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"Strawman Recapture": Regaining Legal Freedom

October 11, 2010


by Peter Andrew Nolan (left)


In November 07, I had gone into the Family Courts system in Ireland and Australia being told, and believing, that they were far more fair today than they had been in the past. I was lied to.

The Family Courts are nothing but criminal enterprises meant to destroy the family usually by way of destroying the man. Despite being one of the best fathers, husbands, law abiding citizens, professional workers around with a 25-year track record I had many crimes committed against me. No-one seemed to want to help me remedy those crimes. This was my 'awakening' to the Illuminati.

After I recovered from being suicidal at the prospect of dis-owning my former children, I vowed to create 'Fair Laws In Australia'.

My research led me to find out that in all the former British Empire Colonies the Common Law based on the Ten Commandments, the Bible, and the history of cases over thousands of years, are still in force. It surprised me even more that 'governments' are corporations (THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a registered legal entity on the US SEC) and they operate under Uniform Commercial Code. And it surprised me more to find out Common Law is superior to the UCC in places like Australia.

So. Rather than having to get the 'legislation' made fair, my project for 'Fair Laws in Australia' became one of proving that the Common Law was superior and would be recognized as such. The Attorney General, Robert McClelland has said so in a speech, but making it happen was another matter.

So I learned how to perform a 'Strawman Recapture'. The scanned versions of the documents I used are here:


This process performs the following basic steps:

  1. You rescind your implied and presumed consent to be governed.
  2. You declare your sovereignty and document that to pass the documentation to people so that you clearly communicate you are a sovereign and not a slave.
  3. You create a suite of contracts between the 'strawman' that was created at the time of your birth and your 'human being self'. These contracts protect you from their legal system.
  4. You transfer all the property of the 'strawman', actually owned by the state, across to yourself, the human.

I then went into the Australian Federal Magistrates Court and denied the Jurisdiction of the Courts and the video recording of that is here:

I had given copies of my Common Law Claim to the court Registrar, Paul Le Large, and Paul told me before this video was recorded that David Dunkley was given these documents. Therefore David had full lawful documentation of my claim to my property which was superior to his claim he could disperse my property. My claim to my property has not been rebutted at time of writing.


The annotated transcript and the associated 'order' issued by the man calling himself David Dunkley are here:


The video was sent to Kevin Rudd and he was told to sort the situation out. He didn't. So I have taken it upon myself to inform the good people of Australia as to the crimes being committed by their legal fraternity and have David Dunkley tried for his crimes against me.

Clearly, it can be seen from the transcript, that the video proves it is real, and the order, that David Dunkley committed the common law crime of theft as he had no rights to my property.

Since publishing all this material has 'upset' the Illuminati control. Australian Government agents from Australia's 'Intelligence' service ASIO have been running smear campaigns against me including a 'hate site'.

These agents were dumb enough to identify themselves on the removal of the video on you-tube by using an ASIO email address. Thus they also involve you-tube in a crime. So I have written to Julia Gillard and Eric Schmidt and proposed they remedy these crimes or face possible accusation of accessory after the fact. The letters are here:


I believe I am the first man in the world to bring video evidence to back up the transcript of the crimes being committed inside the Family Courts, in this case Australia. I have worked very hard for very long pretty much on my own dime to do this.  But I feel this is the right thing to do because this site ( ) makes the estimate that about 4,000 men a year kill themselves from the abuse of the Family Courts and Child Support Agency in Australia. The scene is similar in all western countries.

I am working in collaboration with many brave souls to take on the Illuminati by way of bringing Common Law Courts to Ireland and Australia. We will put on trial all those judges and magistrates like David Dunkley who committed crimes. We will also put on trial women like my ex-wife who committed crimes like perjury, kidnapping, extortion and theft.


Warning! (from anonymous)

The federal prisons are full of victims of this scam.
It truly is one of the worst cons that's been floating around the "tax" movement for over a decade.
It has zero legal basis and gets people indicted time after time after time.
The people pushing the crap called "Stawman" should be indicted for peddling such fraud. So many good, decent and desperate people have lost everything by falling for it while the ones promoting make off with the victim's last dollar.
DOJ Indictment:
Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft and a hundred other attorneys keep trying to get people to stop falling for that sickening scam:

The "Straw Man" Sight Drafts (posted September 18, 1999)
(amended July 12, 2008)

     There is a "theory" floating around the movement which is absolutely crazy, yet it is promoted as "the hot new solution." This new theory has its origins with a fellow named Roger Elvick, who has been involved with some con jobs in the past; see Bye v. Mack, 519 N.W.2d 302 (N.D. 1994). Roger Elvick was years ago "into" the idea of sending forms 1099 to the IRS for its agents who stole your constitutional rights. This was a part of his "redemption process" back then and if you wish to learn about what happened to one party who followed Elvick's advice, readUnited States v. Wiley, 979 F.2d 365 (5th Cir. 1992). Many others who followed Elvick's advice also went to jail; seeUnited States v. Dykstra, 991 F.2d 450, 453 (8th Cir. 1994)("He voluntarily made the decision to purchase and use Roger Elvick's 'redemption program,' and he admitted that he did not pay any of the purported recipients any of the amounts reflected on the 1099 Forms. Because he knew he never paid the individuals, he could not have believed that the forms, which he signed under penalties of perjury, were in fact true and correct. The evidence also established that appellant acted corruptly in pursuing the retaliation scheme, in violation of 26 U.S.C. Sec. 7212(a)"). Roger was convicted for this activity; see United States v. Lorenzo, 995 F.2d 1448 (9th Cir. 1993). See also United States v. Hildrebrandt, 961 F.2d 116 (8th Cir. 1992); United States v. Rosnow, 977 F.2d 399 (8th Cir. 1992); United States v. Anderson, 353 F.3d 490 (6th Cir. 2003);  and United States v. Salman, 05-10093 (9th Cir. 7-7-2008), for other Elvick victims.  


    While there, Roger developed this new argument. In essence, he contends that everyone's birth certificate constitutes ownership in "America, Inc." and we all have stock in this corporation, which stock is represented by these birth certificates (see Lodi v. Lodi, 173 Cal.App.3d 628, 219 Cal.Rptr. 116 (1985), where similar arguments were rejected; and Dose v. United States, 86 U.S.T.C. ¶ 9773 (N.D.Iowa 1986)("Petitioner * * * informs the Court of [his] 'notorious recission of [his] social security number' and recission of his birth certificate, which documents had previously made him a 'member of Corporate America (commune)' converting him into 'a slave of the commune subject to the regulation and control of the Federal Government' * * * the fact that Dose has attempted to rescind his social security number and birth certificate by sworn affidavit is irrelevant * * *")). According to Roger, the big banks and other financial institutions regularly trade in these birth certificates, buying and selling them to others. Of course according to this new argument, you can do the same thing.


     From here, the argument goes down hill and becomes even more bizarre. I know precisely what are the major features of this argument because I have read the course material and even viewed a video tape of one meeting where this issue was discussed; this contention is utterly crazy. However, many people are studying this new issue and even issuing "sight drafts" based on this argument. But the promoters of this argument like Elvick, Wally Peterson, Ron Knutt and Dave DeReimer are really selling federal indictments. You are free to "buy into" this scheme, but be ready to face criminal charges, the maximum term of imprisonment of which is 25 years.


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Comments for ""Strawman Recapture": Regaining Legal Freedom"

Ty said (October 12, 2010):

The Strawman argument boils down to is whether or not the criminals who control the Courts will recognize the truth of a man establishing his physical freedom.This is not where one should put his faith. Frankly,ones true freedom is spiritual, not physical. This should be especially obvious in light of the criminal courts refusal to do right in the physical, here and now.
In the end, the truth of these Satanists criminality will be revealed when Jesus Christ returns and they are prosecuted for their crimes. Christ said his kingdom was not of this world. The King of Kings was out of these Satanists jurisdiction too, but that did not stop them from arresting him illegally, torturing him without cause, and murdering him on the cross. If the Father allowed Satan's minions to execute crimes against his Son whom they had no jurisdiction over, and to Paul, whom they had jurisdiction over, what makes people think they might just not do the same them; physical slave or not? If the Father rewarded his Son and punished the criminals responsible some 2000 years ago, does anyone really think he will not also do it for those who follow him today? This is where true freedom, Christs freedom, resides, assessable by all.

Peter Nolan said (October 12, 2010):

If the 'strawman' is one of the 'worst cons out there' I would have been arrested in the court room.

Further, ASIO would not bother running a psyop against me to discredit me thereby committing what I believe is treason. They would just use the LAWFUL way of dealing with me.

That this information has been with the Prime Minister of Australia and the Attorney General for more than 10 months now and I have not been hiding and no 'legal action has taken place? That's very strong evidence that what I have done is absolutely correct.

"Constitutional attorney Larry Becraft" This would be a man who has sworn an oath the the BAR (BRITISH ACCREDITED REGISTER is seems to really mean) to do everything in his power to support the bar eh? And HIS word would be good? And the jails are 'full of people who have done this'? Really? The jails are also 'full of people who have had some of gods own produce which HE GAVE TO THEM in their possession as well'.

The FACT that the guvment is acting unlawfully and kidnapping and incarcerating people is often used as 'proof' that you are 'not allowed to do this'. Well? I rescinded my consent to be governed so THEIR rules do not apply to me, the human being.

Peter Nolan said (October 12, 2010):

"Where are the news stories by them?" Dan asks below.

The Media is totally controlled by the Illuminati. Where are the media stories of the tens of millions of fathers abused in the Family Court? Do you think the media reports the truth? Do you think the truth makes it into the media? If you do? I have a bridge I want to sell you. I have been censored by the blog admins at the Sydney Morning Herals for two years while lies about me were allowed to stand. THAT is where the news stories of these succeses are. With my censored blog entries and with my demands to the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald to publish this information. In the bin.
- Show quoted text -

Dan said (October 12, 2010):

I studied this "Stawman" and "law of the water" (admiralty law) hypothesis for a few years. In essence supposes that there is a secret law known only to members of the Bar. It doesn't take legal genius to reason out that if a person can walk out of a Federal courtroom by stating "I am not a number I am a free man!" thousands of people would have done exactly that. Where are the news stories by them? Since I first heard of it in 2004, I hear cases every year of people trying it to dodge real prosecution by the IRS or creditors ended up going to jail in addition to heavy fines.

Consider the numerous prison convicts who spend years educating themselves in the legal system, many of them have finally won their cases on appeal. Not one of them did that using this 'Strawman' argument.

In US and British law a contract is binding only if words are given their plain meaning. There is no Cabalistic 'esoteric' law in these systems. It's true law is complicated and a bit like a chess match, but every detail of laws and statutes are published and in the books. It may require a paralegal to look it all up at the law library but it's all there.

That doesn't mean that the law is fair in practice. The trick is that fairness goes to those who have legal counsel in their affairs. Corporate creditors take advantage of the sea of 'consumers' who have no legal counsel. They thrive on legalese and contracts fully aware they have the upper hand. The system today is completely under control of usurious monolithic banks. Nobody gets away.

Sonia said (October 11, 2010):

Henri - it would take an overwhelming outpouring of support to alter the institutional sacred cows of a dysfunctional regime that manipulates on all levels. It sounds like a David vs Goliath scenario. His solution appears to be very complicated and I only hope that similar victims of the courts will band together to educate and encourage each other!

William said (October 11, 2010):

Re: Strawman recapture article by Peter Andrew Nolan.

The first time I heard about this kind of thing was through an excellent video called It's an Illusion - John Harris.

Very educational and highly recommended.

Harbinger said (October 11, 2010):

This really is the way forward in my eyes.
Here in the UK there is already a growing 'Freeman on the land' movement growing. We also have a 'lawful rebellion' organization also growing as fast to boot. Most have been following Robert of the family Menard from Canada, whose been a real inspiration to all within this movement.

Many people do not realize (because they are not taught) that the main law system that they are living under is not Common Law but instead the Law of Admiralty/Civil Law. This is a law for profit and nothing about liberty of rights whatsoever. It is very much the contrary.

In the UK, an act, statute and legislation are all there to strengthen the common law and will only be recognised BY THOSE WHO CONSENT. Therefore, what our government does, to the public's unknowing is it is CONTRACTING with us on a regular basis - taxes, licenses, certificates for this and's all there to make money.

Here in the UK we have Hate Speech Laws and of late incitement to religious and racial hatred, which go against all rules of Liberty and I should imagine they're very much about to be imposed within the USA. However, were one to become a freeman on the land, these acts/statutes/legislations would not apply, as you would not consent to them and simply put, the courts and the governments can't do anything whatsoever.

The Freeman on the Land movement/retaking back your strawman, is growing all the time that eventually the system will simply collapse within itself, as there will be nothing within holding it up, for there will be nothing outside to prosecute/parasite off of.

I am in the process of educating myself on this, in order to become a sovereign man upon the land. Sure there are the downsides to it, that is you are not entitled any state benefits, pensions etc etc, but what it does give you is your freedom which is priceless. Moreso, the more freemen within the UK the more they will build communities that will remove all forms of usury within banking, not forgetting much of the laws, or should I say statutes, legislation and acts we are all forced to live by unknowingly.

I highly recommend that everyone looks into this. This is one of the movements that can have the NWO crashing to its knees.

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