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Rule Britannia: Magick in Service to The Crown

May 18, 2010


by L.C. Vincent


It was perhaps the high point for Germany in World War II.  France lay prostrate under the boot of the German war machine.  The only thing that stood between England and Germany was the Royal Air Force.  Or so it seemed.

We know what traditional history books tell us.  The Royal Air Force withstood the repeated savagery of the German Luftwaffe and Hitler grew increasingly restive with the idea of an amphibious assault.  

The reality, of course, is more complex.  The British utilized the forces of occult technology--of Magick--and it would not be the first time the English Crown had availed itself of the power of its most infamous magicians.

The British Crown, the shareholders of the Bank of England, overlapping with the Illuminati, are Satanists. It stands to reason their Intelligence services would use witchcraft to further their ends. The Lion's share of the world's evil originates from this source.

In 1986, book called "Lammas Night", strictly fictional of course, suggested that a group of witches and warlocks had gathered at sacred sites during England's most desperate hours to perform ceremonial magick, with the object of keeping Hitler from invading England by filling his head with confusion and trepidation over the amphibious assault known as "Operation Sea Lion."

Many people have congratulated the author, Katherine Kurtz, on her realistic portrayal of this "fictional" event.  She was applauded for creating vibrant and finely drawn characters.   The reason this "fictional" event had such a ring of truth is because such ceremonies actually did occur throughout England. 

According to author Gerald Suster, in his book "Hitler:  The Occult Messiah", quoting English magician Gerald Gardner, "Witches cast spells to stop Hitler from landing after France fell.  They met, raised the great cone of power, and directed the thought at Hitler's brain: 'You cannot cross the sea. You cannot cross the sea.  Not able to come.  Not able to come.' ... I am not saying they stopped Hitler.  All I say is that I saw a very interesting ceremony performed with the intention of putting a certain idea into his mind and this was repeated several time afterward; and though all the invasion barges were ready, the fact was that Hitler never even tried to come."  

Gardner may have been referring to the work of Dion Fortune, author of the book "The Magical Battle of Britain."   Fortune was the head of the Society of The Inner Light.  When Germany invaded and defeated Poland in a matter of days, Fortune, according to a review of this book, "... initiated a series of magical programmes designed to thwart the expansionist intentions of the Third Reich."



This was not the first time England used applied magick to turn the tides of history.  Perhaps the first recorded event is when England faced the Great Spanish Armada in 1588.

In 1579, King Philip II of Spain, at the urging of the Vatican, prepared to invade England. Unbeknownst to Philip II, however, The Queen of England, Elizabeth I, had employed two occult technicians (magicians) to continue and expand England's reign on the high seas.  These two magicians were Sir Edward Kelly and Dr. John Dee.

With the blessings and the facilities of the English Crown, Kelly and Dee performed numerous magickal workings, called skryings, which allowed Dee and Kelly direct communication with angelic beings.  This process of drawing magickal sigils and talismans was accomplished by using a "shewstone."  Through this stone, said to have been given to Dr. Dee by the angel Uriel, John Dee was able to construct an angelic language with its own alphabet, which he called Enochian.  Through using this angelic symbolic language, Dee and Kelly, according to legend,  were able to construct and consecrate talismans specifically  designed to create a mighty storm to blast and sink the Spanish Armada, and scatter it into disarray.

Indeed, a mighty storm did sink or damage a large portion of the Spanish Armada before the remainder made its way back to Spain.  But what most historians and students of history do not know was that there were actually THREE attempts by Spain's Armada to engage the English Navy and invade England, and each time, a huge storm unexpectedly arose, sank and scattered a significant number of the invading Spanish fleet. 

Rumors persist that Dr. John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly applied their Enochian ceremonial magick, and each time the forces of Nature arose at their command to save England from certain defeat.

Dr. Dee and Sir Edward Kelly traveled extensively for the crown, and Dr. Dee reported to Sir Francis Walsingham, Spymaster to Elizabeth the First.  Dee was also reputedly the original double O Seven (007), as Dee signed his reports to Walsingham with two circles, representing eyes, above which he drew the mathematical sign of the square root, which appeared to be the number 7, or together,  007!  Yet there is even more to this story, for Aleister Crowley claimed, according to John Symmonds in his book, "The Great Beast",  that one of Crowley's past incarnations was Sir Edward Kelley, the skryer of the "shew stone" who helped Dr. Dee formulate the powerful Enochian magickal language.


Approximately four hundred years later, Ian Fleming, future author of James Bond  (007) who was in the employee of British Intelligence at the time,  and Aleister Crowley were summoned by Winston Churchill to formulate a magickal strategy against Hitler and Germany.    According to a March 4, 2008 article in the British newspaper, "The Telegraph", Crowley decided to construct an occult ceremonial ritual in the Ashdown forests.  This necessitated clearing a circle along with a path of trees leading to the circle.  Ritual ceremonies were conducted designed to lure Rudolph Hess to England by leaking word of these ceremonies to the Romanian Embassy, and thence to Germany.  

The purpose of these ceremonies were designed to convince Hess that there was a genuine Peace Party in Britain, led by the Duke of Hamilton, reputed leader of the Cliveden Set, a loose assemblage of upper class nobility supposedly sympathetic to an alliance between England and Germany.  It was into this strange milieu that Hess launched his solo peace mission.  The result of this subterfuge was that England was able to flush out her Nazi sympathizers and neutralize them, while parading a captured Hess, the Number Two man of the Nazi Machine, as a military captive.  According to the article:  "The propitiousness of the 11th of May as a day for Hess to travel was carefully rehearsed into the rituals and Crowley made a genuine attempt to use them to ensnare their quarry by magic."

Apparently, the was not the first time that Aleister Crowley had been asked to contribute his unique talents to the English war effort.  According to author Gerald Suster, in his book, "The Legacy of the Beast",  Crowley was invited to meet the director of British Naval Intelligence at the very beginning of  WWII.  Suster states:  "Crowley claimed that he advocated the use of two magickal signs which were to boost British morale and which were frequently used by Winston Churchill: the 'V' sign, which in magickal terms is the counter to the Swastika, and the 'Thumbs Up', the sign of the phallus and Victory, which was published in a pamphlet of Crowley poetry during the most desperate days of 1940 and whose use spread throughout the Nation."

Crafting these magickal signs for the masses to be used against Hitler and the Third Reich may not have been Crowley's only contributions to England's WWII war effort, as British Intelligence may also have used Crowley as Churchill's double on more than one occasion.  In "The Legacy of the Beast" opposite page 131, is a photograph of Crowley impersonating Winston Churchill.  The resemblance is extraordinary.



Yet for all his theatrics, without a doubt Aleister Crowley's greatest war time service to The English Crown occurred during World War I.  Crowley was in New York, America had not yet entered the war, and the war was not going well for England and her allies.  Various subterfuges had been tried and  failed to lure America into the conflict. 

Crowley decided to become a contributor to the English language German newspaper based in New York, called "The Fatherland" after convincing its editor, George Sylvester Viereck, that he (Crowley) was actually Irish and therefore a foe of England and friend of Germany.

Writing under various pen names,  Crowley wrote the article that may have actually resulted in the sinking  of  the British passenger liner, 'The Lusitania' by a German submarine, when he promoted, in the most extreme and hyperbolic ravings, his case for Germany to conduct Unrestricted Submarine Warfare.   In the book, "The Legend of Aleister Crowley" by P. R. Stephenson and Israel Regardie, they quote Crowley as stating:  " I advocated.... 'Unrestricted Submarine Warfare,' secretly calculating (rightly so, as time showed) that so outrageous a violation of all law and human decency would be the LAST STRAW and force America to come in on our side."

There was no doubt in Crowley's mind that his writing had been the deciding factor.  He had written an earlier article  in "The Fatherland"  called "The Future of the Submarine"  which described this new underwater warship as the future of ocean warfare.  Now, his article entitled "Unrestricted Submarine Warfare"  advocating the unrestrained use of such underwater warships, had been published in "The Fatherland" and undoubtedly read in Germany.  As Crowley wrote in his autobiography, "The Confessions of Aleister Crowley" upon meeting secretly with a member of the British Embassy in New York, he waved a copy of the article and eagerly proclaimed:   "The damned fools have printed it; and it's going to turn the trick."

On May  7, 1915, The Lusitania was struck by one torpedo from the German submarine U-20, and sank in 18 minutes, taking 1,198 of the 1,959 lives aboard with her.  Her sinking caused an international furor, and because of the substantial loss of American lives, played a pivotal role in the entry of the United States on the side of England and her allies. 

As a Satanist, the loss of life as a result of this act was of no consequence to Crowley, who had so passionately advocated and now celebrated the result of his magickal Will upon the Earth.   

The irony, of course, is that  "The Great Beast" may very well have succeeded in convincing the German Navy, with his printed tirade advocating Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, to commit the very act which would seal the fate of the German Nation and lead it to defeat in World War I.

 Aleister Crowley's monicker for Great Britain was "perfidious Albion."  It refers to the fact, according to Crowley, that the most common characteristic of the English upper class is betrayal, "double-dealing" and hypocrisy.  By this standard, what "the Crown" did to Germany would be par for their course of conduct. They are Satanists, after all.

L C Vincent

[email protected]

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Comments for "Rule Britannia: Magick in Service to The Crown"

Phillipe said (May 19, 2010):

I trust you are well. With reference to your comments regarding the Spaniards being on the side of God I would like to remind you that their defeat was not long after the Spanish Inquisition where many of other God fearing faiths were persecuted by the Spaniards. Perhaps they were being punished for this in the same way the bible depicts nations and peoples being punished for their crimes. I think this is a more fitting response to the comment posted by one of the your readers suggesting the devil was more powerful than God.

Just because one side uses the Devil's assistance does not automatically mean the other is on God's side. The devil is Man's enemy, not his friend and often betrays those who side with him, those who don't can count on God's protection. The British may have used magic but so did the Nazi's,so neither was good. Each was misleading its peoples into achieving the ambitions of those who put them in power. You have stated this yourself so supporting an argument that puts the Devil solely in the British camp does somewhat contradict your previous theories.

RP said (May 19, 2010):

I have a question for you. If God is more powerful than the application of magick, then why did his most devout believers, the Spainairds lose not once, but three times against The British? Don't you think that God might have rewarded them by at least the third time for their persistence?

Why has God let the Rothschild elite flourish for centuries as they have imposed their draconian will upon a good majority of the world through their accumulation of half the worlds riches?

I am not condoning their practices, and yet, if God truly loves us (and I believe God does), then why not give us a little boost every now and then?

Why didn't God somehow intervene when Nathan Rothschild fooled the British over the outcome of Waterloo and increased the family fortune by 20%?



Obviously the followers of God were inept. But the
defeat of the followers of the devil is their own victory.


Vic said (May 19, 2010):

Henry:: I'm sure you know that the Germans attempted to warn U.S. travellers not to get on board the Lusitania as it was being used as a floating ammunition and explosives platform.

They actually tried to advertise this in U.S. papers which all refused to warn its citizens.

Only one small newspaper in the U.S. midwest ran the ad.

Consequently, when one torpedo hit the giant ship the thing blew up and sank in minutes.

The powers-that-be therefore, allowed a trusting populace to get on board to be sheep-victims to get a war started.

Lynda said (May 19, 2010):

An excellent and very knowledgeable report. It does tap into metaphysical truths. All that exists (seen and unseen) is a spectrum of energy.

The Divine Logos (Debar) speaks all that is - time, space and all existence into being - not just "in the beginning", but every created moment speaking and upholding it in being, bridging the abyss of being and nothingness. Col 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:1-4.

This utterance of created reality is a bandwidth or a spectrum. Matter is energy that vibes at a lower rate and physical reality in terms of elements, chemistry etc is possible on those levels of vibration.

There also does exist realms and existences that are metaphysical to what our senses can perceive or what the instruments we make can detect. More to the point, this essay taps into the reality of beings who, like us, possess consciousness, moral will, rational and emotional intelligence and memory, but they are metaphysical and discarnate.

Their realm or order does not eixst in the physical bandwidth of creation.

These beings are more popularly called angels. And just as there do exist human beings who use their freedom of moral will to choose evil, there are some angels who also make this choice.

Magick is based upon the reality that energy is information and willed thought is energy. This energy can be harnessed, resonated and amplified using natural energies e.g. trees (which vibrate to celestial cycles) and the resonances of earth's spin on its axis (the telluric flows through the land).

The colours of the light specrum are frequencies and correspond / resonate to specific tones on the intrinsic or Pythagorean scale. Different colours have different effects. And colours can be visualized, and intoned. All these energies can be applied in a magical working.

These truths were known in Britain from the time that the Bards went to the standing stones on the key ley lines and tuned their harps to intrinsic or true middle C at the Summer Solstice - because that is when the rocks hum the strong C or turquoise green. This is the tone that resonates to the Schumann resonance of earth's rotational spin.

The cathedrals of Europe were built according to the geometric integration of this knowledge using the sciences of stars - vibrations of celestial cycles, trees, stones, colours, sound, the human body which is phi in all proportions and a powerful resonator.

Evil magick is fundamentally about the moral will. The choice for evil that enlists what today is considered esoteric knowledge and aligns it with malign wills of discarnate beings.

Prayer, Gregorian and liturgical plain chant, word, applications of light using gemstone or stained glass, sacred geometry all use the same knowledge as described in this essay.

The free choice of the moral will to serve God and Divine law, patterns, desires and purposes utilizes all of the above and invokes the holy angels who also live, desire, work and recreate according to: pro Deo et humanitas.

So, it should be at least considered a possibility by materialists who are just starting to realize the existance of the sacred sciences that the Divine Logos would reveal to angels and men equally powerful remedies against occult use of the sacred sciences for the purpose of evil.

Sr Lucia dos Santos (the light of saints) of Fatima gave to Fr Fuentes her final prophetic interview at the Carmel in Coimbra, Spain. She had this to say about the revelation of this Divine remedy on Oct 13, 1917 - a testament for our times that was sealed with a solar prodigy reported in the world's secular media.

"Look, Father, the Most Holy Virgin in these last times [of the world] in which we live has given a new efficacy to the recitation of the Holy Rosary. She has given this efficacy to such an extent that there is no problem, no matter how difficult it is, whether temporal or above all spiritual, in the personal life of each one of us, of our families, of the families of the world, or of the religious communities, or even the life of peoples and nations that can not be solved by the Rosary. There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we can not resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary. With the Holy Rosary, we will save ourselves. We will sanctify ourselves. We will console our God and obtain the salvation of many souls."

There is a long history of Rosary victories for nations. Some of the most famous are the Battle of Lepanto and the withdrawl of the Soviet troops from Austria in the decade of the 1950s.

People who worry about the occult powers of the Illuminati, including their advanced technology based upon the sacred sciences that are denied to the masses, the destruction of nations at the hands of Illuminated JudeoMasonry and its bloodlines, initiates and Agentur - should think about the reality of God.

God upholds all existence in being. This includes the existence of those who deform their free moral will by choosing evil. God does not need human might or even angelic power to defeat this thing. God can choose a very simple means to secure victory pro Deo et humanitas and place it in the hands of those whom the world despises as weak and powerless.

Every Rosary said for this victory brings it closer to our time, no matter what happens, no matter how much power they have or think they have. They will fail.

Loren Charles said (May 18, 2010):

The sad, horrible, tragic reality is this: the Lusitania was set up by the British Admiralty to be sunk by a German submarine.

Here's the evidence.

When the captain of the Lusitania approached British waters he was specifically commanded not to zig-zag, a standard way of making ships a harder target to hit by torpedo.

The hold of the Lusitania, a passenger ship, was loaded with contraband munitions in direct violation of the rules of war.

U-20 only fired one torpedo and the Lusitania sunk in 18 minutes! That was because the torpedo hit the munitions and the munitions tore an enormous hole out of the bottom of the ship.

When Robert Ballard was searching for the Lusitania, he was purposely given the wrong co-ordinates by the British Admiralty, placing him about 20 nautical miles away from the actual site of her sinking.

When Ballard finally found the Lusitania, he learned why he had been given the wrong co-ordinates; the huge explosion from inside the ship had blown a huge hole out of the bottom of the vessel, with all the metal pointing OUTWARDS from the force of the explosion. He also found the remains of the old munitions!

So -- truly perfidious Albion, the Admiralty had actually hoped that the Germans would sink the Lusitania with a huge loss of life. They figured they would win in one of two ways: transportation of munitions if not sunk; and martyrs for the cause of "democracy" and "freedom" if a German sub got lucky, and with America suckered into joining the fray.

So England got "lucky" -- the Satanist Illuminati bankers had their loans repaid, and over 1000 innocent souls went to their doom for the greater glory of Britain.

"Hail Britannia!" ....???

Cartier said (May 18, 2010):

Mr. L.C.Vincent's concise and engaging analysis of Crowley's evil influence in England during the war, is amazing in that it shows, however true it really is, that the Illuminati's influence upon us continues unabated.

Their continued magic tricks, smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand and constant misdirection, has held the US (and the world) in thrall to their evil plans for years. It would only take a moment of intelligence to look into the eyes of the beast and pierce the chicanery that continues to hold us so enchanted. There is no real magic, only those who will fight and die for our freedom. And that, perhaps, is the greatest trick of all.

Alan said (May 18, 2010):

Hi Henry with reference to L.C. Vincent's article Rule Britannia May 18, 2010 section on Spanish Armada gives credit to the devils cohorts Dr John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly for the magick for sinking the Spanish Armada.

But during the English rule by Protestant Queen Elizabeth the First and her famous leader Sir Francis Drake during Reformation in the Queens Kingdom they were Blessed by God and persecuted by the Vatican and King Philip the Second, as it was He (God) who sank the Armada and deserves the credit (Praise God).

See attached article from the Reformation Online which is more Historically and Biblically accurate and portrays a more complete picture with inter relationships between rulers and their country conquests. I am an avid reader of both sites.



I was rooting for the Spanish myself. They and not the English were on the side of the angels.


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