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The Boys in Pink - Pinkos Invade Last Male Bastion, Football

October 1, 2014

111022_BOMBERS_0563_1504478.jpgleft, Football player in his little pink booties

Can you imagine female soccer players wearing black armbands to "raise awareness" of testicular cancer? Getting tearful about their fathers and brothers? 

The Illuminati always have a plausible excuse to obscure their real agenda. For example, the hooked horns sign of the Texas Longhorns has thousands of dupes making the sign of Baphomet.  Now they use women's suffering as an excuse to feminize men. 

This has become an annual insult.  I will not watch these games.

(Updated from Oct 2012)
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

This weekend, Canadian Football League players have been wearing pink ankle tape and armbands to "raise awareness" of breast cancer. Coaches have been wearing pink caps. The same thing has happened before in the NFL.

Players have appeared in commercials telling stories of the women in their lives who have fought off or succumbed to this horrible disease.

My mother died of breast cancer in 1983. I love and miss her but I don't think this kind of "promotion" has any place in football.  

First off, cancer is a Rockefeller-New World Order disease. If they didn't invent it, they have made it a lucrative industry by suppressing the cure and dunning us for money every year.

The Illuminati have been using "charities" to fund their takeover for a century. The Rockefeller Foundation has subverted society as a "tax exempt" foundation.  

Second, asking male athletes to wear pink is emasculating. It is insulting to the athletes and their fans.  

Luciferians use breast cancer as a flimsy pretext to invade this last bastion of masculinity. (They never tell you their real motive.) Keep this in context - they are mainstreaming homosexuality. (Channel surfing today, I heard a CNN commentator say, in reference to this story, boys kissing boys on stage "will be commonplace" in 10 years.)

PINKHOUSE.jpg(White House turns pink for October, cancer awareness month.  October is also "gay lesbian etc, history month" and "Pride parades" and 'National Coming Out Day' - October 11) 

Third, I like football because the games are not fixed like almost everything else. Most games are hard fought and come down to the wire. Similarly, unlike the mass media in general, sports coverage is honest. 

Fourth, I watch football because it is a meritocracy.
Coaches and players are chosen for their performance alone, and not for their race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. This is the way society should be.

If you don't perform, you're gone. There are no quotas, favoritism or affirmative action (except for a few Canadians who definitely make the cut.)  

In the Canadian Football League, most of the players are Americans. Many are Black. Each week they provide an awesome display of athletic prowess. The best quarterback is Latino. One of the best coaches is Black. They are chosen on their merits unlike women who often get special treatment. 

aa-breast-cancer-tom-brady-wearing-pink-shoes.jpg(left. Tom Brady's pink booties)

Black or White, these men do a job. They are good athletes and give it their best. I cheer for them all. I like them all.

That's why I hate seeing proud men being forced to don pink and think about women.

Everywhere on TV, I see women. Football is one place I don' t see women. I like that. 

What's next? Will football players be required to wear rainbow colors to "raise awareness" of bullying of homosexuals? Because I know they won't be "raising awareness" of the 3000-plus Americans betrayed by their country on 9-11.

Can we keep political correctness out of football? It's a man's last refuge.


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First Comment from Jim:

Pink has invaded nearly everything. In my town we have an annual rodeo. It is an event so huge that they close the schools for most of the week.  It's a week-long event and one of those days is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. It's called the "Are you tough enough to wear pink" day. 

And it's sponsored by Wrangler clothing. Go figure.

As much as I enjoy the rodeo it's something I refuse to participate in because as you said, it emasculates men and in this instance, the cowboys. It's difficult to watch.

I've spoken with a couple of the cowboys about this. They just roll their eyes. There is a lot of pressure on them to conform.

I've attached a picture in which you can see most of the crowd and a cowboy wearing pink.

Other bloggers agree   "Sink the Pink!"

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "The Boys in Pink - Pinkos Invade Last Male Bastion, Football "

Pam said (October 16, 2012):

Thank you for posting this article on football players wearing pink. I'm glad that I am not the only one who finds this, well, offensive. As a mother of four boys (and a girl) and a grandmother to two boys (and a girl) it sickens me what 'they' are doing to the male population.

These emasculated men are not going to be able to protect their families if the you-know-what hits the fan.

I truly hope the era in which we are living is short-lived. I fear what this world is going to be like when my grandchildren are older.

J & T said (October 15, 2012):

Even down here in New Zealand they are running this pink sportman B/S.They have our national Rugby Union team the Allblacks training in pink, amusing that some of the players are actually into it.

Also amazing the amount of folk who have fallen for the deception,for gods sake people; we dress girl babies in pink & boy babies in blue,when was it ever any other way.

Sheezus there isn't much hope eh Henry,everyones either asleep, or sick sodomites.

Shane said (October 14, 2012):

Good article Henry, this issue is more important than people realise.

This type of social engineering is being carried out via British football too and it has been for some time now.
For years we've had to endure patronising slogans like "Kick racism out of football" and "Love football, hate racism" on large signs prominently displayed at all the big stadiums.

The assumption is that all white men are racist by default and so we need to be mentally re-framed.

Now they're moving on to promoting homosexuality with a similar campaign aimed at kicking "homophobia" out of football and encouraging more gay players to come out of the closet.

As you can see from this link,

gay activist organizations have been working on this for years.

Emotional blackmail is a powerful weapon where propaganda is concerned. If you question the official narrative on 9/11 you're being insensitive to the victims' families, apparently.

Similarly, the Gay Community News site associates this issue with Justin Fashanu, a gay football player who committed suicide, apparently after enduring years of homophobic abuse.

Most people wonder what your problem is if you complain about the promotion of Feminism, Homosexuality or Multi-culturalism - They really need to listen to Yuri Bezmenov.

Cultural Marxism is how countries are destroyed from within by traitors, ie Freemasons & Communists.

People should also question why Russia doesn't allow gay pride parades. The Illuminati are building Russia up for the medium-term future. The West is going the other way...

Michael said (October 14, 2012):

To be honest the only problem I have with campaigns like this is the splintering of the causes into different sub-sets, ie: why not just cancer instead of specifically breast cancer (which men can get too, albeit rarely). I thought the same thing whenever I saw a violence against women commercial or and anti-hate poster aimed at a particular group. Instead of working towards ending violence just against women, why not work to end violence against everyone? Divide and conquer is always the enemy's ploy...

Jean said (October 14, 2012):

When I first saw football players with pink socks, I asked myself : "did they wash a red sweater along with their white sox?"

But jokes aside, i have never seen pink in the uniforms of any pro sport team. When i am told that they are making a point about breast cancer, that is a rather ludicruous way of doing it.

Your article leads me of thinking of the Sandusky affair --and of Graham James, a former hockey coach who raped Theo Fleury and other players when they were in minor hockey. Your mention of the Blue Bombers also leads me to think of your articles about Winnipeg, their logo, their masonic house of parliament, the family court judge who is being sued on porno charges... what's next? The Jets playing on pink ice when the NHL strike is over? Maurice Richard would be spinning in his grave over this.

Is the male going the way of certain deep-sea fish --a testicle dependent on the female? Women's lib indeed!

Dick said (October 13, 2012):

I'm with you on the pink stuff in football. It's not just the color
itself, but the fact that this "feel-good" marketing will
contribute to mass suffering, death and profits for big pharma.

There are 3 scams – 1. Suppressed cures, 2. Big profits for the
chemo and fundraising rackets, and 3. The gross mischaracterization
of "disease."

If you take a simple mathematical approach to figure the average
doubling time of cancer, and the size at which breast and many
other cancers are detected, many "victims" would have to live 200
years for their cancer to ever manifest as a real problem.

Here's a great overview of the problems of early cancer detection
by Dr. John McDougall:

Dan said (October 13, 2012):

Look at the madness in Houston - the Civic Center as well as City Hall lit up in rainblow colors for Gay Worship Month (June)

John said (October 13, 2012):

Why in the world should anyone care?
ALL these "games" are Illuminati sourced and they benefit only them.

"Games played with the ball are too rough for the body and stamp no character upon the mind".

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President united States of America, author of the Declaration of Independence.

He was correct absolutely. Look at the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, you will find the silly sports"games" listed there.

Mike said (November 1, 2011):

I think we were all duped thinking the pink thing was going to be a onetime event and now we are seeing it each week. Appreciate your pointing out how “charities” use this as a tool and how naive a lot of us have been not to think Illuminati had any part of it.

Elaine said (October 27, 2011):

"Can we keep political correctness out of football"?
I don't think so Henry, this is the last bastion for males, so it must be broken down by the elites who have
done such a bang-up job of destroying our country. Why should they stop now? They have been so effective
as to 'pull the wool' over Americans eyes with regularity and they're all now using their 'touchy feely' emotions
to rule everyone's lives, especially now, men.

There aren't very many 'manly men' left, who refuse to capitulate to these home wreckers and busy bodies that need to be swept away and held responsible for their destruction of all that is good and holy in our world.

It's coming, just not here yet. It will happen, we just don't know the time sequence involved, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Shai said (October 24, 2011):

Rockefeller and his Illuminati brethren did NOT invent cancer..although they ARE suppressing the cure[s] the same way they suppressed Tesla.

Origin of the Word "Cancer"
The word cancer came from the father of medicine, Hippocrates, a Greek physician. Hippocrates used the Greek words, carcinos and carcinoma to describe tumors, thus calling cancer "karkinos." The Greek terms actually were words to describe a crab, which Hippocrates thought a tumor resembled. Although Hippocrates may have named "Cancer," he was certainly not the first to discover the disease. The history of cancer actually begins much earlier.

The First Documented Case of Cancer
The world's oldest documented case of cancer hails from ancient Egypt, in 1500 b.c. The details were recorded on a papyrus, documenting 8 cases of tumors occurring on the breast. It was treated by cauterization, a method to destroy tissue with a hot instrument called "the fire drill." It was also recorded that there was no treatment for the disease, only palliative treatment.

There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians were able to tell the difference between malignant and benign tumors. According to inscriptions, surface tumors were surgically removed in a similar manner as they are removed today.

Kevin said (October 24, 2011):

Another timely article, Henry!

"Pink Invades Last Male Bastion, Football" hit a nerve.

What's especially amazing is this: I read Sports Illustrated magazine on a regular basis. I read many college and NFL oriented blogs and websites, written by both professional and amateur writers. But all, apparently, are in singular agreement over 1 single issue: That is, that the pinking of NFL football is NOT a story.

3 or so years ago the pink came in for one week's worth of NFL games. And it was shocking. In a supposed effort to 'combat cancer' (this alone is a good piece of evidence that cancer is a man-made evil inflicted upon us by the Elite) referees wore pink whistles around their necks, many coaches had pink baseball caps with their team's logo and some of the players wore accouterments like sweatbands and gloves highlighted with neon pink. Interestingly, many players apparently refused to dress in drag, as only half or so of the players on the field wore the feminizing color.

This year I believe pink has been on the field all season long. No longer a 1 week freak show, pink is now the color of the NFL. Curious too that it comes at the very same time as the NFL is fining players for hitting too hard or touching helmets with another player. Hockey, too is focusing on eliminating fighting and rough play. Don't be surprised to see the color pink in the NHL this season or next.

College football has yet to jump on the pink bandwagon, if only because there are different uniform makers for different college teams and therefore more difficult to unify. I'm guessing though that it's only a matter of time before my home team (the Oregon Ducks) are 'pinked'.

Lastly, it is worth noting the old Iowa Hawkeyes coach Hayden Fry, had the visitor's locker room in Kinnick stadium painted and furnished in pink... from the walls to the toilets to the carpet to the lockers, that locker room is still pink to this day. It is also worth noting old Coach Fry was a psychology major back when he attended Baylor university.....

Matt said (October 24, 2011):

Thanks for the recent article, it was interesting. I hadn't thought deeply on this issue before. I'm a big cricket fan. Just to let you know, wearing pink caps, gloves, pads, etc, has become part of the cricket tradition of recent times. The McGrath Foundation was set up to help women with breast cancer. Glenn McGrath was one of Australia's best ever bowlers, and his wife Jane, contracted breast-cancer, set up the foundation, but later died.

More from Allan said (October 24, 2011):

I've ranted before about our own Dallas based Nancy Brinker and her Susan G Komen For The Cure Foundation. Here is their latest scam--partnering with Kentucky Fried Chicken. Flippin amazing!!! Mike Adams is on top of a lot of health issues like this one but then he goes on to quote and link to PETA which in itself is a front group for other nefarious interests. But, a good read nonetheless.

Anyway, there are already many cures for cancer that don't involve chemo, radiation or surgery. Buying "Pink" isn't going to bring those to the forefront.

When you fry starches at high temperatures, you also create acrylamides, toxic chemical by-products of cooking that are believed by many health experts to promote cancer ( One scientific study, for example, demonstrated that eating acrylamides boosts kidney cancer rates by 59 percent. Acrylamides are also linked to ovarian cancer.

The Komen pinkwashing fraud
So now we've got Susan G. Komen for the Cure actually promoting foods that promote cancer. It just boggles the mind, but it's entirely consistent with what I've said about Komen for the Cure in the past: The organization is a drug-company-funded front group that actually promotes cancer in my opinion. I see it as engaged in outright fraud by scamming consumers out of their money while claiming to be "searching for a cure" when, in reality, most of the money raised by the group actually goes to pay for more mammograms that cause cancer (

If Susan G. Komen for the Cure were using such tactics to promote herbal remedies, it would have been shut down and its executives arrested long ago as fraudulent quacks. But because the group is so strongly aligned with the profiteering, powerful drug companies, it continues to get away with these utterly fraudulent marketing gimmicks without suffering a single investigation from the FTC, Dept. of Justice or even any mainstream newspaper.

EJ said (October 24, 2011):

Sorry Henry, football is fixed.

Check out this site:

And look up on the GCN archives of Erskine Overnight who has interviewed him a few times.

Nothing is sacred anymore.

Jeff said (October 23, 2011):

I do not doubt your article, and believe it has merit. However, in addition to your remarks of pink / feminism in the game of football, this is also a business decision by football leagues to please the fan base of football. Women are watching football on network and cable TV which sells advertising, etc, etc. And that demographic greatly effects the value of a football leagues TV contract. Women are also buying jerseys and other merchandise, going to games, buying satellite TV dish packages, etc, etc.

The first sentence of this link says..... Almost two thirds of US adults say they currently watch NFL football (64%), including almost three quarters of men (73%) and more than half of women (55%), according to Adweek/Harris Poll results released in October 2011.

I don't see anything wrong with the players / men being interested in helping spread awareness of breast cancer. Players have mothers, wives, and daughters that this cancer effects. Bringing awareness to the reason for mammograms, etc is not such a bad thing. I am not suggesting cancer is anything but man made. But it is here, and that is a reality. Are the charities legitimate? Likely no... somebody or multiple persons likely travel by corporate jet, stay in 5 star hotels, have large salaries, expense accounts, etc. The entire business of cancer is another topic.

Are you suggesting that football only to be watched / enjoyed by men? Is it a wife's duty to prepare sandwiches and serve her husband lunch with chips and a cold beer on gameday.. and then go back to sewing, cleaning, and other household chores?

So maybe a broader and macro view is.. over time the illuminati agenda of the masculinity of women has made them more interested in football. I imagine if you were to go back 20 years to 1991, and then go back another 20 years to 1971, the % of women watching football in 1991 is greatly lower than present levels, and even lower in 1971. I did some quick searches and did not find that data.

Jesse said (October 23, 2011):

I was disgusted to see the entire Giants endzone highlighted in pink a few weeks ago. I don't watch sports anymore, because I see them as a sort of Roman circus and I just don't have time for that. But I did play in high school and appreciate the masculine aspects that you mention. Regarding breast cancer, many thinkers see it as a karmic result of circumcision. Lop off half your son's penis at birth and twenty five years later, your breasts will be lopped off. It sounds harsh but there is something to it, especially when you consider that oftentimes it is ignorant and overbearing mothers pushing for circumcision on grotesque aesthetic grounds or for long disproven hygienic reasons. I'm not sure if you have commented on the subject before, but what could be more emasculating and blood ritualistic than cutting off half the skin of the defining male organ at birth? I myself am a victim of this barbarous procedure, and can see how it has given me (and my cohorts) multiple hangups over the years. The recent measures proposed in San Francisco give me heart for the bodily sanctity of our future boys. One thing is certain, I am the last in my line to be scarred such. When the time comes, none of my children will fall under the scalpel of male genital mutilation.

More info on circumcision karma (also positing links to the practice and the preponderance of serial killers in the West):

Kate said (October 23, 2011):

I have an observation to contribute that I have not seen addressed anywhere, which is this: The word breast is never used in our culture unless it is associated with the word cancer. I have been noticing this for years. The constant media bombardment of these two words linked together is an amazingly insidious brainwashing technique which we can assume is deliberate in the extreme.

I am in my mid-fifties and grew up being taught that feminism was a good thing. I can look back now and see all the extraordinarily blatant propaganda that was fed to us (and still is) and see the profound damage it has done to me and everyone I know.

Men have become emasculated and women have been taught that the only way to be "free" is to become men. So now "they" are teaching us that breasts are a disease and nothing more. This furthers the androgyny agenda in a rather clever way, doesn't it.? I hope we can wake up.

Curtis said (October 23, 2011):

You made many good points in your article about football. There is something else that has no place in the sport but is rampant here in the U.S.: female interviewers. I watch football only occasionally, but when I do, all of the reporters on the field are women. (Fortunately, the commentators are still men, but that could change...) It is completely out of place: in my experience women rarely care for sports, unless they
are pressured to by the men around them.

I do however want to address your assertion that football is the last bastion of masculinity. I disagree: I believe that the traditional pre-Vatican II Catholic faith is that last bastion. My reasoning is as
follows: God created man to know, love, and serve Him. As the Incarnate Word, God demonstrated to man how He wants to be served, and he established His Church to give further guidance.

A man defying these teachings and the Church is defying his very manhood - what God created him for. All of the comments also apply to women, who were also created by God, although He frequently wants them to serve Him in a different
(feminine) manner. In this sense, the Church is also the last bastion of femininity.

Robbie said (October 23, 2011):

Talking about being inured to discrimination against men:

On Virgin Australia and Qantas airlines, a man is not allowed to sit next to an unaccompanied minor, but a woman is allowed to sit next to an unaccompanied minor.

What are they saying about me, as a man ???

Eric said (October 23, 2011):

I just wanted to comment about your article, a response to Dan actually, but it does pertain to your concerns. The highschool I went to in Texas participated in a yearly event called "Powderpuff" football game. At this event, the current cheerleaders for the highschool dress up as "rugged" men and the football players dress up as the cheerleaders and stay on the sidelines. After reading the article, it sparked my memory, and with a quick search, I found that these genderbending events have been taking place for 60+ years!

Alan said (October 23, 2011):

My youngest son is a blind jock, he does not know feminism, yet his older sisters have not yet married (persuing college and career). His brothers also older are normal, unemasculated boys turning men, who have a great community and support of manisculinity to promote the masculine aggression of male sports - especially football.

His mother supports and loves his Normal male dominant leadership role and especially his enthusiasm, in being an aggressive and competitive young man, at 9 years old he does not care about the anti culture, he just does!
- continue being a boy becoming a man like his older brothers and father.

I talk to him about this barrier of feminism and he told me about the pink logo of cancer, I went on to explain the business of cancer is all about the cut and burn cure, instead of the preventative diet and lifestyle.

Now he is abandoning the pink promotion of reaction vs. prevention.

Dick said (October 23, 2011):

I'm with you on the pink stuff. The NFL has dedicated the entire
month of October (~1/4th of the season) to promoting the Susan G. Komen foundation, which apparently nobody recognizes as a front for the pharmaceutical industry. My area seems to hold monthly 10,000 woman walk-a-thons to "fight" breast cancer by raising money for Merck and Pfizer.

Here's a very informative article on the risks of mammography and PSA (prostate) testing. These cancers grow so slowly that they're almost always better left alone, with lifestyle changes like better diet and exercise (disclaimer: Dr. McDougall is a well-known advocate of starch-based, low fat vagan diets):

Not only is the NFL making football players look like a bunch of
lady-boys, they're making the breast cancer propaganda louder than the national anthems.

And Henry, sorry my Chicago Bears stole Andy Fantuz from the CFL, only to send him back to Saskatchewan. The poor guy never had an opportunity!

l said (October 23, 2011):

Great article! Especially the point on how the PTB profit from cancer research.

It hit me about 5 years ago when I realized that after 50 years of cancer research, the percentage of people surviving cancer was practically identical. I don't remember the number exactly, but it was something like 50% survival rate 50 years ago and 52% today. The whole cancer research 'industry' is a scam which is constantly looking to bilk money without providing any benefit. The changes in cancer rate can also be attributed to the changes in diet rather than anything that the researchers did or discovered.

Most cancer treatment is still the same old chemotherapy which is basically poison that destroys the cancer before it destroys the healthy tissue. I also found it interesting that doctors who work with chemotherapy have a higher incidence of cancer themselves... simply because the chemicals are so toxic and carcinogenic by nature. Is it any wonder that a person who takes chemotherapy for maybe a milder form of cancer will find 5 years down the road that they get an aggressive form which has metastasized through their whole body?

I have closed my wallet to any more cancer research, but I would be happy to support a cancer jackpot. I want the first person or team who actually provides a cure to get a billion dollar prize. What is a cure exactly? How about having 1000 people with cancer where 75% or even 90% are cancer free for 10 years or more. Whatever the criteria - that can be decided by people who donate to the prize. And if the doctors don't cure the cancer to such a great extent, we can give them a smaller second place prize of 100 million perhaps.

It's a shame that no one wants to start organizing such a jackpot. I think a HUGE amount of research dollars would be funneled there - which would be the death knell for the research industry, and we might actually see some cures.

Jo said (October 23, 2011):

Here in the states, one of the teams is actually wearing pink jerseys and doing commercials telling us how proud they are to "help" spread awareness - as if you could miss all the breast cancer propaganda! How demeaning for all of us.

I get that breast cancer is a serious illness, but you have to wonder how many of these companies are doing it for their own bottom-line because they don't want to be seen as not caring about breast cancer.

I miss the days when I could go to the store and not see pink on every single product!

Paul said (October 23, 2011):

The cancer issue has been solved see and the video- health effects of animal fat on the human body

Allan said (October 23, 2011):

Here is a link that talks about the manipulation of pro-sports.

Here is an excerpt: One other parallel to the corporate-political world exists. Akin to a docile White House press corps, Tuohy asserts that the sports media is afraid to expose offending players or coaches because the reporters would be blackballed by the league. It’s well known that one of the largest sports networks, ESPN, doesn’t engage in investigative journalism because the network would potentially lose millions in revenue if spectators sensed that the Super Bowl and World Series were rigged.

The longer this writer spoke with Tuohy, the clearer it became that the realm of political conspiracies and fixed sporting events were closely related. Whereas Fox News or NBC won’t reveal the truth about 9-11, Tuohy is thwarted by corrupt owners and monolithic sports departments, who all circle their wagons to keep their secrets secret.

And don’t forget Council on Foreign Relations man George Mitchell appearing out of nowhere more than once in recent years to investigate steroid use in professional sports. That is a rather curious shifting of gears from the CFR—the premier private outlet for directing U.S. foreign policy and supplying key personnel for government policy-making jobs—to professional sports.

I haven't watched television in years nor do I patronize professional sports. The same people are behind both.


Thanks Allan

Guess my remarks pertain to the CFL.


Dan said (October 23, 2011):

Let me tell ya 'bout the story of Joe Namath, the top American NFL football quarterback in the early 70's.

Football fame and fortune wasn't enough for Joe. He wanted to become a movie star.
Here's Joe doing the mandatory cross dressing act which is the Hollywood initiation rite to get movie roles.
This was famous in 1973. The public wasn't quite ready for it, and it ruined Joe's popularity with the public.
An obvious sellout.
Joe Namath Beauty Mist Pantyhose Commercial

I would like to as viewers a question. I attended Jr. and Sr. high school in Florida, around 1969-72. Did your school football teams annually have an all male pageant in spring in which the football team had to dress in drag and perform a chorus line?
Just wondering if this was going on all over the US and Canada or just some cities. The city I grew up in was run by Freemasons.

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