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Riots Reveal Canada's "Repressed Psychotic Nature"

June 17, 2011

"As individuals, white Canadians are marvelously decent and honest, but as a group, we're sniveling, self-duplicitous cowards who shudder at the thought of saying no to the Emperor."

(See Makow comment at end.)

by Kevin Annett

"The only irredeemable sin of a people is for them to be unaware of their own nature." -- Benjamin Franklin

"There is only one evil worse than violence, and that is cowardice."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Poor Canada. Just when we had cleaned up that untidy mess of Indian residential schools and aspersion of mass murder that was so damaging our international credit rating, along come some hockey hooligans in Vancouver to make us look bad again to all those fat tourists and offshore investors we so lust after.

The world used to think Canada was an affluent dream world of smiling Mounties, happy Indians and majestic forests hewed by Jolly Pierre the Lumber Jack. But the fantasy is fading, thanks to events like this week's hockey rampage, which wasn't the work of a few atypical hooligans, like the Vancouver Mayor claims, but of very ordinary and typical Canadians.Their rage and violence was an unusually honest depiction of mainstream Canada, and its repressed and psychotic nature.

Yes, I said, our repressed and psychotic nature.

I've always appreciated the Americans for a single virtue that we lack in Canada: their deep realism about themselves and their own history. They don't share our dissociation, and our well-bred capacity to lie to ourselves about ourselves. No American ever seems surprised or shocked when I share with them the murderous facts of genocide in their own land - unlike Canadians.

My fellow Euro-Canadians - the kind of people who overturned cars and smashed windows and bones this week in Vancouver - are deeply angry about themselves and their country, but they cannot say why, or even recognize their own condition. We aren't supposed to get angry and smash things. But I'd say most of us know we're living a lie, that the British notion of "law, order, civility and good government" that supposedly guides our nation is a crock designed to guard the corrupt interests of a very few people, starting with that silly fiction calling itself "the Crown".

As individuals, white Canadians are marvelously decent and honest, but as a group, we're sniveling, self-duplicitous cowards who shudder at the thought of saying no to the Emperor. That's why part of me rejoiced when I saw the smash-up on the streets of Vancouver. Somehow, the mob of Canucks had lost their fear of authority - for a moment.

Of course, the same men and women who rampaged so freely after the hockey game are once again the kind of repressed, tax-paying, dissociated people who keep the whole mess going. And that fact I find more terrible and alarming than all the broken windows and burning cars.

Pierre Berton once wrote too perceptively that your average Canadian has the mind of a Scottish banker and the heart of an Irish saint, and can't decide which person to be. That certainly describes my own family to a tee.


My people came to this land in search of a liberty but also a transformation that the Old World could not provide. But the land was vast and strange, too vast really, and in fear we held on to the Old World symbols of authority,  Crown and Pulpit, and tried cramming our searching spirits into them. We are forever yearning to break free from that false mold into a new identity, but until then, we must remain utter strangers to ourselves.

I know that can change. I've seen it begin. But as in any deep shock therapy, it will take a few good smash ups before the mental fetters can start to snap enough to let something new start to flow in us.

We've always needed a really good civil war in Canada, and the last ones we tried, in 1837 in the east and then among the Metis sharpshooters of Riel and Dumount, went down to a physical but not a moral defeat. Canadians are actually born rebels. We still carry the heart of a searching mystic, determined to be free of every convention and oppression, to breathe the air of liberty that sweeps across our great and beautiful land. We're just terrified of embracing that heart.

Perhaps when we do so and reclaim our soul, we can relate to the original men and women of this land with something more than a cowardly condescension and a self-serving fear. For the indigenous people have always been our natural blood allies, and they welcomed our first ancestors here not out of pity or ignorance, but because they recognized us as mutual People of the Land.

Frankly, it's time white Canadians had their own "Truth and Reconciliation Commission", but one into themselves: a true Caucasian Healing Circle where we can put away forever our false self-image as nice and proper people.

I've suggested the idea whenever I speak to my fellow white Canadians, and nobody seems to know what the hell I'm talking about, any more than they can accept the fact that under the toxic influence of Religion and Empire, our people slaughtered and rampaged against the Indians as brutally as any Conquistador.

We cannot yet accept what we did to get this land, and what we acquiesce to, to keep it. Not really. It's still an abstraction. For how else could we pretend to apologize for the worst slaughter in human history? How else, indeed, do dissociated people act?

All of this absurdity screamed out at us during the Vancouver hockey riots the other night, as is proper: for hockey is our national pulse, a gliding ballet of courage and skill that we alone brought to the world, a beauty born anew in countless small towns and backyard lots where kids learn the art that only we know how to do best.

canada_6.jpgLike in any family torn apart by its own psychosis, Canadians express their paradox and grapple towards the light we have lost in the midst of that which is most sacred to us.

We are not a lost and angry mob. We are a proud and noble people who have forgotten who we are. For we long to fly again across that majestic, pure ice which is Kanata, a land of eternal promise and freedom where all the wrongs and all the blood can be washed clean.

Makow comment:  I have a different take on the riots. They stem from the mass hysteria built up over the Stanley Cup Finals by the mass media, which stems in turn from the elite's need to provide distraction, and the masses' need to fill the gaping spiritual vacuum in their lives by identifying with a cause. When the Vancouver Canucks were ignominiously defeated,  their fans were deprived of necessary validation and the whole empty sham was exposed. Staring their own vacuity in the face, they exploded in violence.

Read the truth of genocide in Canada and globally at:

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Comments for "Riots Reveal Canada's "Repressed Psychotic Nature" "

Julian Lee said (June 21, 2011):

I liked parts of the article but was sad sensing the wholesale (and typical) rejection of his own Canadian spiritual heritage.

"I've suggested the idea whenever I speak to my fellow white Canadians, and nobody seems to know what the hell I'm talking about,"

Maybe they don't share his enthusiasm to utterly reject what they are, and have been?

"any more than they can accept the fact that under the toxic influence of Religion and Empire, our people slaughtered and rampaged against the Indians as brutally as any Conquistador."

The Native Indians had religions, too. And their own version of empire. As to "slaughter and rampage" -- it was either them or us, our fathers or their fathers. For White men who feel guilt rather than gratitude for their fathers' and mothers' sacrifices to win a place and substance for their children, it is good to consult the American Indian writer David Yeagley. He has a rather contemptuous attitude toward such sniveling, apologetic sons of sacrificing fathers (and mothers). He says that a warrior respects another warrior, and that our fathers won the battle fair and square.

Apparently this writer's ancestors never did anything good. But what about that "heart of an Irish saint" he ascribes to Canadians? Where did that come from? Or is that something born only last Tuesday? No, that heart of the saint shined even more brightly in our Canadian and U.S. ancestors than today, in a charitable attitude toward one another and the Indians, too. Had it been Indians with the technical advantage, White men would have received far less compassionate treatment than we gave to them. They would have wiped us out, not set aside lands for us. But we did have Irish saints whispering to us all the while.

It's time to learn to love your forefathers. Pulpits, gatherings, songs -- decency -- are good. (The Christian religion of your ancestors was good.) And so is spine. Religion seemed to give both. Turning over cars and lighting fires is cheap stuff by comparison to gathering in a church and worshipping God, or to storming a banking citadel for the sake of your kin's need today. And how easy it is to visualize our 'evil' hymn-singing fathers doing both, and not just silly car burnings, but turning a bank and board room inside out, with fires.

On one hand I see the writer decrying the lack of fierceness in modern Canadians. On the other hand he condemns his own ancestors' very fierceness, though engaged for his own weal, while disrespecting their religion. It's a puzzlement an Indian like David Yeagley can't comprehend. Want Canadians to be more fierce? Then they need to be more like their fathers & mothers and the natives, too: They need living Religion.

Todd from California said (June 20, 2011):

Canadians at game 7 or watching in a local Vancouver bar probably drank way too many Molson’s. Keep in mind Vancouver has never won a Cup, they got their butts handed to them last week, it wasn’t even much of a contest. I don’t think they were acting out as you say, I don’t think most people who riot are even capable of thinking on that plane, if they were, they would riot everyday, not because their team lost their Second Stanley Cup finals.

Next year watch out for the Kings, can you imagine if they got to the cup and lost….there goes LA! Maybe even worse if they win. If only we could have a G-13 meeting at the same time and city as a Super Bowl Or Cup Finals! Then we could really get them excited.

Caroline said (June 19, 2011):

guess when the ice boxing match was over, the fans emulated their sports heroes and carried on with boxing on the pavement, as they're so pumped and then giant car bonfires ensued, (maybe solstice celebrations thrown into it) or maybe side effects of the lunar eclipse?

Well I just think Canadians are a bunch of losers ideologically, and when they have no ideological compass these kinds of events being triggered externally of course will trigger such a response in the masses as we saw post game last Wednesday. Their lives are pathetic because they don't know the con game being played on them. Getting your identity totally wrapped up on who wins the game is surely something that they want you to do in order that you don't notice the crap being played out in this country as your middle class life goes down the drain in increments.

Dan said (June 18, 2011):

Riots go against normal human group behavior. Whenever there has been 'domestic unrest' any State has it's excuse for more government, more 'security', and removal of more rights of the general population who have nothing to do with such isolated, totally managed events.

Our media presentation this year gives the impression the whole world is on fire with riots and protests.The simulacra machine of media produces daily 'crime crack' because they now have video 24/7 globally to capture it.
It's a big world, with billions of people, and all media needs is footage a few unruly crowds to fill an hour of sound bytes for Aljazeera or BBC.

The purpose is too keep us in the delusion that humanity is a pack of animals and we need them to keep order.

In reality crime statistics are at an all time low in the US and Canada.

The Canadian government is clamping down on the general law abiding population just as governments are everywhere else. Hence the forced 'riot' at Toronto G20 last year No coincidence that this sports event is in Vancouver...the message of "your neighbors need to be controlled" needs to be driven into Canadian public perception coast to coast - because the 'security' measures are national, not regional. Global, actually.

The "Global Revolution" is a "wag the dog" operation.

Allen said (June 18, 2011):

Hi Henry - I just wanted to mention that I completely agree with your comment after the article by Kevin Annett regarding the rioting in Vancouver. Certainly, most people do not have any conscious awareness of the degree of brainwashing and blatant distractions that take place pervasively in our country and so many others. And it is also completely true that people are starving for the very thing that they already possess, only to be directed outside of themselves and "led astray" as it were, by all of the societal distractions that the media and our modern culture offer up, through the various forms of media and social customs that have evolved for that very purpose.

There is, fortunately, an awakening happening, and the crumbling edifices are showing people that what they so blindly believe in are just hoaxes and shams, based on pure greed and lust for power.

In any case, I thought your comment was right on and hopefully more and more people will wake up to what is really actually going on, and on all levels.

Patrick said (June 18, 2011):

The people in British Columbia know deep down inside that there is something wrong.
They instinctively know that their world has been usurped by a few who laugh at the others.

I have had my videos on youtube at patthespark channel for a while trying to explain what has gone wrong.

My next video will point to clues that when examined must surely raise questions in the minds of all the people who think of themselves as Canadians.

Many of the answers are right there in the original British North America Act 1867. Sadly, there are too few people who have
actually taken the time to read what is written there.

The BNA 1867 is still active law in UK. One example from the act relates to the census that is to be taken to determine the respective
populations of the FOUR provinces. This is the current version of the supreme law of Canada.

We cannot continue to function for long without knowing the true state of affairs.

I do not believe that there is a Parliament of Canada and I use written documents to support this belief.

I do not believe that any of the so-called members of Parliament have sworn the correct oath to become members.

I do not believe that any of the senators have been correctly appointed.
I have yet to have someone prove otherwise by showing me authentic documents to convince me that I am mistaken.

I have had some rude comments but when I stand my ground and ask for facts I receive nothing in return.

There is something wrong and the people know this in their collective mind.

It seems that the land that people think of as Canada is actually treated like the property of a corporation called CANADA.

Some provinces have never been part of Canada. They went from being colonies to being parts of CANADA the corporation.

Orest said (June 18, 2011):

"I've always appreciated the Americans for a single virtue that we lack in Canada: their deep realism about themselves and their own history," says Kevin Annett.

What nonsense, Henry! Our American cousins are, in their own special way, in as deep a state of denial as us Johnny Canucks (pun intended!). The "land of the free and the home of the brave" is descending into a police state where, intimidated citizens as a matter of course for the most part meekly submit to groping pat downs by TSA monitors at airports purporting to be on the lookout for bombs hidden away in citizens' crotches.

Rachel said (June 18, 2011):

A few things need to be said here the riots may have been planned or instigated by a small group.

This was a small group of people that had every intention of starting a riot win or lose and "used" the loss as a excuse. A even smaller group used it as a cover and if not helped instigate it to break into many stores and steal stuff. There is video of the perpetrators using their cell phones to coordinate the "heists" .

Second if you really look at the people involved; yes, a lot of white people but even more non-white immigrates. Vancouver is over run with them either moved here or living here on student visas, work visas or just here illegally.

It seems the Mexicans skip right through the US and show up in Canada as our government treats refugees better then our own citizens. We feed and give a welfare cheques to anyone that shows up claiming refuge status and our own citizens stare or live in the gutter.

The true citizens of Vancouver have started a campaign to "out" all those involved using social media all the morons that have bragged or posted pictures on FB are being rounded up as I type.

I cant excuse the rest of the crowd that just followed with a "blind mob mentality" but can for sure say the majority of Vancouverites are shocked and outraged that our city has been blackened by these criminals

Robyn said (June 18, 2011):

It was 94, the last time the Canucks were #2 for the cup...

Henry I totally agree about distraction, vacuum, sham and all that, but I think if Van had won, the city would have ended up even more wrecked up than it was.

Beautiful article by Kevin Annett btw... I almost cried.

KD said (June 18, 2011):

I thought about this part in 1984 when I heard about the Riots in Canada.

Some time later, Winston writes, "If there is hope, it lies in the proles." The proles, who comprise eighty-five percent of Oceania's population, are the only ones, he believes, who can overthrow the Party. It is impossible to do so from within. Winston remembers walking down a street and hearing what he thought was a riot - a prole rebellion. In fact, it was women fighting over a limited supply of poorly made frying pans that broke in half during the scuffle. Winston writes, "Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious."

Acknowledging this catch-22, Winston reflects on how the Party has claimed to have liberated the proles from the bondage and slavery of capitalist society, when in actuality the proles still live in squalor, work, produce children, drink beer, and die by age sixty. The Thought Police are always among them, seeking out those deemed too intelligent or too aware of the Party's activities, and removing them from society.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at