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Female Gender Confusion is in the Jeans

October 8, 2010


Deuteronomy 22:5 - The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

(It's autumn and I am seeing many women wearing jeans. Here is my updated annual warning about this symptom of gender confusion, i.e lesbianism.)  

It takes vision to see what is in front of your eyes all the time.

"Slovenly," "Drab," "Unkempt," "Slatternly"  --many adjectives  describe  most women who wear jeans.

Since I noticed this trend, I am appalled by its pervasiveness. At least half of the women I see are wearing jeans.

Jeans are a fitting feminist symbol. They are farm workers' and miners' clothes. Feminism is an invention of the central bankers who also created and financed the socialist and communist movements to control people.

By wearing jeans, women are signaling loyalty to this drab unisex proletarian vision, where women work like men, look like men, and fornicate like men (i.e. dogs.)

Can it be any more obvious? If the sexes dress alike, it is because they are becoming alike.

 Being feminine means being the opposite of men. But gender disorder (lesbianism) takes place when women distrust men and try to compensate by becoming like men.

(See Makow "Here Come the Lesbian Rangers." )

Femininity is defined by being attractive to men. What is more attractive to men? A dress or farmer's overalls?


Often I see married couples clad in blue denim, him and hers. Occasionally there is an eldest daughter already promised to this androgynous cult.

The first time this article appeared, I got a storm of criticism from women who said jeans can be feminine. Yes, if you are incredibly sexy in the first place, (but you'd look good in anything.) Ladies, jeans (and pants in general) emphasize the caboose. Women who deny their feminine instincts tend to develop an ample one.

Men, a woman wearing jeans is a red flag that you might be dealing with "GID" --"gender identity disorder." Her jeans are saying: "I don't want to be a woman. I don't want to look good for men. I fear and distrust men. I want male prerogatives. I want to look like a man. I want to be a man."


A woman's primary career used to be wife and mother.  The Illuminati bankers didn't want marriages, families or children. So they convinced women that these were "oppressive" just like earlier they convinced workers or Blacks they were oppressed. The bankers care nothing about women, Blacks or even gays. They use them for their own ends.  

Feminism espoused "women's rights" but it has driven femininity underground, torn the sexes asunder, and stripped woman of recognition for being wives and mothers, roles essential to their own fulfillment, to men, children and society.

Young women never imagined they would be betrayed by traitorous feminist teachers and politicians,  intent on breaking up the family and abandoning us to State and corporate control.

They never imagined that the "women's movement" was inspired and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation as part of their ongoing social engineering program. Google "Women's Studies" and "Rockefeller Foundation" and you'll get 180,000 results. Do you really think the world's biggest monopoly capitalists, who fund Planned Parenthood, birth control and eugenic research, don't have an ulterior motive for feminism?

The Rockefellers are central bankers. In the words of insider Carroll Quigley, their  ultimate goal is "nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled the central banks...acting in concert." ( Tragedy and Hope, 324)

Under the guise of defending homosexual rights, heterosexuals are under ruthless and hateful psychological attack in the mass media and from government. In the UK, Australia and California, the terms "mom and dad" have been banned from schools and children are encouraged to experiment with homosexuality. They want us to be homosexual in the sense that gays usually have sex but don't marry and have families. They want to destroy the family because lonely confused people are easier to manipulate. This is the real story behind the "sexual revolution."

dress3.jpgThere is a Stalinist feminist stigma against looking feminine. Hopefully the popularity of "Mad Men" and the beauty of Don Draper's wife Betty wearing summer dresses will bring feminine attire back.

Truly liberated women can make a statement by wearing a skirt or dress. They can show they aren't afraid of men, and may actually like them. Christine, a Toronto woman, does this and gets a very positive response:

"Several years ago, I gave up dressing like a man for religious reasons (and no, I am not a Muslim, although it is rather peculiar to see Muslim women in blue jeans and head scarves.) Since the traditional garb of a Western woman is a skirt or dress... I try to wear that. And I do try to dress neatly. When I made this decision, I didn't think about how it would affect men. Nevertheless, its effect on men has been most touching. It brings out the best in them and they seem to like it. Some are even vocal in their approval; only one has said he disapproved."

Men should politely voice approval and support of women who are dressed in a feminine way.

There is nothing more beautiful than a women wearing a summer dress. I can still remember a young woman I saw five years ago wearing a frock. That's how powerful femininity is. Let's not let highly-paid pious feminist and lesbian "change agents" destroy it. It's time for real women to relegate jeans to garden or farm work.

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Comments for "Female Gender Confusion is in the Jeans"

Stacy said (October 12, 2010):

I stopped wearing all pants (jeans included) nearly eight years ago as a result of my conversion to Roman Catholicism. Most Traditional Catholic women do not wear pants. I have to say that I noticed immediately that out in public men treat me differently. More helpful, deferential, etc. In other words, they treat me like a woman.

I also noticed it changed my gait. I used to love wearing boots with jeans or suede pants in winter and I would stomp all over the place. I now have a much more feminine carriage. The other thing is skirts are MORE comfortable - no more marks on my thighs from tight jeans, seams hurting my crotch, and waistbands cutting into my abdomen. Warmth is not an issue in winter - I just wear tights underneath. While skirts are not plentiful in most dept. stores, the best place to find them is the clearinghouse stores like Ross or TJ Maxx. They get all the leftovers from the dept. stores and they are inexpensive. The other thing is, honestly, jeans are the single most unflattering item of clothing a woman can wear. Jeans look bad on nearly everyone, showing every figure flaw you have.

Please see this admonition from Cardianl Siri in 1960 about women wearing man's dress and how it damages the relations between men and women and how it damages children:

Steve said (October 10, 2010):

It's amazing the number of women who wear men's clothing, shorn their hair which is their glory and look like men from a distance all because of fashion. I am amazed though to learn from the article that it ultimately is to destroy the woman's role according to the pattern as an antithesis much like Antichirst. It's a shame so many fall for it for lack of giving the scriptures diligence and testing the spirits.

My wife is dedicated to the idea that she should be identified as the woman God made her that she wears denim dresses in the winter or when working outside with other garments or coverings undetectable underneath.

And while her decision to do so has invited many looks, stares and comments, she takes the criticism as a badge of honor. She loves the Lord and in her obedience she would endure anything. She is truly a rare gem.

I am saddened by the number of people who have fallen into the deception of gender identity. If one fails to see the distinction, one might fail to see the litmus that makes one a child of God. And in how many other accounts have people fallen short for lack of discernment?

Nathan said (October 10, 2010):

You quoted:
"Deuteronomy 22:5 - The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God."

Henry, I know you're Jewish, and that law certainly does belong to you.
Being a Christian, it is not my law, neither are the "Ten Commandments", and I claim none of these.
To me, quoting it is a moot point.
But it may benefit your Jewish readers.
Well, it may benefit your ersatz "Christian" readers as well, as it appears the majority of them desire to be Jewish so badly they can almost taste it. Otherwise, why all the clamor everywhere by ersatz "Christians" over the Ten Commandment issue? Its not theirs to clamor over. A clamor desiring to follow Chinese law in America would be just as valid. And about as sensible. If people understand so little, I wonder if your articles are of any real benefit to them, no matter how good the articles may be?
Good luck,



I do not subscribe to Judaism but I occasionally find things I agree with. I thought it notable that lesbian tendencies existed even in Biblical days and were condemned. I despise the xenophobic Jewish ideology in Deuteronomy.


Sonia said (October 10, 2010):

Henry - your article re women wearing jeans certainly hit a raw nerve. The comments from your reader are also appreciated. I agree there are NO clothes worth buying. For years I've complained that the junk in the stores are all made in Timbuktu, the fabric is cheap and either falls apart, or loses its color, shape, is expensive and indeed makes one look frumpy. The U.S. used to have the best fabrics, durable, well fabricated, etc.....but that was in the age of the dinosaur. American fabrics were the envy of the world. But no more. If one wants to look chic, one must buy authentic de$igner clothes, or sew them (there again, if one can acquire fine fabrics). In other words, this country has become "them that has $$$", and the rest of us. I'm reminded of bras manufactured in Russia for domestic use: they only manufactured one size (true story). You either bought them or you didn't. And that's where we are today. You either buy the crap they sell (at 1000% profit?) or you don't. Also the jean/drunge mania has been exported to the rest of the world. Check out Europe, So. America. Perhaps some Parisians are still chic, but it comes at a cost ($$$).

I make it a point that if I see a beautifully dressed woman (3 in 12 years), I approach her and let her know how delightful it is to see someone elegantly dressed and coiffed. I've often wondered at the billions of dollars that are spent in "beauty" products where that money is going. All I see is long, straight, dull hair and the tic of tucking hair behind the ear. And then there are the ones whose cracks are exposed when they bend over and whose pots overhang in the front. Men, you are equally guilty of this.

Unfortunately, it's not only clothes, but other fabric household items. Cheap, cheap, cheap.

Mike said (October 10, 2010):

Oh yes the androgynous slob look, As one of today's males I know it all too well. Sad to say that it has come to the point that I don't even pay much attention to "women" anymore. As you said, It's like there trying to make themselves as unappealing to men as possible.

I noticed the change over the last 25 years. When I was in high school in the 80s the girls still wore classy dresses and skirts everyday. They also had nice hair and seemed more at ease just being their girlish selves. I couldn't go a day without seeing something feminine to enjoy.

Another problem as others have said it that most dresses that are available are garbage. It's true, but there are places online that sell reproductions of vintage dresses and a vast number of original old patterns are available for those who can sew.

One more thing I've been a fan of old movies since I was little and loved how the women looked then. I've always liked the polished, feminine look that a nice hat and pair of gloves give a woman and would love to see that sort of thing return.

Lori said (October 9, 2010):

As a middle-aged woman who wears dresses for even the most difficult chores except for beekeeping, may I suggest some practical help for women who want to switch to feminine attire but don't know where to begin.

Although I am able to sew, I no longer do because of the danger in our home of pets getting ahold of a stray straight pin or needle. Most women who sew will attest that it is nearly impossible to account for every pin or needle unless you are fortunate enough to have a separate sewing room in your house.

However, there are numerous mail-order seamstresses in North America who make custom dresses and jumpers for any figure, many of which cost well under $50 apiece - comparable in price to what's in the stores. They serve women of all faiths without prejudice. Here are several:

Works of the Heart (
Lilies of the Field (
The King's Daughters (
Ringger Clothing (
Vessels of Mercy (
Graceful Threads (
Plowshares ( - She is more expensive, so watch for sales.
The Scarlet Thread (

CM said (October 9, 2010):

My frustration in finding lovely modest ladylike clothes has been solved by purchasing vintage dresses from the 40's & 50's. The dresses are of much better quality, more feminine detailing, weren't made in China, and quite affordable. J. Peterman Co. makes beautiful, quality reproductions of vintage clothes as well. The compliments from total strangers is overwhelming at times. My husband jokes that it takes us twice as long to grocery shop because of all the compliments and questions asked of me as to where I purchased my dress, hat etc. Truly, our world is starved for women dressed as ladies.

Pat said (October 9, 2010):

wanted to tell you that for some years now Our Lady (Mary to you) has been asking all Marian Catholics who have been paying attention to her messages to stop dressing like men. She recommends long skirts. Try buying a skirt these days. There aren't any. I'll have to make them. And you are right, we are all schlumping around these days looking like communist clones!

Chase said (October 9, 2010):

I live in a state that borders Canada. I invite you to come up here oh say around the end of January or so and take a stroll around town in a pair of shorts while reading your article about pants wearing women aloud. Thanks in advance for the entertainment,


Dear Chase,

There is nothing sexier than tights..


Dave said (October 9, 2010):

Your article about women in jeans made me think of the beautiful melody, "Maid in a Calico Dress."

The maidens of Burnley in satin or silk
Are pretty I freely confess
But give me the maid who is neatly arrayed
In a beautiful calico dress

Manly Brett Favre, the country boy quarterback, is Wrangler Jeans pitchman on TV for a reason. I can't see much poetry written about a woman in jeans. There's not much liquefaction in those clothes. I particularly hate women's pants suits, like Hillary Clinton favors. With her hippo haunches, though, she might have a pretty good reason to favor them, though.

Janet said (October 9, 2010):

You have got to be kidding if you think I am gonna wear those awful type of clothes they wear on Mad Men.They are restrictive I would not be able to breath or move properly in those awful bras and stupid high heel shoes they are caked up in makeup.What a joke they all look like I only watch the program to laugh at the bimbos they look like parodies of femininity.

Just because I like to wear trousers and jeans does not make me immoral I am true to my husband do not go on drink binges at the weekend and I certainly do not shag around with Fanny Rats like they do on Mad Men.

My prime duty is to be happy and as kids would drive me round the bend 24/7 I am not interested in having them my music is more fulfilling and interesting than looking after Brats. The scenario for a womans role in her life that you espouse is boring and oppressive to a lot of women who just want to be free and happy in choosing their roles in life.If you want to be a mother FINE that is your free will choice but don't criticize and condemn those who chose other wise.

David said (October 9, 2010):

Clothes is one item in the war of the elites against mankind. What has been happening is that Trojan clothing has been made available to all and sundry. Only natural fibers do not emanate positive ions which suck up your vitality. If you check you will see that polyester is the popular ingredient in most clothing whether it be underwear or the linings of jackets. Check the innards of comforters and you will find polyester. The elites sell you TROJAN HORSES that destroy you. Whether it is toothpaste or comforters, the net result is that illness steps in. Those women who choose cotton undies and denim jeans are doing the right thing. Watch out for GM cotton though! There is no doubt that a cotton skirt is more desirable but as winter wear denim jeans do the job.

Corey said (October 9, 2010):

Nice article, as usual Henry. But I, and many other American and western men, have basically given up hope of ever changing American/western women. They are so thoroughly brainwashed by misandry (distrust or hatred of men), commonly known as feminism, that it seems hopeless that they will ever change.

It seems that a conclusion that many western men are coming to is that we should simply go find wives in the Asian or Latin countries. American and western women are too hopelessly contaminated to ever change them, so it seems the only choice is to go to a country where the influence of male-hating feminism is not so strong and choose a nice girl from such countries. I mean, it is sad but true. American/western women have become a lost cause.

So along with pointing out the negative causes of these social trends, we can also promote a positive solution- go find a wife in a country that is not so contaminated by the misandric man-hating feminist culture.

HV said (October 9, 2010):

I enjoyed reading your recent article titled "Female Gender Confusion is in the Jeans" and I agree with you that women should dress femininely. There's something about seeing a beautiful feminine woman that brings out the best in us men. It makes me want to be extra courteous, just for a vision of beauty such as a smile or a nice figure gorgeously enhanced by a pretty dress. I had a most powerful experience of the effect of femininity some years ago when I went to visit a friend's wife in hospital, where she'd given birth to her first child a day or so earlier. As I entered the room, she had just finished nursing her baby. She was wearing a white bathrobe and was cradling her son in her arms, while seated on a little couch in her room. The sight struck me as intensely feminine and precious, creating this strong sense of "needing to protect" within me, even though she wasn't even my wife.

I think if men and women play their proper roles, each will enhance and bring out the best in the other I am reminded of a poem by a Christian busker who was locally known as "Kenny" because he kind of looks like Kenny Rogers. I bought a CD of his poetry once, and this is one of the poems he recites:

It takes Godly women to make a free nation.
If a nation's women aren't Godly, they won't be virtuous.

If they won't be virtuous, the men won't lay down their lives to defend them.

If the men won't lay down their lives to defend them, that nation will be enslaved.
It takes Godly women to make a free nation.

Christine said (October 9, 2010):

A few months ago, I had an interesting conversation with a lady wearing blue jeans. She said that she had given up trying to dress well in frustration because nothing seems to be available in stores.

Women nowadays don't seem to have the time or the patience to sew because they are forced to work outside the home. Who wants to sew after a hard day's work?

Giuseppe Cardinal Siri said that it is psychologically harmful to women to wear pants. It has been my experience that he is correct. That's why God told us to dress like our own sex - it hurts us when we don't.

Since I have returned to wearing modest, feminine garb, it has been most gratifying to see its effect on men and women. It brings out the best in men, invoking their chivalrous nature. In women, it seems to comfort them and make them feel at ease.

Karen said (October 9, 2010):

Thank you so much for posting this article on how some men look at women who wear jeans. It was so enlightening, and 100% correct.

I do feel I have to say this. As God placed men are in charge of their families, men need to bear in mind that they are the first men their daughter will "fall in love with" (for lack of a better term). Fathers are every bit as important as mothers (perhaps moreso) in forming the femininity of their daughters. I wish fathers everywhere could know how a daughter's heart just glows when her father gives his approval of her. Mothers should teach their daughters the when, where and hows of being a woman. Fathers need to teach their daughters why.

Will said (October 9, 2010):

Hi Henry,
This article expounds on your latest.
Thanks, Will

SM said (October 8, 2010):

man talk about value added, henry that was such an excellent article, every time I read what YOU write I get to become cognizant of other things. you are correct I am definitely more attracted to a beautiful dress than freaking jeans and I for the first time after reading your article noticed that preference within myself. I was always there but I was not aware of it. wow. and to top it off you quoted carrol quigley! awesome! i could not agree with you more about femininity and its allure, when i see a lady in a dress that is what she is a lady. a woman in jeans, especially showing ass, is a slut to me and I'm not conservative! even when not showing skin a woamn in jeans just doesn't look quite the same. thank you for a great article

Mary said (October 2, 2009):

Great article about women and jeans. To a certain extent how women where jeans comes into play too,or rather,women who value femininity wear jeans differently. I'm in the southern US-Texas- and the women here are tough (in a good way. A man would trust her to take care of an emergency in his absence and not fall apart) but very,very feminine,so when they wear jeans it usually includes very nice feminine shoes and top,a beautiful hairdo,makeup and a bright smile. Once an older French woman blew me away with her classy,feminine blue jeans and jacket outfit. There was nothing masculine about her,and she was in her 50s (which says something about the depth of femininity and womanliness to outlast the fertile years.Powerful) On the other hand, I've spent a few summers in Seattle,Washington, and oh my goodness, what drab,masculine looking men,even the mothers and wives! They have no business wearing jeans...ever.

One problem for those of whose who'd like to wear more dresses is that it is very difficult to find them in the stores unless you're in your 20s As one woman alluded, it is extremely difficult for women over 45 to find a dress that doesn't make her look like a frump. I miss the 60s and 70s when my mother and her friends had no problem finding dresses and skirts,and shoes..

It is hard to find feminine shoes without looking like a hooker. As I recall, in the early 90s I could still easily find classic,basic pumps 2.5 inch and 1.5 inches in all the basic colors. They were affordable, well made and could be worn with any style dress, so even students could get them. Now, I'm hard pressed to find any in the US. Instead pumps are much too high for a middle aged woman, and flats have that horrible rubber bottom. I'm looking forward to traveling to Latin America and Europe to find simple, feminine dresses and shoes.

Anyway, I hope I've shed some light on this subject. Wish me luck as I continue to attempt to find classy dresses and shoes!

Linda in Australia said (September 30, 2009):

One factor in creating more bisexual or androgynous people (breaking down the divide between heterosexuality and homosexuality) is promotion of street drugs e.g., cannabis, Cannabis lessens female fertility and alters menstruation. It also feminizes men (the testosterone drops). A lot of psychiatric medications destroy sex drive too, and these are certainly being pushed hard onto people. In Australia, Holland and some other countries, psychiatrists greatly favor the Harm Minimization approach (shooting galleries for heroin addicts and needle disposal bins, etc) along with low fines for possession of street drugs. This is a Go Soft Approach. So, addiction to street drugs in Australia has soared over about 25 years and we now have intergenerational drug addiction. Women on the hunt for men, have complained to me in recent years that they run into too many men who are either gay or have a drug problem! Sometimes both.

An increasing number of Australians are on or have taken various psychiatric drugs which also suppress sex drive and may produce androgyny.

Dan said (September 30, 2009):

> Jeans were sold as the uniform of the hippies and feminist movements of 'liberation' through a nostalgia for the memes of self-reliance and work ethic that generation lacked. The image and feel of the denim was psychologically imbued with rugged determined brawn - a favorite image 1930's Communism especially in the United States. Feminists felt instantly masculine - like John Henry with his big hammer. As for softened suburban boys whose closest real experience with 'plowing the back 40 (acres) had been mowing the lawn, the denim jeans were a masquerade that made one feel like they were weathered and tough as the jeans exoskeleton.

Psychologically, denim artificially masculinized women while devaluing and domesticating men. From the point of view of the all seeing eye in the capstone, it makes us all 'the mass'.

David said (September 30, 2009):

This Maoist,Stalinist dress is everywhere.To be well turned out is seen in some circles as neo-Nazi,or 'Monarchist!.I had a teacher at a Catholic college refer to me this way,because I came to class in dressy casuals!Women have increasingly lost there femininity since blue genes became the norm.Some have become like the proverbial Soviet women that drove tanks and carried submachine guns we all scoffed at. Spiting,cussing,bad posture,insolence in our society.This ugliness truly boils down to dress.The German thinker Goethe once remarked;'A person must feel they are someone."Dress in the modern worlds dereguer cloth, denim and you quickly become 'nobody' And that's how the manipulators want you to feel..

Carmen said (September 29, 2009):

es, the scales have fallen off my eyes thanks to your writings and it appalling how sloppily many women dress to go to the grocery, shopping etc. Years ago I gave up viewing any t.v. or going to movie theaters, still I order and view at home old classics from the 40's and 50's. In those days both men and women wore hats and the ladies also wore gloves and the manners were impeccable. Also, in any hospital scene the nurses (all female) wore white uniforms, hats, and looked so professional and almost angelic. Compare that with the current grotesque prison uniform looking unisex slouchy scrubs worn by the p.c. label of "health care workers". Really, in doing prison ministry for a short while in the local women's prison their uniforms were basically the same as what we see in hospitals and doctor's offices now. It is a challenge to find lovely feminine clothes these days though still possible with effort. Now that so few women are taught to sew their own or their families clothes it could be we are being set up to wear some corporate recycled hideously ugly one size fits all for either sex nwo slave worker uniform. How they love extreme equality and despise anything lovely or that sets one apart from the masses; i.e. slaves.

Jeffrey said (September 29, 2009):

I enjoy your articles and have, for some time. I do believe we have a "cluster" in regards to women's behavior and their roles in society today. Right is wrong and wrong is right. However, being a male, and proud of it, I see the so called "problem" to be just as much on the male side as on the female side. Men in America have lost their way, plain and simple. And if I was a women, I sure wouldn't want to align myself with the other sex. Most men in America are raised to be control freaks and who wants to be controlled by a freak? Look how they were brought up. By parents who were also brought up on the famous "dysfunctional" family. Before you point the finger, Henry, focus on our sex for awhile. It's a control issue that's got out of hand. Lesbianism/Feminism is a symptom of a much deeper disorder related to both sexes. Back off the ladies until you've given men their fair share of abuse. And maybe you need to realize, Henry, that women do not want to
be controlled. Who does? You talk about it as if it's man's role to control them. No, it is not. It is man's role to "Provide" for them while it is their role to "nourish" the man.

A man's body and nervous system is generally more capable of going out in the relative world and bringing in the food, so to speak. And equally important is the female form, much more refined and tuned in to intuition, stays at home to feed the family, so to speak. Each role is vitally important. Each role is equal. No one controls the other because both are consciously aware of who and what they are and what their role is in the bigger picture. And it is Love, unconditional, that fuels the relationship. If it is not unconditional, then it will NEVER work. NEVER! And it takes two for that to work. Both parties must be established in their "higher" functioning Selves. If it's just "me, me, me" it will never work. We are talking about Consciousness, here, Henry. Only Consciousness, that which enables us to get beyond the boundaries of life, can lead the way.

In my opinion, when the strong family nucleus is in top working order, the female, by far, is the most important piece to a smoothly running, healthy society. A male, comfortable in himself, knows that. An insecure male, wants to control. Sometimes I read into your words Henry, personal issues you have with this "control" thing. Let it go. Get beyond it. Love your spouse, and those who love or hate you, unconditionally.

EJ said (September 29, 2009):

I'm online at a library in Livingston, MT and I just came back in from a break and on the way back from my car I saw a mid-30ish woman in nice skirt and said: "Great looking skirt." She smiled, almost surprised, and thanked me. Then I go back on line at Rense and click on your article...nuff said, I agree with you.

The masculinization of women has really been sad. As a straight, 67 yo man with plenty of fire down below I have always fallen for women who were, as I call them, hippies in high heels. These were women who loved being a woman but had no problems with using their muscles as well...gardening, frisbee, hiking, etc. They would always have a feminine touch to their "outfits" which kept anyone looking in touch with the fact that they were women, women who love men.

I believe it was you who wrote about women thinking they were "hotter" then they really were and this ego made it difficult for them to date, etc.??

I believe through many reasons, most of them social engineering, we are way out of balance in our society. Thank you for help pointing these things out, I know you get a lot of crap from those fluoride headed folks who, as Richard Bach said: "Argue for their limitations..." but stay strong we need some healthy discourse in this lie filled world.

Ken said (September 29, 2009):

I suppose some may call you an old fuddy duddy here, but as a somewhat younger man, I wholeheartedly agree with you.

Frankly, it's almost an act of rebellion these days when you see a woman actually choosing to look like a woman.

I had an incident a few years back with a female doctor that threw me for a loop. When she came into the room, she was wearing a flower print skirt and a pink top and a pink ribbon in her hair. She was absolutely adorable and I was instantly infatuated. Most female doctors I've seen have actually gone in the other direction and made a conscious effort to look manly. I think they think it gives them more credibility.

This lady (and a Lady she was), didn't feel the need to augment her credentials with man pants, and I found the effect of being professionally and competently examined by this exquisite female to be the highlight of my month.

Alas, some lucky guy had already snapped her up.

She didn't seem to mind my obvious interest, however, unlike a lot of lower quality females who have been taught that male interest in them is somehow "demeaning."

I never found out where she stood on things politically, but I have to believe that a woman in her position who so openly celebrates her femininity is making a statement of some kind.

Carol said (September 29, 2009):

Fine, I will go back to wearing dresses when (as a middle aged woman with a middle aged figure) I can once again buy a dress that is feminine and flattering, and does not look like a black bag with a hole cut in the bottom for my head to go through.

I have been wearing jeans for 40 years, and never did sympathize with the women's lib movement. I wear them now because I work outside and inside both, and they provide protection for my knees. If you have never scrubbed floors in your bare knees, I suggest you try it sometime. Then rethink your article. You are too, too narrow minded.

You may be quite right about the Rockefellers et al, but I truly resent being cast in with the feminists because I wear jeans. All women wear jeans here in the inland West, and few of them are feminists. In fact, we are popularized as red-necks here.

Open your eyes, there is a world outside of Los Angeles and New York that you never dreamed of.


Thanks, I live in Winnipeg!


Kevin said (September 29, 2009):

I am a single male living in the big city, and have become quite displeased with what women have become.

But about your article, I feel you are right on. A summer dress makes men stare, but not necessarily in a completely lustful way, but in a way that recognizes beauty and femininity. You are thinking of "She looks beautiful" more than "I want to take her to bed".

I purchased a summer dress for my ex girlfriend, and it is almost like her personality changed while she was wearing it. Even though she did look good in jeans, the summer dress made her seem simply more feminine, graceful, elegant, etc. A woman will never look that way in jeans.

DC said (September 28, 2009):

Here on the west coast of California, over the past five years, I have noticed that the retail outlets slowly withdrew dresses from junior and women's sections of their stores and increased the racks upon racks of jeans. Now the skirt is displayed only in the eveningwear section of the store. There is no choice for women young or old; every day dresses are not available. (Reminds me of the communist China laws forcing make men and women to wear the same uniform.)

To further the angst, the young women are now subjected to the fashion of the very tight jean leg (back in the late 50s/early 60's the young American male was pegging his jeans), the result of which is horizontal creases that "point" to the anus in back and to the "camel toe" in front. Even a mini dress was more modest (and was worn with the new invention, panty hose, or tights).

Women do not choose these clothes; corporations choose what they shall wear. Corporations. Corporations run our government. Women here do not think they are perpetuating a proletarian vision; they are told through the media and the stores what they should be wearing and really do not think beyond looking good to themselves, for other women, and must be getting feedback from their available males that they are dressed appropriately when together.

I have also noticed that attire for church, graduations, weddings, operas, dinner out, etc., etc. has gone to jeans with only the woman's top glamourized for whatever occasion. And again, this has occurred over the last five years, under the neoconservatism of the Bush administration and continuing on under the Obama administration. The true purpose of jeans on women is more insidious and pernicious than you think, Mr. Makow, and will not soon be undone.

Isabella said (September 28, 2009):

A friend of mine who escaped from the mind-control cult of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses) said that the one marker that stood out about their mind-control techniques was that the organization attaches Biblical scriptures to their opinions in order to get members to mindlessly obey and agree with their dogma.

I have to say that I have enjoyed reading a few of your articles, but this thing you've penned is decidedly one of the most ridiculous articles I've ever had the misfortune of reading. And attempting to link your OPINION with world events such as "feminism" and the "central bankers" to gain reader sympathy is what is called a cheap shot in the literary world, and is EXACTLY the same type of mind-control practiced in cults to gain the sympathy of their members.

You KNEW your underhanded opinion would be met with scorn and ridicule, so to make it more palatable, you attempted to link this chauvinistic opinion of yours to issues you KNOW your readers already agree with you on.

I wear jeans, and enjoy their design--and always WILL! I don't give a rat's ass about looking like a man, and wear dresses and skirts when I CHOOSE to wear them. You, Dr. Makow, have lost my respect. And it was because of chauvinist think-tanks like you that the Women's Movement was NECESSARY!!! If the minority cannot reason with an UNREASONABLE master, then someone comes along to provide the RELIEF! And it is for this very reason that Christ cautioned those taking the lead to NOT oppress the ones they lead, lest the leaders find themselves given into the hands of an even harsher master!

The oppressors of the world have come face-to-face with an even harsher master in the hands of the globalists, and while you sit on your stoop and whine about the demise of freedom, you CONTINUE to beat the weaker vessel over the head with the whipping chain that got the world into this mess in the first place! You think exactly like the globalists, Makow. The only difference is that your version of oppression is directed solely at women; the globalists, however, want a much bigger spoil.

Dean said (September 28, 2009):

Thank you Henry for the very interesting article on women and Jeans. Totally agree. I find women who wear dresses much more attractive. Have you thought about writing an article on how men can dress in a masculine and gentlemen-like manner? Also what are your thoughts about men and beards. I started wearing a well trimmed beard and find it makes me feel more masculine and mature. I believe it's another way for men and women to differentiate themselves.



Growing beards are one of the few things women
can't do.....yet!


Carolina said (September 28, 2009):

Your article "Blue Jeans" made me remember my last vacation I took with my family to India. We were in Mumbai and we were recommended to go to a worshipping ceremony for Ganesha, the elephant headed God (I guess he's the god of wisdom or something like that). The point is that the thing that most impressed to me was a strange sense of community and eroticism surrounding the ceremony. ALL INDIAN WOMEN in the palace were wearing dresses and saris, and gold jewelry. They looked so beautiful in those dresses. Watching her thin and dark skinned bodies wrapped with that beautiful garment that gives them a sense of modesty and devotion was something amazing.

My two younger brothers, 19 and 16, were just gawking at the femininity of those girls. It seemed that they had never seen a woman! I had to tell them to stop watching at them because some of the men around these girls, maybe relatives, started getting angry. The ugliness of Indian men (nothing against that, actually I think the uglier a man is, the better) bolster the beauty of their women. The whole ceremony looked to me a kind of communion of the two sexes around a supreme force.

Laura said (September 28, 2009):

This is for seniors 50 and up women: Few, if any this age look slim enough for jeans; I see older women with tight shorts and knit pants, cleavage exposed, bikini's and this sets bad examples for younger women! All thru the 70's and 80's women wore jeans especially those tight designer jeans; in hot climates they are very uncomfortable. Real ladies don't wear tight clothes or with cleavage showing like some women in local businesses or on TV news interviews; they wear modest skirts, dresses or knit pants, capris that aren't skin tight and don't entice men of any age and use make up applied tastefully

Laura said (September 28, 2009):

This is for seniors 50 and up women: Few, if any this age look slim enough for jeans; I see older women with tight shorts and knit pants, cleavage exposed, bikini's and this sets bad examples for younger women! All thru the 70's and 80's women wore jeans especially those tight designer jeans; in hot climates they are very uncomfortable. Read ladies don't wear tight clothes or with cleavage showing like some women in local businesses or on TV news interviews; they wear modest skirts, dresses or knit pants, capris that aren't skin tight and don't entice men of any age and use make up applied tastefully

Pam said (June 2, 2008):

I simply don't understand when it suddenly became acceptable to walk around in public looking like you are either ready to put out the garbage or you are on your way to the gym.
Around here, we now see young girls and older women running to the convenience store in pajama bottoms and slippers! I mean, come on.. that's a bit too convenient! Then, these women who could care less about their appearance in public, wonder why their husbands are cheating on them or looking elsewhere for attention.

Andre said (April 25, 2008):

Can't stop counting all these women in
blue jeans in the streets of Amsterdam now, haha! Spot on.

I travelled through Eastern Europe in 2006/2007, and man, the girls and women in Lithuania, Poland,
estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine: skirts, dresses, stockings, high heels, and only an occasional jeans.

Life looks more pleasant that way. It adds freshness,vitality, and a proper distinction between the two genders. This situation is changing for the worse already however, with the Western (American) culturalization emerging, so see how that one develops.

Rachel said (April 22, 2008):

I usually quite enjoy your articles, and for the most part completely agree with your take on feminism, and its destructive influence to families and relationships.

However, I must admit, I did feel a little bad when I read your Blue-Jeans article.
I wear blue-jeans; not because I am trying to look like a man or be a lesbian..but because they fit my shape better than skirts and dresses. When you are a woman, and have a little extra chub in your hips and tummy, jeans kind of suck that in a bit and give you a little more confidence. I tried wearing dresses and pretty skirts, but it just ends up making me look kind of dumpy and unkempt, I guess because I have short legs and a big bum.
I try to offset the jeans with a feminine blouse or top, because I don't want to look like I don't care about myself.
My husband (who is from Tunisia) loves the feminine look on women, but he and I both agree that I look the best in a pair of nice jeans (not the ripped or cruddy kind..)


Thanks Rachel,

You're an exception! Trust me, it's eerie in my "progressive" neighborhood to see so many people dressed the same way like they've become pod people.


Carmen said (April 22, 2008):

I laughed when I saw your article because our 22 year old daughter and I just had a discussion about jeans and femininity yesterday. She had been shopping and came home with two new skirts. I complimented her on her good taste and told her how much lovlier girls look in skirts or dresses. She agreed though argued jeans with a great blouse and heels can be veryattractive.

I stopped wearing pants altogether and have always
preferred feminine clothes. Do you think there will be a backlash against jeans and girls/women will once again long for the beauty and glamour that is so missing in our unisex culture?


I expect a backlash if and when our kulture manipulators decide it is necessary, perhaps after a particularly devastating war, as after WW2.


Toni said (April 21, 2008):

I enjoyed your article. You caused me to truly think about this issue, which has become so commonplace in our culture, one hardly gives it a second glance.

I wear both pants and skirts/dresses and I readily admit that I feel very different when I am wearing a skirt as opposed to pants. The way people dress does affect their behavior.

I am a stay at home mother of two small children but before that, I managed a retail store that catered to upscale dishes and giftware and therefore had a majority of female customers as well as employees. When I was hired, it was mandatory that all female employees must wear dresses or skirts and dress shoes. When I became manager and was responsible for the interviewing and hiring, I can't tell you how many women were so apalled that they actually left the interview right then and there! Imagine, a dress code of skirts for women was a deal breaker for accepting a job!

A few years into my employment with this small, family owned business, they relaxed their dress code and allowed dress pants. As one would expect, the envelope was pushed, and employees showed up for work in stretch knit pants, tight fitting pants and then the tops and shoes started to get more casual as well. Additionally, the hair styles, makeup and accessories became either lessened or more casual. I am not suggesting a direct correlation here, but not long after, the sales figures plumetted and the company went into bankruptcy.

I think the lesson here is that when the women employees started dressing for comfort, they started looking less professional and consequently, they started acting less professional. With certain types of products, such as dishes and silverware, the customers rely on the expertise of the salesperson to guide them into making a wise decision on a typically expensive and lifelong purchase. Possibly, the customers no longer felt a sense of professionalism and expertise from the salespersons that was felt with the previous dress code.

This is but one of many changes in our modern society that has caused problems over the decades and I thank you for shedding light on it.


Philip said (April 21, 2008):

Almost all the comments advocating for the wearing of jeans come from females. They are so programmed, they just cannot see it.

They like wearing Jeans. They think either they, or their daughters look `beautiful in Jeans, and they think you and I and the rest of `menkind` are from another planet because we can see what is happening and they, because they are `inside` the hole dug for them by the NWO, cannot.

I think this point must be made. Many say they are not feminists, but in fact they are. The ideology is so deeply entrenched now, that all western females have succumbed to some extent.

James said (April 21, 2008):

Good to see some reaction to the jeans article, but maybe the older women who wrote in missed the point. Women are the fairer sex, and more physically vulnerable having to do with reproductive biology. Our survival as a species depends on keeping them safe, so as men our natural instincts are to treat them carefully, much differently than fellow males. In the modern world women feel they have to be ‘tough’, that is be able to support themselves, whether in pants or a skirt. Wearing pants is just fashion to a large extent, and especially denim, since it falls apart with every wash.

As a man, women in jeans does look like ‘proletariat’ fashion choice. Of course jeans are ‘easier’ to wear, you can act and behave like a man all day - and that’s the point. Our world is collapsing around us, Henry has pointed out fashion which people actually do notice. Maybe people can then start to notice other things like the planes over head creating the ‘square shaped clouds’, and how it seems hotter down below after they do that.

Rudy said (April 21, 2008):

I found a 1970's high school text book title "Second Skin" in it it confirms what you have written about women looking like women and men looking like men. The idea being that wearing unisex clothing helps blurr the line between the genders, therefore causing wider acceptance of homosexuality thru androgenius fashions.
I go to a traditional church where women are taught to wear women clothing, having long hair and wearing only female garb many of the young women think this is oppressive. I remember seen one of the young woman wearing pants for the first time I felt as if I had seen her naked, as jeans hug the contour of the body, I was very dissapoited, as the worldly custom is to flaunt what you have. I believe God enveloped sex appeal in a mystery only to be revealed to your husband in the privacy of a bed chamber. When a women reveals herself in the manner of dress she is giving away part of that mystery and will be looked at only as sex object.

Nancy from Iowa said (April 21, 2008):

Your article on jeans is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. I don't personally wear them since my anatomy is too large to look good in them, but my beautiful feminine daughter and my two equally feminine daughters-in-law wear them.

Two of them are stay-at-home mothers and both home school their children. They breast fed their children forever. Our daughter breast fed her youngest at great jeopardy to herself since she could not go on a stronger antibiotic for Lyme Disease until she weaned her daughter at age one. To say these beautiful ladies are feminists is about as far from the truth as I could even imagine. The third does not have children yet, but she is not a feminist either. Far from it! She does work outside the home as they have no children and have only been married a short time. She harvests corneas for transplant, a profession which serves her fellow man to the greatest capacity. They would all tell you they wear jeans because they are comfortable, practical and you don't have to worry about exposing something you don't want exposed when you climb to the top of the playtower to retrieve a crying child or bend over to tie untied shoes or tackle the dog who is chasing after the pet rabbit. They would be so highly offended by your article that I would not dream of sending it to them. They would also think you had lost your mind.


Living in Iowa doesn't meaning feminine women need to dress like field hands.


C. Evans said (April 21, 2008):

I take umbrage at your comments against women. Not for qualification, but rather evidence contrary to what you purport, I am a stay at home mother of 4 who home schools. I wear jeans quite often and I look pretty damn beautiful for myself and my husband who, which should be surprising to you, still has a set. I do not wear them for you or your pleasure should you happen to walk by me down the street, nor is my mission in life to sacrifice for an adulterer such as Mrs. Spitzer, whom you so admire for doing so. If that makes me a lesbian in your mind, you can go fuck yourself.

I'm afraid sir, you've bought into a very cultish attitude similar to the Illuminati. It seems that they've accomplished their goal in you with the bitterness and extremism you demonstrate in your writing. Why stop at jeans? Why not have women wear burkas? Or start attacking women who drive trucks? Or drive at all! *gasp* Those girls in the photo on look nice, totally unlike the butch dike in the other. I sure hope whoever is pictured doesn't know about the equation you've made. I understand your viewpoints on feminism and agree to a certain extent; however, the way you bunch "most" or "all" women into that category is simply not true. The more you subscribe to such lunacy as jean wearing women who are unable to defy the effects of wind blown hair being lesbians, the more you alienate people who agree with you on important issues. You need to grow up.


Dear C. Evans,

Don't you think there is a problem when half the women are wearing the same thing, and it is what many men wear? Don't you think this indicates a sameness of attitude and an androgynous one at that? Sorry if I offended you, but your strong language suggests your choice of clothes may indeed reflect your state of mind.


Alexandra said (April 20, 2008):

I'm very anti-feminism but I don't really see anything wrong with a woman wearing jeans, so long as they aren't skin-tight. Women's jeans have a different cut than men's jeans. I also do not believe that a woman who wears pants is necessarily trying to be masculine...I know in my case it's an issue of function and of comfort.

Four hundred years ago, hosiery was considered masculine. Today, a man wearing hose would probably be considered queer. It's a matter of culture, the way I see it. In Scotland some men wear kilts.

If I wear jeans I generally make it a point not to wear a T-shirt with the winter I wear a nice turtleneck top and sweater, in the summer a nice feminine-looking top. I also have long hair.

Now what I do NOT like seeing is girls wearing jeans torn at the knee or anywhere else. That just looks slovenly. Or me that screams "trash."

But I do have to wonder at women who lop off just about all their hair and try to dress like a lumberjack.

I don't think there's anything inherently unfeminine about wearing jeans, it's how you wear them and what you wear with them, in my opinion.

PS.I also want to add that there are people using Old Testament verses to condemn women who wear pants. But the sexes didn't dress that differently back then, and here's a good site that explains it:

Please note I'm a fundamentalist, King James Bible-believing Christian. :)

Thanks Alexandra,

I agree that sometimes jeans can be more comfortable for a woman but I still think their popularity is a reflection of feminist influence.

best wishes


Andrew said (April 20, 2008):

Jeans have become androgynous and androgyny is a turn-off. Most current casual dress fashion is calculated to blur gender difference and unisex is confusing.

Rob said (April 20, 2008):

Deuteronomy 22:5.

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are ABOMINATION unto the Lord thy God.

If God made you a woman, then dress like a woman.
If God made you a man, then dress like a man.

When people say to me that it does not matter how we dress, I always ask them this question, “If you had a four year old boy, would you dress him in a long pink dress with ribbons and bows ?”

They always answer, “No” I then ask, “Why not ?” they reply “Because he is a boy not a girl”

I then state, “So it does make a difference !”

Jeff said (April 20, 2008):

I've traveled to Bangladesh three times. The young ladies and women are incredibly attractive. I can barely describe it; it was shocking. Their culture has not been brainwashed. So, young ladies and women are naturally feminine. It was an amazing, indescribable breath of fresh air! After seeing how naturally feminine women can and should be, it's sad that I don't find women in the States as attractive.

Philip Jones said (April 20, 2008):

I have heard and read all the excuses that so called `modern` women use to justify their ever increasingly masculine appearance and manner; "It's too cold for a skirt, it's not practical, men look at me, I might show my knickers if I bend over too far, and the last thing I want is to appear as being prim and proper. " (Much better to appear as a man or a slut).

Piffle ! Eileeen [below]resorts to the ultimate of feminist cliches `Insecure Chauvinist Males`. How many times have we heard that one ? This is `Critical Theory`, a technique perfected by the `Frankfurt School` in general and Theodore Adorno in particular, in order to negate valid debate from the opposition by causing an opponent to waste their time defending character instead of argument.

Eileen, it is you who are the chauvinist, and clearly the one with the insecurity issues. Perhaps you just don't look good in dress, or you are afraid of your own sexuality, or maybe, just maybe you wish you'd been born a man. I don't know, but if the shoe (or jeans) fit !

The fact is that when women feel the need to become like men in order to achieve their much desired equality, then they have in essence failed, because they are conceding that the masculine is superior to the feminine (a point with which I do not concur by the way).

I do not believe that men take women in trousers more seriously, or afford them more respect. This is an illusion propagated by ideologues and the media in order to further alienate male from female and further deconstruct the last bulwark against the `consumer` based New World Order.

As a man, I am tired of a world where feminine beauty is confused with pornographic images, and where the vast majority of women have become so unattractive, that life is debased and altered to something artificial and fabricated.

What on earth is wrong with `Prim and Proper` anyway ?

Marcos said (April 20, 2008):

On your article on jeans for women, I have to add that here in Brazil, jeans are especially tailored for women, with the function of showing the feminine shape. They also have special decoration, embroidery, etc. Brazilian jeans are sold in international stores at a very high price because of this capacity of making almost any ass look beautiful.

I also like more a beautiful dress, which women here also use, but I guess there is a ton of difference between the dikes in Denmark and in the northern countries and the latinas. Not that women here are not affected by feminism: they keep and use femininity as a weapon (which may be worse in a sense).

John said (April 20, 2008):

Firstly, I believe the woman's-right-to-vote movement in the early 20th century was a way of officially dividing husband and wife into two units when they ought to be One. Taxing them separately added to this.

Why do women maintain so much political power these days? Because men HEARKEN unto them, just as in Eden. The world has always been, and will be to the very end, a patriarchy. Women have power because men in power give it to them for a purpose: to socialize our societies and steal the fruits of our labor. Stealing fathers and mothers away from their children in the process.

If we men closed our ears to their (ever swaying) opinions, women would just step down and the natural order would ensue. When I debate a woman I listen to her every word but still DISREGARD about 90 percent of what she says as pure nonsense. Women try to win debates through eloquence and a ceaseless flow of words. An compliment on their looks or apparel will disarm a woman immediately. That's not the kind of "feathers in the wind" that I want as leaders for my country.

Annette said: "sexy blue-jeans sets men's hearts on fire". We already knew that many women use their bodies to control men. Nothing new there...

It seems to me that jeans, especially on young women, flaunt more than they conceal. As for dresses and skirts: Most of the kinds I have seen are short and quite raunchy. Needless to say they DO NOT put me in marriage mode.

Anthony said (April 20, 2008):

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

You will not catch a Christian woman (or an Israelite woman who obeys the Law and the prophets) cutting her hair or wearearing jeans.

Deuteronomy 22:5, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God".

Matthew 5:28, "Whosoever looks on a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart." And she is as guilty as a street harlot, having presented herself in jeans and trousers that display her form.

I Timothy 2:9-10, "In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; but (which becomes women professing godliness ) with good works".

I Peter 3:3-6, "Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, [even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands: even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters youare, as long as you do well, and are not afraid with any amazement".

A woman who cuts her hair demonstrates she has rejected the headship and authority of God and man, and her husband can put her away in divorcement. Numbers 5:18; I Corinthians 1-16

Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your brother-in-Christ,

Anthony Grigor-Scott

Dawn said (April 20, 2008):

Wearing a (modest) dress is not a trick to lure or a
magnet for cat calls; if nothing else, it's a friendly
sign to men that you won't scream at them if they
offer to open a door.

In the spirit of friendly banter with some other
female voices to the contrary:

Preparing for marriage, I followed some rules
To find the right man, one must have the right tools.
One has to decide whom one wants to attract--
The simple whoremonger or men with some tact.
Some choose drab or manly and simply don't care.
They prefer matted tresses or shortly-cropped hair.
Others choose soft and sleek in a feminine dress,
No masculine aires like the others possess.
Who's beckoned to you if the former you choose?
No wonder you're angry and singin' the blues!
A burper and belcher who calls you his b--ch
Who goes for the gusto when scratching an itch,
Who'll leave you to open the door on his car,
Then ask you to hop on a stool at the bar.
But what if you've chosen to join with the latter
And dress as if neatness and etiquette matter?
He'll open your doors and then demonstrate couth
When he takes you to dinner and asks for a booth.
No need to compete, he is thoughtful and tender;
He treasures uniqueness and your fairer gender.
He'll soon let you know you're the love of his life
He'll bed you the right way and make you his wife.
So please don't miss out on a real romance
By ditching the dresses and donning those pants!

Keep up the great work, Henry!

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the
size of the fight in the dog." - Mark Twain

Vickie said (April 19, 2008):

[Dresses and skirts send the wrong message.]
It's not much fun as a woman, to get the stares/attention that sometimes come from men, no matter what you're wearing, but especially if you're wearing a dress. Very uncomfortable to have men look at your body parts in this sexualized culture of ours.

It's shocking & makes my husband and I sick to see how men, of all ages, stare at our teen daughter. To the point that my husband and sons have said things to other men about staring at their daughter/sister!


Good point Vickie. But maybe there are dresses and skirts that are long enough and tailored to send the right message?

Best wishes, Henry

Annette said (April 19, 2008):

Since someone else already stated my sentiment on this, I'll write you a poem instead.

Now Henry is again about women griping...
as he sits there by his computer typing...

I think his heart has of late been hardening..
'cause he says blue-jeans are only for gardening...

Stereotypes has nothing to do with attire..
sexy blue-jeans sets men's hearts on fire..

So maybe this article contains a sour grape?
and yes, I am slim and in excellent shape..

My tight blue-jeans fit me to a T..
so Henry quit this nonsens...golly jee..

I wear my blue-jeans with pride and that is nothing real special...
But Henry...dear...I think your attitude is a bit extra terrestial...

Have a great week-end in Winnipeg.

Annette :)



Good poem! You have stumbled on a forbidden truth. Conspiracy researchers are Extra Terrestrials. Pls keep this to yourself.


Jessica said (April 19, 2008):

I threw away my blue jeans last year when I read Cruel Hoax. I noticed that ALL the women in my family and friends circles have resolutely worn dresses-only when I'm around. Women are very competetive you know. If one woman is wearing beautiful dresses all the time then the other women have to top it. The men are in a state of shock right now. I'll let you know when the men can get their mouths closed and start speaking again.

Eileen said (April 19, 2008):

I don't know what planet you live on, but to use any form of apparel and try to connect it to some gender ID, is ridiculous at best. I don't know if you realize how long jeans for women have been around, but I can tell you that I wore my first pair 56 years ago. Well before the feminist revolution and nothing to do with lesbianism. It was comfortable to wear jeans for sports at school, which by the way was compulsory for both genders at that time. As a result, no one was overweight then, either.

Jeans are comfortable and great to wear for many reasons, which has nothing whatsoever to do with gender ID. Outside work, housework, travel, shopping, etc., make the task a lot easier than wearing a skirt and having to worry about not bending over too far, etc., and looking prim and proper. Before insecure, chauvinistic males decide what is suitable for women to wear, they should be made to wear dresses and skirts and see how "feminine" they might feel and look, washing the car, doing housework, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn and looking after small children, etc.

Let's not take leave of plain old common sense. You must be running out of material for your columns. Control, no matter how it's disguised, is still control.

"Always keep people in your life who charge your battery, not those who drain it."


Feminism in one form or another is 3000 years old at least--as old as lesbianism. The "revolutionary" movement which gave birth to the modern form of feminism is almost 400 years old.

But I will defend to the death your right to reject my insights, however wrongheaded or brilliant they may be.


Inga said (April 19, 2008):

I stopped wearing dresses sometime in the '80s and adopted the jean uniform. At about age 50, I started to learn the meaning of masculine and feminine. Two years ago, I grew out my very short haircut and now I'm ready to ditch the jeans.

Fortunately, I am a seamstress and a collector of vintage dress patterns and am therefore able to create my own frocks. It's a waste of time trying to find ready to wear dresses as most are too revealing.

My mother never, ever wore pants a day in her life. Part of my "feminine" education has had to come from old TV shows from the late 50s/early 60s on DVD. What a history lesson. It makes me sick to see how low we have sunk.

It's so rare to see a feminine woman these days, that I too, can still remember the three that I have seen in the last few years.

Deirdre said (April 19, 2008):

Really like your articles. Keep up the good work. I agree with the Jeans article. I too have tried this concept out in public. (I am 40, VERY happily married, with five children, attractive). When I wear a skirt or dress in public, doors are opened for me, people respond to me “yes Mam’, etc....

I can do almost anything in a dress or skirt that anyone else can do in a pair of pants. However I am not totally religious about it. I occasionally where jeans.

I have also run into very attractive women who dressed ‘modestly’ and who’s ideas were terrible. One also has to listen what comes from the heart, not just what is covering ones backside. My friend and I were eating out last night and noticed a fifty year old woman wearing a very tight, short skirt and like shirt. She looked ridiculous. The guy she was with didn’t seem to care, but we felt sorry for her. Young women should dress extremely modestly to protect the eyes and hearts of all men (young and old) and as women age they should be an example of keeping up modesty. Great subject for further discussion!

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