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Ryu Ohta -- Running Dogs of the Illuminati

November 15, 2010

realohta.jpgThis was written by the famous Japanese revisionist historian Ryu Ohta (with David Icke left) a month before he passed away May 19 2009 at the age of 78.  He had just translated and published my book "Illuminati" in Japan. He was also responsible for the publication of many of David Icke's books. Benjamin Fulford praised him as one of the "great truth seekers" but apparently the feeling wasn't mutual.

Translated by Grace Eki

Ohta's Commentary for Henry Makow 'Illuminati, the Cult that Hijacked the World'....

"On pgs.439~444 of the Japanese version published 2009, by SEIKO-SHOBO, Tokyo dated: April 21, 2009. Henry Makow, the writer of this opus, was raised as an assimilated/secular Jew in Canada.

Currently for a modern Jewish person, there may be three possible choices....

1) to assimilate into the surrounding environment, be it society, nation, culture or religion

2) to choose Christianity

3) to reject the assimilation process and to take the stance of rigid rejection to the environment....Inevitably this will lead to the credence of Talmud and Kabala.

So as an assimilated Jew, he first encountered the Illuminati induced strategy of fraud, labeled 'Feminism '.  He tackled this problem head on and opened a website dedicated to this. 

If I recall correctly, he first started off with a weekly article around the beginning of the the new century (2000 onwards).  Therefore the availability of these anti-Illuminati newsletters must total at least around 400 if not, several tens more... "Illuminati, The Cult that Hijacked the World" (2009) is the selected result from that conglomeration.  It is an absolute read.

His ambitious opus, that of "Feminism and New World Order"(2007) contains about equal number of articles, and should be read as a companion piece. The two together actually creates a one complete theme.

Makow already at the very beginning of his research, made a concentrated effort towards "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion".

'The Protocols"; the Imperial Russia thrust this upon the international world's scrutiny, but with the rise of Bolshevism, by 1911, as Communism started to take political shape, this became the target of heavy criticism and debate as whether it was authentic, or a forgery.

But that is an exceedingly minor and moot point. The real question is, who-the writer, author, lecturer, presenter....who it could be.  Followed by a why, but the answer to that is all included in the writing.

Many candidates have been nominated, but generally all candidates lacked the conviction and concordance that was genuinely acceptable to the whole world.
But with this book, Makow has provided the answer. Makow's thinking process is thus: First,-the presenter of "the Protocols" must be a member of the Rothschild dynasty.

Second, He, can only be the representative of the British Rothschild's branch, second generation heir, Lionel Rothschild.

The British branch of the Rothschild family, landed in England from the continent, at the end of the 18th century.  Lionel was born at the beginning of the 19th century, and visibly active until around 1870's.  And in reality, Lionel was the top-brain for the Illuminati.
So according to Makow's consistently clear and logical hypothesis, 'Elders of Zion' is another terminology for the behind the scene power heads.  The Illuminati advance their agenda through their various agents.  Key note to remember, is that they are never visible.  They have, as pawns, innumerable 'running dogs' that they utilize and discard endlessly.   

And the last and the fourth is, Goyims- also known as sheep-people, "sheeple", domesticated human/animals.

This is their pyramidal hierarchy for the world.

If the Illuminati and the top executors would be about 0.1% of the total world population, we get approximately 6 million people.  I have no idea as to the accuracy of such a number.  If it be 1% of the world population, then
that number will be 60 million, which gives the impression of being far too much/too many.

Fritz Springmeier's unfinished magnificent opus "Illuminati, and Trauma-based Mind Control"(available through us as photocopied version) contains the following statement.

'In the United States, there are about 2 million, and several hundreds of total mind-controlled slaves'( this is an approximation from the Japanese quotation, hence the exact wording and numbering can not be reconverted accurately).  

Meaning psychologically traumatized, trained and ready; to fit the need and demand of the controller(s). Illuminati controlled slaves; what kind of standing realization are they to the Masters, that is a difficult question to know and understand properly.


So according to the Illuminati scheme, the world can be divided as themselves and the core, (0.1%), about 6 million, 30 million agents (0.5%), 12 thousand million-   'running dogs' which should constitute about 20% or so, and the rest- the 80% of the 6.7 or so billion world population.

The 80% also considered as Goyim, sheeple, -"domesticated, under the Masters".  Not simply Domus = House-broken and trained, but even more that that.

If this premise is correct, and at 0.5% of the population, could there really be 30 million competent agents?
It is an impressive number.  If they are to be competent and effective.  
This problem is dealt by Makow in his article, 'Red Symphony'.  Also known as C.G.Rakovsky Interrogation.  

Also more known under the original and initial publication of this transcript in Spanish, as 'Sinfonia en Rojo Mayo'.

Rakovsky, a longtime veteran COMINTEL activist, was placed under arrest and sentenced to execution under Stalin 1938 or so, as being a Trotsky-sympathizer/collaborator and worse.  During the GPU prodedurcs (Gosudarstvennoye Politcheskoye Upravlenie), the interrogation process, Ravoksky was able to extract a negotiation with the Stalin side and managed to save himself.  

It was not meant for the public.

The translator for the GPU made an extant replica and this eventually, through a bizarre twists of fate, reaches the West side.

It became published in a (White) Russian Newspaper in France, and later on into English as well.

A Japanese translation exists also, done by Nagamizo Ichiro. This translated version is also included in 'The Rockerfeller Empire and its Conspiracy' as an addendum.  It is substantial in length.

Quite a while ago, I heard a Japanese translator making the following declaration; that the Rakovsky Interrogation cannot be substantiated and hence most likely a forgery.  That comment made me aware how low the level of intelligence has fallen among the Japanese professional translators.

 In simplified terms, Rakovsky is no common street revolutionary, nor one of those 'running/straw dogs' to be utilized and discarded as fit; but an authentic agent of the Illuminati, solidly backed by the central bank cartel, inducing Hitler and Stalin for a war against each other.  Here in his role, and with his capabilities,-has demonstrated a standard for what would be an adequate and acceptable agent.

It is doubtful that such competence is possessed by all of these 30 million agents.

As opposed to the agents, 'running dogs', are utilized and disposed of recklessly.
Masses and masses of them are used and disposed of.

Under the Stalin regime, about sixty million of these 'running dogs' were discarded under this category.

Communism in China meant millions and even more millions were disposed of.

The crucial point that must be understood, regarding the Illuminati, is thus; that They never confuse, confound, nor contradict in their delineation for the difference between 'running dogs' and their agents.

Those who can not distinguish this, in reality do not comprehend at all the Illuminati mentality.


We often use this expression that "Japan is being dominated Illuminati/Satanic world powers....".  This is quoted quite often, even in our daily conversations.  In Japan, are there really people at the standard of an Illuminati agent?
In the past, there has been definitely at least one Japanese Illuminati-agent, and that will be  OZAKI HOTSUMI (1901-1944) graduate of the elite-Tokyo University, correspondent for the 'Asahi Newspaper'); of the famous 'SORGE Incident'.  

The German/Soviet double spy, Richard Sorge (- is said to be one of the most fascinating exposed spy incident until the end of WWII, and Sorge-written to be one of the top spy in history....Interesting to note that he entered German Communist Party in 1919 (Party # 878), entered the Soviet Communist Party sometime around 1926-27 (Party #49927), and NSPAD, the Nazi Party in 1933 (Party 3 2751466).....).  Ozaki and Sorge will  both get arrested and executed in 1944..the record states that his
last words were that - he (R .S.) "had left nothing undone...".   Soviet Union has awarded him the Medal of Honour in 1967, and has issued honour stamps in his memory....). 

It is doubtful if anyone has an objection to this assumption above, regarding the level and capability of what could be a potential agent.

As opposed to agents, how about the situation regarding the 'running dogs'.....

The importance to understand this distinction, I repeat, is crucial in understanding the current dismal world situation as imposed by the Illuminati.

This author has named so far five candidates that act as Illuminati's 'running dogs' for contemporary Japan...

Fulfordrock.jpg1) NAKAMARU KAORU

-(Translator's clarification-this is not in the commentary,- # 1 is quite well known and written many books, said to be exposing conspiracies but simultaneously; gets knighted as Dame in some foreign country-does not say from where or by whom..., claims to be descendant of Meiji Emperor, and simultaneously has this 'club' of the Sun whose members read like who's who of the elite and powerful of this world!(i.e. Rockerfellers, Rothschilds etc...)

#2 -his work/words are available in English,

#3-author, lecturer, giving seminars (generally financial), and as the supervising translator of Victor Thorn's 'New World Order Exposed'  and thus changing the title into 'Rockerfellers Decided that China Will be the Next Superpower' and eliminating certain chapters..... )

#4-heads the internet site, named something akin to "Anti-Rothschilds Association" (rather popular, with members and followers) and also goes around giving lectures.....

#5 a solid library/book researcher who initially started off exposing conspiratorial agendas of the Elite, (The Japanese Emperor Hirohito, W. Averell Harriman etc.) but who concludes that there is no such a thing as ...'hidden' and/or 'secret' agendas....)

From my comprehension, 'running dogs' would run like crazy in order to obtain that one bone thrown by their Illuminati masters.

The fact that they are running, is itself considered special and an honor for them.

Even to be discarded, it is still part of the prestige.

If one understands this conjecture, then finally we can really see and observe what is occurring via the Illuminati agents induced 'running dogs' here in Japan.

If the 20% of the world population, are really 'running dogs'; that is such a high number that their role and participation for the world domination can not be taken lightly.

Makow thinks that the central core of the Illuminati to be composed by banking oligarchs.

And in order to bring the whole of humanity according to their agenda, that 20% of 'running dogs' becomes crucial and must be running in the right/same direction.  How to do that....?-most likely by creating a mental state wherein the Illuminti's core Credo of greed ego-centricism must become like an cult of automatic belief and reaction for the runners too.

The essence of that can be found in the Talmud and the Kabala.
So when Makow titles the book, 'Illuminati, the Cult that Hijacked the World'-this is what he is trying to express in the naming.

That greed would color human perception in such a way that the personal self-centered principles will match to the

Credo of the Illuminati and thus resonate similar behaviour-in-action...In the four-tiered system of the Illuminati, only 'runnings dogs' can match this particular necessity.

In contemporary Japan, we must be forever observant and vigilant against the words and behavior of the Illuminati 'running-dogs'.
Remember that this distinction will become eventually fatal for defense.

Dated Heisei 21 (2009), April 21st , Tokyo    OHTA RYU

This is his comment for Henry Makow's book, which he worked hard for several years to get it published.
He first attempted also 'A Long Way to Go On a Date'-which all publishers rejected....and has given at least once if not twice, a complete lecture just on Henry Makow (the recordings are available and it is in Japanese).
Notice that Ohta departed on May 19th 2009.

He has written something akin to the content above for his 'Nippon Weekly Newsletter' Daily Bulletin, available still on the Internet site.

Ohta was in this sense never diplomatic, believed in calling a spade a spade and will criticize publicly with the names and specifics and in this way, yes had innumerable enemies.....After Ohta's death, some people suggested to Mrs. Ohta to remove the articles that contained these allegations(also called defamations) off his site, but Mrs. Ohta has not budged and as she says she didn't write them, he did, and thus must have a purpose. 

Also when he was wrong/mistake, he has openly written about that too.

*the term 'running dog'/or 'dogs' is a Japanese terminology used in the game of SHOUGI, a type of Japanese Chess) A pawn as understood in the chess terms would have been adequate, but the imagery of running dogs, in hunting for example, under the command of the leading alpha-dog(an agent...?)/or of the Master, seemed more precise in expression, to see the current condition and the power of 'influence', that guard dogs, politic-dogs, sheep dogs etc.....can emit.*

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Ryu Ohta -- Running Dogs of the Illuminati"

JCW said (November 16, 2010):

Great article... The dog analogy works well... You (Henry) have done a great job of bringing to the forefront, the various factions of secret societies. Many writers seem to have holes in their logic and therefore hard to follow. I have felt and believed that the illusionist only allows one to see what he wants you to see. So if we are sheeple and we are being corralled by sheep dogs, then we are meant to see the sheep dogs, therefore we are directed to hate what is put before us... Those dogs still have a master that we can't see and therefore not able to identify, making it very hard to know how to fight back with effectiveness. Everyone makes a comment that no one is outraged and protesting our impending slaughter. But the sheep dogs have sufficiently directed us in the direction of our own destruction, and we gladly roam in the direction of our own slaughter as long as the extension cord for our cart mounted television doesn't run out, then heaven help the Illuminati... So pick your sheep dog, is it the Jews? The Masons? The Catholics? Or whoever else... It doesn't matter, they are motivated by an implanted fear from their own illusionist, and whatever they are doing against humanity it is righteous in their eyes...

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