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Illuminati Programmed Women to Self-Destruct

January 10, 2012

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Boomers Threw Their Children to the Wolves

"Lacking guidance or a value-system and desperately needing one, as all children do, we instead latched onto the only force that did seem to care about us - the Illuminati media. So, from our earliest years, we've been given one relentless message: "'hot woman + hot man + hot sex = happiness".

The Illuminati war on Western civilization continues with the re-engineering of young women, so they'll have few children and not marry.

The Kabbalah "does not bring the nations closer to holiness,but rather extracts the holiness from them, and thereby destroys their ability to exist..." -Yesaiah Tishbi  ( cited in Hoffmann, Judaism Revealed, p.775)

By Anna Freeman

My generation and
anyone born after 1980 have not been brought up by our parents, but by the media. Our parents, brainwashed by the liberal-feminist-atheist aesthetic, sacrificed us on the altar of political correctness. They were told not to be 'oppressive' or 'intrusive' like their own parents, but rather to give us our freedom and let us find our own way.

Very PC. But the literal translation? We were quite literally thrown to the wolves ("in sheep's clothing", aka the Fabian Society et al).

Lacking guidance or a value-system and desperately needing one, as all children do, we instead latched onto the only force that did seem to care about us - the ILLUMINATI MEDIA. So, from our earliest years, we've been given one relentless message: "'hot woman + hot man + hot sex = happiness". And that is the only message we ever have been given,  the only message any future generation is likely to receive.

If you take a generation, and deprive them of all moral values, all guidance and support, all spirituality and humanness, and instead bombard them with explicit, dehumanized sexual images - this is what you get.

Women now judge themselves, not as mothers, nurturers, or companions, but on how quickly and extensively men are prepared to debase them. What 50-years ago would have been considered appalling, degrading treatment from men, is now considered a compliment.

A friend of mine recently told me, glowing with pride, how she'd got a job by wearing a short skirt: "The boss said he didn't think I'd be able to do the job," she said. "But he did think it would be nice to have my legs to look at every day."


The Matthew Perry vehicle '17 Again' is a rare example of what movies should be. The middle-aged Matthew Perry character is transported back to relive his teenage years, in the present day. This means he ends up fraternizing with his teenage daughter's friends, and is shocked at their aggressive sexuality and lack of boundaries.

He sits three of them down, and says, "Look, you have to stop behaving like this. If you don't respect yourselves, who else will?"

They all look at each other, momentarily stunned, and you think he might have got through to them... until one thrusts her chest forward, and declares:

"You don't have to respect me!"

Outraged and not to be outdone, her friend immediately counteracts:

"Well, you can respect me even less!"

Before the final friend delivers triumphantly:

"You don't even have to remember my name!"

 He looks at them, speechless, before shaking his head and declaring:

"This is some other dad's problem.


But the problem is, of course, that no dads - or mums - are dealing with it.

They're all too desperate to appear 'cool' and be their children's 'friends'. The idea of providing a robust moral framework for their children, and assuming responsibility for their development, rather than leaving it to friends and Facebook, is anathema.

As an example, this Christmas, I went to my aunt and uncle's house, and they have a 13-year-old daughter, typically obsessed with her phone and Facebook.

Her mother confessed to me she was having problems dealing with her, and asked me whether I, before the age of 16, had ever told either of my parents to "f*** off". I was shocked, I told her. I still hadn't said that to either of them now, nor would I dream of doing so.

Apparently though, this is the typical response my aunt and uncle get - by text - if they ever try to control my cousin's whereabouts.

Bear in mind this is no 'problem family' - this is a 'good' home, with married parents in good jobs and both kids at private school - yet the children are already lost.

Young girls, like my cousin, and like girls all around the world, have been left to be reared by the media - where they are told repeatedly that all they have to offer the world is the packing they exist within - how 'hot' they are.

And that their value in life is directly measured by how many people they can get to crudely respond to this 'hotness'. Boasting of how many 'conquests' they've achieved is a common conversational topic amongst young girls, and, as a teenager, I vividly remember facing the torturous decision to either lie, or be the subject of derision, when it came to disclosing my own 'numbers' to my friends (I usually lied.)


But the truly astonishing fact is that, whilst young men may at least physically enjoy casual sex, young women don't.

They are programmed and designed not to (hence the 'problem pages' inundated by "help, I'm 'faking it!" type letters). How many young men would so enthusiastically engage in casual, anonymous sex if it wasn't physically satisfying? Probably none. But young women do, all the time.  That's how distorted, dehumanized and controlled they have become.

This brainwashing is so extensive that many, many of my friends - all bright, attractive, kind and thoughtful women - started having unprotected sex with strangers from their teens onwards.

Many have had abortions (official UK figures show that around 30% of women seeking abortions didn't use any contraception), and these abortions will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives - to say nothing of the lives that have been so brutally cut short as a result.

Can this amount of suffering and pain really be justified by a five-minute anesthetized fumble with someone who might not even remember their names? Somehow, generations of girls have been convinced that it can be,

I could probably rant on about this subject for years, and all the horrific, dehumanizing things I've seen my friends - all intelligent and highly-educated women - go through. I can hardly even bear to watch my young cousins grow up, and see what will happen to them.


Anna Freeman, 28, lives in London.


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Comments for "Illuminati Programmed Women to Self-Destruct"

Terry said (January 14, 2012):

Hi Anna,

Its nice to see a young woman recognize the value of her femininity and self respect. There is a certain (illuminati) programmed nature in women today. Even ones that are into their 40s. You will meet women who get into their 50s and decide that they don't want a man to debase them but still want his companionship.

As Henry often points out we can see the next steps of the plan unfolding on to the world. Here in Northern California I met a low level Satanist. He explained the more public aspects of his "church" to me one morning. I found him to be a coward. If he is an indication of the rest of the crowd they sell out to easily. He was eager to point out a well known person in our community who is also a member of his "Church". In order to stop Satanist and their cruel takeover of the world, it would take the parents to stand up and be Fathers and Mothers. Families need to heal. Children need the support of their Uncles, Aunts, and cousins too. I have raised such a challenge in my own extended family. Believe me it is a lot harder than it sounds.

There is a herd mentality among today's young women. It keeps getting worse and worse. I remember one time my Father told me that wife's dressed up for their husbands. Women didn't parade themselves around looking like prostitutes. Young women pressure and debase other young women and sometimes teen girls to do that. I think one way to counter this form of satanism is to stop the mind playing and back stabbing between women and girls. Unfortunately, today's media, a lot of Mom's and the occasional grandma continue to teach this program to their daughters or grand daughters. In Henry's terrific book, he was right. No man wants a woman who treats herself like a prostitute for a wife and certainly mother his children. Women need to feel its okay to be women. They are not the weaker sex and we are not going to look down on them. Men and women need each other. Its like the real Church posting where babies come from. These young women need to realize 'fun' is not all about catering to their individual egos. I like to make a bumper sticker that says "Be politically incorrect: marry someone of the opposite sex and have a family with her!"

Thanks for your posts Anna. Finally a younger woman who is more realistic about the terrible state of how women are and how they are a sworn enemy to each other.

Anna Freeman said (January 13, 2012):

The Illuminati's tricks are compelling, and designed by masterminds to work. Blaming women (or anyone) for falling for them, like CU below, is not the right answer.

The wider, more destructive implications of this are that feminism has been able to use it - to leap on men who view women contemptuously, and hold them up to women, and say - "You see! You see what they're like! They do hate you! You must unite and rise against them!"

When I read comments like CU's - accusatory and attacking - I can see how this works. People are naturally defensive, and rarely respond to overt attacks with anything other than righteous fury.

(The illuminati know this - that's why they've always done things covertly and by stealth - a wolf in sheep's clothing). The correct way to view modern, 'liberated' women is, not with hostile condemnation, but with compassion and sympathy (similar to your views on homosexuals). Not simply because this is the correct human response, but because feminism cannot use it advantageously.

Peter-Andrew Nolan said (January 13, 2012):

you say "But the problem is, of course, that no dads - or mums - are dealing with it. " This is simply not true. MILLIONS of fathers are trying VERY HARD to be the fathers they chose to be to their children and assist their children grow to adult hood. For this we are hated and despised by women AND MEN alike.

I am one such man as had my children kidnapped and NO WOMEN and VERY FEW MEN could give a damn about the kidnapping of my children. So I am telling as many young men as I know that this is what they face in the future. I tell them that in my divorce 95% of assets were given to my criminal child abusing ex wife and I tell the men that women LAUGH at me and CHEER for her. And not a few men as well. The young men are listening. They are not saying much. But they ARE listening. You want to know who to hold accountable for the disaster that is the UK now? Try the women AND MEN who laughed at all those fathers who were removed from their children against their will.

CU said (January 12, 2012):

How intelligent and highly educated can the author's friends be, if the single, major determinant of their personal self-esteem, at any given moment, is governed by the number of men who express the desire to sleep with them?

A mindset like this one disproves the author's statement regarding her "highly educated" and "intelligent" friends - and any woman who buys into this notion, is neither intelligent nor highly educated.

Quite the opposite, in fact. ("Gullible" and "brainwashed" would be more descriptive word choices here.)

I know some women who don't buy into the "Sluttiness = Empowerment" equation. True, they are few and far between, but they share two common traits: They can think for themselves, and they don't believe most of the crap they are taught by their friends, their families, their television sets, and their schools.

Which means they actually are intelligent - because they make up their own minds about what is true and what is not.

If a person does not possess this trait, they are not intelligent. They are malleable. (And the two are not synonymous.)

It is obvious that society has been constructed in such a way as to debase women and make them feel worthless.

But if a woman truly is intelligent, she'll see through it.

Women who are "highly educated" possess an "intelligence" that is directly proportional to the length of their skirts.

College degrees are doled out by Rockefeller-controlled lapdogs, in the exact same manner that the All Powerful Wizard handed a diploma to the brainless Scarecrow, in the infamous mind-control programming film, "The Wizard of Oz", based on the book of the same name, by Illuminist L. Frank Baum.

The only thing a college degree truly says about the recipient, with clarity and conviction, is this - "You're smart because we say you are - now go do our bidding."

Jo said (January 12, 2012):

What's encouraging is that I find that my female friends who are parents tend to be more strict than their parents were raising them.

When nature gets out of balance, it finds a way to return to balance.

Also, an interesting synchronization for me is that I read a church sign yesterday that said "Babies are God's way of keeping the world going." I was surprised that I was surprised to see a sign pointing out the obvious.

Furthermore, a lot of Americans have checked out of popular culture because it's just so much worse than it was when we were kids. It's so hard consistently fighting against the dominant culture. Have you checked out the clothes for infant/toddler girls lately? Ugh!

Dundee said (January 12, 2012):

Sadly I can't fault a word of what you say. I, from Scotland, moved to London to live in 93 and left 'eventually' in 2009. I was relieved to get out. However, the debasement of women we see in London, could really be any major city in England and Wales (thankfully, it's not as bad in Ireland and Scotland....yet).

I'm now 40 and I'm appalled at the, what can only be described as a whore mentality amongst young women today. On a par, although men have always been Jack the lads, men today have no respect for women, unlike the men of old. Courting to them is taking your clothes off before sex, after knocking back as many cocktails as possible while you get to 'know' one another in a bar previously. But then young men see how to treat women from the sex education on the internet - HARDCORE PORNOGRAPHY. I was shocked upon returning to Scotland to see my nephew in his early twenties, who, upon going out for a drink one evening said to me - "Let's pick up a girl and double team her." I don't have to explain what that means, but, had I said that to my Uncle when I was young, I'd have been picking my jaw up from the floor. I was tempted, severely, but knew that were I to do so, I'd be in the jail sooner than you could say no respect. It is ironic, but children today have no sruples whatsoever. They simply do what they want and never, ever think of the consequences.

I see the problem (including all that Anna has written) as being London. It's a major city and to me is like a boil that seeps puss. That puss is infecting the rest of England and the UK, as it spreads outwards. You'll find this despicable attitude that men and women have, running rampant in every major city in England. As written before, our society is contaminated. There is nothing whatsoever that can be done to stop this rot within, for in attempting to do so, it would be seen as completely draconian and never accepted by society. They have been reprogrammed. They are totally alien to their people and their culture. There is no English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh culture left.

We are living fully in a communist society, under a rampant American black vulgar and white bitch (Beverly Hills 90210) culture. Multiculturalism has utterly smashed away the remnants of UK indigenous cultures. The music, the fashions, the language (all be it with a different dialect), the addiction to porn and mobile phones is all the way from the good old U.S of A, I'm afraid to say, which ironically was programmed to be that way by the Fabian Socialists and of course the Royal Institute for International Affairs, no doubt under the command, of the Rothschild empire and Crown of England (via Germany and Holland). America was the testing bed for a multicultural, non indigenous society. Multicultures, by definition, demolish indigenous cultures. Thesis (indigenous culture) + antithesis (alien culture) = synthesis (multiculture). Hollywood, porn and MTV have obliterated British culture. British youth is now American albeit with a different dialect.

However, I will say that there are some girls and boys who no doubt have respect for themselves, their loved ones and people in general, but they're a dying breed, forced to abide Nu-Culture by their peers, who have never, nor ever will find themselves.
The sad reality is this, look at them now and imagine what their offspring will be like, that is if they have any. Society is completely destroyed as was planned. Now it's time for the state to move in a sort it all out, that is the mess, they've created in the first place. And people will never know.......

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