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Catholic Church Silences Exorcist Priest

January 24, 2011

"Humanity is being modeled after a satanic cult dedicated to the worship of Lucifer. The mass media and education system are dedicated to inducting us into this cult. That's why outspoken Christians who present a positive example, like Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, are silenced. They interfere with our programming."

In this case, it has later emerged that these fears were unfounded.

More than one instance?

Saving Father Euteneuer

It appears that this article misplaced its confidence when it supported Fr. Euteneuer. Victim speaks through a friend.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Satanically possessed? Fire the exorcist!

The Catholic Church recently silenced
one of its most eloquent voices and suppressed his two books on exorcism. This is more evidence that the church has been subverted by satanists.

Since 2000, Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, 48, was the president Human Life International, the world's largest pro-life organization with affiliate offices in seventy-five countries. On Aug. 27, 2010 Bishop Gerald Barbarito ordered Euteneuer to resign and return to Parish duties in Palm Beach FL.

He is bound not to discuss the reasons for his "resignation" nor the fact that he still has no diocesan assignments. His two books, Exorcism and the Church Militant, and Demonic Abortion have been pulled from shelves and sell for as much as $1000 on the Internet.

Euteneuer graduated as a Marine at the top of his class at Quantico but felt called to the Church rather than the military.  He was ordained in 1988 and became active in pro-life activities. He is reminiscent of Marine Cpl. Pat Tillman who was "silenced" by friendly fire in 2004; or Rev. Charles Coughlin, the radio priest who the Pope silenced in 1936 at the request of FDR.

All major social institutions are controlled by cabalists or satanists belonging to the Illuminati. Humanity is being modeled after a satanic cult dedicated to the worship of Lucifer. People at the lower rungs will be exploited mercilessly or exterminated. The mass media and education system are dedicated to inducting us into this cult. That's why outspoken Christians who present a positive example, like Rev. Thomas Euteneuer are silenced. They interfere with our programming.


Euteneuer was  trained in a specific Catholic exorcism ritual, in which the priest orders demons to leave a possessed person or place.

In his Book Demonic Abortion, Euteneuer explains that an abortion is a ritualistic sacrifice of a baby to Satan and it has been practiced from a long time ago.

He wrote that "..programs of sex education in the schools change how the youth of a country behave in matters of human sexuality. Sex education is the systematic values and behavior modification program of the culture of death, and it is very effective when it is implemented in the public school systems, far from the watchful eyes of parents."
He also advocated that exorcisms be performed outside abortion clinics, which he described as "temples of a demonic religion."  

His other book Exorcism and the Church Militant, criticizes Vatican II for  watering down the exorcism rules.
He exposes Freemasonry as "a false religion that requires absolute secrecy for its members and draws them through a system of ever-tightening strictures in order for them to advance in order. It is based upon a relativistic value system that sees no moral absolutes and recognizes no eternal destiny of the human soul. As a false religion which stands opposed to and even attacks the Church that Christ founded, Freemasonry is pernicious to the salvation of those who adhere to it." (p.91)
On page xxvii, he writes: " Whole industries (TV) and power groups are dedicated to its promotion and dissemination [of evil], and sometimes the sheer power of these industries of immorality defies imagination. They target the younger generations with an immense seductive force...with unparalleled attacks on faith, marriage, family and innocent human life...The 21st century is a moral and spiritual battlefield of such immense proportions that no era of human history has seen a war like it."
Euteneuer was an effective defender of the faith and this is why he was silenced. Here is how one newspaper article described him:
"After criticizing Fox Television commentator Sean Hannity for being soft on the abortion issue, Rev. Thomas Euteneuer said he would deny Hannity communion because of his views.

"Wow," said Hannity, a Catholic and former seminary student, rendered temporarily speechless by the rebuke.

That was three years ago. Euteneuer was the president and the very public face of Human Life International, a worldwide anti-abortion organization. Friend and foe alike knew him as blunt-spoken when it came to defending his Church. He was a captivating public speaker, comfortable in the role.

His fierce and highly publicized 1999 campaign against a Fort Pierce abortion clinic became the subject of an HBO documentary, "12th and Delaware.


Here is a selection of views expressed by this genuine teacher:

Gay marriage "distorts the very concept of parenting as well as marriage. Even if you overlook the fact that gay marriage is by definition sterile, every child of a gay marriage has to be adopted or artificially inseminated, and that in itself is a violation of the whole concept of family. In the 80s, the Vatican actually said that the adoption of children by homosexuals "does violence" to the child. Pretty strong language, but true nonetheless. In its simplest terms, kids need a mom and a dad, and are forever stigmatized by being the child of a gay marriage. Kids model their lives, their concept of family, their morals and oftentimes their whole worldview on their parents' attitudes and values. These kids get a totally distorted view of all these basics."

The "Family Guy" defamation [ Of
Terri Schindler Schiavo] is a piece of satanic cultural trash, and it needs to be called what it is. Any producer, artist, sponsor, advertiser, public relations agent or salesman who has or had anything to do with it should be utterly ashamed of their connection to this piece of filth."

 Oprah. "Our country's richest woman is easily one of the most spiritually bankrupt people in America and also one of the most shockingly popular. How does a New Age con artist like Oprah get so many people to literally adore her? She did not make $260 million last year by feeding people solid food. She deals in fads, feelings and frauds - it's that simple - and apparently she is very effective at convincing people to follow her well-packaged crock of nonsense."

Death by Sex and Death: "The ideologically-motivated fanatics in control of Congressional committees have done it again: in the face of clear evidence that abstinence is the only - I repeat - the only way to successfully beat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Third World, they have zeroed out all funding for abstinence in the 2008 budget."

Excerpts from Fr. Euteneur's article "The Spiritual Toll of Pervasive Occultism":

"Vampires, witches, Ouija boards, Satanic rock music and video games -- innocent fun? I don't think so. The proliferation of these dark forces is creating a subculture of youth who are suffering the effects of occult involvement. The sheer magnitude of these demonic influences has already left us with a wounded generation of youth, many of whom will receive liberation and healing only through the priestly ministry of exorcism. The problem of demonic infestation has already become, shall we say, "legion" in our culture, and priests need respond to it with the love of Christ and the authority of the Church militant...

"A whole generation of teenage girls is absolutely swooning about the new vampire flick, Twilight, and its sequel,New Moon. Some are going to this movie in prom dresses, fantasizing about what it would be like to fall in love with a vampire! This is anything but a fantasy. It is a potential gateway to grave spiritual danger for lonely, isolated kids who are "spiritually hungry" enough to explore the occult...

"The number of lost sheep is increasing. In one exorcism I performed, the demon screamed out from the mouth of the young woman it had possessed, "Lost! Lost! Lost soul!" Ah, I countered, she was lost, but Christ found her and sent her to His Church...

"...Exorcism is a field of battle -- only men enter there. It is a place of testing where light meets darkness in mortal combat, where pure goodness clashes with pure evil. Into this arena an incarnate priestly spirit throws himself with prayer, fasting, and a little ritual book against a purely evil entity who dares to violate the temple of God. Roman gladiators and modern metro cool guys haven't the courage to go there, but priests do. I would say that it is our natural field of battle -- for the souls of God's people..."


It is easy to see why Thomas Eutenueur was silenced. He is an exorcist and humanity has been possessed by a satanic spell. The only question is when will he leave the Catholic establishment? People would flock to him in the millions.


Jan 31: Euteneuer Statement  "Setting the Record Straight"

"The Devil Lives in Vatican, Pope's Chief Exorcist"

Aspersions Cast Against Father Eutenueur

(It is standard practice to smear the reputation of someone who has done good work. )


Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Catholic Church Silences Exorcist Priest "

Christian said (January 29, 2011):

Thanks for posting this important article Henry. What a true leader in the Pro-life movement we have in Thomas J. Euteneuer. The fact that his books have been taken out of circulation can only mean that he went too far, that there was too much truth in those books. I was an active pro-life Catholic until 3 years ago, that is until I started reading the KJV bible. The pro-life movement is keeping so many people tied into the Roman Catholic pagan system. The devil is an not just a fallen archangel but an arch-deceiver. Beware. Clearly, he doesn't want people among his adherents in Vatican City reading Thomas J. Euteneuer's book. It exposes him. See this video... NWO Devil in the Vatican

Gary said (January 26, 2011):

As inferred by other posters a religion can be "hijacked" so to speak by those who work for the Luciferian New World Order, even the Bible says that Satan can appear as an angel of light, that is why it is so very important to study the Bible so as not not be deceived by "every wind of doctrine" as the Bible says. (Ephesians 4:14, also consider I Timothy 4:1-3).

Even William Cooper recognized the New World Order had a spiritual foundation, howbeit an evil one. That is why the NWO elite has been trying to influence our youth away from a belief in God, and for those they can't influence away from believing in God they have had "wolves in sheep's clothing" infiltrating various churches to try to nullify their effectiveness for good.

I very much recommend reading the article at the above link to for an concise but informative overview of the history of the NWO from a spiritual aspect.

Also, Henry had did a very good overview of the NWO from the perspective of financial control over nations' money supply to thereby have political control, click on the link below to read that one, it is very informative also !

Curtis said (January 26, 2011):

I enjoyed your article on the exorcist priest. He should leave the counterfeit "Church" and become a real priest who believes what the Church
has always taught - i.e. before the apostasy of Vatican II.

As another reader has done, I would strongly encourage everyone to view the Most Holy Family Monastery website:

If you are a "traditional" Catholic, you need to give up the idea that the counterfeit "Church" (the Novus Ordo) has any legitimacy.
If you are a Protestant, I strongly encourage you to read the $2 book (available on the above website): The Bible Proves the Teachings of the
Catholic Church.

The true Faith stands against many of the things you discuss on your website: sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, communism, and usury (which
would include the Federal Reserve). The Novus Ordo sometimes gives lip service to some of these things, but they usually punish those like
Euteneuer who speak the truth.

Marcia said (January 25, 2011):

HLI is owned by Opus Dei. Fr Ignatio Berrerio of the Opus Dei owned Rome office of HLI
was sent to temporarily replace Fr Eteneuer.

Christine said (January 25, 2011):

On his death bed in 1973, Achille Cardinal Lienart confessed to being a 33rd degree Freemason, which is a practicing Satanist. He also admitted to deliberately working to change the Sacraments of the Catholic Church with the intent of destroying the priesthood, Mass, and Apostolic Succession. The Catholic Church has ruled for centuries that changing its Sacraments makes them invalid, or null and void.

It is true as Fr. Euteneuer says that the rite of exorcism has been watered down. It is also true that Fr. Amorth, the chief exorcist of Rome, says that the new rite does not work. That's because

1) a man must be a validly ordained Catholic priest for the exorcism to work
2) a man ordained as a "Catholic" priest in the new rite is not in actual fact a Catholic priest
3) the new rite CANNOT work because the Catholic Church has ruled over and over again that changes to the Sacraments render them invalid, or null and void.

Liz said (January 25, 2011):

Although this is hard for many Catholics to listen to, it is Necessary to understand where things stand right now.


New Video Posted

MHFM: This is a new video. This is a video discussion about the history of Catholicism in America. It discusses the state of the Church when the country began, how the Church grew, and how things drastically changed after Vatican II. It discusses some very interesting facts on this topic, including Pope Leo XIII, Fulton Sheen, the changes in confession practice, John Paul II, and much more.

Catholicism and America [video]

Carmen said (January 25, 2011):

We traditional Catholics have long admired Father Eutenueuer's courageous stand against abortion and the evils promoted as good in the media, education etc. which you also are courageous against. The Catholic Church has always been infiltrated with traitors the first being Judas. The worldy solution is always to break away and start another church as Martin Luther did, and the result is division after division just as satan desires. The true Saints in the Catholic Church saw the evils and boldly fought to correct them within the Church just as Father Euteneuer has been doing. Many Saints were silenced and worse by their superiors throughout the history of the Church. The test of sanctity is obedience and so difficult for we mortal sinners. satan refused to obey his Creator and has led many former angels (demons) and mankind down the same path to eternal destruction. Father Eutenueuer as a living Saint is surely not motivated to have millions of followers join him in rebellion against the Church which only further divides and weakens it. Catholic prophecy and the book of Revelation predict a great schism and deception that will deceive nearly the entire world before the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. As Jesus said, "Wide is the path that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads to Salvation that few find . . . " In perilous times such as these the Church's greatest Saints are proven. May God have mercy on us all.

Irish Dan said (January 25, 2011):

Fr Thomas knows that he is in good company and knows that he is serving and bearing witness to a Spiritual Church. He like all catholic faithful in true communion, trust in the promise that the "Gates Of Hell will not prevail against it " and in that certainty he can be at ease.

Robert said (January 25, 2011):

Thanks for mentioning Father Thomas Euteneur and his beliefs and his firing. I used to subscribe, a long time ago, to the New Oxford Review. I didn't even remember the name of the magazine until you posted an article from it last year. I think it was about the Vatican's chief exorcist, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, and absolute evil, if not Satanism, in the Vatican. But I also noticed and read a couple of articles by Fr. Euteneuer about how the abortion industry is the latest manifestation of child sacrifice to the demon of child murder, which has always, down through the ages, been a key part of a demonic religion, today cloaked in a political-rights-and-liberty issue.

C said (January 25, 2011):

Anton LaVey, high priest and founder of the Church of Satan admitted that abortion was an actual sacrifice to Satan. He said it with all the glibness of one who knew he wouldn't even be reprimanded. This is true, really happened.

The problem this genuine priest is experiencing can be explained by the takeover of the papacy by Freemasonry in the early 1960's. refer "The Broken Cross" by Piers Compton.

Where we are in the society is frightening and it will soon degenerate even further. Fight with prayer and persistence and a LOUD VOICE. It was a disgrace when "art work" was displayed that consisted of urinating on the image of Christ. Didn't hear much protest from Xtians, but who raised a very unyielding condemnation of this blasphemy? The Hezbollah of Lebanon. That's right folks- our "Muslim terrorist" enemies. So what is really goin on, and who is behind it all??? (clue: not Islam) Wake up!

Austin said (January 25, 2011):

Some of those responding to this article seem to think that any organisation outside of the RC church is a sect or cult. Obedience to a Bishop (a man) can never superceed obedience to Christ, the Bible or to one's own conscience - let's hope this priest eventually sees that.

Father Euteneuer certainly seems to be upsetting his hierarchy in terms of keeping to, and promoting a strict RC line on abortion and morality, and at the same time is tearing shreds off his liberal Catholic parishoners. He is indeed a brave man and one who seems to have a keen insight into the difference between right and wrong. No wonder the infil-trators wanted him silenced.

While many people may tend to rubbish such men because they are wearing "religious robes" I believe that we need to look beyond that and see the real man inside the robes. Who knows, maybe we're looking at another Martin Luther, who may well lead many RC people into the light of Jesus Christ and circumvent the incense and nonsense?

James said (January 25, 2011):

With regard to this priest, I am unsure for what, exactly, he was "silenced"... as it stands he should reject the dictate of the devil-aligned RCC and speak freely, one loses nothing by cutting off the servile agents of anti-christ, and their pantheon of demi-gods that they call "saints." One does not need to partake of communion (why would salvation be dependent on a bread waffer and wine, which are physical and dead objects, instead of the Living Christ?), one
needs only Christ, all else is the trappings of savage and ignorant, freemasonry-like, ritualism. On this point, it seems some commentators
are mistaken, with regard to believing one needs ritual (and a ritual book) or to belong to the roman catholic church itself, to cast out
demons and the like, the truth of this matter is that Anyone can do it, Christ did not leave us so severely disarmed as many are lead to

I do hope he opts to speak rather than be "silenced" as his obeying such an order is preposterous, one can't appease evil by bowing to it, one just filthies onesself by doing so.

Caroline said (January 25, 2011):

Thank you for posting this article on Fr. Euteneuer. It helps to further expose the Church crisis and makes it more difficult for novus ordo Catholics to defend the evils of modernism and condemn “traditionalists”. Please never stop writing to help expose these evils for what they are. I only worry that in time my own parish priest will be silenced like this.

R said (January 25, 2011):

Excellent article on Fr. Thomas Euteneuer. His predecessor, and founder of Human Life International, Fr. Paul Marx, was also an uncompromising spirit.

And anyone who may doubt the reality of demonic possession, or think of exorcism as a purely Catholic practice, should read People of the Lie, a book by the psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D

Elaine said (January 25, 2011):

Father Euteneuer is a Priest in the Catholic Church - even though the Vatican has been
infiltrated by the enemy (Illuminati) he cannot start his own church. The Catholic Church
is his Church - it is actually everyone's Church since it is the only one that can be traced
directly back to the Apostles and God himself.

For Father Euteneuer to start a new Church would be to negate his priestly authority which comes from the line of succession of the priesthood only found in Ordination within the Catholic Church.

There is no other valid line of ordination other than the authority God gave to his Apostles and those directly descended from the Authority of the first Pope, Peter appointed by God to head His Church.

Father Euteneuer will have to obey his Bishop. His obedience is necessary even if the
Bishop is absolutely wrong, which we can only surmise. We do not have definitive facts
that we can go by. God will in His own way and time, take care of the situation as long
as Father Euteneuer is obedient to his Bishop, even if the Bishop is not dealing justly
with the good Father. God knows the situation, we do not.

If what you say is in anyway connected to the truth, God will deal with it as He sees fit.
Our job is to pray for the good Father and continue to ask for some accountability as to his status until the good Bishop provides some answers.

Again, as always, your commentaries are thought provoking and enlightening and very

Paula said (January 24, 2011):

Fr. Thomas Eutenueur would be best served if he became a Traditional Catholic priest, not try to start some heretical sect and mislead millions. That’s nuts. Since Vatican II, the Church of Rome has been in apostasy, which one can only understand if they are conversant with its doctrine and dogma. You may not agree with it the traditions of true Catholicism and you may despise many of its churchmen, but it’s the best God has offered and is the most effective path to salvation. Look at its saints, not its sinners. Who knows, you might even identify with them…. Augustine (Confessions of St. Augustine), Alphonsus Liguori, Thomas á Kempis, Abbot Marmion to name but 4 of its many spiritual masters.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at