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Professor Ends Standoff Over Sexual Harassment Training

April 7, 2009

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

A distinguished microbiologist has ended a six-month standoff with the University of California at Irvine over his refusal to take sexual harassment training. His decision was based on the impact his departure would have on colleagues and graduate students. (He has brought millions of dollars of funding to his department.)

Nevertheless, the dispute highlights the passivity with which most people accept veiled Communist-style political education, a form of control bound to increase as Castro, Chavez, Obama and Medvedev declare their common pedigree.

Although he has 30 years of service and tenure, McPherson was suspended from supervisory duties and threatened with loss of his $150,000 salary, proof that this program is a way of asserting political control over senior state employees.

"This is a violation of my principles," he told The Orange County Register. There is no more reason for this than training to recognize car theft or murder or any other crime, he said.

"The state is imposing this based on politics and that can't be allowed...." What's next? he asks. "A loyalty pledge, racial sensitivity training, free speech filtering...I would cheerfully go to jail in protest, as an act of civil disobedience. I am offended however that the university so poorly understands its priorities and confuses its duties that it threatens to interfere with classes and the students I teach, and to whom I have a moral obligation as their professor." 

As part of the dispute, McPherson released emails from his Department Chair explaining that the training is state mandated for all supervisors and doesn't impugn his character. "I know this comes from politically motivated roots but it has been passed down to us like you know what flows downstream."    The Chairman urged McPherson to see it as similar to "hazardous waste or animal handling training."

This was in reply to an email where McPherson affirmed that "the state has no right to inflict its narrow political social or cultural proclivities on me, an individual. This ...edict is a blunt political offense to my sensibilities. It calls into question my character, my reputation and my intelligence. My greatest amazement is that so few of my colleagues at UCI and at other campuses have not spoken out against the offense. What is next? Kneel and kiss the ring of the State Assembly Leader?"

McPherson's stand was somewhat weakened by his willingness to compromise if the university would sign a statement saying it had no reason to suspect him of sexual harassment, past or future. The university refused, meaningful in itself. We are all guilty and need to be proven innocent.

McPherson was told by colleagues that they did the training online, by simply logging on for two hours, leaving and then returning to give random answers to questions later. But McPherson said his principles would not allow him to proceed in this way.

Cathy Laehon, a spokesman for Irvine, said the training serves a purpose even if someone wasn't engaged in inappropriate behavior. "If as a supervisor, something is happening in the workplace...I would be trained to recognize it." 

Laehon is implying that the best and brightest minds in the US can't recognize when someone is being a nuisance. Please.

This is from the University of California sexual harrassment website:

Faculty, staff and students are urged to review the Policy itself to understand the different types of sexual harassment, which may include:
Unwelcome sexual propositions
Sexual innuendoes or other behavior, such as repeated, unwanted requests for meals, dates, etc.
Unwelcome sexual comments or jokes; questions or discussions about an individual's sex life; comments about a person's body or appearance
Unwanted touching or leering
Sending someone unwanted sexual materials

The behavior must be unwelcome. If sexual propositions or jokes are welcome, they do not constitute a violation of policy

There is nothing wrong with this policy and the  "training" is only two hours every two years. But it does insult the intelligence and represents more government intrusion into the private sphere. As a reader points out," if anyone you know suddenly decides things they liked were really unwelcome, presto your life can be destroyed."

Read the REAL Communist Manifesto, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion -5. "We shall create an intensified centralization of government in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate mechanically all the actions of the political life of our subjects with new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties [enjoyed by the goyim] and our kingdom...[will be] in a position to wipe out any goyim who oppose us by word or by deed."

Now they have a ready-made, scandalous, hard-to-prove crime for selective use against dissenters. Indeed, I was falsely accused of "sexual harassment" when I put feminism up for debate in my university class. One feminist said she dreamed I raped her.  I am no longer teaching.

This training also has a chilling effect on heterosexual relations where a man is expected to make an effort to win a woman's affections. The hidden agenda is to make heterosexuality  seem both hazardous and pathological.


"Sexual Harassment Training" is part of a complex of programs (i.e. "Diversity" and "Inclusiveness" and other vague, fuzzy-sounding concepts) that try us for nameless crimes administered by a growing bureaucracy/industry of sexual harassment-diversity experts, the equivalent of Soviet political commissars. Their programs may seem innocuous but they can get down and dirty, as when school children are encouraged to experiment with homosexuality.

The characteristic of Communism is that nothing is what they say it is. They always have a hidden agenda which they always deny. Their standard practice is to make you disbelieve your own eyes.

Communism itself is a capitalist plot. Championing the downtrodden is just a pretext. Communism is really the ultimate in monopoly capitalism. It uses the state to concentrate all wealth and power in the hands of Lucifer-loving central bankers and their corrupt minions. They assume they can buy our acquiescence and so far they have been right.

We are like the whore who complains when the offer price is reduced to $1. "What do you take me for?" she demands.  "We have already established that. Now we are haggling over price."

McPherson wonders about professors who seem more interested in financial security than individual freedom.  Soon they may have neither.


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Comments for "Professor Ends Standoff Over Sexual Harassment Training"

Philip Jones said (April 9, 2009):

Another excellent expose. This one makes me very angry though as it reminds me of a similar if not identical incident that happened to me many years ago when I was a serving Police Officer in London. I originate in the valleys of South Wales, and my dialect reflects that. Men where I come from have a habit of using the word `love` at the end of sentences when speaking to women. For example, `yes love`, or `alright then love` etc. Nothing is meant by it, other than a form of courtesy.

Anyway, back in 1991, I was working on a Juvenile Crime Project along with several other colleagues, some of whom were female. By this time, feminism was rife and virulent throughout the force, and one morning, after greeting three of my female colleagues with the usual `Morning Girls`, I was summoned into the Boss's office and give a half hour lecture on how to address women officers. I was then `offered` a sensitivity training course which would `help` me with regards to the way I interacted with women and minority colleagues. Now this incensed me, as many of my closest friends were either black or Muslim, and I regarded my manner towards women to be above reproach. So I declined the offer.

Of course, it was not an offer at all, but a veiled threat. Well, for nearly three months, I refused to attend their `re-education mind control seminar` which caused me some serious problems at work. I was `sent` back to patrol duties, located on one of the most violent and dangerous housing projects in the city. I was constantly harassed by my supervisors, and my rest days were forever being cancelled with the minimum of notice. But I did not relent, and finally, the pressure eased a little.

However, any further advancement was blocked, and it became my `lot` to work the `front line` without any chance of specialisation at all. Many of my friends in the job experienced similar coercion, and sadly, most gave in and attended the programming.

We are of course speaking about `Mind Control. People think that mind control is all about MK Ultra and intensive individual programming. But the truth is that we are all subjected to in one way or the other, via education, the media and the constant attendance of such sensitivity type courses connected with our employment. This is where much of the damage is done to how we view our society, and to how we relate to each other.

I feel for the professor, but wish he had `held out` nonetheless.

Vadim said (April 8, 2009):

As someone raised in USSR, I can 101% confirm that this is coming from the Communist mindset. But then I simply find a simpler explanation, following Occam razor principle. I called our HR manager and asked her, why did she conduct that training, was it insurance co.'s request, was it state law, or what. And that's what she said, adding that "it's simply the right thing to do". And there are thousands of others like her who simply do what everybody is doing, and what the instructional booklet writes is the right thing to do, and the "professional" magazine she is subscribed on - and she does not understand that the article in that magazine about how serious sex harrassment training is is the same paid ad as everything else in it. It's simply yet another, one of myriad, cases where artificial demand has been created, and the whole industry has emerged serving that demand. As long as it's possible to make money on this, this will be in place.

There are lots of similar examples in American society. Why 55MPH speed limit signs were not removed from interstate highways after the oil crisis was over 50 years ago? because it makes money. Why is there the law to wear safety belt while driving, even though it's obvious that not wearing it could not hurt anybody but the driver? because it makes money. Why the law to get liability insurance in order to drive, even though it's based on presumption of being guilty? because it makes money. Why war on terror? maybe because of some strategic PNAC? no, because it makes money for all the Halliburtons out there and gets funding for all kinds of crazy bullshit like rounding up Kabul taxi drivers and flying them across the globe on charter jets.

Yes, I'm sure you are absolutely right, and all the factors you are talking about do take place; but still, they wouldn't be able to propel this business for a long time without the revenue-making engine behind them, same as PNAC by itself would be long forgotten were it not the wonderful business opportunity as well. The only question maybe is what's primary and what's secondary.

Skip said (April 8, 2009):

It is interesting to see what is happening to this professor in California as I listen to the ravings of Michael Savage of “The Savage Nation” rave against the Socialist leanings of Obama, when that is exactly what Michael Savage is working so hard to install himself, along with his colleague Rush Limbaugh, on the EIB or Fox News radio network. There is no longer a balanced left and right wing anymore.

They are all following the Protocols exactly while yelling that they are standing up for “Freedom” so their listeners have no idea what they are talking about.

Both “Hosts” screen all their calls so that only the “lunatic right wing callers” get through as they condemn “Liberals” as if they were any different that Conservatives, since Israel now confirms that they control all of Congress and the White House. But now that they control it all, their aim is to make everybody a “Conservative” so they will have “total one party rule” over the idiots who call the hosts and give them “worshipful praise” that is more than icon worship. You never hear anybody call in and challenge any of their ravings because all those calls are blocked. And yet all the worshiping American Baptists never catch on. Boy are they going to be shocked when they find out that Israel is the “Great Whore” and “Babylon” of Revelation 17.

Rick said (April 8, 2009):

The observations below, are right on target and it is a breath of fresh air, to see so many people aware of this impending calamity. The problem? No one is doing a thing to stop this madness. We are so "scare to death" of the injustices committed in the name of progress and the NWO, we are totally paralyzed with fear.I am one of them. Few years back, I was unjustly accused of "sexual harassment" and I was already guilty before stepping into a Court Room . It took me ten long years, seven unscrupulous attorneys and over one hundred thousand dollars to proof my innocence. It is downright evil, what is taking place worldwide and I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Brian said (April 8, 2009):

It seems to me that the only hope for education as a whole is for everybody, students included, to say "enough" and simply walk out until all this political dogma and homosexual filth is dropped. Unfortunately, we all live beyond our means to some extent, and that is our weak point. Without an income, we starve, but the same doesn't apply to the students, at least, not to the same extent. Perhaps that is where the revolution will start. In my experience, young people aren't as gullible as we are led to believe.

Victor said (April 8, 2009):

Well done with this article. This is sheer madness.

What has happened to the men in this world that they willing will subject themselves to feminist re-education programs to hold their jobs?

Have men been so neutered, both biologically and in spirit, that they now permit this insanity of 'sexual harassment re-education classes' to be foisted upon them whilst they remain silent?

What next? Looking across a room is a crime unless you can justify politically correct thoughts in conjunction with that act?

How about, chemical castration before heterosexual white men can be gainfully employed in any environment where they might be deemed a 'potential' social hazard because of their gender? Guilty for potential crimes they've never even thought about!

The world is descending into sheer madness at the hands of controlling elites who are socially engineering us into their New World Order. Where men must been so subjugated that they can never pose a threat to the new order, and where men are stripped of their role in family life so the State can fills the void.

Madness. Sheer madness.

Philippe said (April 8, 2009):

The oppression is rapidly taking over the free world.
Makes me very sad indeed to see our oxygen being taken away and being replaced with toxic fumes.

The key part is criminalising people who care (empathy, love).
Because they are the ones left in the way of the criminals on the top (generational private banksters and their lackeys in secret societies, secret services, governments and corporations).
The instrument is Stasi-like total reciprocal surveillance, advancing those ratting on their neighbours and friends.

Usually now those in the way of the criminals in power, even at a local level, at work or in the family, are the target of false sexual accusations, often behind the back of the accused victim,leading to social isolation and mobbing,
or landing them in jail or psychiatry.

"The behavior must be unwelcome. If sexual propositions or jokes are welcome, they do not constitute a violation of policy."

In practice now, if anyone you know suddenly decides things they liked were really unwelcome, presto your life can be destroyed.

There is no defense because while they record everything you say and do (handy surveillance), you have no access and are not allowed to record anything (privacy laws).

And while free access newspapers, television and internet now show naked women to children too,
you are not allowed to show your breasts.

Education is increasingly being bureaucratised,
individuals (teachers, parents, children) are not trusted anymore, they have to follow courses all the time,and teach in pairs and by committee,
followed by therapists and personal supervision.
Competent teachers and directors are chased away and replaced by totally dependent careerists lacking love even at home, often lesbians and homosexuals.

Children have to go to brainwashing school when 4 years old already, and take pills as soon as they show signs of unrest, a natural reaction to the treatment they get.

Good people (those with a history of caring)
need to start to help each other.
And in a largely controlled and corrupt world,
don't trust those with any measure of success.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at