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Freemasonry -- Racketeering Run Amok

September 13, 2010


(left, "brothers")

"Porch Masons" or third degree Masons are those on the lowest end of the food chain. They are very prevalent in areas predisposed to poverty and low educational standards. They have entered this realm because ... gainful employment is impossible without being a member of a "Blue Lodge".



In this the sixth installment of his battle with Freemasons, Barbour answers some of Makow's questions.

Dear Henry, Right now I'm in the middle of a gunfight and find it absolutely impossible to concentrate on matters at hand with regard to this dismal tale. Every waking moment presents something else to reckon with. After four years of unsuccessfully trying to dislodge me, the natives are getting restless.

Business is impossible to conduct since they have not only chased away the customers but have "put out the word" and effectively cut me off from all sources of supply and raw materials.

For example: I needed some common, off the shelf welding supplies recently and called the local supply house for same. The salesman told me that he couldn't help me and my best bet was to go "on line" and get it from other sources. This is a very common issue regarding vendors in the area. In this case, a call to a supplier in Boston received prompt, courteous attention and my stuff was on the way in minutes. 


Simply put, NO! Everyone here is completely under the thumb of the Masons. Doing business with an "outsider" like me immediately subjects them to Masonic castigation. The Mason's control every aspect of finance and hold mortgages on homes, land and equipment. Consorting with me could very well jeopardize the status of someone's loan so they steer well clear of me. Others are discouraged from socializing (not that I care) and are put under extreme pressure to ostracize me.  

When I first came here, I met and forged a friendship with the fellow that was in charge of plant operations in the facility where I relocated the production line for my client from Florida. We found that we had a lot of common interests and worked well together.

One day he asked if I could help him install a new door at his house and I gladly obliged. During the course of the job I met his wife (Eastern Star) and his father (Master Mason) and the friendship quickly dissolved. He began to shun me and if it became necessary for him to come by he'd only do so at night when nobody could see him. To this day, he has thousands of dollars worth of tools in his roll-around box sitting out in my shop. They have been there for at least two years and he is afraid to pick them up because he'll be accused of consorting with me. 


They are gang-bangers. In the true fashion of the animal world, they have banded together to seek comfort and solace from their own ilk and to prey upon the unsuspecting.  Like any other gang or criminal organization they have their own hierarchy and pecking order.

In areas like this one where educational standards are non-existent, the few people who have a measure of learning quickly rise to the top. The remainder wallow in a cesspool of ignorance and poverty perpetuated by those in the higher echelons and are willing do the bidding of their masters for a few meager crumbs. I call this the "big fish in the small pond syndrome". The big fish rule the roost, mete out the jobs to "qualified individuals" (re. other Masons) and reap the profits while sitting back in comfort and wealth.  

The term "pinched" is quite appropriate. They all believe they possess some hidden knowledge that others are not privy to. This "look" increases proportionately with the member's level of achievement. Those at the top believe that they have mastered "the ancient knowledge of the universe" in the fashion of Bible scholars or those that have translated the Nag Hamadi texts. Indeed, some leave me with the impression that they possess all the information in the Great Library at Alexandria. 


"Porch Masons" or third degree Masons are those on the lowest end of the food chain. They are very prevalent in areas predisposed to poverty and low educational standards. They have entered this realm because they simply had no other choice. Since areas where these conditions exist are controlled by the Masons, gainful employment is impossible without being a member of a "Blue Lodge". 

These creatures are basically the indentured servants of their lords and masters. A measure of deference must be shown to their superiors in order to garner favor. Throughout the south, the term "sir" is always used by the lowly third degree members when addressing their betters. Favors and good deals and obedience must be accorded by the peons or they'll never have a chance of getting a laborer's job much less a mortgage. The "big fish" constantly dangle carrots before the noses of these unsuspecting dupes in order to coerce them to do their bidding. 

Experience has taught me that these peons hold their masters in awe. Mere mention of the Masons seems to instill fear and awe in these misdirected creatures. On more than one occasion, I've been told by one of these poor sods to avoid critical remarks about things Masonic.

"You don't wanna go fuckin' with them" is a phrase that I've heard many times from third degree lackeys.  

With respect to the previous three paragraphs, It's plainly evident that these people are possessed of a gang mentality. They are programmed to tow the mark or expect retribution from above. 

I'm not sure there will be an "after". These animals have made a concerted effort to block every attempt at selling this place. False stories regularly circulate that it is a toxic waste site among other things. Real estate agents purposely deflect sales by telling potential customers that the site is unsuitable for their purpose. On one occasion, a realtor I considered using as a representative, actually had the temerity to offer me half-of-what the place is worth on behalf of one of his Masonic brothers. Another wanted to list it at a price that was four times what it was worth. 

The neighbors, third degree trash all, are constantly watching to monitor who comes and goes. As I mentioned previously, those "caught" associating with me are immediately brought before the bar of Masonic justice. Consequently, nobody dares pay so much as a social call. 

During the first two years here, the filth that lives across the road must have expended 20,000 rounds of ammunition into the woods in an effort to intimidate me. Their efforts ceased when the price of ammo went through the roof and they started making homemade bombs. That also ceased when they set one off too close to their house and blew out the front windows. Their property looks like a junkyard and if I were trying to sell a residence the value of my place would be seriously impacted by their slovenly ways. 

I'd welcome the chance to divest myself of this yoke and return to the realm of sanity. Maybe that way I can die in peace. I've actually formulated a plan to seek out the most radical, black pastor I can find (Jeremiah Wright immediately comes to mind) in the interests of donating this place to his church. Maybe that will leave these bastards with a gift that keeps on giving.

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Comments for "Freemasonry -- Racketeering Run Amok"

Dan said (September 14, 2010):

I want to thank you for running these articles concerning the Masons. It has just cleared up so many mysteries in my mind. For years growing up in this town it seemed to me as though there was an affiliation between certain professionals, business leaders and higher paid laborers and municipal workers. But I could never put my finger on it. I would try to discover if perhaps they were all of the same nationality or faith or political affiliation but this would dead end as they were not.

During my younger days when I worked for years in a gas station and store here it was most prevalent. I remember some men whom I had never seen would come in and act as if the owned the place and make a point to shake my hand with that two-fingered on the wrist handshake and I found that so odd. Just didn’t have a clue why they would shake like that. I remember a snow plow driver for the state used to come in and chat with me and he had a Masonic ring on his finger. I asked him about the organization and well, you might as well be asking a Yale graduate about the Skull and Bones Society because they don’t give up any information regarding the affiliation. In fact everyone that I asked about Masonry seemed to know very little about it and I was left with the loose impression that it had something to do with stone work and building and that it was perhaps some type of club for union people working in those trades.

Here in Ohio you can get a license plate which prominently displays the Masonic symbol with the “G” in the center. I see them from time to time. As I have mentioned to you in previous e-mails I had gone through a difficult period in business when I first started working for corporations in Pittsburgh and that something had been done to me. Well this thing that was done to me and everyone else in that building was mind control, behavior modification and electronic harassments on a cruel and daily basis. I managed to endure it for four years and then toward the end when it seemed as though torture was no longer enough for them and they wanted a stiff I promptly quit.

The second component to this was while I was enduring the hell at work I was also going through a hell in my hometown. People just seemed to have an affiliation or a connection that I was unable to put my finger on. People that I had known for most of my life would lash out at me when I said hello to them on the street and say things like, “Die of AIDS fag.” I mean housewives! It was just crazy. So I did three things. I withdrew from being an outgoing, helpful, social and generous person. I would thank those who stopped me to deliver their poisonous messages, usually in pairs, inform them that their message had been delivered and told them to stay away from me and I told those who were most overt and seemed to be able to inflict harm on me to “fight their programming.” I had no idea where they were getting their programming though I knew where mine was coming from and I suspected that somewhere, someone must have had them as fish in a barrel as well. Oddly when I would state the latter to those who engaged me they had a look of understanding come over them.

What a mess this all is Henry. I just want to say that I don’t agree with everything that you have to say but I believe that God has led me to you and your column so that I may have a greater understanding of all this and you have certainly given me a clearer picture of what is going on and I thank you for that. I feel sorry for the people who are trapped in these organizations and bound by all this they are not free and they never will be. I may be one of societies outcasts but I am free to do as I please and the money I do manage to earn is my own. Well, my own and the bank’s. But that’s my fault too.

Tom said (September 14, 2010):

This is so universal, I have been harassed at night by masonic neighbors (pushed around in my carport for not cutting overhanging tree branches), my wife (who is a very attractive lady) has been used by these same honorable gents as a 'milk maid', so to speak, goodness knows what has happened to my beautiful children. Thankfully to this point we have been able to weather the storm, however, it seems that things are accelerating with the luciferian agenda. Who knows what the near future holds.

These inverted 'saints' (thorough evildoers) have all means at their disposal to rape, kill, harass, threaten and not leave a trace of their foul deeds (ie amnesic drugs like GHB, hypnosis, mind control etc) and they are protected by their kin in law enforcement/judiciary etc. The scary aspect of it all is that these folks believe they have a 'divine' right to undertake the molestation of true Godly souls (contrite, humble souls). Afterall their faggoty, insipid, androgynous, unholy 'god' wouldn't expect less. We, and the Spirit of the Living God, are all that stand in the way of the 'age of satan'.

I'd rather sleep peacefully at night (no matter how they may attack the physical body) and for eternity than resemble these sewerage rats on any level. No wonder the apostle Paul, and our Heavenly King for that matter, were so severely castigated and hated by these fiends, they saw Paul as a complete 'turncoat' (profound courage in actuality). Its all starting to make complete sense. A glorious true inversion, that none of these gangsters can escape, is that the precepts in God's Paradise would suggest that 'success' in this world is failure and 'failure' is success.

David said (September 14, 2010):

Non-lodge people like myself are having a really hard time now. Everybody who is anybody has a good job and life continues to be an American Dream. Even the illegals find 'Jefes' who like them and help them to 2 and 3 jobs. When I had no papers, the best I could do was get to give out flyers for $5 per hour. You can tell who is a mason quite easily. Note their arrogance. They like extreme humility and instant obedience. They frown on talking like a man and make up odd rules to fault you if you do have cojones. They pretend virtue but cannot restrain their 'gangland' outlook.

All my applications for work have not bourne fruit as if, by secret communication, they all made the same decision. Even my landlord is one of them. All my entreaties to have him stop the floor-pounding above me, at night, have fallen on deaf ears. The Police take no action. Nobody is stopping something obviously wrong.

This period of high unemployment is probably seeing record membership in these lodges. The Illuminati has promised to parade their 'troops' one day. So, what about ordinary people who never had a fortuitous start like Roger. Will it be food stamps for life? I keep looking to see who is who when I go to apply. I fear that even Welfare is received as a blessing from the masons.

Richard said (September 14, 2010):

Barbour has it nailed. They're everywhere, no matter where you move. They control the City councils and Better Business Bureaus, local lending, real estate; they're the mayors, district attorney's, county sheriff and deputies, town cops, firemen, community college presidents, youth leaders and pastors in lots of churches, an on and on. I grew up knowing which dads in the neighborhood weren't to be crossed. All school principals and coaching staff were both ex-military war veterans and Scottish Rite Freemasons, and their wives were Eastern Star.
My neighborhood was full of the 'Waffen SS' of American masonry, the Shriners (the Assassins). This is because the men had already killed men in the war. (WWII).

It's a misconception that all the men who are in with this level of community mafia masonry are formal members of a lodge. All they care about is whether a new guy in the neighborhood knows how to 'play ball' with the pack. If someone drops the cues to participate in the local rackets or refuses to do an unwarranted favor or pay unearned tribute (bribe or 'shakedown' money), membership in a lodge won't help them. There is no handshake that gets you out of not 'towing the line'.

The guys become cogs in this masonic mafia system for the petty reward of feeling the sense of security that comes from belonging to a gang. They're gangsters. Few of them never realize the agenda they serve includes slavery or eugenics genocide of their descendants. But then, most of them don't believe that or they don't care. They just want the money upfront and to hell with the future.

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