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New Catholic Book Opposes Zionist Revolution

July 25, 2019

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"The New World Order is Zionism," says Hugh Akins. 

"Zionism seeks nothing less than a Universal Satanic Republic under Talmudic Rule." 

Makow Comment - In 1917, Illuminati Jewish banker Louis Marshall said, "Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan. It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon." 

Zionism is like the Queen in a chess game. It is an essential weapon but the ultimate goal is a satanic monopoly over human life - political, economic and spiritual. Organized Jewry and Freemasonry collaborate, but the NWO is really the brainchild of Sabbatean-Frankist bankers and kabbalists. 

from Jan 2, 2013
by James B. Phillips J.D.

Synagogue Rising is a phenomenal and brilliant work of Christian scholarship by Hugh Akins, a well-established author, activist and long-time leader in Catholic Action.*    

The book is best described in its subtitle: "A Catholic Worldview of Anti-Christian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance."  

However, far from having been written for Catholics, many Muslims and Jews have found this powerful work of immense value.  
The book is a mighty call to arms, a last-ditch, eleventh-hour, life-or-death call to all men of good will to rally on the front lines - while we are still free to fight back and drive the enemy from our shores.  

(Hugh Akins, left,  in Vietnam in 1968) 

Certainly no work of anti-Semitism, the author of this tremendous, outstanding 750+ page tome insists that not all Jews are our enemies, only the guilty ones, only those who have been driven mad by a Talmudic-inspired anti-Christian fanaticism that will not rest until every non-Jew on earth is either slain or enslaved under a New World Order of Talmudic construct.   

It is these few Jewish psychopaths - those behind the French and Russian revolutions, the two world wars, Vatican II, 9/11 and the phony War on Terror - and clearly not the Jewish people as a whole, that Akins argues must be exposed, resisted and defeated, lest Organized Evil emerges triumphant and the Light of Christ be extinguished from the world of man.
Fact #1

If anything is meticulously and convincingly documented in Synagogue Rising it is this first fact: the Catholic Church has no equal throughout history in waging a just and powerful counter-offensive against the Synagogue of Satan, in all of its manifestations, fronts and offensives.
The uncontested testimony of history, speaks for itself.  Revolutionary Judaism never had a more formidable enemy than the Catholic Church - and they know it 
Fact #2

Today's Catholic papacy, sub-hierarchy, clergy and lay leaders have not just reneged on their moral duty to militate against World Jewry but have appallingly lent themselves - mind, body and soul - to the vast propaganda machine of the diabolical Elders of Zion.
Since the internal rupture that took place at the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), during which the Church's human hierarchy, in essence, sold its soul to Talmudic Judaism, esoteric Freemasonry and Rabbinic Bolshevism, and the corruptible visible Church to a great extent broke from the incorruptible Supernatural Church, this New church as it is called has emerged as one of the Jewish Cryptocracy's most valued allies, completely reversing not only Biblical teaching on the Jews but 20 full centuries of Catholic resistance to Jewry's Luciferian Masterplan aimed at destroying Christianity and building a whole new International Social Order based on "the pre-eminent hate literature of all time," the Talmud. 
Fact # 3

This New World Order under Judaic Hegemony is what was envisioned by just about every prominent Talmud-poisoned Jew throughout history, from the first century sage, Rabbi Simon ben Yohai to the highly venerated Rabbi Moses ben-Maimon (both leading advocates of the extermination of all non-Jews; Judaic madmen that are held in the highest esteem by Jews the world over, even in our day), to Baruch de Spinoza ("father of 18th century Enlightenment" launched primarily for the emancipation of revolutionary Jews), to Mayer Amschel Rothschild ("founding father of the dynasty that literally rules the world"), to Rabbi Shneur Zalman (founder of what is today one of the most powerful anti-Christian sects on earth, Chabad-Lubavitch), to Moses Hess ("pioneer of modern socialism"), to Isaac Roenbourg, William Renau and Reuben Rodacher (co-founders of the supremely powerful Judaic-Masonic B'nai B'rith).

It was the goal of Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginzberg ("strongman of Zionist fanaticism" who is also believed to be, "along with Lord Rothschild, one of the authors of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion"), Theodor Herzl ("most responsible for converting Zionism into a world-wide political force"),  Max and Paul Warburg ("money men that bankrolled Hitler and created the Jewish owned Federal Reserve financial monopoly and dictatorship"),  Rabbi Judah Magnes (co-founder of the American Jewish Committee and the Order of B'nai-Zion"),  Felix Lazerus Pinkus ("one of the principal founders of the Judaic-Masonic OTO - the Ordo Templi Orientis or Order of Oriental Templars"),  Isaiah "Si" Kenan (founder of AZCPA, the American Zionist Committee for Public Affairs, which changed its name to AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee" which today controls the White House and Congress and both Republican and Democratic national committees.)

It was the goal of Rabbi Marc Tennenbaum and Jules Isaac ("who were greatly instrumental in undermining the Catholic Church at Vatican Council II and facilitating the Church's sellout to International Jewry"), Gyorgy Schwartz (better known as George Soros, seen the world over as "an economic war criminal"),  "Lucky" Larry Silverstein ("champion of population extermination and 9/11 co-conspirator and beneficiary"),  Lloyd Blankfein (chairman of Goldman Sachs with the well-deserved reputation as "Dr. Evil of Wall Street"), and on and on it goes ("A Jewish Conspiracy?").
Fact #4

Totalitarianism, that unparalleled scourge of modern times, is the clandestine and criminal work of the same Judeo-Masonic-Plutocratic Master planners; the same criminal Overlords known as the Elders of Zion.  And this is so in every one of totalitarianism's manifestations,  Bolshevism, Nazism, Fascism, Zionism - as well as the fast-developing American Totalitarianism under the deceptive mask of Homeland Security and the Welfare/Warfare State of the Left-Right Axis of Evil ("Organized Forces Driving Man Individually and Mankind Collectively into Total Apostasy and Totalitarian Tyranny.")
Fact #5

Contrary to the Jewish-controlled media's anti-Catholic propaganda blitz, Pope Pius XII had no equal in the world in heroically challenging the institutionalized evil of Nazism and in coming to the aid of persecuted Jews during World War II.    Akins writes: "The Church was no more silent on the Nazi persecution of Jews than she was supportive of the impossible 'Holocaust' claims of the Zionist Establishment."  

In conclusion, Synagogue Rising provides a correct view of world history as it relates to Zionism and visa versa. ("Zionism is a crypto-Judaic vehicle for World Domination under a Jewish World Authority, as some of the most prominent Zionists openly attest to." p. xxii)  It explains what we can do to effectively counter the Zio-Judaic New World Order.

*Note on Catholic Action:  Catholic  Action is the organization and movement of a highly trained and disciplined cadre of lay Catholics, commissioned by the popes and working with their bishops and priests either directly or indirectly, to share the Catholic faith with non-Catholics, or with Catholics that lack a full understanding of their religion, in order to further the cause of Christ the King (King of Kings).  This requires of the soldier of Christ that he actively defends Church, home and country against every heresy, every subversive sect, every diabolic conspiracy of organized and militant evil.
It was just such a powerful dynamic - coupled with the great religious orders (Benedictines, Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits, etc.) - that produced the best of what Western Civilization had to offer, which was none other than Christian Civilization.
Once a mighty force for good (it kept Italy from going Communist following WWII), C.A. today is alive and well only in the hearts and through the labors of tiny pockets of resistance in what is called the Catholic Counterrevolution.

Synagogue Rising by Hugh Akins:  $39.95 + $5.99 P&H domestic U.S.A. (Canada add $14.95 P&H; International add $24.95 P&H; Australia and New Zealand add $32.95 P&H).
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Checks, money orders to: CTC Books, P.O. Box 678047, Orlando, FL. 32820, U.S.A.

First Comment by Richard:

I know all about what's going on in Catholicism in Texas, so I can say with absolute certainty that to call this a "Catholic Book" is misnomer.  Catholics around here genuflect before the Israeli flag.  Some of the the old ladies wear Magen David necklaces instead of the traditional crucifix.   

What must be understood is that the Catholic Church of the Inquisition, and the belief that Jews lost their covenant with God for rejecting Jesus no longer exists.  

Vatican II is the general marker for the replacement of traditional Catholicism with this new dumbed down simulacra version. 

But the change in course started in the 19th century, and was already a done deal by the end of WW II.   Whatever we see on the surface as Councils and papal declarations was and is theater for the public. ...

Here's what Catholic children are being taught, and what the adults believe.   The idea is that the Jewish Covenant was forever.   Jesus came for the Jews first, but when they rejected him he accepted Gentile converts -- to make the Jews jealous, so that they would eventually see their error and come back. 

Christians are "grafted in" so we better be careful because because when the Jews return to Jesus on Judgement Day, they  might kick us out. 
This nonsense is a gateway to  Christian Zionism. 

The current Pope Benedict XVI came up with this stuff which I have no doubt is why he is Pope today. 

Organized religions are all political entities.  They massage how their members are supposed to think to suit current political agendas.   Make no mistake, the insiders of the Vatican and Zionism are working toward the same end - globalization.   

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "New Catholic Book Opposes Zionist Revolution"

John said (February 4, 2013):

Thanks Henry for giving some publicity to Synagogue Rising. Having carefully read the entire book Synagogue Rising I found the review to be excellent in accurately stating the truth about it. The author makes it clear in the book that although he recognizes the terrible and tragic current state of the human side of the Church, he is not a sedevacantist.

I could not agree more with something Tony B says: "This could be the most important article you have published especially in the midst of the English speaking, Protestant world.....This man's book is a must read." Indeed it is!

Alberta said (February 3, 2013):

I think you are missing the point about the infiltration of the Masonic/Judeo cults into the Church. It took centuries, it did not ‘just happen’. It was a coordinated effort to bring social upheaval through revolutions and two World Wars to what once was Christian Europe. Added to these social upheavals was the plan to subvert the teaching orders of the Jesuits, Dominicans and the Franciscans by recruiting promising young homosexuals a career path.

After WWll the Diocesan seminaries became colonized as well. These forces were coupled with the change of morals and values through the entertainment industry, mainly Hollywood, that made ‘modernization’ an acceptable idea to many Catholics. If the Catholic Church was not a Divine Institution, St. Peter’s Square would be a shopping mall by now.

This onslaught will soon end. Our Blessed Mother has given us warnings since her appearance in Quito, Ecuador in the early part of the 17th C warning of secret societies plotting against the Church and against Christian culture and morals which will come to fruition in the latter half of the 20th Century. She promises a clear defeat of this cabal when all seems loss. Look up Chiesa Viva Magazine “Our Lady Condemns Freemasonry”

John said (February 2, 2013):

When I was growing up in the 1970s we still had nuns in habits who gave their lives for God and the Catholic Church. Nuns used to be a model of humility and obedience, and convents were flourished across the world. But as time went on the liberation of women struck the Church too.

By the 1980s nuns were becoming extinct. The new nun was liberated from the veil and the interior life of contemplation and sacrifice. In her place was the in your fierce, in your face, feminist who wanted to compete with the men for position and power.

Soon girls were permitted to be Altar Boys in obvious preparation for eventual ordination to the sacred priesthood. Here is where we are today as increasing pressure is being applied to the Church, and the great liberalization of modern society continues its path of destruction upon all right order:

If this comes to be I might be forced to embrace Islam.

Tim said (February 2, 2013):

Many of Richard’s comments are insightful, but it is important not to confuse Catholics with people who simply claim to be Catholic.

Anyone in formal denial of Catholic dogma, and that includes Benedict XVI, is automatically self-excommunicated from the Church. If such people call themselves Catholic, they are liars and hypocrites. They blaspheme Christ’s Holy Church by passing themselves off as her faithful children.

Benedict XVI and his four predecessors are all heretical antipopes. Historically, about one in seven major claimants to the papacy has been an antipope, so the idea of our living under an antipapacy should not appear alien to anyone.

However, unlike previous antipopes, these antipopes are all creatures of the Luciferian-Jewish conspiracy, several of them (Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI) being themselves of Jewish stock. Thus we might label these impostors judeo-popes.

Theire job is to feign concern for the preservation of the Church’s teachings whilst all the time pushing the globalist agenda of the Bank of Satan headed by the Rothschild dynasty. None of their teachings or actions, including their anti-Council “Vatican II”, has any validity for Catholics. They rule over a simulacrum “church”, a clever counterfeit, dispensing worldly teaching, heresy, and invalid sacraments.

Some may ask, why doesn’t God expose this foul sect? He does. He allows the stench of their hypocrisy and sexual sins to rise to Heaven. He exposes their diabolical heresies to the four winds. He has revealed to us their connections to judeo-masonry. Those who fail to notice are being punished because they don’t care. Why should God enlighten them if they care nothing for the absolute purity of Christian moral and dogmatic teaching?

Meanwhile, the true Church remains as ever. She is reduced to a remnant, almost to invisibility, but she can never be destroyed. Our only hope of salvation, and indeed our very greatest honour, is to join her proudly, and once joined, to remain faithful to her unchanging teachings. Only with her, by her, in her, can we hope to please God sufficiently as to merit His help against His perennial enemies.

Tony B said (February 2, 2013):

This could be the most important article you have published, especially in the midst of the English speaking, Protestant world.

The guy, "Richard" most likely doesn't even realize it but he simply backs up what you posted from the book.

This man's book is a must read.

I'm just finishing up John Senior's "The Restoration of Christian Culture. Mr. Senior was actually educated in the true sense of the word, something understood by but a few in today's "West." He's many atmospheres over my head and this is my second reading of the book. Inspiring.

Adam said (February 2, 2013):

My first thought after reading "Fact One" was " If you can't beat them, JOIN them". The second thought concerned the Jewish dictum "by deception you shall make war". I noticed this item on another website that you are familiar with. I think it encapsulates my points.

"Kevin MacDonald – Occidental Observer June 7, 2011

An article in Haaretz (“Israeli Jew turned Catholic priest named head of papal court”) describes one David Maria Jaeger who “converted” from Judaism to Catholicism and will now become a member of the highest court in the Vatican. The word ‘converted’ is in quotes because it’s apparent that Jaeger has in no sense ceased being a Jew. Jaeger was born in Tel Aviv and had a Jewish religious education before assuming his high position in the Church. ...... Beginning in the 15th century in Spain, people like Jaeger were called Conversos or Marranos (pigs)—Jews who had the appearance but not the reality of having converted to Catholicism. The Inquisition was designed to ferret such people out and subject them to penalties. Indeed, a major problem in the eyes of the Inquisition was that the Church itself had been infiltrated by Jews pretending to be Catholics ...... In the contemporary world, crypto-Judaism in the Church results in high office and, who knows, perhaps election as the next pope." ( from an article in

Joe said (February 1, 2013):

There's quite a bit of evidence indicating that the Vatican was threatened with a nuclear bomb during the October 1958 papal conclave. The conclave that gave us Pope John the 23rd ; He got the ball rolling for a Second Vatican Council [ to "modernize" the church] : The "novus ordo" church. Sounds similiar to "new world order" to me.

Google : " Vatican threatened With Nuclear Bomb During 1958 Conclave"

Also, google "Map of Nuclear Tests" . Go to the YouTube video. It's a time-lapse map of nuclear explosions from 1945. A video made by a Isao Hashimoto.

The US and the Soviet Union did more nuclear bomb testing in 1958 than both countries had since 1945. [ 1961 was another year of intense nuclear testing, not sure why ]. Much of the intense nuclear testing in 1958 coincided with the conclave. The Vatican was duly informed by both American and Soviet diplomats of the tests.

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