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Illuminati Aim to Discredit Traditional Parenthood

May 23, 2012

The Illuminati want to phase out parenthood
 and have the state breed and raise
 the new generation. The mass media plays its usual
 role: behavior modification.

by Aspen

The Illuminati plan to discredit traditional parenting.

Here's how the plan goes:

1. The "Rights of Offspring" will be emphasized.

I addressed this theme in an article that Dr. Makow published in September of 2011, "Illuminati Plan Sexual Rights for Children":

"Make no mistake:  the day will come when your children will be 'set free' sexually. And if you object, your children will be taken from you. It may take some time, but it will come."

Again, in October of 2011,  "Against Sex Change for Children" - 

"The ultimate aim of the Illuminati is to completely discredit the Family Unit and to assume full control of sexual behaviors and reproductive activity. Here we see the inversion-destruction process in action, at full tilt. Children -- not parents -- call the shots; gender reversal is given special treatment; human reason is turned upon itself and imploded...."

bp1.jpeg2. The role of parents as decision-makers will be called into question.

A commentary appeared today on the BBC website, stating what I have been expecting to see for years,


"Whenever there is some incident of juvenile delinquency or youth crime you will hear the same refrain: 'Well, I blame the parents.'

And the evidence is that the parents are indeed likely to have played a significant part in the anti-social behavior of their offspring.

"So should the state intervene in the upbringing of the nation's children, offering intensive support and advice to all parents? Should it play the role of surrogate nanny?"


The language is soft, here and in the remainder of the article. To sum up: "We just want to help mothers and fathers to be better parents."

The actual agenda and the language in other reports is not so soft. For example:

hk.jpg3. The public will be treated to a continual news assault of the worst examples of parenting that can be found.

Here's recent news:

"Sister saw [Muslim] parents commit murder:

"Shafilea Ahmed's remains were found in Cumbria in 2004.
"The sister of a Cheshire schoolgirl who went missing in 2003 saw their parents kill her, a court has heard....The prosecution alleges the couple killed their daughter because she was Westernized and refused to obey them."


How about this next one? (Sept. 5, 2011):

"Parents of seven told: Your children are too fat, so you will never see them again.

"Four obese children are on the brink of being permanently removed from their family by social workers after their parents failed to bring their weight under control.
"In the first case of its kind, their mother and father now face what they call the 'unbearable' likelihood of never seeing them again.
"Their three daughters, aged 11, seven and one, and five-year-old son, will either be 'fostered without contact' or adopted.

And one more (Mar. 26, 2009):

"New entrants 'lack basics'
"Too many children are starting school without basic skills, including knowing how to hold a pencil and washing their hands, educators say. Principals in rural areas and small towns say some parents are not "giving their children enough support to develop key literacy and life skills....

"The message is pretty clear if they are not being read to at home, given basic tools, they are not going to get a good start in life. There is plenty of data showing this leads to some pretty sad outcomes, including falling into a life of crime."

4. Religion will continue to be a central focus of parental disgrace.

The article above concerning the death of Shafilea Ahmed is one case in point. To be sure, Islam is destined to receive a severe beating, during the course of this process.

Islam won't be alone. Each and every religious form will be attacked.

"Child marriage is widespread in India despite a law banning it, and the loser in the end is invariably the girl child given the socio-economic factors that encourage the practice.

"India is still unable to stop this feudal practice. This is evident from the recent attack on a welfare centre supervisor who tried to prevent three young girls from being married off in a mass ceremony...."


6. Examples of the extreme in horrific "parenting" will be presented (whether true or not):



mbparentzone1.jpg7. The ability of the State to provide better child guidance will be emphasized to no end.

"Social workers and police 'powerless' to intervene in child neglect cases

"Children are at risk of neglect because the authorities feel 'powerless' to intervene and protect them, a study warns

"Dame Clare Tickell, Chief Executive of Action for Children, said, "Neglect corrodes childhoods, robbing the most vulnerable children of hope, happiness and life chances. "All our findings point to the stark reality that neglected children and their parents are being identified, but neither the professionals nor the public feel empowered to help "or intervene, particularly at the early stages.

"When it comes to child neglect the reality is, we are only tackling the tip of the iceberg, and there are many thousands out there in desperate need. We are currently "missing critical opportunities to help, and putting valued professionals in an impossible position."


"Creating the Super-Nanny State
"Should the state intervene in the upbringing of the nation's children, offering intensive support and advice to all parents? Should it play the role of surrogate nanny?
"At the moment, parents who cannot control their kids may end up being ordered to take classes in good parenting by the courts."

8. THE FINAL STEP: Individuals as a whole tire of the idea of raising children. Reproduction is handed over to State management.

Think it's impossible? Try again. This has been one of the intense social experiments conducted in Japan, to absolute success.

"Japan Population Decline: Third Of Nation's Youth Have 'No Interest' In Sex

"A startling number of Japanese youths have turned their backs on sex and relationships, a new survey has found.

"The survey, conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association, found that 36% of males aged 16 to 19 said that they had "no interest" in or even "despised" sex. That's almost a 19% increase since the "survey was last conducted in 2008.

"If that's not bad enough, The Wall Street Journal reports that a whopping 59% of female respondents aged 16 to 19 said they were uninterested in or averse to sex, a near 12% increase since 2008."


Feminism, bi-sexuality, multi-sexuality, metro-sexuality, flexi-sexuality, porn addiction, sex addiction, fetish addiction, general sexual abuse, pedophilia...


Watch and see.

First comment by Dani:

Hi Henry -

Funny you should post Aspen's article this week about the NWO's plan to discredit traditional parenthood. The past few days I was shaking my head at the overwhelming number of "horrific parenting" stories that dominate over at  For those who are not familiar, The Daily Mail is a British-based news media outlet that seems to specialize in the most sensationalistic stories they can possibly find.  If you're in the U.S. and you go to that URL it will bring you the U.S. edition, where you will no doubt see on any given day multiple stories centering around horrific parents from hell doing the most atrocious things imaginable to their kids.   Several times when I've found myself talking to people about stories I've come across on that site involving child abuse I couldn't even bring myself to describe to the other person what the story involved, because it as just *that* bad. I've never seen anything like it.  The question is, were these things always going on in our world, and we only now know about it because of our 24/7 online news media obsessed society that wants constant updates?  Or is something going haywire in our society to cause more and more of this abhorrent behavior?   Or is it both?   Whether it's one or the other or both, there's no doubt that many media outlets (including CNN, the New York Daily News and others) *thrive* on featuring these depraved stories. The more shocking and depraved, the better.  To give you an idea, here's just a sampling from today's Daily Mail, U.S. online edition:

"The Indian town where girl foetuses 'are being fed to dogs to hide rampant female infantcide'
"Mother forces daughter to shoplift then refuses to pick her up from police"
"Mother shot her four teenage children 18 TIMES at close range with revolver and reloaded three times before turning gun on herself, autopsy report reveals"
"Just finish it here' Shafilea Ahmed's mother said as she and her husband suffocated her with plastic bag, daughter tells court"
"Father murders mother and three young children and then burns house down before killing himself 75 miles away."
"Boy, 3, killed by his mother after unbuckling himself from booster seat, opening car door and falling under wheel"
"Grandson, 17, begged 911 dispatcher for help after grandmother shot him...and he yelled he had been shot again before he did."
"Woman stabbed daughter, 23, and baby granddaughter, in horrific Kentucky slaying spree"

And that's just today.  I can remember so many more of these "nightmare parents" headlines that I've seen over the past few months, and which seem to rule
at the Daily Mail.  So many stories about babies and toddlers being beaten to death, starved to death, tortured to death.  And they just love a good pedophile parent story, especially ones that feature women giving/selling their own babies and children to pedo boyfriends.  (yes, babies.  One recent story involved a five month old baby girl.)   The DM is also fond of stories involving psychopathic kids and teens turning on their parents or grandparents, murdering them in some heinous bloodbath.  Is it an NWO plan to destroy the image of the family? I don't know, but it's something for sure. 

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Comments for "Illuminati Aim to Discredit Traditional Parenthood "

Marcos (Brazil) said (May 24, 2012):

This is an excellent article. The globalists indeed want to implement Marx's ideas on parenting, i.e., to destroy the family and parent rights.

This is a worldwide effort. In Brazil, teachers are telling kids to denounce their parents in case they get a little spanking. At the same time, horrible pedophile crimes committed by gays are totally ignored by the press.

Last year, Queen Silvia of Sweden visited Brazilian Congress with Xuxa. Xuxa is a celebrity with a very successful TV show for kids. The problem is that Xuxa sexualized Brazilian children much like Britney Spears did in the US. She taught girls to use makeup, mini-skirts, do sensual dances. Xuxa used to be a "model" and started her career in pornographic magazines. She even acted in a pedophile movie, where she was filmed naked in bed with a 12 year old. She got really famous when she became soccer legend Pelé's lover.

The reason for such a high-level Illuminati crowned head to visit Brazil was to push a law that forbids parents to slap their children. In a country famous for prostitution of minors, sexual tourism and gay pedophilia, parents can be arrested by slapping the bottom of a stubborn child. Yes, a pedophile actress is the champion of children's' rights in Brazil.

This last Sunday, Xuxa did a sensational revelation in the most important TV show in Brazil, telling the country she had been abused by friends of her family when she was a pre-teen. This was orchestrated to be broadcast at the same time that a government committee is working in more laws to "protect" the children from their parents. We can now expect government social service Marxist workers ringing at our doors any time.

The Queen and Xuxa:

Pedophile Xuxa with 12 year old:

Guy said (May 24, 2012):

The First Comment by Dani has to be taken with an ocean of salt. Whilst I believe that all mainstream News Media serves the same agenda, the Daily Mail is the target of continual, unceasing and vastly disproportionate opprobrium from the British Left, because in fact it is the only wide circulation media outlet in the UK that actually supports family values and expresses horror at the destruction of Western Christian Civilisation. Just log on to the ‘Mailwatch’ website and feel the hatred!

It is a fact though – in Britain if you take any position contrary to the Lazy Left they compulsively reach for the phrase ‘Daily Mail Reader’, which to them is an open and shut condemnation. They can’t help it! What this actually emphasizes, though, is that, unlike in the USA, in the UK there is no other prominent mouthpiece for non leftists outside of the Mail.

But of course, the Mail is still controlled opposition . .

Graeme said (May 24, 2012):

Henry Can’t help but think the Japanese enviroment has got a lot to do with low sex drive breeding etc
54 Nuclear Reactors belching chemicals from their smoke stacks that we know so little about let alone their long term affects
Helen Caldicott

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