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Society's Double Standard on Depravity

May 12, 2012

tori.jpeg(left. Tori Stafford, 8, raped and bludgeoned to death by porn and Percocet addict.)

Depravity is widely available on TV and the Internet. While people are encouraged to indulge in depraved fantasies, they are not permitted to act them out. This creates a cognitive dissonance. Weaker souls like Michael Rafferty cross the line.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Canadians held their collective breath Friday as jurors deliberated whether to find Michael Rafferty, 31, guilty of the rape/murder of eight-year-old Tori Stafford April 8, 2009 near Woodstock Ont.

The suspense was heightened by the fact that an array of child porn/ molestation found on Rafferty's computer had been ruled inadmissible by the judge due to a technicality. The jury was not aware of this material.

Rafferty's lawyer had made a convincing case that Rafferty was just a bystander. His girlfriend Terri-Lynn McClintik, 21, already found guilty, had lured the child into the car and later killed her.

There was relief Friday evening when the jury found Rafferty guilty on all counts and sentenced him to life in prison with no parole for 25-years.

childkillers.jpeg(left. McClintik, Rafferty)

The police had a warrant to search Rafferty's house and car but not his computer and Blackberry. As a result, Superior Court Judge Thomas Heeney deemed the following information inadmissible:

"Rafferty had a hungry interest in child pornography and necrophilia, did extensive Internet searches on "underage rape" and downloaded a disturbing movie that featured an "angelic blonde" kidnapping victim who looked just like Tori Stafford.


OPP examination of Rafferty's computer hard drive located nine movies of child porn, as well as the disturbingly prescient film, Gardens of the Night, a movie he downloaded just over a week before Tori was kidnapped and killed April 8, 2009. In it, an eight-year-old blonde is lured by strangers on her way home from school and forced into prostitution and child pornography.

In a pretrial hearing, the Crown argued the Hollywood film was a blueprint for Tori's abduction. But Superior Court judge Thomas Heeney deemed it inadmissible.

"The angelic little blonde actress in the movie is likely to become the embodiment of Tori Stafford in the minds of the jury. A work of fiction is likely to become something resembling reality," he ruled. "Its prejudicial impact far outweighs its marginal probative value."

Two weeks after the abduction and murder of Tori, Rafferty also downloaded the movie Karla -- described as "the incredible true story of Canada's most lethal couple, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka and the shocking "Schoolgirl Murders".

Coincidence? Or did he see himself and Terri-Lynne McClintic as their successors?

But jurors were never told any of this. The judge ruled [that while police]
were doing the best they could in the face of extremely difficult circumstances, the failure to later obtain a secondary warrant prior to searching the laptop and BlackBerry demonstrates a careless disregard as to whether the rights of (Rafferty) would be violated if they failed to do so."

So jurors were left to judge a man charged with heinous crimes with no prior criminal record and no evidence of a previous interest in children.


But among his episodes of Young and Restless, Rafferty left a computer record of frighteningly unhealthy appetites the jury would never know. He liked to visit, a web site with gruesome photos of terrible injuries and death. He Google-searched "children for sale"; and looked for images of "naked girl hanged" and "girl beat up."

Between Jan. 25 and April 7, 2009, he was doing Internet searches on "underage rape" and "real underage rape pictures" as well as "necrophilia videos" and "epileptic naked attack" and "real gang rape."

Using the file-sharing LimeWire software, he had downloaded nine movies depicting child pornography. One was downloaded just a month before the abduction. It was called, "rape Lolita real snuff..."

The Crown wanted to introduce all of this ... as evidence of Rafferty's planning to commit the rape of a child. But the judge refused to let jurors hear any of it.

"It would be hard for the jury to resist the temptation to conclude that (Rafferty) is a sexual deviant who is, therefore more likely to have committed the rape and murder of the victim, despite any instructions to the contrary."

So with no forensic evidence of a sexual assault -- Tori's broken body was too badly decomposed -- the jury was never given any reason to believe Rafferty was even interested in raping children, except for the word of McClintic, a self-confessed violent convicted killer.

They say justice is blind, but that shouldn't mean jurors are blindfolded."

From The Toronto Sun, "Rafferty Jury Didn't Hear the Worst of It"  BY MICHELE MANDEL, Oct 5, 2012

3952770.jpgTHE TAKE-AWAY

"As the awful autopsy images were flashed on to the screen - Tori's skull was cracked, 16 of her 24 ribs were broken by being stomped upon, and her liver was lacerated - [Rafferty] looked bored, and at one point yawned." Source

There are two lessons here. The first is the judge was overly fastidious in
defending the "rights" of this child rapist-murderer.

Why? The legal system is controlled by Freemasons who, at higher levels, are believed to indulge in this kind of depravity. Was Judge Heeney protecting his own? Every lawyer and judge should be required to disclose if he is a Freemason.

Secondly, society is sending a mixed message to people like Michael Rafferty. 

If the behavior is illegal, then why is it depicted and disseminated everywhere?  The hidden message is "Do It!."

Tori Stafford would be alive today if Rafferty hadn't seen these depraved scenarios.

Let's be honest- the Illuminati are Satanists. Their agenda is to create demons, psychopaths, zombies and monsters. 

If we really want to stop child sacrifice, we need to ban hardcore  pornography and unmask the powerful people behind it.

Let's end the cognitive dissonance. If its illegal to do it, it should be illegal to depict it.

Instead it is going mainstream.


Judge's Feeble Defense of his Outrageous Rulings  

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Comments for "Society's Double Standard on Depravity "

Ralph said (May 14, 2012):

Another great article of yours revealing the depravity of our modern societies ill's and its underlying cause. Who are these judges? Government appointed lawyer hirelings, doing their masters bidding and pretending to play God Almighty.

At least in the US they are for the most part elected and answer to the people. No such blessing here, in the 'land of of the free'. Your reader's well informed response has been excellent and much enjoyed. Maybe there is hope yet.

But if not, we know Who will have the final word.

Mark said (May 14, 2012):

As for your article on the tragic media-inspired murder of that eight-year-old girl; the range of their advanced planning could vary well include the po(lice) violating his "rights" as a ready-made excuse to avoid revealing in court the Cabalist/Masonic-controlled medias' part in instigating just these sorts of crimes: including orders coming down from on high Masonry to botch investigations into missing persons earmarked for Satanic ritual sacrifice. I'm sure detectives working such cases could enlighten us a thing or two.

Julian Lee said (May 14, 2012):

Brave stand as usual, Henry. And correct from the point-of-view of the best of religion and our cultural heritage.
Garbage in, garbage out. Men become like what they look upon. Those who create this kind of material on the internet are destroyers of our people and our society. Officials in power who do nothing to resist it and root it out, are betrayors of the people.

In "The Way of Kings" Drew Lawrence translated the ancient Vedas and their rules for kings. It states that a king may only tax the people if he "protects them from corruption. Also from theft, and from disease. And then he can only tax one-sixth of income.

Note that our governors fail on all three of those counts. They fail to protect us from disease by letting the whole Third World invade our countries. (They also expedited the spread of AIDS and are actually involved in creating death and disease with their sky-seeding projects, enabling of GMOs, etc.) They fail to protect us from theft. (In America the Federal Reserve robs the people regularly.) And our governors fail most egregiously of all in protecting the people from corruption. The internet is teeming with the vilest things that any adult or child can view in an instant with a few keystrokes. It seems it is deliberate.

Our governors and government is no government, and not legitimate in any sense beyond having possession of power at the moment.

Peter said (May 13, 2012):

Here in the UK only last week a violent monster was jailed for life
for gouging out his girlfriend eyeballs after seeing it depicted in a
film the previous evening.

The elite have often used the judiciary to circumvent responsibility for child abuse and satanic rape/murder of children. The Dunblane massacre was one such as this with the damning evidence sealed off limits for eighty years by the Cullen inquiry to protect the government of Tony Blair from the consequences of the public knowing the full extent of child sex abuse in the upper echelons of power in Scotland at that time. See the book "Dunblane Unburried by Sandra Uttley for more on this.

At the other end of this spectrum you find people like Ian Huntley
(widely believed by many to have murdered two young girls) despite the fact that it was logistically impossible for him to have carried out the crime. A notable hallmark of Freemasonic murders is that they always seek to demolish the buildings used as part of their frame ups as was done with the caretakers house (an enduring obstacle to the conviction since it contained absolutely no forensic evidence to support the prosecution) in the Huntley case and the home of Fred and Rose West.

With the help of all the corrupt judges and lawyers the Freemasons do regularly get away with murder and far worse.

V said (May 13, 2012):

Besides the Toronto Sun columnist Michele Mandel agreeing with you the Toronto Star columnist Rosie DiManno commented on the judge's role in suppressing vital information to the jurors.

DiManno: Judge put justice at risk in Tori Stafford trial

Tori Stafford trial: Child-porn evidence the jurors never heard

You hit the 'nail on the head' Henry when you said at the beginning of your article:

"Depravity is widely available on TV and the Internet. While people are encouraged to indulge in depraved fantasies,
they are not permitted to act them out. This creates a cognitive dissonance. Weaker souls like Michael Rafferty cross the line. "

You can look but you can't touch is the psychological warfare the plantation masters are playing out.

Except in their case, they can act them out with little to no consequences as they own the police, courts,
legal institutions.

By judge Thomas Heeney not allowing extremely vital information being made to the jurors he is a criminal himself with total immunity from his actions.

Robbie said (May 13, 2012):

As per, “Society's Double Standard on Depravity” there is only One who can sort out this mess, the Lord Jesus Christ, and sort it out He shall......

Revelation 22:12.
And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

hfh said (May 13, 2012):

Excellent Observation.

Christ says: "..whosoever looks after a woman and lusts after her has committed adultery!" and "..upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to Zacharias.."

(speaking to Jewish scribes); meaning that spiritual guilt is equal to the physically committed act.

As soon as anyone is agreeing with any act or crime, he is as guilty as if he had committed it himself.

This is why Satanists swamp their own media with violence, murder and cheap adulterous sex.

In doing so, they entangle any human being, who has not violated any law by human standards, into potentially deadly sins, simply by watching and "enjoying" it!

Those who agree with the terrorists, who bombed Nagasaki, Dresden or Baghdad, for example, are seen equally guilty by Yahweh / Christ as the ones who actually did it!

Len from Cebu said (May 13, 2012):

What more proof do we need that most of society run by the social-engineers and the illuminati satanists
and luciferians have all gone straight to hell like a bunch of ravenous depraved and rabid dogs !
It's almost more than a sane & decent person can possibly tolerate. - and we should NOT tolerate it !

Not for a moment. PRAY, - yes. BUT DO SOMETHING !

Guy said (May 13, 2012):

This is one of the most powerful and righteous posts you have ever put up here – this is truly looking into The Heart of Darkness, even as MTV are regaling me and the Kidz with the latest Hollywood fund raising celebration for Obama; this healthy celebration of deviant marriage is hosted in true ‘you couldn’t make it up’ mode by someone described as the CEO of Animated Dreamworks - one Jeffrey Katzenberg, So I am guessing that this is the most influential purveyor of childrens’ entertainment on the planet we are talking about here – see link below:

Al Thompson says below ‘I seem to get ignored when I bring this up, but the oath is something to be avoided at all costs.’ I am not ignoring you Al, and yours and Henry’s are the first places to go on the ‘net these days.

This whole anti-God Media/Violence paradigm has already been prophesied in a remarkable and now out of print book by Tom Davies entitled ‘The Man of Lawlessness.’ (it is subtitled ‘the effects of the media on violence’) It was printed way back in 1989, long before the Internet provided Hollyweird with an even wider and deeper outlet to spread its poison It urgently needs to be reprinted.

Al is always, and quite rightly, suggesting people boycott Corporations that support the Evil Agenda, but it now looks like the entire Hollywood film Industry needs to be boycotted. Well, after all, what would we miss out on in our spiritual lives if we never saw another film again?

Here is a great unsolvable mystery for people to get their teeth into – where are the Hollywood conservatives speaking up for the sacred union of Man and Woman.? I guess they do not have much faith in the tolerance and diversity of the entertainment industry.

Al Thompson said (May 12, 2012):

You said:
>>Every lawyer and judge should be required to disclose if he is a Freemason.

This can be done in any court proceeding and it should be asked before anything else transpires. Freemasons are chronic liars and so any attorney or judge who is a Freemason has no credibility or righteousness. When anyone goes to court, they are subjected to a satanic religious ceremony. Anyone can state that: "I object to this proceeding due to my spiritual beliefs." Of course, one would do this after they disclosed whether or not they are Freemasons. All Freemasons swear oaths, which is forbidden by both scriptural Jews and Christians. I seem to get ignored when I bring this up, but the oath is something to be avoided at all costs.

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