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Senate Confirms 2nd Jewish Lesbian to Court

August 5, 2010

But never say Zionists have taken over.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The Senate Thursday confirmed Elena Kagan as the 112th justice and fourth woman to serve on the Supreme Court. The vote was 63-37 for President Barack Obama's nominee to succeed retired Justice John Paul Stevens.

The confirmation
of the unsightly Solicitor General signals that the Illuminati satanic cult that governs America intends to use government institutions to  enslave Americans.

Both of  Barack Obama's appointees have been Jewish lesbians. This is significant now that the California ban on gay marriage is headed for the court. 

The first appointee Sonya Sotomayor is no more a "Latina" than I am. She is a Marrano crypto Jew who belonged to the lesbian Belizean Society.

Her boss, Barack Obama, is the son of an Illuminati Jewess. Kagan is a lesbian who, like Obama, hails from Chicago where Sabbatean Jews (Illuminati) perform child sacrifices. See the testimony of Vicki Polin.

With the appointment of Kagan, four of the nine Supreme Court judges will be Jews. That's 44.4% for a minority group consisting of less than 2% of the population. There will be no White Protestants, which illustrates the true meaning of "diversity."

2010-05-10.jpgClearly the Illuminati do not intend to represent the 83% of Americans who self-identify as Christians.

Many people have remarked on Kagan's unfitness for the job. Not only has she never been a judge; she hasn't even been an attorney! Like Barrack, her academic career is notable for a lack of publications. Like Obama, her qualifications consist of her usefulness to the cult.

She supports massive government censorship of TV, press and Internet. She is prepared to use the law to silence "hate speech" i.e. opposition to "diversity"  (i.e. the advancement of homosexual values and "minority" rights.)

"We live in a society marred by racial and gender inequality. Certain forms of speech perpetuate and promote this inequality. The disappearance of such speech would be cause for great elation," she said in a law journal article.

Who better to rule against defenders of traditional marriage and family than a militant lesbian?

We also know she supports indefinite detention without trial.

This is consistent with being a go'fer  for a satanic cult intent on enslaving us. Her name "Kagan" is the name for the imperialist Khazar Jewish king. Her namesake Lazar Kaganovich was Stalin's deputy responsible for the genocide of millions of Ukrainian farmers and the great purge.

Not just the names are the same. So is the agenda. These Satanists are determined to corrupt, degrade and destroy America. Impostors and traitors, they have taken control of government.   

Chicago Jewish gangster Rahm Emmanuel and the media  mounted a major hype campaign to "rahm" this nomination through.
Kagan was portrayed as "brilliant" and a "conservative" because of her hard line stand on [state-sponsored] terrorism. Communist is more like it.


(Sotomayor, above)

A group called "Americans for a Constitutional Government" ran feel -good ads on CNN supporting her nomination. You can bet they are an Illuminati Communist front.

Kagan, who could be on the court for thirty years, is the last nail in the coffin of marriage, family and American freedom.

Obama makes appointments on the basis of ethnic or sexual identity. So it is quite appropriate to comment in these terms. But in reality, these appointments simply Illuminati puppets.

tomgirl.jpg(Left: Young Kagan. Misfits rise to serve Luciferian bankers)

Clearly, we are witnessing an assault on heterosexual Americans of Christian European origin. The object is to destroy American sovereignty and democracy; and meld the US into a Luciferian world government and religion controlled by Illuminati (Masonic Cabalist) bankers.

When will average Americans realize their country has been subverted by a satanic cult? And when are Jews going to realize that, wittingly or unwittingly, they are fronting for this cult?

Americans are being set up for a fall by the Illuminati but they are no more alarmed than sheep grazing outside an abattoir.  


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Comments for "Senate Confirms 2nd Jewish Lesbian to Court "

Greg said (August 6, 2010):

Not sure if you are aware that Helena Kagan was the Supreme Court Judge who's name was on at least 9 of the court documents in the lawsuits to have Barak Obama's birth certificate brought to the light of day to prove his American citizenship. She was the defendant in the case and would not allow those documents to see the light of day!

This is but payback for securing the usurper in the sham of the POTUS.

That is the reason, also, for her appointment and slam dunk.

Nothing but circling the wagons.

Richard said (May 21, 2010):

( That Kagan creature is extremely hard on the eyes..-I imagine she 'll be merciless with what's left of the US Constitution)

Being raised a Jew , and indoctrinated into insidious Judeo-Zionist propaganda via the synagogue and 'youth groups ' like Young Judea , I 've spent nearly half of my life trying to identify the degree to which my being has been imbued with ZIOTHINK, it starts out in the Hebrew Schools that lead to the Young Judea and proto masonic organizations B'Nai Br'ith , etc. leading to rabid paranoia a la Abe Foxman and the ADL.

Watch Defamation in its entirety here free:

I reccomend that everyone interested in this issue check out " Defamation" to get a look into the mindset of the Shoah business, and the machinations of the shakedown organization known as the Anti Defamation League.

Abe said (May 13, 2010):

I read your latest article and while informes, feel that your readers should be made aware of the fact that the other 56.6% of the Supreme Court (non-Jewish side) is completely Jesuit dominated. That the seen Vatican and unseen Sanhedrin are but two halfs of the same coin should be pointed out. The agenda is Satanic and uses Jews, Catholics, Masons, Muslim Wahabbis, and Christian-Zionists to the same end: namely global debt slavery, AKA usury. The very worship of Mammon that Christ fore-warned us of. I all say this not to let our Jewish crooks in high places off the hook, but because of the vulnerability that this "one true enemy" mindset engenders among us. The creation of the State of Israel was not a "miracle" of God, but rather the result of an international banking conspiracy. An international conspiracy with the ability to summon such "signs and wonders" as the apparent resurrection of God's biblical Kingdom of Israel can surely manifest any other number of "miracles" for the TV-watching idiot masses to be wowed by - with or without the use of the Jews and their "prophecies".

Richard in NO said (May 13, 2010):

What do you think of this oil spill debacle ; I think it is the deathblow to new orleans; tourism and seafood are our lifeblood.

I am leaving tomorrow for a few days at the beach , Gulf Shores , Alabama ; near the Florida border. Those beaches along the Gulf Coast are considered by many to be some of the best beaches in the world.

I am bringing my camera to document and my recording equipment to record some music.

I fear that this will be the last time I this beautiful beach, it is truly one of my favorite spots to commune with nature.

I hope all is well with your Henry, your articles have been fascinating , provocative as usual; I really enjoy hearing from Fritz S.

Dani said (May 12, 2010):

I can see how your website would totally come across as being crazy for any newbies. I actually chuckled out loud and shook my head when reading the titles of some of your latest entries thinking Man, if I hadn't already been reading this guy for years now I'd think he was nuts and a major racist. It just sounds......questionable if one doesn't already know where you're coming from. The whole harping on the Jews thing does come across a bit like Germany c. 1936 if one is new to your site and doesn't realize you're actually talking about the Zionist agenda.


Thanks Dani,

Americans have been brainwashed to think that
objecting to grossly disproportionate representation by Jews is "anti-Semitic." Zionist Jews are just laughing up their sleeves at the stupid goyim. This disproportionate representation would not be such a problem if Zionist Jews didn't have a pernicious NWO agenda.


Marisa said (May 12, 2010):

I have read some of your articles, and I have to say you're a bit crazy.


General reply:

This is the sort of response this article got, because the people who don't think I am insane are afraid to write!


Nick said (May 12, 2010):

have just read your article quoting Mark Twain; I have an idea how to bring the criminal bankers to book by using Natural Law.

I will not say more here, but if you have a look at my web site you will see how powerful this idea is


Richard said (May 12, 2010):

I heard a report on Kagan early this morning and thought exactly the same thing - "bull dyke".
They don't say she's a dyke on radio of course but case record as Government attorney speaks for itself.

It's not merely liberal -- it's aggressive and extreme in the gratuitous abortion and queer departments.

That's what tipped me off - her record highlights were nothing but about abortion and gay obsession.

But I didn't know what she looked like till I opened your site tonight and saw the photo....

I'm BLIND!!! What a Gorgon...

JAK said (May 12, 2010):

Good heavens! This woman(?) looks like hell and death itself blew up all over her(?)... If this is what we as a nation espouse as normal, decent, honorable and good and put in the court as judges, no wonder at all that our country is dying.

Nate said (May 11, 2010):

I would like to point out that Kagan’s Chicago Law school article, “Regulation of Hate Speech And Pornography,” indicates someone who will "broadly interpret" (violate) the 1st Amendment. Here's what Kagan wrote:

“We live in a society marred by racial and gender inequality. Certain forms of speech perpetuate and promote this inequality. The disappearance of such speech would be cause for great elation.

”Although the Supreme Court will not in the foreseeable future adopt the view that all governmental efforts to regulate such speech accord with the Constitution, a new majority could rule that all government efforts to regulate such speech would be constitutional.”

Thus, this Jewish lesbian will militate against freedom of speech, our last and only method left to us to oppose the Zionist threat to our nation.

Brother Nathanael
Real Zionist News @

Linda said (May 11, 2010):

Well Henry, Elena Kagan can perhaps take heart that none of the Supremes got there on their looks. But she, Sotomayor, Ginsberg and that shabbas goy Scalia definintely got there on Judaism.

The Jews are not the only ones fronting for the world Communist Revolution - now everywhere advancing. The post conciliar Catholic Church is entirely subverted and the Vatican works bilaterally with the Sanhedrin to promote the Noachide Law mandated for goyim nations by the Talmud.

Shabbas goy 'practicing catholics' like Pelosi are legion in the vanguard of this thing.

Supreme Court Justice Aontonin Scalia studies Talmud with the Nasi of the Sanhedrin, Adin Steinsaltz.

For the Communist Revolution to succeed in America it is essential to shift the jurisprudence from a Constitutional jurisprudence to a Talmudic jurisprudence. This project has been underway since Brandeis.

Kagan is appointed to do the final 'heavy lifting' on the Bench.

As in the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Eastern Europe - the secret police and terrorist organisations like the Cheka, the NKVD etc are created by the state as a 'response' to the terrorism sponsored by the state. Terrorism is an essential tool of the elite for the creation of a police state and to get the goy nations under Noachide Law - as in the Jacobin Committees of Public Safety during the 'Terror' phase of the Revolution inaugurated in France 1789.

The world Communist Revolution is just the culminating phase the the Great Revolution.

An important milestone in shifting the jurisprudence of the US is the National Institute for Judaic Law opened Nov 2002. It was opened with a lavish Supreme Court dinner. The Jewish Week reported on this Dec 6, 2002. "Jewish Law Comes to Town".

The National Institue for Judaic Law is to enable America's legal establishment to study Talmudic Law.

I know the entire situation looks very bleak. Communism (which is Judaism for the goyim) is coming to power through their 'clash of civilization script' in the Middle East theatre and 'regime change' in the West.

Those who hold to the Biblical faith, however, clearly see that this new Babylon is going to fall as nothing has fallen since the old one. We may not see it in our own time, but it is imperative to use all the tools we have to help the young people to understand these most serious matters, as you are doing.

DS said (May 11, 2010):

It's sad to see but I predicted when Obama got into power that the USA would head in exactly the same direction the UK has been going for the last 13 years.

Our society is now completely controlled by the minority. In fact it's got so bad that recent articles in newspapers now promote brainwashing propaganda that children are happier in Lesbian families.

America is about to start experiencing just what the UK has and you will feel totally helpless as well. Your hate speech laws, like ours will utterly destroy your freedom of speech as it will take preference. As Luke O'Farrell, one of the Heretical Two, currently serving time in a UK prison for "having an alternative opinion to the mainstream" said in one of his articles about the left:

"A single racist insult is worse than a million deaths in the cause of equality. Whether they’ll admit it or not, that’s what countless leftists believe. After all, racism is the vilest of sins, but striving for equality is the highest of virtues. Deaths are just deaths, but insults are words – the most fundamental level of reality. That again is what countless leftists believe. They’re trained to believe it by the jobs they do. Politicians, academics and journalists are logocentric and their existence revolves around words. They don’t plow fields or build dams or invent machines: they produce vibrations in the air and marks on paper. Speeches, articles, two-volume interrogations of issues around unearned “White Privilege”, that’s what the logocentric community specialize in. And it corrupts them."

Trust me, you're really not going to like having to be politically correct all the time, with workmates snooping on your every word, reporting you for hate speech against the minority. Gays and Lesbians are about to become even more pampered and protected individuals in the USA, than they already currently are. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the next president of the USA is female and a dyke.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at