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Could Rothschild Lawsuit Divide Canada?

March 1, 2010

falls.jpgNewfoundland/Quebec Court Case: Illuminati Plan to bring on the North American Union?

by Reg Porter

(Reg Porter is a Newfoundlander teaching English in Taiwan.)

As reported Tuesday Feb. 24, the Canadian Province of Newfoundland is suing Quebec over a lopsided contract signed in 1969 over hydroelectric power from Churchill Falls in Labrador.

The background history of this case goes something like this: In the 1960s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada's most eastern province was also Canada's poorest.  Fortunately, Newfoundland had a river in Labrador with great hydroelectric potential it wanted to develop and sell the power to the New England States.  Unfortunately, the only way to get the power to market was to build a power line through Quebec.

So the Newfoundland Government set up a company called NALCOR to develop the project and negotiate a 'deal' with Hydro Quebec--and NALCOR was financed by the Rothschilds--Alarm bells now should ring!

Anyway here's the deal they signed in 1969, when energy was cheap with oil at two dollars a barrel: Newfoundland would sell the power to Quebec for $10 million dollars a year, and Quebec would sell it to the US--and the deal was signed for 60 years.  It seemed like a good deal at the time; however, a few years later, the energy crises hit and Quebec made billions off the deal while Newfoundland, Canada's poorest province, got screwed.  Quebec makes a billion dollars a year while Newfoundland only gets ten million!

Needless to say, the people of Newfoundland came to resent and even hate Quebec for this injustice.  In 1988, the Newfoundland government even tried to challenge the contract in the Supreme Court of Canada but the court ruled in Quebec's favour.

All through it all, Quebec's line is that a contract is a contract--especially since they already resented Newfoundland for being granted ownership over Labrador based on a decision of the British Privy Council in 1929(the same Privy Council that gave the Northern BC coast to the US)--Quebec believes they really own Labrador and that THEY got screwed in 1929.

Now recently, the Premier of Quebec, alluded that it might be possible for Newfoundland to get some justice by suing Hydro Quebec in a Quebec Civil Court, and Newfoundland has decided to take the bait, which in my view, could be the beginning of the end of Canada.

The judge in Quebec's Court will be facing a very major dilemma: He could rule that the case was already decided by Canada's Supreme court; hence, Quebec is in the right.  But if he does this, Quebec is acknowledging Canadian authority, and it could inflame the separatist movement in the next provincial election.

However, if the the Judge rules in Newfoundland's favour, which is very likely to happen, then all of Quebec may want to separate from Canada. they'll elect a separatist government and a third referendum will be held and be successful this time.  (The last referendum in 1995 only lost by less then one percent)

So there you have it: use this issue to make Quebec voters believe they got screwed by Canada, and within five years they vote to secede.  When Quebec leaves Canada, the country is then geographically cut off from the four eastern provinces.  Richer western provinces like BC and Alberta will then separate, Ontario will separate, and the remaining provinces will probably end up as American states, with the three richer ones soon to follow for the sake of unity and military protection.

And the suit is being launched by NALCOR--a Rothschild financed conglomerate!

Does this mean the Rothschilds were screwed by Quebec too?

No, Definitely not, it was part of their greater plan--what's a hundred billion a year when you already own half the world?--for all I know, they probably also financed Hydro Quebec--they probably own both companies and using them in their little chess game, like in 1914, and 1939etc, etc..It's not a bad deal for them since they already own the whole pot, it's just a bad deal for Newfoundland, and possibly for Canada.

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Comments for "Could Rothschild Lawsuit Divide Canada?"

Attila said (March 2, 2010):

You write from an Anglophone point of view. Just to remind you that Canada was divided in 1773. "Je me souviens"

As a Canadian who is not Anglophone nor francophone and after living in Montreal and studying the Canadian history. I personally hope that Quebec becomes sovereign nation. Will Quebec finally get its wish to be independent? That remain to be seen. Its similar to Basque region, Crimea, Chechnya, Palestine, Tibet etc...

You were never conquered so you don't know how it feels to lose your culture slowly but surely.

As for the Illuminati's agenda in North America. Its inevitable that sooner or later will be under one flag. It will start with a single currency which they have it in plan and later on the annexation will be welcomed.

You are right for one thing, that whatever happens its all planed. Their goal is simple and they'll get it. Though it has to be done liberally now.

It will be the Canadians who will vote for it as the Americans welcomed Obama with open arms and chanted "yes we can" (thank you Satan).

Vic said (March 2, 2010):

They do want Canada to break up - Ben Fulford says the oil companies are paying Harper to break up so that they can grab the oil from Oilberta -- Harper didn't mind when Quebec declared it was a country inside of Canada.

Bob Rae-Levine as premier of Ontario tried to sell Ontario Hydro to Enron.
His pal Maurice Strong helped him try too.

His brother works for Hydro Quebec as well as Power Corporation and its owner Desmarais -- fronts for Rothschilds.

When Mulroney had his Meech Lake fiascos on separation he invited the provincial premiers to conferences -- he gave each of them a badge in the shape of their provinces.

In this case, he handed the Quebec premier a badge of Quebec which included Labrador.

Of course, you can imagine when Clyde Wells, the Newfoundland premier got his badge without Labrador there was hell to pay.

Vic Fletcher- TorontoStreetNews

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