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Revenge of an Unloved Man

August 6, 2009

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"Starved for Love" are the words that best describe Geoge Sodini, 48, who Tuesday shot up a Pittsburgh fitness class murdering three women and maiming nine others.

He left a poignant self-portrait on line that shows that although he was successful, owned a house and was physically presentable, socially he was a failure. He had painted himself into a psychological corner and there was no one, male or female, to free him.

He had worked as a software developer for a large Pittsburgh law firm for ten years, had just received a raise, and liked his boss. "Most people there are OK and I would never have a shoot 'em up there." 

He had not had sex for 19 years. "There are 30 million desirable women in the US (my estimate) and I cannot find one. Not one of them finds me attractive."

He watched a hottie leave a male neighbor's house, and masturbated.

Yet he was real enough to suffer from a profound spiritual malaise: a sense of isolation, meaninglessness and helplessness: "How TOTALLY ALONE, a deeper word is ISOLATED, I am from all else. I no longer have any expectations of myself. I have no options because I cannot work toward and achieve even the smallest goals. That is, ABOVE ALL, what bothers me the most. Not to be able to work towards what I want in my life... I read recently it is called "self efficacy", [self improvement] but who knows. Is that more psychobabble?"

He describes his family background: "My dad never (not once) talked to me or asked about my life's details and told me what he knew. He was just a useless sperm donor."

His mother: "Very dominant. Her way and only her way with no flexibility toward everyone in the household. A power and control thing. People outside the immediate family like her. Why are people vicious with their closest ones? She is the Boss above all other Bosses."

His brother: "Always the big bully, twice the size of most others. When he bullied or harassed someone, it was the other person who "deserved it". It was always about him. Way too self absorbed, too."

Sordini never got any love from anyone and that is why he was stymied. Love is sometimes just attention and caring. He needed a real big brother or someone who could perform that role. His need for male companionship seems greater even than his need for a woman:

inter.jpg"I like to write and talk. Ironic because I haven't met anybody recently (past 30 years) who I want to be close friends with OR who want to be close friends with me. I was always open to suggestions to what I am doing wrong, no brother or father (mine are useless) or close friend to nudge me and give it bluntly yet tactfully wtf I am doing wrong. A personal coach or someone who knows what he is doing would be perfect. Money is highly secondary for a solution."

"I have slept alone for over 20 years. Last time I slept all night with a girlfriend it was 1982. Proof I am a total malfunction. Girls and women don't even give me a second look ANYWHERE. There is something BLATANTLY wrong with me that NO goddam person will tell me what it is. Every person just wants to be fucking nice and say nice things to me. Flattery. Oh yeah, I am sure you can get a date anytime. You look good, etc. Pussies."

Yet he never sought a professional counselor? Never considered going abroad for a woman? Never found a match on the Internet? This underlines the need for informal male support groups. Men who have their acts together need to start them.

I notice alot of men are blocked by their bad experiences, prejudices and expectations.
All women are different. A video Sodini posted indicates he looked for a woman much younger than him, which probably was a mistake. He fixated on sex when he was really looking for a friend.

Of course, what he did was monstrous and inexcusable, but it illustrates that hate/evil is the absence of love.


George_Sodini_sh_160781gm-a.jpgAs for women, there is a passage mysteriously erased from his blog that a reader posted in a Huffington Post forum:

"At the gym I saw a woman I like. I see her at the park- and-ride sometimes, so she isn't a stranger. Occasionally she makes good eye contact and smiles, etc. She is maybe 40ish, and attractive to me. I made brief conversation to her and a younger woman she was with today. To get a friend like her (and for night time action) I would cancel this plan, or put on hold, at least for a while."

Yet he seems impotent to act. Why? And why couldn't he just shoot himself, and not rob 12 innocent women of their lives and health? Obviously he is blaming women for his troubles. I don't. But clearly men and women have increasing difficulty mating these days because of the
Rockefeller subversion of gender roles (i.e. feminism.)

Natural women put the nurturing of husband and children first. That is what defines them as feminine. That is their career. By being selfless, they win the love and devotion of husband and children. That is what they really want. Rockefeller social engineers taught them this was "oppressive" and to seek careers instead. As a result, many are left high and dry, unloved and soon to be unemployed. 

I had a friend who was slowly going blind. He met a woman during intermission at a concert, a nurse, and they married and had a son. This is the way women used to be. They used to be able to love a man, believe in him, and sacrifice for him. And more men used to be able to value this and commit for life. It's called love. Men and women both need to learn to love again.
Sodini House Tour Video

Funeral of One Victim


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Comments for "Revenge of an Unloved Man"

Victoria said (August 9, 2009):

Speaking as a woman who managed to throw off the chains of feminist brainwashing, I have the greatest of sympathy for men as they try to do the same. However, I find it necessary to comment upon the definite note of whining coming from many of the responses to your article, 'Revenge of an Unloved Man'. How much easier it is to be negative and blame the opposite sex for the deficiencies in one's life than it is to get positive, and accept that we have all been unknowingly manipulated as pawns in someone's little game and, instead, do our utmost to live up to what is best in ourselves, without reference to what someone else is doing. I have come to believe that as males and females, we have different roles in life and, just as in a play, the more closely we adhere to the script we were given, the happier we are and the better the play. Unfortunately, the 'elite' have convinced us that we don't want to follow the script as written; that the play would be much better if we each 'do our own thing'. No wonder we have such chaos in the world as there is no over-riding vision in our lives.

In my case, developing a belief in reincarnation helped a lot in diffusing the anger I had felt towards men. It made me realize that, having undoubtedly been male in other lifetimes, there was a good chance I had helped to create the mess we are in so there's not much point in bitching about it now. However, just as women found it easier to play the role of 'victim' and blame men for their plight, men are now doing the same thing. While it was unattractive in women, the part of a whining, withholding, negative victim is even less attractive in men, being so completely contrary to the most admirable characteristics of that sex. To my mind, being the 'first principle', men are meant to impress themselves on the material world; to have a vision and to work (with the assistance of women) to make that vision a reality in this world. Most women will gladly follow a man who knows his own mind (think how popular Hitler was with women) but such men are pretty hard to find in this day and age, having been 'feminized' by 'the system'. There are very few men who are strong enough to do the same for a woman, so terrified are they that such support might impugn their manhood. (And, it is mostly men who ridicule such men, in an effort to force them back into the group mold.)

I was married to a man who, having had a 'domineering' mother, resented women's power. Having (sort of) asserted himself and made me aware of his dissatisfaction with my dominance, he was given free rein to become the family 'leader'. However, once he had achieved his desired end, he did everything he could to repudiate the responsibilities that came with that role. It can be pretty scary out front and it is easier to hide behind someone else and let her take the shots than it is to know one's own mind and to have the mental strength to defend one's principles. (He didn't even have an opinion as to whether or not his sons should be circumcised and, in the end, it was I who made the decision.) What is particularly scary for such men is to have to take on other men and risk incurring their wrath. It is far easier to blame those 'beneath' you in the pecking order, namely women, than it is to have to criticize the behavior of other men.

Manuel said (August 8, 2009):

This guy was obsessed with young teen aged girls. And this is an important point because nowadays media is rapidly sexualizing young teens who at 15 or 16 years old already possess grown up bodies and act very sexual both in attitude and dress. This overwhelming phenomena has also an underlying cause on media corruption of young teens and porn. You can notice how he mentions he masturbates often.

Man biologically are programmed to get aroused by the sensual bodies of attractive woman. My girlfriend is my age and I have never dated partners younger than me by more than 1 or 2 years, but I don´t feel any shame on saying that many teenager girls often cause me to be aroused.

The overwhelming sexualizing of young teenager girls is a calculated and purposely carried out by the elites to create exactly this type of phenomena in man´s mind, to drive them crazy of lust and to make them lose balance with their spiritual higher awareness selves. And this is indeed a key very important factor we need to start realizing on this battle being waged against us.

Even as Christianity and the new testament are good weapons for noble spiritual man to fight this war against evil, I think it´s time for the ultimate guide for the spirit to become widespread for the sake of our spiritual health. I urge you all to find out about a book called The Kolbrin ( only the culdian version ). If this guy Sodini had the Kolbrin with him he would have never done what he did.

Bruce said (August 8, 2009):

George Sodini was obviously to me a closet gay. It was totally intolerable for him to admit this in the homophobic culture that you promote. But his family background certainly qualifies him as a strong candidate. Another casualty of the wonderful heterosexual culture of your dream world. I knew many gay men who had wonderful relationships (sexual and non-sexual) with women, but they could not have that until they came out of the closet. Hell, Henry, he even looks gay in his pictures. If he wasn't, instead of jacking off he would have grabbed himself a hooker sometime in that 18 year period.

Ken said (August 8, 2009):

Very impressed Henry. Read your article and noticed that this time... you didn't blame the Illuminati for every evil in the world. I AM Illuminati. Illumination means I have knowledge that the masses do not. Having knowledge does not make a person good or evil. It is what you do with that knowledge that makes a person good or evil. Some Illuminati are evil. And some are good, but you don't hear about our side because it doesn't sell books, as you would know. Now your readers are a different issue as many of them ARE ignorant about the Illuminati and obviously YOU can't educate them can you, being on the outside as you are? What can an outsider know but... nothing!

A guy kills people in a rampage why? Who knows why? Look at him, he's obviously aging, did he ever think that maybe, just maybe, his testosterone fell. Falling testosterone means a male cannot produce pheromones and therefore cannot attract women. Maybe the simple truth is NOT that women are less loving, maybe in this case the truth is simply that this man lost his testosterone, which also causes extreme anger. Can't exactly BLAME and point fingers every time. Sometimes it is NOT MK-Ultra. Sometimes it is NOT women. Sometimes it is not the scapegoat "Illuminati" boogeyman. Sometimes it is simply YOU, the male, forgot to get a medical checkup. And I am one to speak on this first hand. I had a brain tumor that pressed on my pituitary destroying its ability to produce testosterone. No chemicals. No play. No one to blame but the MAN pulling the trigger. A man who forgot that love is in the giving.


Thanks for this different viewpoint. Don't know why you must impugn my motives in order to give it. As for the "good Illuminati," not one has provided me with information of their activities, let alone their existence.


JAK to Corey said (August 8, 2009):


Please. Try 36 years Junior.

You completely missed my point: Once you understand who you are and what your place in the universe is, you no longer need to be bothered by "not finding a soul mate".

You need to do a LOT more growing up and studying before you tell someone else they are frustrated.

I was vastly amused by your comments- Hindu monk? You'd best go back to the monastery Junior.


Theo said (August 7, 2009):

Sometimes I think U.S. women have the best of both worlds. Despite 'womens lib', men are still expected to make the first move, then ask for a phone number. It can be extremely hard to get up the courage to ask a woman out for coffee, and a harsh rejection can seriously cripple future efforts. But in the office, in politics, and in society everyone's supposed to be equal, but then you should let women go through the door first, etc. This is 'selective equality', and to men borders on seeming like schizophrenic behavoir.
All in all, compared to other countries American women treat their men the worst, and compared to other countries American men treat their women the best.

I believe that if this country goes down the tank, the pent-up backlash (whether right or wrong) towards women that will be unleashed will be horrible. Women will have to re-learn the value of having a tough man (with all his faults) to protect them.



It's all "divide and conquer." We should focus our anger on the people who made women this way.


Mary said (August 7, 2009):

I don't think this is about women dissing men at all.Mommy and Daddy issues don't turn people into killers. Ivan pegged him best;he was either mentally ill or psychopathic.He obviously was no sociopath 'cause he ain't oozing charm, and goodlooking sociopathic men do not have problems attracting women. Like Ivan mentioned the guy was good looking and if he were normal,even shy, he should've had no problem with women at all. None. Something was wrong with this guy as evidenced by his nutting out and taking life so blithely. It was probably good that women steered clear of him, and he probably was gay.

Frank said (August 7, 2009):

I agree with the commenter who said you don't need another person to be happy, and I sympathize with the fellow who finds working for a company that suborns sexism, racism or anything other than workism more favorable than telling them all to kiss his ass, on the way out the door. The guys who claim celibacy as a remedy seem to be missing the point, just like nuns, priests, monks and others like them often do - abstaining from all sexual behavior is a way of energizing spiritual and other non-sexual forms of intimacy, with God, one's self and with others - most of what I read about the secular "celibacy movement" is that some folks, who are tired of trying so hard to get laid, bored with sex or their partner, or just don't like sex are taking a break from sex, with other people. My only comment for them is that they should be careful, as sex is a "use it or lose it" proposition. The grief on Western women versus women of other nationalities isn't getting anywhere with me, either. In a vast majority of cases, I'd wager that mail-order brides and hostage wives from other cultures become hyper-toxic, after only brief exposure to the Western lifestyle - unless, of course, we're are talking about slavery or mind-fucking them into ignoring the world around them... If these people are looking for life-partners who offer a mirror reflection of themselves, think no independent thought, enjoy every painful task of life, etc., then it is them, not any "-ism" that is to blame.

I learned the hard way that you've got to be willing to give what you want to get. As for the nefarious and undoubtedly true conspiracies of evil in this world, all the -isms, -ologies, -anities, etc. that have been ginned up to exploit the often difficult reality of human existence have little direct effect on those who've done the work of knowing themselves.


Madeline said (August 7, 2009):

always enjoy your articles. I have a 30 year old daughter—very pretty—very smart. She said to me eight years ago just after she graduated from college she wanted a man that would pursue her—she didn’t want to have to be the assertive one. She said it was a character she needed to see. She wanted a man who would “go after what he wanted” she is still looking for a MAN. I understand what she wants—a man like her Dad. He pursued me, he continues to pursue me—we just celebrated our 35th anniversary and going strong. I think the mold for a real MAN may be broken.

Karl said (August 7, 2009):

i went overseasa to work and researched where the good women were and settled on a treasure trove of beautiful,smart,and very feminine ,submissive women in kenya,,there the divorce rate is 3% across the whole spectrum of society nationwide,,she knows her place and is constantly helpful and supportive of me and has helped me to realise that american[western] women for the most part are unfit for human consumption in any shape fashon or form.

The blow back from this is that eventually the women will be violently retaliating towards men as the men also find the women useless beyond dinner and a movie,,not worthy of any commitment long term,short term,,this is already being played out with the happy face killings of white hetro males,,,,,thanks henry for walking point for the males in this world,,,,



You can see how the social engineering has worked. US society is in demographic decline because people cannot marry and establish stong families.


Jeff said (August 7, 2009):

It is surely sad that a man went into "psychosis" and did this. I personally believe most of this mans writings were lies and set up propaganda. I dont believe he kept a blog/diary of this. If we know MK ultra, and other mind control techniques of the illuminati, then why is this not a issue here? I would have expected you to think of this, or maybe you did and simply ruled it out. It is another mind game to detach women from men.

I believe this story as much as I believe Bill Clinton, "the great statesman", negotiated the freedom of the american prisoners in North Korea.

Donna said (August 7, 2009):

When a society teaches you, "It's all about me," most women don't even realize what they are doing. The feminist brainwashing runs deep and can only be changed by knowing Jesus Christ. Even then it takes a lot of deprogramming before a woman can see the truth. Until women begin to follow the Biblical example of a woman, and men take their roles back, more incidents like that of George will happen again.

Donna Martin

Paul said (August 7, 2009):

I am also not surprised by the shooting. There is one interracial phenomenon in the US that no one seems to get. That is, in all races in America, women are allergic to nice men. In all races, men who are decent are often back-stabbed by feminist women and effeminate men.

A white male friend of mine had his career ruined because a homosexual male played the office politics game and ruined him. I see it all the time. Feminist women and heterophobic men are master manipulators who can have you burned at the job so fast you won't even smell the smoke.

Thanks to feminism, I have yet another set of enemies. As a black kid in the Southern US, I was literally in danger from bigots who threw rocks at me and called me "nigger". I grew up and moved closer to the city, where I ended up being in danger from other black men who tried to rob and kill me as they called me "nigga". Thanks to feminism, I have had trouble on the job and even been fired by feminists if I reject sexual advances, ignore sexual advances or act like I am married. I am sure there was one job I did not get because I did not look at the hiring manager's double D's. She had a low-cut shirt on and was leaning over. I thought I was being respectful. Now I could get hit by another stray bullet by white men who are rejected by women. This is in addition to the stray bullets I already duck from black boys and men who, thanks to feminism, grew up without their father.

Corey (2) said (August 7, 2009):

Reply to JAK

Whoever said that I need someone outside of myself to be happy? I just spent 4 years as a celibate Hindu monk. Have you ever spent any time in celibacy? After some time, it becomes clear that man requires woman. Are you somehow saying that the whole institution of marriage is a bad thing, since "men and women require each other"?

And as for your idea that most women are bad, and thus if you boycotted them, you wouldn't have much to choose from, my recommendation to you is: Go spend some time outside of America. I just spent 2 years living in India, and there are millions of nice women there. Women in more traditional countries are very good and unspoiled by this modern feminist culture, places like Asia, Mexico, South America, Middle East, etc.

I certainly feel your frustration at how difficult it is to find a decent woman today in America, but that doesn't mean that ALL women are bad. American women may suck, but women in other cultures and societies are very, very nice. They still behave like women and follow the traditional gender roles. So it sounds to me like you are frustrated, and that is my advice: Get a woman who is a foreigner, or an immigrant. I'll agree, these American women are mostly useless, so a better solution is to go find a non-American woman, or else just be a lifelong celibate (which is what you seem to be implying by saying that you don't need anyone outside of yourself).

Rob said (August 7, 2009):

How about mind control? There would have been 13 had they all died, Sounds Illuminati to me. I am 80 years old I could find a woman 30 years younger than me, But things for me just don't operate for me, no stamina. haha, Being a Christian things shouldn't cross my mind, Most shootings were they kill them self are mind
control, They are controlled to kill them self Last. And they don't care who they kill, As long as it fits the OCCULT numbers,

Ivan said (August 7, 2009):

This is a case of homosexual panic of a psychopath (all psychopaths are homos,latent or overt),not a revenge of an unloved man.No doubt it`ll be used for more satanic gun control.This guy was as big a psychopath as it gets and women with their superior intuition always sensed this.Pussy is quite cheap these days,abroad it`s available for 10$.He looked good enough to have had no problems of women,it`s not about looks.

Samuel said (August 7, 2009):

I have been celibate now going on 5 years. I find it much too tiresome and troublesome to even bother trying to have an intimate relationship with any NORTH AMERICAN women, and I have not even
been looking for any type of foreign women for a relationship. I have found happiness simply being “me”.

I am now in my mid 40's and in the past I have been attracted to women who were 5 or 10 years older than me. I thought that they would be much "wiser", especially if they were divorced once or
twice. Wow, was I WRONG! Feminism has truly destroyed most female’s natural thoughts and gut instincts and their sense of what a woman
really is. Most of them just want sex since they are now beyond child bearing age (in my age group). Most, if not all, are so insecure that they cannot have a meaningful relationship that lasts longer than 6 months to a year. The most intimate they get is when I take them out for a nice dinner and they discuss how evil
their ex’s were and how they don’t trust men anymore (great dinner conversation, eh?). That’s female-speak for “treat me like a Queen
asshole or you won’t get any tonight”!! Oh… the occasional one would tell me how “nice” I am and how I’m not like the rest of them, especially when it comes time to paying the dinner bill.

Henry, my advice to guy’s who want to get laid is to pay for it and be done with it. Don’t bother trying to have a relationship with these feminist North American women. As Rodney Dangerfield once
said… “My wife, she gives good headache”!

Jim said (August 7, 2009):

The shooting rampage and then the killing of himself reeks of the CIA-MK-ULTRA program. It is the same M.O.

Brian said (August 7, 2009):

I enjoyed your unique perspective on the gym shooting. I am a little concerned, though, that you fixated solely on his experiences with women. For example, his religious beliefs taught him that murder would carry no punishment. Isn't that likely to be a much bigger contributor to his decision to murder people?


Good point. I'd like to know more about that weird church and pastor that taught him that.


Jessica said (August 7, 2009):

This guy was playing the passive, feminine role waiting for the women to play the aggressor, waiting for the women to look at him, waiting for the women to make the moves. I've never heard of such a thing. You're right, Henry. Men need to network and buddy up to prevent this.

I read Helen Andelin and I love the advice she gives for women who have men failing in their leadership role. Helen suggests the woman show the man the Bible and say, "Here is the Bible. It says I need leadership. It says you are my leader." And if the man still fails in his leadership role, I have to turn my back on him completely and let him be a failure.

I have recently met someone who is taking his leadership role. But he did seem to expect me to take the lead at first. He slowly realized he had to take the lead, but then again, he is from overseas. He's not American. That's probably why he doesn't mind leading me.

Michael said (August 7, 2009):

When I was a teen & early 20's I gotta be honest and was a HUGE motivator.But,when I did finally date a girl,she offered sex up on a plate,but any talk of Marriage from me was answered with such a debate of fuss from the female,I often felt like saying,"Look ! I am making the decision,You are marrying Me,end of story".But,being a90's-caring-sharing-man,I didn't dare to.I always let the girl make up her mind...and that lead to "more sex & no commitments". {ie: A pretty unstable situation as far as I am concerned.I don't wanna be on the constant mode of "get the girl,get the girl,get the girl...a coupla years into a relationship !.I want an answer...and not a cold calculated answer blinded by love woulda been nice!.The times I have been analitically analysed by a woman is beyond belief.My criteria for a woman got so low,that I'd have almost Married ANYONE !.}

Now I am middle age,still kids,own home,been told I'm goodlooking,look younger than I am,bla bla bla.I have given up.I'd rather a new car than a woman/wife.I simply DON'T have the energy anymore to provide the fuss & attention women all seem obssessed with.I understand it,thats a feminine trait,and "yes hunny,you look great in that skirt,bla bla bla",is usually a normal thing,but,to be honest...NONE of it impresses me anymore...It is NOT what it is all about to me,anymore.Cana woman today offer anything else !?.I wanted to be Married over a decade ago...and now,I am so jaded I can't be bothered.Too much of my time,effort,energy,money & love have been used-up,wasted & thrown back in my women that were not happy with being loved & cared for by a guy that loved & cared for them.So,so much for the emotional-fairer sex !.

Christine said (August 7, 2009):

With regard to being "unloved." lots of people have survived that. And they don't go around shooting people in revenge.

In my opinion, it will come out that George Sodini was on some sort of anti-depressant medication. Most gunmen in this incidents are.

There was an article this past week that 27 million Americans are now on anti-depressant medications.

Given that their side effects include homicidal and suicidal ideation, it's a wonder they don't happen more often.

Robert said (August 7, 2009):

Your articles are so correct I despise western women. I just married the most [feminine] woman in China and now I know true Love. She is family oriented, intelligent, dresses very nice, speaks perfect English. She is very loving and caring, very sentimental and never complains about cooking or laundry and makes sure that I eat well. She never complains about sex; it seems that Chinese woman do not use sex as a weapon but to show Love and affection for their husband. I have my side of heaven and next year she will be here in Alaska.

JAK said (August 7, 2009):

"So rather than go beserk and go crazy, just boycott the bad women, don't date them, and go find yourself a nice non-feminist woman from a foreign country. That is my own personal solution." [below]

I have a better one: Get yourself a real life and wake up and realize you don't need anyone outside yourself to make you happy- only you can do that.
If you boycotted the "bad women" today, you wouldn't have much of a crop left to pick from.

Mick said (August 7, 2009):

One thing I have noticed in the past few years, and you can easily observe this for yourself, is that in TV advertising the white male is always portayed as the coward, the dummy, immature, unlucky, etc. Women and minorities are always portayed as the opposite. I had noticed it previously in sit coms, women seemingly have license to emotionally abuse the male, even physically. But now it is rampant in advertising. These are subliminal messages that do register on some level.

Peter said (August 7, 2009):

Great article. I have taken to reading pretty much everything you post here and link it in many of the men’s groups I participate in. I have been warning women that their abuse of men is going to rebound on them badly for more than 18 months now. They laugh at me. We are seeing more and more cases where men who feel abused or hopeless are killing women and even children. The lad in Germany was another recent case. We are just seeing the beginning of this. There is a LOT more to come. I expect that those men who had their children stolen from them who are approaching the end of their lives will come out of the 'woodwork' and kill those they hold responsible. Men bide their time. Many of them never, ever forget the slights against them. An old man who knows he will soon die is very dangerous to those who slighted him.

I do not think Sodini is so 'different' or so 'bad' compared to many men. I am an example of that. I am a Christian man. In 1995 I did a class. One thing we did was 'imagine our greatest fear, make it real, and then live it, deal with it'. It was an exercise in facing fear and dealing with it while it was not real. My greatest fear was my family would turn against me with no fault on my part and I would be left alone. I imagined they were turned into vampires. In my imagination I killed myself each time in that exercise. I could never face my family turning against me. So when that actually happened 12 years later in divorce I had something to lean on. I had good mates around me too. I am not alone. That has happened to tens of millions of men. What surprised me, and the point of writing, was this. About 6 months ago, as I was falling asleep, the question occurred to me "Would I be willing to kill those who abused me?" And the answer was "In an eye blink." That, for me, was very scary. I could not sleep most of the night. Now. I don't hate the people who abused me at my exs behest. I don't even know them. The lawyers, the barristers, the judges, the bankers. It scared the hell out of me knowing that I would have no problem killing them. One big difference between Sodini, me, and tens of millions of men, is that we do not act on that thought. He acted. But I wonder. How many other men are there who feel like me who will give in to the desire to act over the next few years?

While we, as a society, continue to abuse men we are creating a large number of very dangerous men. Those men who feel abused by our feminised society and slip over the edge are going to kill lots of people. The NWO will use them as examples as to why we need 'tighter gun control' or some such nonsense. Women would be well advised to take note and to campaign for the end of feminism and the abuse of boys and men. They are half the adult population. They are responsible for their actions and the consequences of such. One consequence of the last 40 years of abuse is going to be more dead women and children. You can count on it.

Corey said (August 7, 2009):

All I can say is, I am amazed at how NONE of the mainstream media are analyzing this from an anti-feminist point of view. Yes, what the man did was certainly horrible, shooting innocent women. I am not defending his actions. But, they never even stop and try to analyze or consider what might have drove him towards such brutality.

After studying the horrible effects of feminism, I am convinced that the feminist mentality that is so prevalent in modern women certainly played a part in this. I myself am quite frustrated with modern women, but I am intelligent enough to realize that the solution is to go and find a non-modern woman, a woman who is not contaminated by all of this feminist garbage propaganda. You can easily find millions of such women in places like India, Malaysia, and other parts of Asia.

So rather than go beserk and go crazy, just boycott the bad women, don't date them, and go find yourself a nice non-feminist woman from a foreign country. That is my own personal solution.

Dave said (August 7, 2009):

Pretty scary because this could happen to anybody now adays. What he needed was someone (easiest for a Father figure) to slap him upside the head and tell him to get over himself, and offer some direction. I know this sounds callous for the liberals, but sheesh; like all failed liberal agendas, it always comes back to bite someone in the a**. What he lacked was an example and a real challenge to life. Feeling alive then attracts life, as well as a mate. The inner spiral of self pity is a dangerous whirlpool indeed. Sad that the wrath created by the predicament had to take down many innocents. Very very sad.

M.B. said (August 7, 2009):

Excellent essay. Sadly, I foresee further tragedies like this occurring in the future. It's seldom mentioned that 11 of the 13 people murdered in the Binghamton massacre back in April were women. Another case of a lonely, frustrated man targeting females.

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