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Homosexual Healing

April 9, 2012

Marriage_Gods_Way_billboard.jpg(left, Billboard resists Illuminati's biological attack on society.)

"The husband must strive not to be subdued by the female sexual persona, and a wife must strive to be feminine and affirmative of a strong, positive masculinity in her husband."

by Kevin Abrams

The co-author with Scott Lively of The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality In The Nazi Party Responds to:

I Wasn't Born Gay & Didn't Choose It..
By Mr. Steve Abrams (No Relation)
Great Title!!
To be sure, the expectations of the homosexist culture are often intimidating, manipulative & unforgiving.
Indeed, like any man, you were never "born" to be buggered or to bugger others. For another to intimidate one into believing such things is anathema.
We live in a time when women are presented large while men are seen as uncultured and weak buffoons.

The benevolent father figure, as in the black and white TV series Father Knows Best, along with a strong and benevolent masculine cultural role modeling, has been surreptitiously discarded in deference to the approval seeking, overcompensating & emasculated parody of a male.

The "father" of today has been made a ghost of families past.
And you are correct, there is a benevolent, confident and strong version of masculinity that is represented in what remains of the fraternal brotherhood of man.

Indeed, there is nothing a young boy wishes to do more, than to be able to love and respect his father, and the mother must encourage & nurture this respect.
As you explain, not every child who enters into a homoerotic mindset has been sexually abused, although he may be more susceptible.

This always depends upon his availability, and whether an older homosexist recognizes or spots his gender weakness.

Masculinity is not a given at birth, but must be inculcated. Biology does not necessarily translate or grow automatically into a masculine, or for that matter a feminine gender identity. Gender imprinting is akin to imprinting within a species, like goslings who learn to behave like geese from their parents.
Gender affirmative plateaus for males are the ages of three and puberty, at which time the strong & benevolent father figure, both before & after is crucial.

Failing a healthy fraternal attachment & masculine imprint, the search for masculinity often goes sideways and becomes "sexualized."

 Dr, Joseph Nicolosi, an early founder of NARTH -- The National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality, describes it as, "the sexualization of the search for masculinity."

Thus, your assertion that a homoerotic gender dysfunction is "a compulsion brought on by an arrested development," and that," it then becomes an addiction (or a compulsive addictive disorder) like an alcoholic or drug user," is a correct, truthful and astute personal, and also a general observation.
May I propose that your "Civil Partnership," ostensibly and presumably a legal construct, be viewed as a traditional fraternal friendship, which is the healthy and dignified norm between best friends of the same gender. Homosexists seem to have a difficult time understanding this concept.


Indeed, marriage as a complimentary union between a husband and wife, and the sanctification of human sexuality for life, is essential to the inculcation of a healthy pscho-sexual gender dynamic within either male or female offspring.

The husband & wife dynamic must be complimentary & not adversarial -- The husband strong and benevolent -- the wife compassionate and giving.

The husband must strive to not be subdued by the female sexual persona, and a man's wife must strive to be feminine and affirmative of a strong, positive masculinity in her husband.

Skewed gender dynamics between husbands and wives are unhealthy and disruptive to their children's mental health and development.
In closing, I wish to compliment you on your painful clarity and your courage to "come out of the closet," and offer you the following thoughts from, the book Broken Structures in which Dr. Salman Akhtar tells "The Parable of Two Flower Vases":

"Let us suppose that there are two flower vases made of fine china. Both are intricately carved and of comparable value, elegance, and beauty. Then a wind blows and one of them falls from its stand, and is broken into pieces. An expert from a distant land is called. Painstakingly, step by step, the expert glues the pieces back together. Soon the broken vase is intact again, can hold water without leaking, is unblemished to all who see it. Yet this vase is now different from the other one. The lines along which it had broken, a subtle reminder of yesterday, will always remain discernible to an experienced eye. However, it will have a certain wisdom since it knows something that the vase that has never been broken does not: it knows what it is to break and what it is to come together."

May you continue to go from strength to strength.

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