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New Intellectual Self-Defence Course

November 10, 2010

by Paul Verge & Richard Grove


Realizing the need for Intellectual Self-Defense on a worldwide scale, we decided to create a video variety series which introduces not only the problems; but bridges the information gap to reveal the solutions... the result, is What You've Been Missing!


We realized that "Apathy is the result of Extinguished Curiosity", and hypothesized that to reduce apathy among our friends and families we must re-ignite their curiosity. Once they've dissolved their illusions of knowledge- which were instilled by a public school system designed to extinguish their curiosity by providing pseudo-knowledge; our thinking is that they will CARE about what is going on outside their immediate lives, in the world and systems of authority pulling the strings around us.


Without learning, growing, and coming together around our common ground - the fact that a cabal of Sophist Elites, mostly Bankers, have organized to use an ancient concept called the Noble Lie for centuries to control mankind's thoughts, habits, and beliefs - we are destined to continue reliving history, and being slaves to our unelected Rulers.

"What You've Been Missing" was created to fill the massive gap created by Corporate Media, between itself and reality.  "WYBM" helps build bridges of understanding by rationally building out these large ideas starting from their foundation, so we can communicate more than repeated rhetoric, and help each other learn our way to Freedom.

Episode 01 is titled "Exposing The Noble Lie", and looks at the Roots of the Elitist Ideology, revealing data in-formation - presented logically and rationally so that you can not only understand the Roots and Branches of the Elitist Conspiracy, but share the wisdom you learn with others, in a way that can't be dismissed Emotionally or as Sensationalism.

WYBM: It's better than "News", it's What You've Been Missing!

Brought to you in HD and Commercial-Free by Tragedy and Hope dot com... A fear-free zone of mutual respect and critical thinking; where individual exploration(s) are shared to empower subscribers with cooperative understanding.


To experience the inspirations which brought about WYBM, visit www.TragedyandHope.comThe Tragedy and Hope Online Community. for more media; or click this invitation link to mingle with others who are likewise on a journey of understanding:


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