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NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy

April 3, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Apart from drugs, oil and the need for perpetual war, Afghanistan is about bringing  the blessings of Western feminism to women there. We are giving them the benefit of promiscuous sex, STD's, abortion, unemployment, lesbianism, divorce and single motherhood.

However this bonanza is threatened by Hamid Karzai's new laws which enshrine the Patriarchy. Accordingly, a woman cannot refuse sex for more than four days.  Headlines in the West (where sex is mostly confined to random short-term encounters) are screaming  "legalized rape!"

The laws also stipulate that women cannot seek work, education or even leave the house without their husband's permission. The law grants custody of children to fathers and grandfathers.

Since the Afghan war is little understood, "women's rights" has been a fig leaf for imperialism.  So, Westerners are expressing consternation that Hamid Karzai is actually "worse than the Taliban."

The gnashing of teeth is particularly acute in Canada which has invested $3 billion and more than 120 lives in the Afghan "mission." (Another $750,000 is being spent in Canada to brainwash the locals i.e. "projects designed to engage young Muslims and non-Muslims in discussions about discrimination, violence and human rights.")

Defence Minister Peter McKay said Karzai's "legislation won't fly."  NATO members would be pushing Afghanistan for answers. Remember Karzai is NOT their puppet. (I estimate that an additional 220,000 soldiers will be required to patrol  Afghan bedrooms.)

Isn't democracy great?  Karzai is responding to political pressure in Afghanistan in the run-up to an election.  The law is much improved from its original form. For example, the marriage age was raised from nine to 16.


Like men, women are programmable. They are vulnerable to propaganda stigmatizing family and glorifying "careers" instead. Islam has a right to defend itself from an insidious indoctrination program such as has befallen us in the West.

I don't agree with the new laws. The fastest way to alienate a wife from sex is to make it mandatory. The home should not be a prison and women should be free to lead the lives they want.

But we don't have the right to force our values on other cultures. How would we like if Taliban arrived in Europe and America with tanks and jet fighters? If their drones mistook us for insurgents and massacred us at our picnics? (The real rape is what we are doing to Afghanistan.)

How would we like if they forced our women to give up their careers, raise their children and keep house? If they flogged girls who were caught texting nude pics, showing their thongs, or "hooking up"? If they banned usury, gambling, pornography and prostitution? If they persecuted homosexuals and lesbians? If they banned obscenity, violence and sex from TV and movies? If they prohibited bacon, alcohol and drugs? If they forced everyone to pray to Allah five times a day?

afghanwomen.jpgWhat we are doing to them is every bit as bad. Feminism is Rockefeller social engineering. It is cultural imperialism via social disintegration. The central banking cartel has colonized us and we are colonizing Afghanistan in turn. By masculinizing women and feminizing men, feminism has undermined  marriage.  40% of US children were born out of wedlock in 2007 compared to four per cent in 1957.

Masquerading as "women's rights," feminism uses women to emasculate men. It destroys the Muslim family, and with it Muslim society and culture. It is designed to sap their resistance and make them docile mindless consumers.

So I applaud Hamid Karzai and hope he sticks to his guns. Let's respect their culture and religion. These are human rights. Let's show some respect and tolerance.


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Comments for "NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy"

BW said (April 4, 2009):

I was looking though a pamphlet on women's abuse issued by the Nova Scotia government that my girlfriend had. It was interesting that on the same page it said a male partner forcing a female partner to have sex was abuse, but so was
a male partner withholding sex from the female partner.

Also on the same page, abuse is described as the male partner not wanting the female partner to spend time with her friends and family, as well as the male partner spending time with his friends and family instead of the female partner.

These are just two examples of plain double standards and ethical contradictions. Other forms of abuse are the male partner asking where the female has been or asking her to
check in, and making any intrusion into the female's finances. There was a list
of about 40 things considered abuse, some of them were serious and obvious but most were trivial and just part of general human relations. It recommended that the female should end the relationship if "some" of these were experienced by her.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience with this government endorsed gynocentric hate literature.

Philip Jones said (April 4, 2009):

As one with many Muslim friends, who has been fortunate to see their domestic lives `up close and personal`, I can only say that out of perhaps twenty or so families I know, I have not met one Muslim Wife and mother who didn't appear to be `consumed` by love for her husband and family.

Furthermore, when I was doing research for a possible book on Muslims in Denmark two years ago, I interviewed many Muslim women, some married some not. Not one of the wives expressed anything but respect and empathy for their men, and the unmarried girls, all of whom had been born and raised in Denmark saw being a wife and mother as the ultimate goal in life, even though they had been raised in the secular State School System here, which is heavily slanted towards the `feminist`.

Conversely, Danish women are a mess. Most seem unsure as to whether they are male or female, in fact, looking at them, I can understand this. By the time they reach their late thirties, most have instigated a divorce or two, lead empty and lonely lives, and spend their lives in thrall to meaningless jobs and ungrateful employers.

What amazes me is that all the `Joanna's` say the exact same thing. Whether they live over there with you, over here, in Australia or wherever. A Feminist is a feminist, and it is clear that they have been programmed and indoctrinated into a conformist and perverted mindset, which is universal in it's methodology and dogma.

Joanna's views are not Joanna's views at all. They are somebody else's altogether. Just as you have written, unfortunately, the Joanna's of this world are just not worth wasting time on. She is so `plugged in`, that trying to deprogram and `unplug` her would probably be a hopeless task or at least, a major job for professionals, and I am aware of only one man with the skills and patience for that job, and I doubt you would relish it anyway :-)

As Morpheus puts it, "The Matrix is a system, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our enemies. You have to understand most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many are so...hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."

Truth said (April 4, 2009):

joanna below [ed-all the responses are with the archived version]

["If it is of her free will..that's fine with me."
this is what satan exercised (free will) and for that he is cursed---he chose his will over that of The Creator

it is not 'free will' that is highest but it is what is Right ;that is highest in terms of human conduct---all criminals exercise "free will".

you (as is typical of your type) chose to ignore what had already been explained to you; female circumcision is practised by christians as well as jews and muslims is a relatively few places---if you are sincere criticize the christians and jews who do this as well---and that is not to guarantee virginity as only the woman can guarantee that.

yes muslims value women for their ability to have children and highly value a virgin who has never been married; if that is a crime then we are guilty. any woman who doesn't value virginity is a sad case indeed.

another lie you have told---no where is a muslim woman told not to enjoy sex--that is sky and fox "news" and silly hateful chat room talk. such a woman is never called a "cheater" --she will simply be called a married woman who enjoys her husband. the truth is that you have been robbed of your feminine naturalness and you love it; that is your ill luck.

truth stands clear from falsehood

Fouzia said (April 4, 2009):

re. Joanne [below]: Joanne plz don't talk about something you don't know nothing about. I am a woman from Pakistan and but living here in Sweden. I am born and raised in Pakistan and still I never knew that there is such a thing as female circumcision.This is not something which is practiced in Pakistan. The first time I heard about was here in Sweden through media. It is a ritual common in some african countries and it has nothing to do with Islam.

There are people like you in my country who never ever have been outside Pakistan but thinks that all euorpeans and Americans women are ready to have sex anytime and any place and that they have loose character but I know it's not true. So please don't propogate which is not true.

Stu said (April 4, 2009):

The way muslim women are treated is just another side of the beast. The elite control both sides and both are barbaric. The muslims will lean more toward physical(stoning, circumcision, rape, etc) and western would tend more toward mental(brainwashing, etc). Pretty much if it involves the earth the elite have their hands in it. Instead of a bunch of trees(symptoms) being the problem, the problem is the forest(the elite). Muslim, "west", weather manipulation, abortion, wars, terrorism, holocausts, etc are only symptoms to keep us occupied and our mind off of the forest. As long as we continue to chase their rabbits that they put there for us they will continue to win. All of these are bad because we see them, unfortunately the really bad, the power behind all this which for the most part we are either unable or unwilling to see is what is really bad and what will eventually kill us if they are able to pull it off. Fortunately I think that they are having major problems pulling it off. Only time will tell.

Rebecca said (April 4, 2009):

I can't thank you enough for your column re Afghan laws. You are so right in everything you state. Who the hell are we, a country that stands for nothing, decimates any ethic and moral for 'freedom' and have never met a special interest group we didn't bow down to , to tell anyone else how to live?

We have thrown away all our values for the faux belief of 'equality'. We might not agree with their laws, but how many of our laws do we believe in? The forced indoctrination of our elementary school children in the ways of homosexuality? The threat of economic destruction from an HRT for voicing what we believe? These are things that a 'free and democratic' country would enforce? Who will come to save us from these laws?

Feminism is such a farce--what woman in their right mind could be proud of getting a job because of her gender? What happened to getting a job on your merit? No woman can hold her head high if she faced this reality about 'feminism', but that doesn't stop our government from enforcing it and stupid women falling for this enforced belief. It was a supposed coup for women that they could walk around bare breasted because men can. How ludicrous is that?
If any country should be invaded for their laws it is us. We have become decadant and ineffectual. But that doesn't stop us from telling others how to live because we cannot recognize our decadance.

I agree with you about Karzai--but he has fallen out of favour with the US so he must be replaced and this is the way to get the non-thinking people in the West to support more death and destruction. Democracy--you gotta love it!!!

Prashanta said (April 3, 2009):

I found your article "NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy" very interesting and I agree with some of the points. I also feel the same way but then in this world "might makes right" and the one who is in power gets to define the rules.

The western world should not directly interfere in other countries' affairs. If it feels that it knows better, then advising or persuading would be better than doing things by force. This way, if the other country feels that the western countries have a point, then it can act upon it. But forcing their ideals down an unwilling throat will only spark more hatred and resentment, and there is already a lot of hatred towards the USA.

I loved the part about swallowing feminist propaganda because I feel exactly the same way. Women deserve to be respected but they have a certain role just like a man has a certain role. And if they refuse to play their role then they must be ready to face the consequences like unstable marriage, single motherhood etc. But right now women are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

I am shocked when I see news reports where women try to extort money from their husbands during the divorce. If women are supposed to be independent and able to fend for themselves, why do they want money from their husbands and look like gold-diggers in the process? If they parted amicably without trying to grab every cent they can lay their hands on, I would have a much easier time believing what they are trying to say.

Glad to know that I am not the only one who thinks like this.

Adam said (April 3, 2009):

Salaamu Alaikum (Peace be unto to you) Henry,

This is a reply to Joanne (April 3, 2009) comment to the article "NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy". I guess I better say something first about your site.

I enjoy reading your articles a lot. I don’t agree with everything you write but I appreciate the input and the great insight you have.

About the Afghan law, it has nothing to do with Islam, I just wanted to say that. They are zealots, and our prophet warned us about such behaviour and told us to take the middle path. Also they are nothing but Western puppets.

Who funded Afghanistan and Islamic extremism?

Muslims are in a very bad shape right now, but you are Christian so I don’t expect you to believe in our prophecies, but we shall rise again and bring justice to this world and break the NWO and the bankers (Money Changers).

Thank you for the great site


Dear Joanne,

Not sure where you get your delusional ideas from about Saudi, Pakistan or Afghanistan. FGM is mainly practised in Africa among Muslims, Christians, Jews and Animists. Not in Saudi, Pakistan or Afghanistan. And it is not condoned but it is a controversial issue in those regions. As to the act of removing or cutting the Labia, or full clitoridectomy all are against it.

So why don’t you educate yourself and stop practicing your emotive tactics. You claim that you care about our daughters more than us? What a bad joke. You are nothing but a liar and an exaggerator, just like the neo-cons.

Satisfying your wife sexually is a commanded by Allah. Allah commands husbands to love and be kind to their wives, but in the same hand Allah demands wives to be obedient & dutiful to their husbands. Allah knows human nature and Islam does not have any feminist delusional ideas of "equality". We do not need your type of freedom and we do not need you soldiers to free us. You are nothing but a tool to divide us.

I do not agree with the Afghan laws and I also do not agree with much of the Muslim countries. But it is our HOUSE and will sort it out ourselves. We do not need your help, as your government have hidden motives that destroy us, and as to feminists you are a tool. No thank you to feminist and no thank you to your help.

Asim said (April 3, 2009):

Just wanted to say RESPECT! to your latest article on Afganistan. Hamid Karzai may be a zionist puppet but he is at least abiding by what his? people want. Perhaps an assasination is now overdue?

What is tragic however, is the Law itself which is not Islamic in any way at all. Women can abstain from having sex with their husbands for valid reasons for up to a month. She is obligated to have sex at least once a month if she can.

Muslim men are possessive over their women not only for what they are but for what they become - loyal wives and nurturing mothers to their children. Islam does not shy from this fact and makes it known time and again that women are to be treated with honor and dignity-whether married or not. Countries such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are not governed by Islamic morals and doctrines, hence you will always find cases of women being treated with contempt.

Steven (Australia) said (April 3, 2009):

re. Joanne [below]: Has obviously only ever read the daily newspaper; taken her "social science" courses and or watched mainstream media for all of her "informed" opinions. Has she ever been to these countries to confirm FIRST HAND that these practices actually take place? Example: I look at all the propaganda concerning Iran and cant help but think how fabricated it all is. I know Iranian people intimately who have moved to my country (Australia) To suggest that Iranian wives are submissive robots is laughable. My close work colleagues are Sri-Lankan. I see these guys always taking cell calls from the wife: wanting to know where he is or what she wants picked-up/done. They complain about how hard they work to keep there wives happy and content. I feel sorry for Joanne to be honest. Her life is completely built around a myth, a belief system that has put a BIG chip on her shoulder.

What Joanne fails to see is that she has become the power crazed tyrant she claims to be fighting. She wants to enslave and control everyone around her. This is of course couched in the feel good lexicon of "my choice" This is the essence of power and control. Whatever she chooses, it must be made so and everyone has to go along with it and RESPECT her right to Her choices regardless of how it effects others.. The more I read the more I realize that Feminists are simply fascist hypocrites. I'm so happy I went to the Philippines and met REAL women. They are beautiful and loving (minus the issues and brainwashing) moreover, minus the religious fervor of GRANDIOSE self importance that is so prevalent in Western women.

Steven (Canada) said (April 3, 2009):

For a while now I have had the belief that the real reason why canada is in Afghanistan is to provide security while politically correct agents attempt to re engineer Afghanistan into a communistic, pro gay, pro feminist diabolical democracy just like canada, america, england and isreal... This objective does not meet with my approval. So if Hamid Karzai can restore the rights of men and up hold the best traditions of his people against all enemies foriegn and domestic then I say more power to him..... If only we could do the same in canada then canada might possibly become as great as it claims to be.
When it comes to conservatism Canada's politicians don't have a clue as to what that means.

Joanne said (April 3, 2009):

Not sure where you got your ideas of men NEEDING to be the "power" in the relationship. Probably the bible, which is a load of crap anyway. Many MANY women have mutual, NON SUBMISSIVE relationships with their husbands and are in happy, loving, sexually fufulling partnerships. Men who need a woman to "submit" to feel like a man are pathetic. Your masculine identity should NOT be tied up in how a woman serves you, just like a woman's feminine identity shouldn't be tied up in how she serves her man, or how many babies she pops out. If a couple chooses to be together in a life partnership/marriage, it should be out of mutual love and respect, not egocentric neediness. A happy couple submits to EACH OTHER. It is not a sex-based rule. Having a penis and extra muscle mass doesn't make you the master.

You hate feminism so much, but you obviously have NO idea what feminism really is. You have fallen into the popular right wing idea that feminists are man hating lesbians who want men to be their slaves. Are there some women like that? Yes. VERY VERY few. Just like there are very very few men in the western hemisphere who think women should be at their beck and call like a slave. Nope...most feminists (myself included), are supportive of other women's choices, even if that choice is to be a mother/housewife and "obey" her husband. If it is of her free will..that's fine with me. Also, have you not noticed what is going on in the rest of the world? Afghanistan? Pakinstan? Saudi Arabia? Do you have ANY idea how the women are treated in these places? LIke slaves. They have ZERO rights, and are only prized for their virginity and their ability to produce children. They can be killed by their male relatives/husbands who legally OWN them. They have their labia and clitoris cut off so that they will be guaranteed virgins on their wedding night, and wont' enjoy sex. In those countries, a woman who loves sex is considered an automatic "cheater". Women and girls DIE or are permenantly scarred physically and emotionally...yet these countries defend this practice. Men there have such a vested interest in owning a woman's sexuality that they'd rather their wife NEVER enjoy sex than POSSIBLY ever have desire for another man. Yet...those men are permitted to have multiple wives, concubines, and have carte blanc in regards to their sexuality.

You really need to examine what it means to be a man. Men like you need to be single until they feel good enough about themselves to not NEED to rule over a woman to feel powerful in their masculinity.


Look at how shrill you've become because of the propaganda you've swallowed. Bottom line: the rise of feminism has resulted in the precipitous decline of marriage, monogamy and the birth rate. This is the real hidden agenda. Don't be an accomplice in your own demise. -Henry

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at