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News Media Collaborated in 9-11 False Flag

September 11, 2013

51OZgL3CrfL._SS500_.jpgA new book shows how humanity is under constant covert attack from Cabalistic (Masonic) Jewish bankers, using the news media to falsify reality. Thus they contrive wars to degrade, disinherit and ultimately destroy us. If we heed their siren calls, we are complicit in our own destruction.  

"We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." -- Protocols of Zion, 12

No planes hit buildings on 9-11

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(From Jan 11, 2012)

Edward Hendrie is a lawyer. His book,  "9-11 - Enemies Foreign and Domestic" builds a powerful case that 9-11 was an egregious fraud and act of treason perpetrated against the American people. Clearly, a large segment of the US political, military and media class is complicit in the mass murder and/or cover-up, from the President on down. 

Hendrie dissects and discredits the official story, and places the blame on the Israeli Mossad. He presents the attack in the context of numerous other Zionist false flags against the US (Beirut Marine barracks, USS Liberty) designed to change US policy. Hendrie effectively explains the broad religious context, i.e. the Cabalist and Talmudic Jewish vendetta against mankind. I haven't read anything for a while that so vividly exposes the control Illuminati bankers have over our lives.

Their ownership of the mass media is a large part of this control. Hendrie shows how the media was an active collaborator in the 9-11 fraud. As I suspected, no planes hit the Twin Towers or the Pentagon. The plane images were computer generated and synchronized with explosions in the buildings.

Hendrie shows that many of the "eye witnesses" were media employees and that many real eye witness reports of explosions but no planes were ignored.

mediacomp.jpgFurthermore, the BBC reported the collapse of WTC-7, a 47-floor building, 20 minutes before it occurred. AP and CNN prepared obituary pictures for the 9-11 passengers three days before the attack occurred.

It makes sense to me that since no plane crashed at Shanksville or at the Pentagon, no planes were involved  at the WTC either. These people have a consistent MO.  


Hendrie shows that the "news" suppresses the truth and literally creates reality according to the Illuminati script.

The Twin Towers were designed to withstand hits by large passenger planes and that supposed fires ignited by jet fuels could not reach temperatures necessary to melt steel girders.

Hendrie attributes the fact that the two buildings and their contents became dust to a "direct energy weapon" related to HAARP.  This weapon reduced almost everything to their molecular level. Cars and file cabinets melted but trees and paper were unaffected, let alone burned.

Hendrie reveals that Category Three hurricane "Erin", packing 120 mph winds was about 200 miles from NYC at the time of the attack. He cites physicist Dr. Judy Wood who theorizes that the hurricane "acted as a massive Tesla coil creating field effects used by directed energy weapons on 9-11."

The purpose of 9-11 was to create a Zionist police state and to justify wars against Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. Hendrie believes the Iraq war was prompted by Sadaam Hussein's decision to stop trading oil in dollars. Apparently, the bankers need petrodollars to support the burgeoning US debt and keep the $US from collapsing.

Hendrie speculates that the passengers of UA-93 were unloaded in Cleveland and murdered at a NASA facility at the airport. The damage at the Pentagon, which killed 125 people, was caused by explosions. The attack targeted offices where accountants were investigating the disappearance of $1.2 trillion.

Osama bin Laden died in late 2001 of Marfan syndrome. The recent "assassination" by Navy Seals was designed to rescue Obama, who was embattled by "birther" and other issues.  


This 300-page book is carefully documented and throws our common dilemma into stark relief. We live in a theater of the absurd where psychopaths and their enablers have taken control.

Hendrie makes clear that Cabalist Jewish bankers are at the heart of the conspiracy and Zionism is its most powerful instrument. He makes a convincing case that Mossad organized and executed the 9-11 attack. Senior members of the Bush administration were active collaborators. He cites admissions from insiders that this was an "inside job."

Apart from Zionists, the Illuminati bankers depend on the collaboration of millions of Freemasons and other non-Jews willing to sell their soul to the devil, and betray their country for personal gain.

Our situation is analogous the movie "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" where an alien force has invaded the peoples' minds and souls. The nations of the world have been profoundly subverted by evil. 

The 9-11 official story demonstrates how the Cabalists think they can turn their lies into reality. But the truth remains the truth.

Truthers are making the Illuminati hesitate before pulling off their next false flag. They know they will not be believed. In that sense, people like Edward Hendrie are taking that strategy away and saving us from disaster.


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   First Comment from Aloysius Fozdyke (Sept 11, 2013)

"Truthers are making the Illuminati hesitate before pulling off their next false flag. They know they will not be believed. In that sense, people like Edward Hendrie are taking that strategy away and saving us from disaster."

What about Syria?
The Middle East will explode and both China and Russia are the only nations standing in the way of, but also participating in, the operation.

Put it this way: you must remember that photograph of the wheelchair guy with his legs blown off at the Boston bombing. Notice anything odd? Of course not! Even medical doctors who saw the carnage forgot about the femoral arteries. It's always been easier to fool people than convince them they've been fooled!

"Many high profile Christian leaders echo the official LIE"
Tell me something I don't know.
As for Angelo John Gage's realizations, well it took him two tours. How much blood does he have on his cheap and nasty soul? Who cares?

'That date without a year' really emboldened us. I mean the Pentagon was one of the most guarded buildings in the world, but only a nanosecond of grainy footage. No radar. No film. Just grainy footage! And building 7. What a classic! What do the sheeple do? Nothing. They just wait for their two thousands years dead sissy boy and their own slaughter.

Thanks Henry. Love your website. Always get a good laugh from the material posted.
Ave Satanas. Satanas Dominus Terra.




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Comments for "News Media Collaborated in 9-11 False Flag"

Chrstopher said (September 12, 2013):

This is in response to Aloysius Fozdyke's comment. I agree with everything he says except for one thing, accusing Yeshua of being a "..2000 years dead sissy boy."

The Nicene council removed many of the sacred Aramaic texts, under pain of death; That's why Christ's childhood is missing. (Gospel of Thomas/Infancy) People were terrified of him and he did curse and kill people but brought them back to life when he found righteous people. (Gospel of Nicodemus) The Roman soldiers were terrified saying "..they became as persons dead through fear.." of his resurrection having witnessed it first hand and demanded the unbelieving Jewish priests to produce Joseph of Aramathia whom them they locked up, had escaped.

The Romans informed the Jewish priests that Christ had risen and was preaching in Galilee, then the priests in fear finally believed and bribed them to promote the lie that someone stole the body. After a season, Christ then left this world without a physical death but in the same mysterious fashion as Elijah and Enoch.

The media has painted a false picture of Christ being some passive Gandhi like loser, which is exactly what the sworn enemy of man, Satan, would like us all to believe. It serves the enemy better if we are all spineless pliable cowards or just misinformed like the extinct Huron which didn't fight back.

Satan was already defeated 2000 years ago when Christ rose from the dead. Satan is the sissy who's kingdom is based on FEAR and LIES.

(Suppressed Gospels)

Eliezer said (September 11, 2013):

In any case, for whatever reason, Israel has been conspicuously silent on 9/11. As well, there is Larry Silverstein's widely circulated comment about being forced to "pull" building "7," posted to the web here, the contents of which make a strong case for a prior knowledge, and an advance planting of directed charges within building number seven.

Further, building "7" was not struck by an aircraft, so it appears at least someone, or an inner core group, would have known building "7" was going to be brought down one way or another prior to the event. There is also Rockefeller protégé Henry Kissinger, who, because of external opposition was removed from direct involvement, but who likely did play an role in producing the post 9/11 "Report," a "Report" that can only be kindly described as an "official version." More oddly, and based upon conventional notions of due diligence, there was never anything even resembling a forensic investigation conducted into the crime scene. To the contrary, this normal procedure was prodigiously avoided & widely suppressed.

Nathaniel said (January 20, 2012):

Your below commentary was welcome in several respects, but especially the direct reference to Judy Wood's seminal work on 911. She and she alone has pursued serious, fact based analysis of what really happened on that day.

Her book "Where Did the Towers Go?" is so much more than evidence of directed energy weapons powered by atmospheric telsa coils. I implore you to get it, read it and do a review on it. It is one of the most important written works in the past 200+ years. More so than any other work on 911, her book is essential reading.

She purposefully does not get into any political or blame issues because (as she rightly states) one must determine WHAT happened and HOW before ascertaining WHO did it. Allegations and assumptions about the WHO at this point could be detrimental to the effort of catching the perpetrators, which she fervently wants to do. First things first. Any allegation about Who must wait until What and How has been publicly determined and embraced.

Reading her book (very comprehensible but fundamentally disturbing) is a necessary first step for someone to engage the Reality of 911.

LS said (January 15, 2012):

The weapon used to reduce all that mass of material to dust, even the bodies, was exhibited to western military around 1987 in East Germany. At the time, the Russians called it an electro-magnetic pulse weapon (EMP) based on scalar technology (Tesla).

This apparently should be a book to distribute widely! According to your critique, it sums up all the missing pieces, which beleaguer the real "9/11-Truthers".

The half-truths and intentional disinfo should once and for all be discarded, it's high time. I hope it will serve to 'de-confuse' the basic issues and lies around the hard facts.

Tony said (January 14, 2012):

I tend to agree with Sandra [below] in her comments Henry, I think the Jews are once again being lined up for a big fall and there is much to be said for 'The Anglo-Saxon Mission'

Sal said (January 14, 2012):

It is truly sad how willing Americans are to abandon the 3000 plus people massacred on Sept. 11 without bringing their killers to justice.

We behave like sheep willing to accept a cull, hoping it doesn't reach us. But unless the perps are apprehended, sooner or later, the cull will include more, if not all the sheep.

L said (January 14, 2012):

American citizens are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, when it comes to the real story as presented by examining the evidence. According to Dr. David Ray Griffin, the 'official version' of 911 is the real conspiracy theory!

Too many subtleties show a marked discrepancy in the media version of the story. For instance William Rodriguez, one of the last persons out of the second building, a man called a hero is never allowed to speak about his experience that day. He heard explosions before the tower he was in came down, even other police officers and firemen corroborate his story. If you possibly remember how the number of missing people has shrunk considerably from over five thousand to less than three (or are those supposedly the number of Americans killed).

The media has efficiently planted too many seeds that have contributed to the increased fear factor and the ever growing 'military style' arming of the police. Each time the police mercilessly attack unarmed citizens, all over the country. The police are now going full-tilt after citizens, once again supported by the media.

JCW said (January 13, 2012):

I have heard these arguments before and have been a little leery about agreeing with them... However many years ago I was watching TV and saw David Copperfield, while holding a woman fly around the stage. My best guess is that he didn't fly, but it was simply an illusion. Great illusionist have made the Statue of Liberty disappear, elephants, ships, and so on... Why can't they have done the same thing here. What if 9-11 was one great illusion?

Sandra said (January 13, 2012):

You asked for comments on the people who did it, and the implications -- and this really does need to be addressed. We have to look beyond Israel to the wider powers who use Mossad as their goon squad. Who do you think created Israel in the first place? Just go a little north to the UK, the London bankers, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and the European Illuminati families who use even them as their shields.

Talking solely about Israel just puts off even Jews who want to know the truth, allows the perpetrators to more easily dismiss the opposition as "anti-semites," and ultimately slows the progress of the truth movement. Read Webster Tarpley and LaRouche for excellent accounts of how the British have been pulling the strings for centuries.

Quiet Bear said (January 13, 2012):

I just read the latest article on your site and agree completely that the news, is all faked, scripted & staged...
Have you been to If not, I highly suggest you go and check out what Ed Chiarini has uncovered...

Take for instance, the latest "cia agent" being "arrested & convicted" of spying in Iran... His name is Tony Greenburg. He is an actor that plays many roles in many different scenarios...

This story is very deep and very complex... Just the kind of things you constantly write about...

Thank You for the work you do, Henry! Much appreciated...

Christian said (January 13, 2012):

The "DEW (or nukes) turned WTC steel into micro-dust"-theories can easily be proven wrong just by looking at photos and videos. You can also check out the WTC- dust analyses done by US authorities, and you'll see fairly small amounts of iron/steel in the dust. ..the WTC columns just did not turn to dust.

Here, just start counting the core columns:

Many of the points you mention in your article come from the pseudo-scientific interpretations by Dr Judy Wood. Her material (web site) is full of errors. Few examples:

-She shows a fire-engine truck and claims that it's engine had melted away,.But in reality, the engine is actually "under the cockpit" in these kinds of "flat nosed" vehicles. ..not very good research by her. I actually haven't seen a single photo on her web site, showing a car with it's engine melted.

- Flipped cars around Ground Zero, according to her, prove the use of DEW, but i think the cars were flipped to clear the way for fire-engines and rescue workers

She even seems to suggest that the 'pressure ejections'(also mentioned in the NIST report), that many 9/11 Truthers believe are coming from demolition explosives, are in fact "decoy explosives" to conceal the use of a Direct Energy Weapon.

So let's see, according to her theory, the people who orchestrated the 9/11 false flag, officially try to claim that al Qaida did it, but still for some reason, supposedly detonated explosives in the Twin Towers to conceal the use of DEW ..this is abit too silly for my liking.

Figure 83. Decoy squibs?

I don't think Judy Wood is disinfo agent, but she seems to be abit unrealistic ..but her material is promoted for propaganda, to lead people astray.

But, what caused the WTC buildings to come down so fast? ..WTC 7 'accelerated' for over 2 seconds in FREE FALL, which is also admitted by NIST

For some reason, the US authorities don't want to test the WTC-dust for 'nano-thermite', thou they have been asked to. NIST and FEMA never did any tests for explosives or incendiary materials.


Thanks Christian

It does seem strange that everyone is fixated on exactly how they did it, and no one wants to comment on the people who did it, and the implications.


David Smith said (January 13, 2012):

Anyone who has looked at the evidence will not believe the government explanation. The "government explanation", of course, is not that of the good people who serve there, but those placed in high level positions like Michael Chertoff Director of FEMA and the hand picked 911 Commission.

The no plane theory does not have a serious following. Any analysis of the planes hitting the towers must include a investigation of the Pentagon's Dov Zakheim dual US and Israeli citizen, zionist Rabbi, and VP of System Planning Corporation which dealt with aircraft remote control systems. I understand Zakheim split for Israel shortly after these events and the missing 2.3 trillion in DOD funds which he oversaw as Comptroller of the Pentagon budget.

James said (January 13, 2012):

Of course no planes really hit the WTC, there is no speed at which a hollow aluminum tube 767 with a plastic nose-cone can penetrate the massive steel columns, as the mainstream media and much of the alternative (internet) media have portrayed on numerous videos.

however, i would like to suggest that dr. judy woods and her "directed energy weapon" theory is nothing more than misdirection, at best. there was no hurricane 200 miles away from NYcity that day - it was a very bright and clear sunny day - ALL day.

further, her DEW theory proposes that a 'secret weapon that draws it's power from the aether', as if by magic, was responsible for the destruction of the towers.

many people, including myself, believe that is nonsense, if not flat-out lies, and that the towers were actually destroyed by small nuclear fission bombs. if anyone is interested, here is a site that is very convincing:


Thanks James

Hendrie reproduces sattelite photos showing a hurricane.


Denny said (January 13, 2012):

Hendrie is badly mistaken on HAARP direct energy weapons being used on 9/11. DEW proponents like Judy Woods seem to believe that it is no more of a problem to direct than to produce the enormous amount of energy necessary to mostly annihilate a large skyscraper in less than half a minute. (A hurricane just happened to be in the neighborhood!) DEW proponents go out of their way to connect invisible dots while willfully blinding themselves to visible ones calls into question whether their behavior is truly motivated by an honest desire for full disclosure of all the lies of 9/11. Judy Woods is either a disinfo hub or is extremely ignorant of molecular disassociation and nuclear fission and the overwhelming evidence of the towers being nuked into micronic dust and the china syndrome aftermath.

Joe said (January 13, 2012):

Henry, your article was accurate, in my estimation; except for the planes Edward Hendrie claims never hit the Twin Towers. I personally believe the planes were controlled remotely with no one aboard when they smashed into their targets. I agree, though that the planes did not bring the Towers down. Whether exotic methods were used to pulverize those buildings is something that will have to be thoroughly investigated by impartial and independent experts. I doubt that will ever occur and 9/11 will go down in the history books as yet one more "unsolved mystery".

As you know, Henry, I'm an old man and I have been completely disheartened by the actions of the government of the United States of America and its fellow conspirators. My stay is just about over on this planet but my heart yearns for a meaningful respite for my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. In my lifetime I have experienced and read about so many misdeeds by our so-called public servants, both state and national as well as the illegal and immoral takeover of our constitutional form of government, that I am convinced evil does indeed rule our nation and our world.

I think all decent people in our country and our world know what the solution is but I doubt that solution will ever manifest itself in the foreseeable future in any meaningful way.

There is a certain irresistible fascination with evil that even the most honorable people on earth cannot deny. Since there are so very few honorable people (in lofty positions of power) on our planet it isn't difficult to imagine what's in store for the rest of humanity.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at