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On Turning 60

November 17, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The girl at the McDonald's drive thru took one look at me and asked if I wanted a half-price "Senior's Coffee." 

"Sure," I said. "I turned 60 last week."

If life's purpose is to leap nimbly from the Student Discount to the Senior Discount, I have succeeded.

I turned 60 on November 12. Getting old is baffling for a boomer like me, who was immature until age 50. I suffered from the arrested development socially engineered in our "culture," i.e. feminism, multiple marriages and divorces. Now, I have cast myself as the voice of experience, a role I am unprepared for, unless we mean "bad experience."  

My biggest mistake was trusting my elders --media , professors --"looking up" to them or anyone. Our society is as bankrupt culturally as it is fiscally. My writing is a memo to my 20-year-old self, containing the information I wish I had then.


When I was young, I pitied "seniors" because they didn't have sex and romance which was the Holy Grail. Now I pity my younger self because I was deceived, deluded and ruled by these chimeras.

In the past few months, I've noticed sexual desire fall away like chains turning to dust. Oh, the years I wasted in slavish adoration of the female and hankering for her love.

I am still a practising heterosexual but the female body has lost its appeal. It's not only my age. I'm disgusted with women for abandoning their femininity. Women used to be able to love men. Now they want to be men. 

Changing the subject. Jerry Seinfeld and I have something in common. We belong to an exclusive club. You'll never guess the membership requirement.

We both learned about masturbation after we lost our virginity.

We were both cerebral Jewish teenagers who sublimated our sex drive. Jerry was obsessed with the art of comedy. I was obsessed with the Vietnam War and saving the world, not quite as lucrative.

But, at least I got laid thanks to the Vietnam war. I lost my virginity in 1968 after spending three hours explaining the New Left Version of that conflict to a young woman. Afterward, I asked her why she responded to my long, intricate recital.

"I needed to make sure you were serious," she said.

Yes, I have always been serious.

Technically I didn't lose my virginity that night. Because of the Jerry Seinfeld Syndrome, I didn't know what to do.

"Most men move back and forth," my girlfriend hinted.

"Well, that's other men," I said.

She didn't want to burst my balloon. She quietly endured three months of frustration until the genius figured it out by himself.


Oscar Wilde said that, "nothing worth learning can be taught."

And most of what I was taught wasn't worth learning. I tried to drop out of school many times but was dissuaded by my father each time.

Finally, school became a place to hide from society while I tried to figure out the world.

My ambition was to write the Truth but I didn't know what it was. So I studied other writers. At university, they worship Great Men as if they were Gods.

Finally, in 1999-2000, teaching part-time, I discovered that The State was encouraging lesbianism in the guise of "feminism."

 "Why?" I asked myself.

That's how I discovered the Illuminati Conspiracy and haven't looked back. I took my course to the Internet and reached tens of thousands.

For my birthday Thursday, a dear friend invited me out. "So how're you doing?" he asked.

"I'm in the wrong business" I replied.  "It's depressing to record the demise of civilization. I'd rather have fun like everyone else, fiddle while Rome burns."


There's not much glory or reward in sounding an alarm. But the die was cast when I read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" at age 10 and asked,"How could adults, who demanded children's respect, be so stupid?"

That's why I was so self-confident as a 12-year-old, appearing on "What's My Line?"

I'm still the arrogant youth who thought the other men were doing it wrong. I was mistaken then, but not now.

I am grateful that finally I can see the truth, horrible though it is,  and do what I always wanted.

Note- Thanks to my readers for your emails expressing appreciation and encouragement. I can''t believe how sweet and generous you are!

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Comments for "On Turning 60"

Molly said (November 20, 2009):

Congratulations on reaching 'the age of awareness.' you will find peace now in your divine mind. thank you for your open awareness and illumination on the truth of reality. i always appreciate your egoless point of view. very rare for a Jew; precious for a former practicing Jew. because of my experiences as a naive wasp, and ignorant of the Talmud i married an Ashkenazi thinking he loved me and i worked for 12 years to make him a neurosurgeon, while also raising our three children. i am the first known person in my family ever to get a divorce, but this ego-centered, cheating, deceptive lier broke my longing heart and divorced me and took the children he had never cared about so he wouldn't have to repay me in any way for the education, home and all that i provided for him. (it was all a ruse in the court with Jewish judge) so with clear knowledge of your awareness and courage, i am certain you will know true kindness and be freed of the greedy world perception many Jews hunger for. also, i understand your disgust for current shallow women who have been denied their role as gentle mothers and had to soon return to work making them pushy bull dikes in order to compete with men.

Attila said (November 20, 2009):

I would like to wish you a happy birthday on your sweet sixteen :D
Ever since I started to read I went through all the columnists and found out your site. Your book on the Illuminati is right on the dot. I recommend it to anyone who is not indoctrinated "yet". Whatever the future might bring you sir (CJC), you did your share to humanity. Take Fritz Springmeier, even though he is where he is right now, his research helped us understand them (NWO).

So you sir with the help of the last frontier (the internet) can expose them (NWO) and their plans( NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM)
Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to read your new articles.

Tom said (November 19, 2009):

Good one, Henry. I identified Arrested Development a bit ago, puzzled at figuring out a soon-to-be ex wife and a daughter, and in understanding the concept, seeing how it affects so many.

About ready to give up "looking" at 55, all the female dating board posters are self absorbed and shallow. When you write to them about feminism or anything of substance, you never hear back. "Independent", a bunch of pointless "interests", and by descriptions, generally clueless about anything worth knowing. Sad.

Referral - Great author, Rudolf Steiner, Staying Connected, a book you won't forget. I can see how the Ill-ones have de-constructed the culture to make sure that the great knowledge we used to have is being lost, not practiced, or hard to find time for. Religions join in the destruction. The Criminal Medical cabal ruins the mind with pharmaceuticals and spreading pain, taking our wealth which makes it harder to have free time to grow personally. The media is owned lock stock and barrel. Everybody is on the take, Education is not, Democracy is institutionalized piracy, sports and tv/movies/music/"entertainment" is garbage with no redeeming value. And on and on.

If you want to see how it all comes out, stay away from McD's, another tool of the enemy of Humanity.

Thanks for spreading the word to those who still have minds to understand.


Thanks Tom,

I just needed a coffee. I don't eat the food.


Phil said (November 18, 2009):

Glad you made it with all your wits, Henry...few of our generation managed to do so. I share your disdain for following our programmed elders and official teachers, and I saw through it by the time I realized that college was just high school with ivy on the walls. Show me a professor and 9 out of ten of them are myopic morons.

Because my family life was mildly traumatic, and utterly superficial, I blamed the institution and not the people. Hence, I never wanted one. I also learned early on to love women for their brains and heart primarily, and that the rest would take care of itself. It can't be told how much misery that spared me. In fact, in combination, and along with the fact that I saw through the American crap food scam just after I left home, those factors have left me virtually unscared by stress...and I only get angry when I look at the ways of the fools who are led around by the elite perverts, and actually want to at least act like one themselves.

I turned 60 last spring and I still get pegged for no more than 45. It doesn't hurt that one's hair is still thick and blond, but it's far less the visual than the way I act and think. It seems we're taught that we must get sickly and old as we age, and I set out early on to prove it's just another scam. The proof is in.

Sue said (November 18, 2009):

I have read your book on the Illuminati, and LOVED it! I also began reading your blog. I have to ask, what do you suppose is the cause of arrested development in baby boomers? I, as well as half a dozen of my coworkers, all in late 40's, early 50's, suffer from this. I've known for years (when I failed to grow up) that something was wrong. Our behavior (in a University setting, no less, is embarrassing!!) Do you have time for a short explanation?

I'm certain it's social engineering, but the younger generation does not seem to suffer from this (at least that is my observation at my job).
Thank you so much if you answer, and thanks also for writing such and excellent book on the Illuminati....



Believe me the younger generation does suffer from
arrested development. In my opinion, it comes from postponing marriage and children until later in life.


Patricia said (November 18, 2009):

Happy Birthday Henry! I turned 64 this year-I was born the day after the US bombed Hiroshima so have been acutely aware of our nuclear adventures ever since! Man isn’t evolving-he has devolved from somewhere higher to which he is returning and soon! As a Christian, I am not quite sure what the Rapture is supposed to be/do. The idea of the “secret place of the most high God” makes a bit more sense to me. Like the German stigmatic who was visited by the angel Gabriel who told her “Soldiers are coming. You must stand here and not move an inch until they leave!” She did as she was told and one soldier even looked right at her, but didn’t see her! I think that is somehow the way it works. Makes more sense than flying off somewhere, although if I were going to a better place, I’d be willing to give that a try too-LOL! The world is uglier by the minute. Warren Buffet lives here in Omaha where I am. He is the God of Omaha-even invites the Rothchilds for visits! Mother Theresa? Who was she?(That even from Catholics!) Keep up the good work, Henry, we are going to need you!

Judy said (November 18, 2009):

Happy Sixtieth, Henry. Don't despair. You have done your part. I am 78 and I was lucky. I learned very early on not to take the dominant culture too seriously.

Guy said (November 18, 2009):

Just a little note to say a belated “Happy Birthday”. With each passing year the illusions of the past evaporate into a clarity of perspective and you have been a wonderful facilitator in my personal and spiritual growth.

Dave said (November 18, 2009):

I read your post with gusto. You do express honest communication. You are a seeker. You are a researcher. You give us the fruits of labor. God, however, has nothing in common with this built world. It was and always will be an evil conspiracy....whether it is the Tower of Babel or the 911 towers. There are no favorite kinds of protoplasm. There is no favorite majority or minority. It is how the individual soul enlightens itself, fights Satan and wins. All must do this. Salvation lies on this side of victory. Fear none!

Martin said (November 18, 2009):

i really enjoy reading you articles,

actually i am lying,

it's got nothing much to do with joy in the sense of fun,

how immature of me,

but still it is so GOOD to see the generation above mine speaking out in straight arrows.

Keep up the good work it reaches the people that need to know!!!

Happy Birthday old man

Yours sincerely
Martin Fahrni

PS: As an Australian Eidgenosse (Swissborn) I know the fight, it's been a real long one and we cannot give up!!!
¨Habsburg¨ and their related scum...

Jeffrey said (November 18, 2009):

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Isnt 60 the new 40?

I turned 40 on 10/02 and just started my first semester of law school in Lansing, Michigan, being originally from Texas. The north certainly is different from southern culture. I think people in the south are much more proud and certainly more mean, aggressive, and un-caring. But that's just my opinion from 40 years experience.

I have enjoyed your articles for about 5 years and recommended your site to the ones I thought capable of understanding the conspiracy. I look forward to your work and have written you periodically through the years. You always respond, which I find impressive for someone of your caliber and ability.

Keep up the excellent work and don't lose heart. You have helped so many of us connect the dots. We need you now more than ever.

Chris (Malaysia) said (November 18, 2009):

Dear Henry,

Happy Birthday for 12 November, 2009. I too suffer/suffered from arrested development but in the contained Third World, it is the containment and collapse of long range and historical koinonia between peoples that have ruined and stunted them.

Coming back to this Illuminati thing, I visited the schismatic Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Boston in 2006. They illumined me on how Ecumenism and Masonry lead to the changing of the calender, and later, by implication to the expansion of the EU through such long term strategies.

I think you can run a series by inviting one of the members there to write, detailing for the secular world aspects of these diabolical engineering programs. I think that it would be informative.

Looking forward to having their point of view published. in their site

Brandon said (November 18, 2009):

n fact, I credit you with waking me up to seeing the big picture of the world back in early 2007 when I first came across your internet work. I most likely would still be a dysfunctional young man who "needed" women for his self image without your helpful instruction and advice. Keep up the good work as a beacon for the the great spiritual ideals of this world and against tyranny, lies, degeneracy, and corruption.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at