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Real Women Want Dominant Men

July 8, 2012


Last month, in response to my "Hidden Knowledge of Heterosexuality," Jacqueline, 61, left, from Holland wrote: I have a partner almost 16 years younger than I am, of North African descent, who totally is the "Boss" and I love it. He really makes me feel like a woman and treats me very well. Most European men are not real men."

I invited her to expand.

I love being the partner of a dominant man. That to me is a real "turn-on"

by Jacqueline

What is a real woman and what does it mean to be a real woman?

Let me begin by saying that I'm a woman with a strong character, who knows what she wants; and what I want is a real man.

A real woman intuitively knows/feels what her man wants/needs. A real woman is never a slave. She takes care he is comfortable and feels relaxed. She never denies him sex or uses sex as a bribe to get what she wants. She loves to be loved and wanted. She also knows when to " shut up."

A real woman is confident about herself and has no need to pretend to be someone she is not. She knows WHO she is.

What is a real man and what does it mean to be a real man?

Many men pretend to be real men while in fact they are not. They're the kind of men I would definitely not like to share my life with. I'd rather be alone than having to live with a "wannabe" real man.

A real man has this natural dominance which is very attractive and even sexy to a real woman. 
Non-real women do not like this at all in a man. They want a "Wuss" they can boss about.

A real man never bullies or bosses his partner about. He has a natural and gentle way of letting a woman know what he wants and expect from her. In return he will take good care of her and keep her safe and satisfied. Above all, he loves her.

Together a real man and a real woman are a strong couple.

Everyone encounters problems in life but the way one solves them shows  who you are. Does one run away from problems or does one face and solve them? Facing and solving is always the best solution, at least to me it is.

Dutch "Men"

To me Dutch men are totally unattractive, most of them are wannabe "real men" . I prefer men of  Arab descent.

Of course, there are nice Dutch men but they do not possess that natural masculinity North African and the Near Eastern men have, nor do they have this natural dominance which is so attractive and sexy to a woman like me. It's a very exciting and thrilling sensation which makes you want him all over you!
I've never met a Dutch man who was an authentic man. They are dull; in bed they are a disaster, oops! They believe or rather pretend to be real man because they beat up their wives or girlfriends. When you give a type like that some lip, you'll be having a thick lip literally.

 Dutch men are so totally unattractive: they drink too much. Yuck, sorry but I'm very picky when it comes to a relationship.
I thank God for having found such a wonderful young man on my path. I have never been happier in my life. I wish that every real woman would/could find such a wonderful and gentle man as he
mark rutte.jpgMy "Wimp" of the year is our Prime Minister Mark Rutte (left.) He's not married; you never see him with a woman; nor with a man. He has dinner with his mother weekly. Many people wonder whether he is gay or not. Some people even wonder (joke) whether he even has a d*ck. Oh yeah, he laughs everything away. He's a flip-flopper. He speaks with two tongues; in Dutch Parliament he says this and with regard to the European Parliament he says that. And in the meantime our economy is going down the drain.

How am I able to attract a much younger man?

First of all, I look younger than I am. People call me attractive and sexy. As a spiritual human being, my inside shows on the outside. The fact  I'm 1.59 m and curvy seems to add to the attraction. My age (61) is and never has been an issue. My man is 44 years old.

Most important to me however is, a man is attracted to WHO I am and not WHAT I am.

Besides physical attraction, there also is mental attraction. We both love discussions about a variety of subjects, life in general, politics,  history, music, the "Crisis" (who doesn't these days!) and more. We have the same taste with regard to music and movies.  We both love reading. He reads French literature; I read Japanese literature.

When it comes to sex, it's the best ever. There are no taboos in the bedroom. When having sex we are like one body, a unity of two souls. To me it's one of the most beautiful and emotional experiences I have. I've never had and felt that before.

So actually, the attraction is  physical, emotional, spiritual and mental and that is something one doesn't find very often in life.

Furthermore, I'm an excellent cook, that adds to the attraction too! Chinese, Japanese, Moroccan, Indonesian, Italian, French,  I love it.

Holland Today

On my mother's side, I am part French; dad was full blood Dutch. Some people think I'm Moroccan; others think I'm from the Caribbean, France or Eastern Europe. I was born in Holland. From age 7 up till 17 I lived in Africa, Nigeria and Liberia. I lived in the US for a while.

I did not know much about Holland untill the end of 1967 when I returned to Holland at age 17.

Women's Liberation was a big issue in those days.  They were allowed to work while being married. That wasn't allowed in the 50's. When a woman got married, she had to give up her work and be a stay at home wife/mother. My mother was one of them. In the 70's, it was normal for a married woman to have a job too. Plenty of day care centers for the children in those days.

Since the end of the 80's, society has changed completely. Men are no longer the sole bread-winner. Often these days, a woman makes more money than her husband. Very often the woman works and dad takes care of the kid(s).

Society has also become more aggressive.  The "crisis" is not helping either.

Politically everything sucks too. We have this extreme right politician Geert Wilders who is trying to divide people instead of bringing them together.

Too many political parties to really make a fist to solve the crisis.  We the people deserve better politicians.



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Comments for " Real Women Want Dominant Men"

Rick said (July 9, 2012):

J is obviously an exception. Many men today, and there aren't many, refuse to tie the knot and remain single. The majority of times, being alone beats the alternative by far.

Here in America, today's marriages, are run by the feminazi, with the complete cooperation from the idiot they are with. These "men"-with-breasts (feminazi), have total control of the finances, friends, clubs they go to and twice a week, "Ladies Night". This is all done, while the puppet sits in a corner, waiting for the boss to give orders. I miss the good old days.

Susan said (July 8, 2012):

I too can't stand the moniker 'partner' - it's full illuminati indoctrination if you ask me. i call my boyfriend just that - my boyfriend. we're not gay, and we're not in business together, and we aren't cowboys so he's not my 'partner'. my boyfriend and i also have a wonderful relationship which grows stronger by the day, as we get to know each other better and better. we've been together for 6 years and i love him more now and more every day. we do things our way, in a way that suits us, but i think it harks back to an age gone by - inside the home i am the 'boss'.

i do the majority of the cooking and cleaning, know when all the bills have to be paid, and organize things to do with our home. outside of our home, he is the 'boss'. when we go out he takes charge. i defer to him and prefer to be seen and not heard - i'm so sick of all this feminazi crap and i guess i just feel better rebelling against it in a way that suits me and my boyfriend.

Bruno said (July 8, 2012):

What a wonderful story, the Jacqueline story. And she is actually real? Wish most marriages were that way. And she is right: most Christians are very hung up on the right nomenclature no matter if they make life hell on earth for each other which is why the rest of them that know how to live right and respect each other stay far away from modern Christian Pharisaism.

But hey, we got a marriage license when we committed suicide. Not to mention all that money we got to give to the church and to charity, of course.

Of course! They should read in their very own Bible the saying of Jesus (by memory): you travel over land and over the seas to make one convert; and when you got them, you make devils out of them twice as bad as yourself. Sounds like a country I know: they too spread Christianity along with depleted uranium all over the Middle East and beyond and fertilize every female they can find whether they like it or not. Unfortunately this is not exactly what Jesus meant by spreading seeds.

In contradistinction Jacqueline's description of her relationship has almost mystical, certainly wholistic characteristics comprising mind, body, spirit and soul just as God intended it to be. What a wonderful, amazing, enviable achievement in a world of ubiquitous destructive feminism. It certainly doesn't happen all by itself. It is a conscious choice every day, it seems.

I am in awe! Blessings for you, Jacqueline. I am actually also quite religious, Jacqueline, "practicing" Catholic, as they say, whatever we practice any more these days. And I almost do not fit in anywhere either. But God is greater than me and them and all of us together. You can read amazing descriptions of it outside of our narcistic, idolatrous times in enthralling detail.

Al Thompson said (July 8, 2012):

What galls me is the use of the word "partner" which is now being substituted for the word "spouse." There is a very special dignity of being a married couple, and to me the words husband and wife seems more natural. Real men marry their women, who become wives and not "partners."

We should be more concerned with relationships that are built upon a good foundation of marriages, instead of a relationship that is a "turn-on."


Jacqueline answers:

Sorry you feel that way Mr Thompson, but there is nothing wrong with the word partner. Being married or not isn't important in a good long lasting relationship. Besides in my country the people who do not want to get officially married can get what is called an officially registered relationship.

As I followed your link I noticed you are a religious person living according to the Bible. I'm not a religious person and I don't believe in Fairy Tales either.

You live your life the way you prefer and I live the way my partner and I prefer. Furthermore you use the words "turn-on" in a very negative manner and belittle the wonderful and loving relationship I have. I really resent that. Many married couples could only wish to have a relationship like I and my PARTNER have.

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