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Real Men Would Defend US Women

February 19, 2012


Real men would defend US women from the onslaught of feminism and the satanic Illuminati media. Cowards enjoy their degradation or run off to Asia.

by BG

Jo said (February 17, 2012):
"It takes two to tango. Women are the problem because you don't want to stand up and tell the woman hitting on you that she's nasty and needs to change for you to be interested. Yea, you'll probably tick off a lot of women, but you know what, I'm sick of hearing you guys complain that nothing is changing ***when you won't stand up and be part of the solution."*** (asterisks added by me)...


Amen, Jo!  A brief true story from my "Rocky Mountain Ski Town" years in the 1970s to backup what Jo said:

I was casually acquainted with a blonde girl, "Sherry," who ended up "joined to the hip," mind, body & soul, with a cute blonde guy named Roger.  They were always together, two peas in a pod, very happy.  I can still see their glowing faces & feel their joy, wrapped arm in arm as they always were when seen together.  (They even got married which was unheard of out there since it was "Party Town USA" & well-known for its night life.)  How did they find each other?  They both told me their story: 

Sherry was crazy-drunk one night at one of the many bars & proceeded to disrobe herself from the waist up!  This was long before the "Spring Break Girls Gone Wild" videos in later decades, but evidently she was acting the same way that night, "flashing her wares" to the cheering crowd in the bar.  Roger, just a spectator & complete stranger to her at the time, was ghastly horrified at her actions & felt cut-to-the-heart-humiliation FOR HER, & said he could not fathom what would make a girl degrade herself in such a public manner. 

So Roger pushed his way through the crowd, got right up to Sherry in her drunken state, took off his jacket, put it on her to cover her nakedness, grabbed her arm & marched her right out of that "live porn" scene.  (He did not do this so he could take her home & "get some," but because he actually cared about what this stranger was doing to herself.) 

Sherry radiated (literally glowed) when re-telling how Roger had become HER EVERLASTING HERO at that instant, a man who actually cared about her well-being (out of hundreds of men in that bar) when she was "out of it"; & who actually DID something about it:  He protected her & STOOD UP *FOR* HER (which is what every woman wants in their heart) & she was in awe & madly in love with him for doing so.  Roger became "HER MAN" -- a man with a heart AND a backbone.  And he, also glowing, relished in her ADMIRATION of him because of it. 

They were so cute together.  I loved their story ("WHAT A NEAT GUY!" I always thought when I would remember them over the next 35-years).  Chivalry works, fellas!  Try it!  Even if in less dramatic circumstances, a woman will NEVER forget the times you *STOOD UP* FOR HER. ... And on the converse, she will always remember (with much pain) the times you DIDN'T.


BG responds to comments:

Sadly, I noticed some readers still did not GET "the point."  (Praise God for Connie, Victoria, Al!)  And John, true about modern society since the 1970s, but "doing the right thing" has never been popular; there have always been risks since humankind began.  For starters, I'm sure Roger got loudly Boo'd by the rest of the rowdy crowd in that bar when he escorted her out of there.

If the Illuminati has messed up men & women so badly (though I still say it has more to do with ignorant parenting than anything, as that sets the stage first & foremost), why don't the men & women of the USA work TOGETHER as couples to "break off the (Illuminati) shackles" instead of dismissing the majority of the opposite sex as a lost cause?  

I was disappointed in Marcos from Brazil's comment, whose articles I have always enjoyed.  He makes some HUGE erroneous "ass-u-mptions":

•That the girl was a "slut" just because she screwed up once?
•That he took the "drunk slut" to HIS home (maybe he took her to her OWN apt., making sure she got there safely);
•That she only cared about his money/job (huh?! he was not some rich exec) &/or they became a couple just to appease her "boredom"?
•That she would again "flash her boobs" to someone else due to his possible future loss of job or her so-called boredom?  What?!
•That Roger was WEAK?  Are you joking?  Just the opposite is true.  He had the strongest backbone out of hundreds of other men in that bar, a backbone generated out of COMPASSION & EMPATHY.
•That she did not respect him?  Are you kidding me?  He was her literal knight in shining armor!
•That women only like alpha males? (Ok, sure, you see all of us running after Jeff Rense & Aloysius Fozdyke, right?  Lol).

I'm not here to argue, but "for the 1000th time," men (like MFB), obviously don't have a clue what women want in their heart of hearts.  We can "lead the horse" (men) to "the water" (of wisdom) but we "cannot force them to drink."

(I'd be curious to know how old Marcos is.  His attitude is very narrow, constricted, arrogant, & shows a huge lack of wisdom & compassion.)

And fyi, when Sherry first told me what she had done (disrobed), I was shocked ("YOU DID WHAT??") as that was not something I ever saw or heard of out there in ski town.  There was plenty of drunken debauchery but people did not disrobe in the bars, neither men nor women.  All these years later I'd guess she MAY have been abused as a child as child sex abuse or other early abuse can have two opposite effects:  It can cause some women to become strippers (or other exhibitionist behaviors), or it can cause them to go in the opposite extreme of self-protectiveness.  Either extreme is hugely detrimental & praise God for men with enough wisdom & empathy (& educating themselves on the subject) to help heal a woman through it until balance is restored.  I've seen/read some beautiful stories over the past 20 years of men who have done exactly that.

That is basically what Roger meant when he said he could not understand what would make a young lady "act out" in such a manner, but he had to DO something about it & find out.  And she LOVED him for it (as would I!)


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Comments for "Real Men Would Defend US Women "

Anna said (February 22, 2012):

"Real men would defend US women from the onslaught of feminism and the satanic Illuminati media. Cowards enjoy their degradation or run off to Asia."

I quite agree.

By blaming women and running off, men are not "defending real women", they are defending the Illuminati. The Illuminati will be thoroughly delighted if all Western men disappear off into the third-world to marry child-brides, they might almost sponsor them to do it. Then, all Western reproduction can take place through lesbian unions via sperm banks, and the satanists will have achieved their goal of state-controlled fatherless reproduction.

Is this what Western men want to see happening to their native countries? Will they enjoy seeing their nieces and nephews brought up in this way?

This is not to reproach men for doing a disappearing act, because, in many ways, who can blame them? I'm sure I would be sorely tempted to do the same if I was I one. Simply to say they are playing straight into the hands of those that control us. They are giving up and running away which - whatever else it is - isn't very manly.

The thing I find funny is there is all this commentary about fallen women, ruined by their broken, dysfunctional backgrounds and so forth, but, last time I checked, the parents of boys got divorced too. I can personally attest from decades of knowing them that boys get just as damaged and just as screwed up when they come from chaotic backgrounds - so I am confused as to why these boys 'deserve the love of a good woman' from a traditional background, but the girls from these carnage-strewn backgrounds, don't? In effect, it seems it's quite alright for disappointed, damaged men to expect women to rescue them, but not the other way round!

JM said (February 21, 2012):

When Marcos said that Roger was weak he declared something that was common sense just 100 years ago, common sense that unfortunately is not taught anymore to the males in our world: a slut is a LOW value female, no matter how you slice it. It was common knowledge for our great-grandfathers but for us males of the west we have to re-learn those tips. That is the ONLY WAY for the west to be saved, if men shun women like your friend for enough time the next generations would learn what happened and mend their ways.

If men refused en mass to date single mothers or proved sluts, we would see a real change and many women would sincerely mend their ways. The harsh laws of yore acknowledge this fact and knew something you are most likely unable to admit: the female is desire is more dangerous to society than male desire, if female desire is given free reign the civilization crumbles and we start to devolve. Our elites knew perfectly that by giving franchise to women and giving them sexual freedom everything would go downwards and their wetdream of world high-tech dictatorship would become a reality due to women's very nature: A woman wants to be dominated, to be with a higher partner than herself, this is called hypergamy, a reality in our world. If most men are equal or inferior to her in status (this is specially true if she is in a high end discipline with above average wages) most men will be invisible to her, the pool of suitors would diminish and in the case of poor women, since welfare, the husband is the government since their low status males cannot outbid the government.

Ryan said (February 21, 2012):

I don't think women want us men to go back to being the arbiter of their actions. Back in the day, if a woman got out of line, a man would not think twice about slapping some sense into her. So, be careful what you wish for ladies. And stop the shaming tactics towards men, it's gotten stale. Police your own gender. Because I have no qualms about going back to the old school.

David Richards said (February 20, 2012):

It is a powerful statement but doesn't ring true to me. Firstly, it appeals to nationalist tendencies 'let's save our women!' etc. But the Illuminati have shredded our cultures.

In the protocol article you linked to today, they said they would:

'Multiply to such an extent national failings, habits, passions, conditions of civil life, that it will be impossible for anyone to know where he is in the resulting chaos, so that the people in consequence will fail to understand one another.' Wow, they've certainly done that!

The Britain I grew up is schizoid and people struggle to relate to each other. Social fracturing accelerates with media proliferation. The author mentions 1970's America, but that really is a different world! Young people are today growing up with TV's, internet, iphones. They exist in a suspended virtual reality. Their unique media habits define their worldview, and therefore people find it hard to understand each other. The girl next door lives in a different reality.

An example of the breakdown between the sexes: when I was at university I intuitively felt a strong connection with foreign girls from cultures that still maintained traditional gender roles. It didn't bother me at all that they were foreign.

The second criticism: In the example the author gives the woman needs saving, but he doesn't need to save her. He is a good man who could find a decent woman elsewhere. Especially In a globalized world, a good man from a Western country is spoilt for choice. There are literally millions of decent women from his home country and around the globe he could marry. He doesn't need to take the gamble of trying to convert a slut. So I can't see many guys taking the risk.

Victoria again said (February 20, 2012):

Hello again, Henry: Further to my earlier comment, the hardest thing for anyone to do is to stand firm against 'one's own'. In effect, Roger was the spiritual inheritor of the mantle of the conscientious objectors during the world wars. It must have been far easier to go off to war and risk getting shot and killed, but dying a 'hero' for 'the Cause' than it was for the few brave souls who endured shame and ridicule (much of it, unfortunately, from ignorant females who were not, at that time, called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice) as 'conchies'. For middle class people, in particular, I think, the shame of standing out from the crowd is, in many ways, worse than death. Roger showed the greatest moral courage in doing what he did and deservedly, won the lady's hand in doing so. Most of us women would die for such a man but in our era they are very few and very far between.

Julian Lee said (February 20, 2012):

The fact that the oral sex and slut manual "Cosmo" magazine is openly sold in grocery stores, often right in checkout lanes, with it's leering headlines ("Dirty Girl Sex") and painted ladies -- is proof that there are very few men left in America.

At least men of morality and chastity who can clearly see the offense and corruption in such magazines aimed at our women.

But I say: Every male slut generates at least ten female sluts. The female slut is the gander-follower of the male slut. We are their moral guide. Cosmo magazine tells women 100 different ways to orally service some boyfriend's genitalia because there are men who ask them for this and don't see the immorality of it.

Thus a woman's sexuality now has no real value or sacredness. She buys Cosmo Magazine hoping that if she can give a "good enough blow job" to some lecher -- maybe she can keep a lecher.

Women will only become decent and make sex sacred again when the men become decent and reserve it for marriage. Then perhaps some day we can go and happily burn down the offices of Cosmo magazine and send the vile inhabitants of their offices packing. That would be a happy day.

Start developing the protection of our women by morally regenerating yourself first. Then write a few letters to the store managers who feature mordant trash like Cosmo in the checkout lines brazenly without a brown rapper.

Justin said (February 20, 2012):

ONE of the problems with ”Real Men Would Defend US Women“ is that these women are so conditioned and brain-washed that they cannot, and do not, recognize such protection and defense as acceptable, much less desirable. It is considered condescending, at best, and maniacal, at worst. The “Movement” of the ‘60s Youth became parents, and thoroughly warped their children, instilling notions of ‘equality’, in place of Equivalency.

This is not mere semantics. It has far-reaching and very seriously damaging consequences. I have no interest in being perpetually challenged for my Position by manipulative ‘Females’ who have no idea whatsoever regarding their own Role, but insist upon performing Mine.

Steve said (February 20, 2012):

I am one of the cowards apparently, because I have run off to Asia and found a very good Woman.

I love my Wife because she loves being cared for and wants to be a Wife and Mother. She is smart, Godly and doesn't understand why Women in the West want both curses from Genesis...Both Adam's curse to work and sweat, plus Eve's curse of childbirth and the desire to be ruled over by her Husband (think Corporate boss in the West)

It is such a crappy deal for Women if they were to ever wake up and some are!

My Wife wears a dress with veil and she does it for Jesus and second to honor our marriage. It is more like Arabian nights with half the face open, it is bright with jewelry pieces around the face and on the front. She is very creative... I've never seen anything so beautiful or alluring. You don't have to look like you're on the way to a funeral. It is her celebration! That she is not a piece of meat to be undressed and lusted over.

Reap what we sow.... Men should not allow this to continue and we are "literally" to blame. I watched an old movie last night, the girl was very drunk and trying to have sex, but the man did the HONORABLE thing "No, you are drunk!" so he held her until she fell asleep. Would this happen today?

Al said (February 20, 2012):

Roger did the right thing is getting this lady out of that atmosphere. And in so doing, he ended up with a great wife and spared her the humility of the “morning after” the drunken stupor. Men have to stop acting like little women or “candy-asses” and do those things which are right and honorable, even if it means a little jail time. And really, who cares if people don't like us because of it. The evil people don't produce anything good so why even pay any attention to them? I don't, and I don't care what anyone thinks. I just try to do the correct thing and live my life in peace. Roger did a great job here, nice to know that there are some real men out there.


Victoria said (February 20, 2012):

Truer words were never spoken, BG. As you so astutely observe, all women (in my opinion, at least those who are honest with themselves) are looking for a champion - a man who will go against his sex, if necessary, and defend her. How much easier it is for men to be cowards, siding with others of their sex and withholding their approval from females (an attitude, usually, blamed on their mothers and the 'bitches' they were rather than on their ineffectual fathers who they see as 'victims' of their mean, overbearing mothers).

This results in, at the minimum, a great desire to control women negatively in relationships and, at its most extreme, homosexuality. Men who are sure of their masculinity and see women as no threat to themselves and their manhood seem to have no problem dealing with feisty women and, in fact, often relish the opportunity to engage in the 'battle of the sexes'.

Marcos (Brazil) said (February 19, 2012):

The worst thing a man can do is bring a drunk slut home. In the first sign of boredom or if he loses his job, she will be showing her boobs to another guy. She is what people call an attention whore.

For the 1000th time, women don't like weak men who go for the bottom of the barrel for women. They like alpha men, who can have the best women, those whom don't have to show her breasts in a bar.

She is just using him, but deep inside she doesn't respect him, because she knows that if he were good, he wouldn't be with her in the first place.

Look for a conservative, religious woman from a good family, if you want to have kids. Real men defend real women.

Connie said (February 19, 2012):

Great article. Note that Roger did not label her a disgusting whore and dismiss her. That would have made him no better than the other fellows in the bar. He helped her to realize she was better than that.

John said (February 19, 2012):

I enjoyed reading Mr. BG's brief story, I agree with Jo's comment earlier, and I extol the happy union of Rodger and Sherry; however, with a society, an academia, a media, and a judicial and legal system so biased amid feminism, it is difficult for honorable, masculine men today to do something akin to Rodger or any act for that matter. Men are outnumbered by feminists, courts, and laws. I am not saying it is impossible to stand up for women in these United States today, but it is exigent and may provide a man in jail for trying to do so. I am not a pessimist; I am realistic considering the system we live under today versus the 1970s.

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