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A NWO History of Mongolia

October 20, 2010

After an initial settling in period, the Soviets went about destroying Mongol identity. Buddhism was top of their hit list and they murdered 30,000 monks and liquidized over 750 monasteries."

by David Richards


Situated between Russia and China, Mongolia is the least densely populated country in world, with three million people living in a country the size of Western Europe.

Over thousands of years, the Mongol people have perfected a nomadic lifestyle to thrive in Siberian winters, acrid deserts and barren steppes. Despite recent urbanization, half the population continues to live a nomadic lifestyle.

The warring tribes of the region were once merged under the leadership of Genghis Khan and used their innovative military tactics to create the great Mongol empire.

Yet despite their famed indigenous culture, the United Nations classifies Mongolia as a developing country. By 'development', the UN means the integration of Mongolia into a world government.


The start of Mongolia's 'development' was a Soviet invasion in 1921, which radically altered Mongol culture and laid the foundations for a modern international state.

After an initial settling in period, the Soviets went about destroying Mongol identity to bring in the new. Buddhism was top of their hit list. They murdered 30,000 monks and liquidized over 750 monasteries.

Their next target was nomadism. Stalin's forces worked to destroy any independence from government. They even went in search of Kazakh groups in the Western mountain regions who hunt prey with eagles, but couldn't track them down.

The plan was to replace nomadic lifestyle with collective agriculture, with all proceeds going to the state.

This was not easy, as Stephen Bodio writes, 'nomads have always valued freedom, and Mongolia has always been a society of nomads.
Soviet puppet leader Choibalsan's  attempt at collective agriculture failed when rural residents killed their livestock rather than submit.'

The Soviets developed their capital city Ulaanbaatar and brought in the key elements of an international state: a central bank, large bureaucracies and a standardized education system.

The Soviet era was characterized by enormous infrastructure projects  building power stations, bridges and highways.

In the 1960's though, Mongolia was still lacking in the facilities to house foreign dignitaries. There were only a few embassies (all Soviet satellites), and significantly, a British envoy. His name was Reginald Hibbert whose job was to chronicle how the people were reacting to Communism

Reginald's observations are found in the book, 'Letters From Mongolia' in which he bemoans the harsh conditions and the inefficiency of the country. He writes the locals are 'accustomed to rhythms of life and work that have nothing in common with those of urban communities, and their way of life is primitive.'

In a passage on Mongol kin values, he elucidates: 'they retain many of the virtues of simple people, especially loyalty and mutual help among family and friends. They will work extraordinarily hard on the impulse of helping a friend or acquaintance but seem to be completely without conscience when it is working for a living or for the general good.'

In other words, working for friends and family is primitive, while working for an impersonal Soviet state is civilized.


With the fall of the Soviet Union, Mongolia became a democracy in 1992 but was still crippled by $11 billion of Soviet debt.

Where poverty reigns, the IMF sweeps in like vultures, handing out further loans with strings attached that benefit the global power elite. In 1992, 80% of state enterprises were privatized sinking a population made dependent on government into poverty.

To fill the void left by the removal of Soviet subsidies, loan sharks prowl the frozen wastelands luring nomads into debt.

Even 'charities' like New Zealand's VisionFund offers loans to nomadic people with interest of 2.5%-3.5% a month! VisionFund work to emasculate the men: 85% of loans are given to women.

Through the creation of debt on both a state and personal level, the Mongols are enslaved to alien forces by a paper currency emblazoned with their hero Genghis Khan.

With a central bank, bureaucracies and infrastructure developed by Communism, foreign corporations can now enter Mongolia and mine its vast resources of copper, gold, coal and uranium.

The country is expected to fuel China's growth. Perhaps this was the role planned for the country all along.


Democracy also brings in the Western culture industry which is designed to erode traditional family values. The intention is to create an atomized populace obsessed with consumerism and entertainment, obediently serving their economic masters.

MTV is very popular in Mongolia and the youth mimic what they see. Take Lumino, a Mongol hip-hop group. Their early songs were light-hearted and innocent, but now inside their videos are sleazy and dominated by gyrating girls dressed like whores.

International governmental agencies also work towards breaking the traditional family. Take a UNESCO scheme called, 'The Gobi's Women's Project,' an educational project designed to emasculate men.

The program 'empowers women' by teaching them, 'livestock rearing techniques; family care (family planning, health, nutrition and hygiene); income generation using locally available raw materials and basic business skills, for a new market economy.'

Haven't these people survived for thousands of years without the United Nations?

The project also aims to direct the social agenda of women by giving a radio to every female. 'Programs are broadcast at times convenient to the women, mostly at evening time. They cover topics of general interest, whilst others are more specific and directly related to the needs of the Gobi women.'

The programs are laced with feminist lesbian propaganda. Safe to say there is no Gobi's men project.

Funded by the taxpayers of the world, UNESCO is global socialism. It creates a scenario where the tax dollars of a Wal-Mart worker in Cincinnati are used to emasculate nomadic herdsmen in Mongolia!

The fall-out of poverty and the take down of traditional Mongol society is reactive. In 2008, rioting followed the general election with cries of a fix. The Mongol parliament was set on fire; five people died and 700 were put in prison.

Grass roots fascism is rising. Tsagaan Khass (White Swastika) is a Mongolian Neo-Nazi group. They portray themselves as patriots standing up for ordinary citizens in the face of foreign invasion and rampant inequality. They respect Hitler for 'preserving racial identity'.

Their empty posturing masks the horror that the roots of traditional Mongol culture have been killed. They wish to destroy the system but if they do what will be left? A void.


The story of Mongolia's 'development' shows Communism, democracy and NGO's working towards the same end: a regional plantation under the flag of the United Nations.

In a 2009 trip to Mongolia, UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon praised the country for being a role model for developing countries, and 'making progress in the fight against poverty.'

And yet, if you visit the bright lights and technological advancement of Ulaanbaatar you will see thousands of gers, the traditional Mongol nomadic house, scattered about the outskirts of the city. Their inhabitants are starving.

In a land with a tradition of self-sufficiency, a third of people now live below the poverty line. Such is the fallout of 'development.'


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Comments for "A NWO History of Mongolia "

KB in KS said (October 21, 2010):

Yet another great article - re: mongols.
I suspect that you would agree that the real perps in that case (and most others) were not the Russian working people themselves, but rather the evil zionist/communist entities that ruled them with an iron fist for about 70 years, over which, they had little or no control. You know - the same evil entity that is about to devour the west right now.

Most of the evil Bolsheviks were of Zionist/Jewish/communist origin, as we all know today. Many other greed-soaked entities aided them in their evil of course - sound familiar?
The evil Soviet regime was at least as destructive to the Russian people themselves (probably more destructive), as you know. Can you say "engineered mass starvation and Gulags"? Ironic that the Russians are almost free of the evil octopus, and we are now feeling the octo-beak piercing our jugular.

I always had a premonition that the Russians (post communism) might one day be our (middle class west) true allies. I have to wonder if they might (today) be waving a magic wand behind the curtain, trying to save us from ourselves, and our homegrown folly. I can only hope that someone with power is pulling strings on our behalf. That's probably too optimistic but...........
You might consider mentioning the relative innocence of the Russian working people in such matters, since most people in the USA seem to be totally ignorant regarding such matters (all history for that matter). I had a friend in Alabama who is still blaming "Yankees" of the US Civil War for all of todays' ills. All because that's what his "Daddy said" - facts be damned. The North may have been instrumental puppets of Lincoln (etc), but today the North and the South (USA) have fully synchronized their greed, evil and arrogance, as have the RepubliCan'ts and DemocRats.
We always enjoy your work around here, so keep up the good work

Nazif said (October 21, 2010):

Nice article !

In the begining of 1900 French banker Albert Kahn have sent a bunch of photographer all around of globe to document different societies existed all around of globe (which, I guess, he knew will be disappeared soon).

One of them visited Mongolia & since I saw that film with plenty of budist monks and smiling people all over the place I realised how today Mongolia is a totaly different place than before.

In that same moment I realised that same happened with China during Cultural Revolution that religions, spirituality, humans memories has to be destroyed to make a worker/consumer drone in new NWO China.

Same with the rest o the world.

I remembered one proverb: " The fact that a plane is travelling faster than a horse does not automaticaly mean that world has become a better place "!

When I saw his films & pictures I realised how a world was much more colorful & divcerse place before.

Dan said (October 21, 2010):

looked up an MTV video of the Mongol 'hip hop' group David Richards mentioned, Lumino.
It saddens me every time I've ever seen how easily authentic cultures are erased by brainwashing from the cradle. Everywhere they market this the locals are made to think they invented it. It wasn't invented in American ethnic neighborhoods either. It was created by old white men suits and lab coats. See how the 'fashion' of clothing is really mockery of the victim. The males are dressed like children, the girls are dressed like cheap whores. Welcome to 'multicultural uniformity' in the 'global village'. Hip hop is no culture. It didn't come from urban black youth any more than it did from these descendants of Ghengis Kahn. The last full minute of the video are devoted to shameless plugs for junk food. Girls perform fellatio on long candy bars and bottles of Coca Cola. A Mongolian male who would have been formidable horseback warriors crams a McBurger down his gullet and wipes with mouth smiling like an idiot in his underwear.
Globalism is piracy, anathema and abomination. Not satisfied with enslavement they mock the victims.

H said (October 21, 2010):

I went to Mongolia a few years ago as a somewhat naive Peace Corps volunteer ( As you can see on my final posting, the 1967 NWO "Report from Iron Mountain" goes so far to specifically denounce PC volunteers as "psychologically unconformable, hardcore delinquents, subversives and unemployable". Spurred on by my initial viewing of "Loose Change," those were my "40 days, 40 nights" in the desert, if you will, as I was disgusted with US culture, knew something was wrong with the world and sought higher spirituality (Christ).

Instead, I ended up doing even dumber things. Thanks to the Soviet hangover, alcohol was ingrained into the culture and Mongol women corrupted by atheistic communism and decadent Western culture abound. Even in the distant rural area, I noticed how the young students lapped up the trash Western entertainment culture, from bad hip-hop to Mongol reality TV. USAID (CIA front) and countless NGOs were ubiquitous. World Vision was in and out of my village, and being a Christian, I thought it would be nice to someday work for them. Later, I learned that they too are likely a CIA front. Most Mongols have no idea as to the true agenda of the flood of "saviors" who have come to their country, my neighbor even thought George Bush was a good man!

Indeed, the rural banks were offering interest loans to herders and over the years due to the natural disasters, many were left without means to pay these loans! My neighbor before I left took up $5000 in credit to build himself a nice little house (he's now the mayor of the village, previously the school social worker). Poverty is rampant out there, despite there being huge potential. I had street children who live in the sewers begging me for my Mexican "doggy bag" one night in capital, quite the experience.

The Swiss Jean Ziegler, who took a trip there in 2004, noted how IMF debt at the time amounted to $2 billion/yr and the Mongolia's annual profit was $2 billion, try developing after that! The global warming scam and its policies are surely going to negatively effect the country as well, while the corporations destroy the environment by carelessly extracting the minerals via an unfair deal with the corrupt government.

Suffice to say I've come a long way since then, and MNG will always remain dear to my heart. It is sad to know that such a pristine land is being taken over. I've always noticed how the Mongols were joyous with what little they had and Westerns depressed in spite of all the riches they possessed. Read Adrian Salbuchi's latest account of happenings in Argentina, and realize there is no place to hide from the NWO. The same in my own country. Stand and fight, wherever you are.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at