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Joe Paterno & Louis Freeh Linked to Opus Dei

November 25, 2011

paterno.jpg(left. Joe Paterno rests a fatherly  hand on Jerry Sandusky's shoulder.)

Coach Joe Paterno and ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh are linked to the Knights of Columbus, part of the Jesuit Opus Dei  complex, and the object of many child sex abuse complaints.
Louis Freeh's appointment to investigate Penn State suggests a cover-up.

by Marie Henrie

Blogger William Lindsey suggests there is a link between Joe Paterno and Catholic child sexual abuse.

He writes that Joe Paterno "is not merely Catholic but a member of the Knights of organization that many survivors of clerical sexual abuse have considered not their ally but their enemy in their fight to hold Catholic pastoral officials accountable for their behavior in the abuse crisis.  And Jerry Sandusky, whom Paterno protected, has received a coach of the year award from the Knights of Columbus and has been a speaker at Knights of Columbus events."

"And, second, there's the interesting fact that Philip Jenkins, whose ephebophilia theory about the abuse crisis, [who] has given aid and comfort to many apologists for the Catholic hierarchy (including Bill Donohue of the Catholic League), is a professor at Penn State".

There have been numerous child sex abuse complaints against the Knights of Columbus.


Opus Dei and the Knights of Columbus are both related to the Jesuit Order.  The Supreme Knight of Columbus, Carl Anderson, is high up in Opus Dei.

According to Robert Hutchison on pg. 429 of his book ,Their Kingdom Come: Inside the Secret World of Opus Dei,

"Amongst the other dignitaries at the Opus Dei Founder's canonization to Sainthood  was," Dr Carl A. Anderson, the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and senior American member of Opus Dei."

freeh.jpgOn Monday, Penn State named former FBI Director Louis Freeh to investigate the university's role in the sex abuse scandal. "We will immediately report any evidence of criminality to law enforcement authorities," said Freeh, who has no connection to Penn State."

Although Opus Dei is known to deny membership information when questioned, Louis Freeh attended St. Catherine of Siena Opus Dei Parish as did the infamous convicted spy Robert Hanssen who was also a member of the FBI and Opus Dei.

"Opus Dei denies that Freeh, Scalia and Thomas are members, though Freeh sends his son to the Opus Dei School, The Heights, and Scalia's wife is reported to regularly attend Opus Dei functions. Robert Hanssen,  Justice Scalia and Louis Freeh also all worship at St. Catherine of Siena parish in Great Falls, Virginia,...."

Since Anderson heads the Knights of Columbus and is tied to Opus Dei as is Louis Freeh, just how deep does this story really go?

Speaking about the Knights of Columbus and their financial support of the clerical pederast deceit, Thomas Doyle, who is recognized as the most experienced canon lawyer in the area of clerical sexual abuse concludes:

"They have supported priests and bishops in their moral bankruptcy and in their destruction of the bodies and souls of the victims of abuse. "


For further reading about the Knights and Opus Dei and even more financial connections that are surfacing.....


This covers it all in print and video. The last part about the Legion is amazing because people are wondering if there are Vatican  connections to international pedophilia.I understand if it is too long to include but this is important.

Sandusky rumored to pimp boys from Second Mile to rich donors. Oddly reminiscent of the Franklin Coverup, Pittsburgh Sports Radio Host Mark Madden broke story six months ago.  He says Sandusky was forced to retire in 1999 in exchange for a cover-up.

Report and interview with Mark Madden (Vid) Madden talks about State College as a (football) company town. This is first scandal they couldn't control.  

Penn State Another Franklin Cover Up?  (Vid) Catholic mother's see connections between pedophiles the Franklin Coverup and camps for boys in a photo.

After reading the Franklin CoverUp and the story of Noreen and Johnny Gosch, some people who left the infamous Legion of Christ and it's Lay group Regnum Christi recognized a camp bag labeled Camp Caribou in a picture that was sent to Noreen Gosch of her kidnapped son in 2008. The picture allegedly came from a Russian pedophile website.

".........., when I googled "Camp Caribou and the Legionaries of Christ," several links came up. The one below is from the RC website and lists Camp Caribou as a Conquest camp in Ontario."

 On same website people who left the Legion of Christ organization protest the connection while others think it is one and the same.

Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado, Founder of the Legion of Christ Order and it's Lay branch Regnum Christi was forced to leave his public ministry by Pope Benedict XVI due to over a dozen complaints that were made public by men who had been abused  by him as children. Marcial has also since been accused of pederasty by his own children that he fathered by several women while posing as a celibate priest.

Martin Bashir does an excellent job reporting on Maciel's illegitimate son's allegations here
Cases still going on........

Comments for " Joe Paterno & Louis Freeh Linked to Opus Dei "

BG said (November 27, 2011):

re. Marcio (below)

In brief, according to John Torell, the Jesuit founder Loyola was a Crypto-Jew born in Spain to wealthy Marrano parents. Loyola joined the Jewish Illuminati Order in Spain & later moved to Rome (feigning being a Catholic) & founded the Jesuits. He also created a spying system which later developed into a secret intelligence service. (Hmm!)

It was the Jesuits who set up (& operated for 158 years) the first Holocaust-style prison camps in what is now Paraguay in 1609 & lured 150,000 Indians into their 30 slave labor camps with food, music & festivities. Now that is cruel! (I suppose the same ploy is being reenacted today in America with "entertainment distraction" -- Protocol 13.)



Posted 11/15/11:
"Reprint of 1999 Newsletter Article by John Torell":
Original Source:

Marcio from Brazil said (November 26, 2011):

The author is somewhat confused: the Jesuit Order, founded in the 16th century (and, in old times, Jews' and Freemasons' hard enemy - even the Protocols of Zion acknowledge that) , has nothing to do with Opus Dei, founded in the 20th century, suspected of flirting with secret societies and Jewish practices that do not belong to the Church. I truly suspect of such speech (defamation of the Jesuits): typical of satanists of the "New Age" sympathizers...

As a matter of fact, the Jesuits, as monarch's advisors and people's catechists, were only blocking the way of freemasons and revolutionaries (Prime-Ministers known as "enlightened despots" - such as the feared Portuguese Marquis of Pombal - a ferocious enemy of the Jesuits - that wanted to open the path to revolutionaries and was a real cultural setback - a forerunner of "cultural revolution" very ahead of his time - in the Portuguese Empire, which Brazil belonged to, in spite of his good administrative skills) who intended to take over the power in those so called "absolute monarchies" (mainly in France, Portugal, Spain and even in far away Russia) and later overthrow the kings to impose their Freemason, Illuminati social, economical and political order... France fell first...Russia was the last one...and a lot of blood was shed. That is why the Jesuits, expelled from many European kingdoms in the 18th and 19th century, were so persecuted: they were against the revolutions!

Nowadays, the Jesuits are just a bunch of undisciplined priests...

On the other hand, I would not be so sure all of the members of the Knights of Columbus (some kind of suspecious secret society, very different from the public and open ones in the Church) are sex perverts: as far as I know, its founder was accused of that. Do all of those guys also do it just because they are members of it? Is she sure of that? I know a guy who left it after that scandal was disclosed. He is not a pedophile nor a maniac...and he was very disappointed with that. By the way, what is the guys' crime? Belonging to a society whose founder is a sex pervert. That does not make them automatically sex perverts.

Remember: all Nazis were German but not all Germans were Nazis... many were even Jews!

I personally do not trust Opus Dei because it looks like a secret society. All public societies and confraternities of the Church must be open and public, therefore I am not in secret societies. Opus Dei has actually been accused of being an Opus Judei (Jews' Work). Its founder was suspected of being a crypto Jew...

Unlike Marie, I would gather more evidence instead of making illogical and truth-deforming statements. I wonder if Marie is not one of those feminist activists or "new age priestesses". Too much ignorance, bad faith, new age self-help reading or wickedness; maybe all.

Just hysteria.

Al said (November 26, 2011):

This is an example where it would be a good thing to throw out the baby with the bathwater; because it's Rosemary's baby. Being a former

RC myself, it is simply a satanic cult with nothing going for it. Only losers stay with the RCC. Of course, I think that about all religious groups.

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