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July 27, 2011

Jens Stoltenberg.jpg(left, Norwegian PM Jens Stoltenberg, in better days. He is being touted as some kind of hero. )

Norwegians Now Face Indignities of Police State

by Anne Berg
(Norwegian Ex-pat)

Never has Norway seen so much conflicting information and such a massive coverage in the Norwegian media. One thing is for certain, the politely controlled Norwegians (they are unaware of that) will now be introduced to a full police state including indignities at all travel ports.
The scope of the confusing and conflicting media coverage is deliberate. A 22/7 commission has been announced along the lines of the 9/11 commission. The stand-down during this ordeal is all too reminiscent of that September day in 2001 in USA.
It was reported that Breivik financed his operation by using ten to twelve credit cards. Because of that, a brand new National Debt Registry will be established for all debt held by all Norwegians!! As an aside, I have seen no photos of the alleged vegetable gardens at the farm he rented in April. Guess he did not use his credit cards to buy seeds.
A new national hero has been declared. He is prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, who said he wept in private and who's been giving speeches ever since the tragedy. A Nobel Peace Prize for him has already been mentioned. Wonder if he wept for the brown children he inflicted with vaccines?

Granted, July is vacation month in Norway and most are away from work. That was the case with the police helicopter squad. The helicopter(s), reported to be one and also reported to be four, were grounded during this vacation period. The nearest air force base to Oslo is Rygge - 60 kilometers away. How long would it take for them to get to Utøya? Not long, yet they were not activated.
When the Keystone cops finally located a boat they could use, the engine died half way to the island and they had to get a lift with other boaters.
This tragedy also touched the Norwegian royal family. The lone guard on the island, and the first to get killed in front of his ten-year-old son, was a stepbrother of crown princess Mette-Marit. The crown princess was a commoner made royal through marriage to the crown prince.
The "lone gunman" Breivik had made several trips to eastern block countries where KGB agents are still doing their part. These days we always hear about CIA, MOSSAD, HAMAS, MI5, MI6, the Muslims, the Zionists, all sorts of extremists, bin Laden, the infamous al-Quida database and down the line, but seldom of Communism and KGB.

They did not bite the dust when Soviet Union folded. KGB can be found all over Europe alive and well. The interview KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov gave to G. Edward Griffin in 1984 has never rung more true. Communism is slowly choking us all under different labels, yet most people believe they are free (including family and friends in Norway).
I would have loved to hear Philip Jones' take on the statement from Søren Pind, Danish Integration and Development Minister, where he compared the actions of Anders Breivik to civil disobedience. He has since been forced to apologize.
Last, but not least, as Breivik was being officially charged he started mentioning others involved. At that point the room was ordered cleared of all outsiders and reporters. Breivik may be a Manchurian Candidate, but he is a lot smarter than all the previous ones trotted out since the first bombing of the World Trade Center.
The Masonic Lodge where Anders Breivik allegedly was a member:


"For å bli medlem må man være fylt 24 år, være mann med godt omdømme og med en ordnet økonomi, gi sin tilslutning til den kristne tro (uten at det stilles krav til spesielle dogmer eller retninger) og bli anbefalt av minst to frimurere."


"To obtain membership in this lodge one has to be 24-years of age, be a man of good reputation, have a stable economic background and be of the Christian faith. There is no requirement as to a specific dogma and affiliation. Also needed is at least two recommendations by Freemasons."

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