
Looking for men to organise lawfully against the House of Rothschild.
The link explains -

Shawn said (November 7, 2010):

As I read the article child support- vendetta against males I felt the twinge of fear that I felt when I went through my own separation (long ago forgotten and forgiven). What a cold feeling.

All these poor poor women (heavy sarcasm added) having all there needs and wants catered to in the legal arena, quick and expert advice from ambulance chasers who only see an active legal certificate. whats the first thing a MAN hears when looking for a bit of free advice? 'OH can I see your pay stub please' ''I'm sorry you've passed the threshold for free advice by $ 80.24 sorry move along please" They would not even answer me when I asked for the simplest of advice of where do I get the forms and paperwork to defend my self. While the men sit in the lobby of the courtroom and wait for there doom to arrive from prejudiced FEMALE judges These women chit chat and edify each others hate and disdain for there male counterpart.

They form COVENS here and love to teach the new members all the hateful and intricate ways to 'PUT THAT MAN IN HIS PLACE" I didn't give up. So with forgiveness I got rid of the hurt and anger with the system (and the ex) and by not just agreeing to what was handed to me and not giving in, I can live with MYSELF and sleep at night. I love your site.

Francois said (November 7, 2010):

ou guys should learn french ;-)
Check this one

In short:
They were in a free union. They separated.
They had an agreement : she lived in a house estimated at 2M$ with their 3 children with over 400000$ child support a year.
She took him to court to get 672000$ a year plus 50M$.
It seems she won the child support bonus.
Even the feminists here are embarrassed now.

link in english

Gary said (November 7, 2010):

I'm a divorced man, who pays child support in NY, who works as a paralegal in the New York City area. And I'd like to tell you that the claims of an individual paying 50% of his salary to child support are absurd. The more kids you have, the less your support payments are in NY. A man with 4 kids pays no more than 31%, (5 kids is 35%) and very few men have 4 or 5 kids these days. And that includes second marriages too. You can se it fo yourself here, So the 50% claim is curiously questionable.

Also, state legislatures have become brutally aware of the cost that feminists are imposing on men via VAWA and the child support cottage cheese industry. It's no longer cost effective in a tight economy for the state to pay for excessive child care and counseling costs that come from separating children from their fathers for long periods of time.. States are changing laws to be fair to both sexes nows, not just women. Those days are rapidly coming to an end, thanks in part to the double edged sword of political correctness. Judges, no matter how radical, are finally starting to lose their man-rape attitude in divorce court, and have been handing down very reasonable judgments for the last decade.

The point is that the laws are changing, and they're changing in favor of men. New York divorce laws are a good example. An average divorce used to last 3 years in NY. Now it can be cut down to as little a few months, if you're willing to work thing out with your ex-spouse. If your ex-spouse is not reasonable however, a judge will not rape you like they do in other states or countries. Also, if the woman earns more than the man, SHE PAYS HIM ALIMONY in New York state. That's the law.

None of this was mentioned in the November 6, 2010 Child Support article by Mr Gary Hunt. Nor was the geographic location of Mr Hunt's so-cled patients. Since each state's child support laws are totally different, it's IMPOSSIBLE to tell who in Mr Gary Hunt's article i's getting screwed and who is getting a good deal. But since Mr Gary Hunt left that information out, I guess we'll never know, will we?

And finally, as for Mr Hunts claim that no one keeps statistics on child support violators, that's a lie too. Every state does, including California. Other states list these statistics under the title of prison or inmate statistics. Rand Corp has a good site here that can help you find any stats on California's inmate population you want, here at,

Robert said (November 7, 2010):

How many of these judges are heterosexual MEN with solid marriages and children of their own? Very few, I'm sure. Normalcy and a humane outlook are not wanted in these positions by the societal planners, and the same goes for managerial positions in the bureaucracy. There are a small number of exceptions (probably just to keep a vestige of hope alive in the zoo animals and thus make them less restive), but the "trend" is patent, and with it the underlying policy.

Standing before a hostile judge or a malicious "superior" truly gives one a dreadful feeling, which of course it is a sadist's delight to elicit.

Olivia said (November 7, 2010):

Henry -- this is an area that needs to be totally revamped asap! A lot of men are taking a hosing and I will tell you how. The Internal Revenue issues debit cards to women who receive support through the courts. They in turn an do anything with the money they choose; they are not monitored or have to account where the funds go!!

I have seen spending on drug paraphernalia such as cigars, wraps, alcohol,lottery items,and cartons of cigarettes. Until these men start hollering and fighting things will not change. A lot of the women are not doing the right thing. Men have a right to ask them to be accountable through the courts. Do it.

Allen said (November 7, 2010):

When I got divorced my ex accused me of all kinds of wrong doing. It had been investigated earlier and I'd been exonerated. NO worry we live in Napoleonic law and all she had to do was accuse me and I'm on supervised visitation. Further she rammed an agreement down my throat giving her everything, did this by threatening to prosecute me over her allegations. Clear case of extortion. My ex is a very abusive individual can scream reality into creation, my little girl is in danger. Douglas County Oregon lost the evidence and refused to prosecute. The lawyers decide I make 4 times what I did and I paid 105% of my income in alimony and child support after she got the whole house and 90% of the furniture in a community property state. Used the fact I was on heavy pain killers to badger me into giving her brother my race car so he could destroy it. Took 5 years to get it reduced. I'm badly disabled screaming nuts, earn between 600-900/month pay 116 not bad.

Recently broke my arm and was on SDI for a month total income 200, they took 50 for child support but took my license (partial payment). I walk everywhere I go and live in a foreclosed house praying not to become homeless. I'm also 4K in arrears because I was homeless and unemployed.

Men are getting screwed in this nation and it will turn this recession into a depression. Grabbing licenses should be means tested, it's one thing if you drive a BMW live in a Condo, it's another to be homeless and unemployed.

Mark said (November 7, 2010):

I want to begin by saying that I’ve loyally read your articles for close to ten years now. I appreciate your insight and have also found myself relying on it, after I separated from my common-law wife of eighteen years. Immediately after the separation I began to pay child support, as laid out by the federal guidelines. These guidelines are strictly upheld, and as I discovered if you have a change in circumstances – i.e. job loss, or if you’re down-sized to a lesser paying job, getting your child support reduced is not always a simple matter. During the economic debacle of 2008, I did indeed lose my job. During this time, my arrears accrued. As they did, I was treated like a criminal by “Maintenance Enforcement”. My driver’s license was suspended – which hardly made me more “employable”, I was unable to get a passport, my bank accounts were confiscated & I found myself on some sort of “black-list”, being unable to open a new bank account anywhere else. Essentially, I was reduced to the status of a second class citizen.

I was able to find work after a number of months, at a non-profit agency which does a great service for sick Canadians. Although my new position pays less, I get much more than a pay-check from working there – I get a sense of well-being from what I do.

When I attempted to get my payments reduced to reflect my current wage, I learned that I must file an income tax return and be provided an assessment from CRA stating my new yearly income. For over a year, I lost 60% of my net, take-home pay for child support. I was one small step away from homelessness.

Eventually however, I was given my day in court. The judge actually lambasted me, before a packed courtroom of strangers, that I took a lesser-paying job! I replied that the measure of a man’s wealth is greater than the sum in his bank account. He angrily retorted to me that supporting my children should be my primary focus in life. I countered that my children must be supported by more than just money. That’s what so many divorced / separated fathers are reduced to, simply a well of money which vengeful women attempt to run dry.

My children are indeed the first priority in my life. They benefit greatly from me, not only in a financial sense but also by what I can teach them. Steadily however, we see men and fathers being reduced nothing by this overbearing system.

Thanks for listening Henry & keep up the good work!

Bernie said (November 7, 2010):

I know every guy who wouldn't pay their child support always came out good. If they waited many years they never had to pay the amount they owed. Men who moved away and didn't pay child support in many cases the woman didn't care. I paid mine every week, but the whore used cocaine and drank, so I would have been better to just move away and put the money in the bank.


Thanks Bernie,

fyi this website advocates fair treatment of men. I don't the financial burden should rest solely on the woman.


Len said (November 7, 2010):

Henry, I can testify and verify that the child-support agencies have almost ZERO sense of fairness toward men/fathers/ex-husbands who are clearly being USED by hateful and vindictive women/ex-wives to destroy the man's life financially. In many cases the child involved IS NOT EVEN THE EX-HUSBAND'S natural child. [and DNA tests, if enforced and required, would prove this]!

In my honest opinion, this is yet another legal-means of emasculating men and further destroying their lives. It is all part of the masonic-illuminati agenda to destroy strong men and families.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at