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Pothead says Marijuana is a Trap

April 12, 2011

Now, everyone is smoking pot. Medical students, young lawyers, bus drivers, small business owners and even family men. At the same time, you see more and more people with psychological problems like paranoia and panic attacks. You see more people with depression in their twenties.

by Tavo Padilla
(for henrymakow,com)

Marihuana is a dangerous trap. I should know, I have been a pothead for over 6 years now.

Throughout the years, I have seen the effects of my trips change. I first got high when I was 15, in sophomore year. Everyone was doing it and I was always interested in trying it.

I remember taking a huge hit and thinking "it doesn't work on me". Ten minutes later my vision started to slow down, as if I was watching everything thru an old video lens, frame by frame. We got really, really hungry and decided to go to In n' Out.

We couldn't even order because we were laughing so damn hard; I even decided to go eat outside by myself because I was tripping so hard. My first experience was great. I bonded with my friends because we all smoked weed and it was a NEW reality. Everything was enhanced. Music, movies, walking, sounds, drawing, etc.

For the next three years, I smoked on and off. I would smoke at parties, friend's houses and even sometimes before school. I was experiencing everything in a new light.

Throughout those three years I was kicked out of four different schools for various reasons. I was constantly fighting with my parents because they kept finding my stash, bong or pipe.

They would threaten me with rehab and I would promise to never do it again. I would go a month without smoking and then, when things were cool, I would start doing it again. My parents did their best to protect me but the need for an alternative reality always kept me finding ways.

When I graduated high school, I decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting. The first six months were really hard, mainly because I didn't know anyone and  since I wasn't going to school,I didn't meet that many people my age.

However, the potheads always seemed to come my way. I tried smoking once by myself in my apartment and it was one of my worst experiences. I felt paranoid and overly aware of everything.

A couple months later, two of my friends came to live with me. They were even bigger stoners than I. One of them even had a medical marijuana card.

We started smoking everyday and since there was no parent, it was always there. Bong on the table, rolling papers by my bed and my stash on top of the TV.

I started "waking and baking" and it felt like a completely different high, mainly because I had just woken up and wasn't fully there. I started smoking before and during my job as a valet attendant. I bumped so many cars and gave really poor customer service, really because I just wasn't interested in anything but getting high.

I am 24-years-old now, 2 months shy of graduating college and I have smoked marijuana everyday for the past 6 years. I have slowly been trying to quit for the past 2 years.

I have had the urge to actually do something with my life but being a pothead has taken me nowhere. I always have these great ideas when I'm high but when I'm sober I'm just thinking about getting high. I have tried many other drugs, 'shrooms, cocaine, ecstasy, uppers, downers and even oxicotin.

But all those drugs had more intense highs, therefore more intense come downs. I didn't like how I felt afterward. With weed, I didn't really feel the comedown. See, marijuana is a very different drug. However, it is a drug nonetheless.


When you start smoking pot, the experience is out of this world. But as you increase your consumption, your tolerance increases as well. All of a sudden it takes a whole joint for you to just feel a little high and it lasts way less.

After, you start feeling anxious and uncomfortable and your mind starts tricking you. When you smoke, everything changes. Your perception about things changes. Because the negative effects of weed take a long time to be apparent and are very subtle, most people don't even notice them.

However, marijuana takes away your motivation. It takes away your natural ability to enjoy the little things and you become numb.

This combined with the fact that today's generation has the ability to have anything in the comfort of their couch is what should raise concerns. Television with 500 channels, laptop with WiFi, all kinds of food delivering and cell phones that can have all the music you know.

Everything is set out for us. We live under the illusion that our whole lives are planned out. You graduate high school; you go to college and then get a job and work enough to retire young enough to actually begin to enjoy real life. There is no higher meaning in our lives.

I have seen a correlation between the increase in marijuana users and increased depression. It used to be that only the reggae or metal rock listeners, long hair and dirty hippies would smoke pot.

Now, everyone is doing it. Medical students, young lawyers, bus drivers, small business owners and even family men. At the same time, you see more and more people with psychological problems like paranoia and panic attacks. You see more people with depression in their twenties. The suicide rate has gone up. I am not saying that marihuana makes you want to kill yourself, but most of the time it's part of a combination of factors.


Marijuana is being more and more tolerated in every country. Authorities seem to think that it is not a big deal. Maybe the puppeteers of the New World Order are using it for their master plan. Scientifically speaking, marijuana creates impotence and increases the possibility of sterilization (population control). It creates dependency and an absence in the user that if anything where to happen (i.e. total state police control) no one could actually defend themselves. It increases the possibility of mental problems leading to thoughts of suicide (population reduction).  And yet, somehow, marijuana has been secretly promoted as something good. Some people even considered to be a sort of spiritual drug.

I haven't smoked for 3 days now and I feel completely different. I keep getting amazed on how articulate I can actually be. I find that I am more present in everything I do and I actually have the motivation to get up and do it. I also had the most amazing sleep last night, like I haven't had in so many years. While I was using pot, I had restless sleep. I kept waking up and tossing around and I always woke up as if I need more sleep. It is not easy to quite smoking weed, mainly because it's a mental addiction. I think about it constantly. I feel irritated and always have a slight headache. It is also very hard, when everyone I know and run into smokes weed.

But I truly believe it is worth quitting and hope that at some point I'm going to feel more alive than ever.

To my query, "Is Marijuana Addictive?" Tavo answered: Yes, scientifically speaking, it is not addictive in the same way that other drugs are, where the body becomes dependent, however, it is mentally addictive in the sense that it influences the brain to release the chemical called "dopamine", which is the chemical that makes us happy. However, there will come a point where your brain gets used to the use of marijuana that it only releases the chemical when you use the drug. It is also a mental addiction in the sense, that reality under the influence of marijuana is more appealing than being sober.
There was a comment by someone saying that Marijuana is a gift. I agree that there are certain aspects of it that are really good. Like when it is used for medical purposes. But most pot heads, especially my age use it for other reasons, which is to escape their reality, the hassle of having a job and the boredom of "real life", and this is who I am writing the article for. If someone can use marijuana once in a while, and it works for them, then good, but I am speaking for the majority of marijuana users who even if they have a strong will power, like I do, it is very hard to change your habits when Marijuana has been such a great influence in your life, like the kind of music you listen to, the activities you do and the people you hang out with.

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Comments for "Pothead says Marijuana is a Trap"

PV said (April 16, 2011):

"I see the young man's honest article on the perils of getting stuck in the pot habit drew out the dopers." -- Dan

Amen. Isn't that the truth. :-/

And a bunch of self-righteous, self-congratulatory, self-justifying arrogant, defensive, & merciless dopers at that!

Where is the COMPASSION for the trials & tribulations of youth?

Where is the appreciation for the COURAGE of honest self-exposure this young man showed in telling his personal story?

Where are the "fatherly mercies" (from the older men) of Encouragement & Commendation for the younger man for a "job well done"?

I am so surprised at the overall expressions of (ego-massaging?) defensiveness & lack of compassion in the majority of the comments (& especially so the condemnations from a few so-called "followers of God"!)

The young man already succeeded in his quest. Why beat up on him NOW? (picking on his upbringing or lack thereof, his supposed deficiency of self-discipline, etc. etc.)

Far be it from me to ever write a "personal expose' " for this crowd. I'd rather tell it to a pack of wolves!

(And "men" think "women" are heartless? Pffff!)

Please tell Tavo we thank him for his courage & honesty in telling his story & commend him for enduring the struggle to come out a winner on the other side. I hope he is not discouraged at the general lack of empathy & will not stop writing "his truths," whatever they may be.

Morris said (April 14, 2011):

’ve really enjoyed the discussion that you instigated by posting Tavo’s personal experiences with Cannabis. It’s obvious that he is a victim of his own abusive behaviour, almost no personal and moral ethic, and a lack of responsibility. I have always and will continue to enjoy the use of drugs, some legal and some illegal, but never to such an extent that these drugs could control my personality or actions so negatively that I would hurt the people that I love or effect the obligations and trust I have with my employers. That is what it’s all about. Drugs are things, inanimate objects that can be used, or abused, just like a knife or a car or a basketball…, whatever (okay, maybe not a basketball, but you know what I’m trying to say).

Tavo cannot speak for anyone but himself because each person is a unique individual and is influenced differently by drugs based upon his or her personality and mental disposition, something that, hopefully, changes positively with experience. It is not very convincing to condemn things as ‘bad’ or ‘good’. It’s all about the controlling factor human being, and the capability to enjoy using or the ineptitude to avoid abusing.

Hope you are doing very well Mr Makow, and thanks again for your thought provoking insights.

NATHAN said (April 14, 2011):

Wow! this is a sad article from a very confused young man. Life is what YOU make it. To blame a seed baring plant/herb that the creator
has put here for positive uses, for your lack of passion or accomplishment, or whatever it is you feel you lack is ridiculous to say the least....hopefully it is not Jesus Christ you are should live a life of moderation in all things and realize that too much of any good thing can become a negative thing.

Variety is the spice of life, just be sure to keep your moral convictions and walk the righteous path. You are blaming your own
short comings in life on a plant/herb when it is YOU who are responsible for your current state.

If YOU are not spiritually strong
then it is YOU that is the problem not a seed baring plant/herb created by GOD. That is a scapegoat so that you can feel better about
yourself, feeling like you have some sort of EXCUSE, because you're obviously feeling inadequate in where you are at in life. GOD BLESS
you young man but you need to turn around and take a look in the mirror.

The Illuminati take many good things and make them
destructive including cannabis, maybe. But that is what they like to do, blaphemy all things good and from GOD. They really don't even have to do that anymore because society now does it themself. The Illuminati have removed all responsibility from society, and you are
further proof, making society utterly irresponsible and your own mind becomes the trap.

BBD said (April 13, 2011):

Pavo says: “…but I am speaking for the majority of marijuana users who even if they have a strong will power, like I do, it is very hard to change your habits when Marijuana has been such a great influence in your life…”

At 24, he does not speak for the majority. I am 54 and I smoked pot most my life, he can’t possibly speak for me, his mother was in grade school when I was high as a kite playing minor league baseball, a lifestyle and “in a time” he could never relate to, and he thinks he speaks for the majority? Pavo, you’re hardly aware of yourself.

We all have our stories, I certainly have mine; Pavo has only his and his is all about self denial and ignoring the real problem – claims to have strong will power, yet it takes two years – Pavo, that’s not strength, that’s weakness at best!

As I see it, Pavo has lacked ever having any discipline in his life and without disciplines you fail to sense urgencies for change. He may have wanted to stop but it wasn’t more than a passing thought and it may have passed by each day and night, point is, for two years he didn’t take action.

The trap was in his undisciplined mind, his life had no real structure of morality and ethics (Important to acknowledge for change) and he certainly lacked the virtues to impose the discipline.

Pavo, your problem is not the pot – the pot is your excuse. Consider a reality check, seek humility and examine yourself, therein lies your problems.

I’m not advocating pot, nor am I speaking out for others, after a 40 year experience, a bit more than 6 years; I can from my perspective say that with discipline and moderation, I can see and understand the argument that there is little harm, certainly and positively far less than alcohol and prescription drugs! And millions do so and function quite well each day.

Pot is the one drug that has these unique qualities in how it is experienced by the user; therefore it makes it much harder for any one person to speak on behalf of people they don’t know. After 40 years, I said that’s enough, I stopped, moved forward and never did it again. Realizing God was not going to take a stoner to heaven – think about it – you die stoned – Is God really seeing you as an obedient child doing His will? In my case, my answer made sure I never did it again.

My relationship with God was the motivating force for my discipline to walk away cold turkey…you need to find your motivation and exercise the discipline. The secret lies in the desire to quit, the discipline in making it happen and the maturity to not look back…turning over your life to God is a very good plus! But even then, you the individual have to make it all happen.

Christian said (April 13, 2011):

Thanks for the work you do.

As a chronic pot smoker for 20 years, I have both good and bad things to say about your recent article by Tavo.

The main thing is that too much use is probably a bad thing, but occasional or even once daily use has been very helpful to me creatively. Without it something always seemed to be missing.

Recently, I have tried Urine Therapy (mostly out of curiosity, but I am recovering from serious illness from 911 dust exposure in NYC) and though I did not plan to stop smoking herb, I simply crave it far less when I consume my Urine. I haven't bothered to buy it in over a month.

There is some great info about the efficacy of this online, especially "The Water of Life" by Armstrong, and the below video I am sending you.

It is said to be very good for spiritual practices and I do think it makes for amazing dreams and general clarity, possibly due to the presence of Monotomic Gold, which is a brain super conductor, plus the stuff is very easily assimilated and nutrient dense. I think it is significant that it requires humility to practice.

Some people think I am crazy when I tell them it is completely sterile and not bad tasting, others try it and always agree with me: it is better than any nutritional supplement.

Anyway, here's the link:



Vernon said (April 13, 2011):

So the subject of the interview smoked pot for 6 years?

I smoked for over 20. and while hes correct about paranoia , its not true for everyone.
Regular pot use does lead to stunting emotional growth, I have experienced it and seen it but it also helps people like me deal with ptsd from being beaten as a kid. well it used to. been clean for over 10 years now.

Most pot smokers also get past the drug and stop because they realize it clouds their quality of life.

If Tavos is going to interview about pot , he should interview more than one person.
the article is just stupid.



You seem to be confirming what he says.


Geoff said (April 13, 2011):

An important point that that was not addressed in the article or any of the other comments, is the spiritual consequences of marijuana use. As a Christian, I strongly believe that the use of marijuana can be an open doorway to demonic oppression.

That is why fear, depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions are associated with use of the drug. If one looks into the historical use of marijuana in primitive cultures, it was used in the context of religious rituals. It was the use of hashish that allowed Hassan-i Sabbāh to mind control his assassin cult followers to the level where they would throw their lives down at his whim. As a Christian I would look upon that context as another opening to the spirit realm.

Taking the above points in mind, encouraging the widespread use of marijuana would be advantageous to the Illuminati especially with the apathy inducing and anesthetic type properties of the drug. Drug use is an integral part of witchcraft and Satanism. No one can argue that mainstream entertainment has stepped up the use of marijuana as a prop or topic in many of its television shows and movies.

It is true that God made cannabis, he also made hemlock and death cap mushrooms.The potency of marijuana has been deliberately increased to many times what it was even just a few years ago. We live in a fallen world, and our bodies are temples and should be consecrated to God.

Inhaling smoke into ones lungs is never a good idea. The use of marijuana is a crutch, anesthetizing us from reality and the trials of life. It takes our eyes off the creator and onto the creation.

As a musician, marijuana use was ubiquitous in my social circles and It was only after much prayer that I was delivered from addiction to marijuana. My mind is clearer and more focused, I am able to iterate and formulate my thoughts more efficiently, I am able to remember my dreams, my workouts at the gym have better results, my work ethic has improved, and my walk with God is closer than ever.

Steve said (April 13, 2011):

i just met one of the leaders of the Medical Mj movement here in CA, he told me things are going
so well for so many people now its mind boggling ! ALMOST A MILLION MEDICAL PATIENTS NOW !

And so few problems even cops realize that prohibition has been an evil elite scam for decades.

Pot is the alternative to the sick reality that is forced on billions of people, starvation, poverty, diseases and enviro destruction, hate and prison planetization. Break free Henry, smoke a fat joint already and chill !

If you wish to debate this, I promise I can provide over 1000 peer reviewed medical journal articles pro pot, I can show decades of the highest levels of research on all aspects of this issue, and just how evil the prohibition
has been, especially details of every one of the S & P 500 conspiracies towards pot for 75 years.

The evidence is so overhwelming, so your simple anecdote means little as science or social reality.

Sure kids mess up all the time, look at what kind of a corporate world they come into ! Corporate fascists parents, schools, cops, churches and the rest, I say REBEL, TURN ON TUNE IN DROP OUT was totally correct approach.

Go ahead prove me wrong, show me the science, and I can show you almost a MILLION PEOPLE HERE who will swear otherwise.

Mike said (April 13, 2011):

God made it after all. You just can't have too much of a good thing. I know. It has given me alot of problems (mostly legal) but it's great for special occasions. And, nothing has helped me more. I thank God every time I have it, as it's a blessing compared to alcohol and pills.

All I'll ever need is weed.

Mike said (April 13, 2011):

While much of the authors science information about pot is completely wrong. It does not make one impotent. I smoked for 10 years, every day, and conceived a child with a woman after only sleeping with her one time. I'm not proud of this, by the way, but I would not take it back for anything. My son is the best thing that ever happened to me. However, he is correct about the general effect it has on people. Quitting is physically quite easy. The only side effects I ever experienced was difficulty getting to sleep the first night.

Yes, it creates dependence. But so does sugar (more addictive than cocaine...look it up if you don't believe this), carbohydrates, and of course alcohol and cigarettes are both far more addictive and dangerous than Pot. There have been studies that show that it actually can have an anti-cancer effect (for certain types of cancer). Obviously, it helps people greatly with the side effects of chemotherapy as well.

Being dependent on any substance is a problem. The thing to keep in mind is who actually profits from all the illegal drug sales in North America. I'll give you a hint, it IS not criminals.

It is the US government, specifically the CIA. Pot is illegal precisely because there is so much money to be made from it, just like other illegal drugs. The "war on drugs" is really the "war for drugs". There is also the matter of the usefulness of the Marijuana plant (hemp), which are many (and could all be used without cultivating the flower, which is what is used to get high). A number of industries have a vested interest in keeping this natural plant illegal.

Anyway, I'm not trying to justify pot use, as regular use has many issues that I have had to deal with myself and overcome. Substance abuse of any sort has consequences and the typical pot head likes to believe that they are somehow different. They are not.

It is, however, obvious that government control of drugs, outlawing them, is intended to increase their use rather than decrease or keep people from getting them. Through bribes, corruption, and outright supplying (explosion of Heroin from Afghanistan since the US invaded is a good example of this), the power elite use these as a way to control and dumb down the populace.

I believe that some of these substances can indeed have beneficial uses......but that the elite would rather we become dependent on them for various reasons.

Sanshisan said (April 13, 2011):

Thank you for your expose' article on marijuana. I smoked pot from the time I was 20 until I was 38. Looking back I feel that I wasted those 18 years of my life. But let's look at the physical effects of `Mary Jane':

Pot is a strong Diuretic - That means you are literally pissing your life away - essential vital minerals and vitamins going down the proverbial tubes.

Pot affects your heart and lungs when smoked over a long period - Most people smoke pot and SMOKE in general is bad for your heart and lungs.

Pot lessens your resistance to colds, flues, and other illnesses. Anything that depletes your system and interferes with the efficiency of your heart and lungs (i.e. the blood supply) is going to diminish your IMMUNE system.

Pot interferes with logical thought patterns, thus hampering consistent achievement in LIFE.

Given all this, how marijuana could be used for medical benefits seems all hype to me - just a backdoor excuse to bring it into society at large.

James said (April 13, 2011):

i think the reason people can get paranoid and display symptoms of depression from smoking cannabis has more to do with how sick the
world is,than the plant never used to effect people that way,and the plant hasn't changed,only should serve as a wake
up call that a traditional,plant given,state of awareness is malfunctioning like that.

when the powers that be claim that cannabis is far stronger than it ever used to be and causing madness,they are lying to cover up the real reason,that the world they have created is directly at odds with our true nature and the natural world around us.

hashish,by its very definition is the concentrated resin from the flowers,making it many times the strength of any dried flower and
has been used spiritually with no problem for hundreds of years. making it illegal was just an excuse to create a massive criminal
industry and go directly against GOD's first,few instructions to man,chiefly that every seed bearing plant on the face of the earth
was his gift to us,that we might have them to eat.

your website is a god-send,i read it every day,thank you for spending your time creating it,

EJ said (April 13, 2011):

For every whinny, victim-think story about someone who wandered down the path of evil, apathy, prostitution, or heavy drug use, etc., because of hemp use, I will guarantee you there was an addictive, pathological, pre-disposition to their decisions. It wasn’t because of the hemp.

Of all the intoxicants ever used, cannabis is clearly among the most benign. Its social consequences are negligible when compared with alcohol. This guy's story sounds like a plant from the DEA or something. When someone starts smoking hemp at 15 they have nothing to call on for any creative expression but comic book and game boy mentality, hence so many "bad" trips.

When you are in your 20's you have some life experience to call on and can have a wonderful journey rather then dealing with "demons" and "monsters" like an adolescent.

There is absolutely no un-biased truth from any study that hemp is negative in any way to a health, psychologically sound person. The worst it does it does is make you eat a lot. The best it does is give you a gentle doorway to brilliant right brain's potentials.

Dan said (April 13, 2011):

I see the young man's honest article on the perils of getting stuck in the pot habit drew out the dopers. To anyone free of a vice, it's promoters sound dependent. Dope smokers don't notice that they limit themselves to the company of dope smokers by default. Pot was promoted to American youth on a mass scale with the arrival of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and all the rest of it. The Beatles first televised live performance on the Ed Sullivan Show was on Sunday night, February 9, 1964. It was no coincidence that was a mere two and a half months after the Kennedy assassination Nov. 23, 1963.

Let me repeat for that for the stoners: n-o c-o-i-c-e-d-e-n-c-e. The old motto of 'sex drugs and rock'n'roll' neutralized the genuine explosion of awareness that was taking place among youth during the early 60's.

I dare the dope defenders to get really stoned and listen carefully to this 1983 Dead Kennedys piece from "GIVE ME CONVENIENCE OR GIVE ME DEATH".
"Don't worry about those demonstrators. Just pump up your drug supply..."

Kevin said (April 13, 2011):

Regardless of the merits (or lack thereof) of smoking cannabis, Tavo Padilla and many others play into the hands of the illuminati when they call it a drug. It is not a drug. It is a plant that grows out of the ground all by itself, if given enough water and sunshine. Nobody manufactures it. To classify cannabis, poppies, coca or whatever plant you would like to name as drugs merely opens the door for authority (the illuminati, if you will) to step in and regulate any and all plants. This has helped to lead us to our present sorry state, where "medicinal" herbs can and are being made illegal daily. It has already happened in Europe. People are no longer free to use herbs, and consequently become more and more reliant on pharmaceutical drugs. If you believe what is says in the Bible, God gave every herb of the field for the use and benefit of mankind. To allow them to classify cannabis as a drug means that they can call St. John's Wort, echinacea, even dandelions as dangerous drugs, and thereby prohibit their cultivation and use. Please note also that I say cannabis, not marijuana. If you look into the history of cannabis, you will find that the term 'marijuana' was introduced by lackeys of J.D. Rockefeller and William Randolph Hearst (among others), for the purpose of destroying the hemp industry. Hemp oil was a threat to Rockefeller's interests, and Hearst had invested heavily in timber to supply paper for his empire. High quality and inexpensive hemp paper would have made his timber holding considerably less lucrative than the consequently became. Are oranges drugs? They contain vitamin C, for example, which the European Community now regulates, allowing it only small and nutritionally valueless quantities. Freedom is the issue here. If you do not like the effects of cannabis, no one is holding a gun to your head and demanding that you use it. Don't you dare tell me it's a drug. The next thing you know, sunshine, water and air will be classified as 'drugs.' Am I exaggerating? Give the question careful consideration before you answer!

Raymond said (April 13, 2011):

reat website, but dumb cannabis article by your youthful six-year veteran of the drug wars.

If you want someone with experience with pot to write an article, try yours truly -- I've used it in various forms for 40+ years with only good effects (except it's overpriced, due to prohibition). I also subsist on a hemp-based diet, my primary source of protein being hemp seed grown legally in good old Manitoba, the closest place to heaven on earth.

The fact is, I've already written a few articles about pot, including this one, which was named a Top Censored Story of 2000 by Project Censored. Here's the link:

Pot is not an Illuminati plot. Pot prohibition -- and hemp prohibition in the U.S. -- are an Illuminati plot. Your 24-year-old aspiring henry Makow has it backwards.

Tavo (author) said (April 13, 2011):

In response to WW (below)

I didn't say everyone experiences the same effects from Marijuana use. I actually have worked as an accountant and i'm about to graduate from school with an international business degree and a 3.8 GPA. I know several successful business owners who are heavy alcoholic drinkers and even a mayor of a certain city who does cocaine on a regular basis. You can do anything on weed. I even played competitive soccer for the university i attend to, high on weed. What i meant was that it doesn't mean that you are doing it at your full potential. And if you can actually do something meaningful that changes someone's life beside just being an average worker and yet another artist, then you have my respect.

But my message is meant for those who don't posses the capacity to actually get high and perform at their full potential, like God expects us to when he blessed us with our talents and qualities. We all have a mission in life and if smoking pot does not affect your purpose on this earth then congratulations, but it was affecting mine.

T said (April 13, 2011):

My first wife could not give it and the pot lifestyle up even to save her marriage and relationship with her 17 yr old son.

In fact, after I left she opened a hemp store.
It was traumatic watching her look for tokes every day. It was demeaning and embarrassing as well.

I guess one case is far from overwhelming evidence but its really not the only case of its kind.

Shellie said (April 13, 2011):

I must agree that this article is BS. I too began using pot in high school back in the 70's and once I was an adult I used it daily until I was 36 and decided it was time to grow up and lay down the childish things. So I did. Like that. Did not pick it up or have the first craving for it. If anyone should have become "addicted" to pot, it should have been me.

I also did not "trip" on weed unless it was laced with acid or something. Smoking a joint or a bowl of your typical weed gives you no more buzz than drinking a beer. Please, this whole article sounds like the imagination of whoever wrote the script for Reefer Madness.

I'm now 51 and I advocate legalizing marijuana because of the good it can do if the government will just get out of the way. Its medical uses are exceeding and abundant and so much safer than the chemicals Big Pharma is pushing. There will always be stupid people who abuse whatever substance and use it as an excuse for their lousy lives.

I generally agree with most of the articles you post, but this one borders on the ridiculous.


Ridiculous depends on your p.o.v.

I post some articles for their discussion value. I particularly like articles like this based on personal experience and conviction. I think that different people can have different experiences with marijuana, both positive and negative, depending on their personal character and mode of use.


Pam said (April 13, 2011):

While habitually smoking pot may not be the best thing in the world for a person, I have to say that I view this guy's article with great suspicion.

You don't 'trip' when smoking pot. It is not addictive. I've known many people who had smoked pot for years and when it came down to say, needing to quit in order to pursue certain employment, there was never a problem. I know (many) people who are in their 50's who have smoked pot since they were 15 and yet, they are hard-working, highly creative people. I know people who smoke pot and yet have high end, computer programing jobs at which they are most successful. To note, however, these people don't smoke all day long, they do it after work or on weekends.
Some of the things he says are true, but most of what he describes sounds to me like he's talking about a much stronger drug than pot. He did name many drugs that he has tried. Perhaps he's confused about which drug he tried causes which symptoms. For his sake, I hope he can remain drug free and good for him.

Perhaps it's not the best thing in the world to do, but in my opinion, I'd rather see someone smoking a little pot rather than becoming a raging alcoholic or smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.

Brian said (April 13, 2011):

You really struck a nerve with this one. This is one of the most strongly targeted issues regarding the brainwashing of the masses
at present. Marijuana is destroying the youth of the world. It pulls the astral body of the user up into the spiritual realms, separating it from the physical body at the same time. Over time,
the body/soul complex actually dis-integrates. Anyone interested more in the spiritual ramifications of drug use can read "In Place
of the Self: How Drugs Work," by Ron Dunselman.

I am very scientifically minded, and have spent years thoroughly researching drugs of all kinds. I have done most of them myself. I
spent 10 years of my life smoking pot almost continuously. I quit of my own volition, because I do not believe in the 12 step program. Marijuana most certainly is addictive. This is a fact beyond debate. Being the only widely used drug that is fat soluble, physiological withdrawal is hard to notice because it takes a long time to leave the body.

The powers that be are slowly legalizing drug use as part of the trend towards a hedonistic, orgiastic culture devoid of morals or any real goals. MARIJUANA IS WORSE THAN FLUORIDE! As long as people are sitting around getting stoned, nobody is actually doing anything worthwhile.

The resistance one encounters when trying to fight this implanted thought system in the real world is even stronger than that shown
by the comments under this article. Denial is powerful, indeed.

GARY said (April 13, 2011):

I want to encourage Tavo that there is very real hope and help available, he seems to have reached the point where he wants to change and that is a very necessary first step, as people can't be helped if they do not want help. I can relate from personal experience that the solution I am sharing is very real and very effective, I went from being an alcoholic, drug addict, and 3 pack a day cigarette smoker one day, to being completely set free the very next day from even having a desire for any of those things, no cravings, no withdrawal, and it has now been over 20 years so it was not a temporay fix, but a lasting one. To get a new and fresh start, a new beginning,

I needed to expereince the "new birth", become "born again", born of water and the Spirit, and when God filled me with His Spirit, He took all those cravings away and gave me a real joy and peace that those artificial stimulents could never compare to. One basic verse that describes what is needed to become born again is found in Acts 2:38 - Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. - for a more detailed explaination please visit these web pages - - now I am not saying there is anything wrong with other methods for overcoming addiction - but why do things the hard way, God's way is always best, and besides, we all need to (and must) experience the Acts 2:38 new birth reguardless if anyone is an addict or not, give God a chance to prove Himself to you, and you will be very glad you did !

WW said (April 13, 2011):

don't care if you publish this or not so I'm going to be real upfront about it.
Your article by this guy on smoking pot is total bullshit.

It's not the substance that is this kids problem, that is an excuse.
I have had several successful careers in music, special FX cinema, and as a fine arts sculptor.

Pot is NOT addictive, it's hogwash.

People have responded here with lame ass comments such as "why do you need to change your consciousness?" What do you think happens when you
watch TV? {much worse for you than getting high on grass}, or see a movie, or listen to music, or even have a meal--ALL of these things effect mood
and consciousness.

Those who think they have some "steady state" of consciousness throughout the day are totally out of touch with themselves and their own experiential reality.

John said (April 12, 2011):

Tavo is a victim of spoiled child syndrome. Never have certain classes of children been so wealthy to be able to stay at home and smoke pot continuously. I believe that all drug addictions relate back to the inner self. 99% of addicts hate who they are and wish to be someone or something else. I don't believe in drug addiction but i do believe in reality addiction. One smokes, injects or ingests to be somewhere else because he or she hates the reality they live in. Whether this is due to a poor upbringing or low morale and self esteem I don't know, but the point is the drug is not the problem. Do not use addiction as an excuse for your poor decision making and frail character.

CE said (April 12, 2011):

Tavo: Thank you for that article and good luck kicking your habit. You are absolutely right. The NWO wants to make us fat, dumb, and lazy and that is why they promote so many forms of liberalism, including a more tolerant attitude about recreational drug use. Reasonable minds can differ as to whether our current criminal justice methods are best as they pertain to drug use, but one thing must be clear: we cannot afford to allow our nation (or the world) to go to pot.

And indeed, harder drugs are even worse. They all corrupt the mind, body, and spirit. They are poison. We need to wake up about the systematic demoralization of our culture by the dark side. Thanks again, Octavio. Beat pot. Keep up the fight! Keep telling the truth as it will help others.

Rod said (April 12, 2011):

Doug [below] A question or two you might want to ask yourself and anybody else that smokes pot whether daily or "recreationally". Why do you need to be in an altered state of consciousness? Why do you need to change your reality? Just saying.....

Rod said (April 12, 2011):

Doug [below] A question or two you might want to ask yourself and anybody else that smokes pot whether daily or "recreationally". Why do you need to be in an altered state of consciousness? Why do you need to change your reality? Just saying.....

Doug said (April 12, 2011):

Henry, this piece is utterly ridiculous. I usually like everything you post, but Tavo is mental.

First and foremost, Marijuana - as any other medicine - should not be habitually used. I know from firsthand experience that it is very useful for relieving pain, alleviates anxiety and anger issues, and helps with depression. It is not evil. I do not, however, agree to its use as something to get stoned into complete oblivion with. That is abuse of a very useful and efficient medication.

Tavo abused the substance, and therefore experienced the negative effects that one experiences when they abuse any medication. Again, I know this from experience. So he is taking his negative experience that was a direct consequence of his own foolish actions, and he's projecting it onto others.

Marijuana is an amazing plant, and I believe that God most likely put it here to be used in helping people with ailments, not as a party drug. The pharmaceutical industry works with our own government (the largest importer of all illegal drugs, for the record) to perpetuate anti-marijuana propaganda for one simple reason: money. Pot is a magical cure-all. Big pharma would be up the creek, as their poisonous benzodiazepine industry would be sunk. And the government, well, they'd lose more money for their military black budget if it were legalized.

Sorry Henry, I just had to set the record straight. This while "reefer madness" stuff is a combination of ignorance and government propaganda. If anything, the NWO does not want pot to be legal because they would no longer be able to poison the population with their anti depressants and anti anxiety meds that make everyone not only docile, but stupid! Some of the most brilliant people I've ever known were people that smoked pot, but not daily.

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